RMTstat: Distributions, Statistics and Tests derived from Random Matrix Theory

Functions for working with the Tracy-Widom laws and other distributions related to the eigenvalues of large Wishart matrices. The tables for computing the Tracy-Widom densities and distribution functions were computed by Momar Dieng's MATLAB package "RMLab", which is available on his homepage at http://math.arizona.edu/~momar/research.htm This package is part of a collaboration between Iain Johnstone, Zongming Ma, Patrick Perry, and Morteza Shahram. It will soon be replaced by a package with more accuracy and built-in support for relevant statistical tests.

Version: 0.2
Published: 2009-10-14
Author: Iain M. Johnstone, Zongming Ma, Patrick O. Perry and Morteza Shahram.
Maintainer: Patrick O. Perry <patperry at gmail.com>
License: BSD (see file LICENSE)
NeedsCompilation: no
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