Credit Easing Policy Tools

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The R package easingr provides convenient access to the Credit Easing Policy Tools data provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. The package provides data download functions and some representative plots along the same categories as provided by the bank. See the FRB's terms of use regarding these data.

As a simple example of gathering data and drawing simple plots consider the R code {r} require(easingr) require(lattice) dt <- getEasingDetails() xyplot(dt) easingLineChart(dt)

Several examples of plots are shown by category below. For details on each query and more example plots, please see the package vignette.

Summary Report

Details Report

Lending to Financial Institutions

Credit to Depository Institutions

Credit Extensions to Financial Institutions

Providing Liquidity

Maiden Lane

Traditional Security Holdings

Federal Agency Debt and Mortgage-Backed Securities

Long Term Treasury Purchases