This is the R package 'BBEST' (Bayesian Background ESTimation) written and maintained by Anton Gagin (

To cite the 'BBEST' package type



Prior to using 'BBEST', R software environment should be installed. The R environment is available for Windows, MacOS and a variety of UNIX platforms, and can be downloaded at Manuals for R listed at provide a good introduction to this language.

You may also wish to install and IDE for R, for example, RStudio.

To install a stable version of 'BBEST' from CRAN type in the R command shell or in your IDE console

install.packages('BBEST', dependencies = TRUE)

Or download tar ball, decompress the file, and run R CMD INSTALL. You will have to install packages: 'DEoptim', 'aws', 'grid', 'ggplot2', 'reshape2', and 'shiny'.


To start working with 'BBEST', load it into memory by typing:


'BBEST' has a simple graphical user interface (GUI) that could be launched using the command


This function starts the application in your default web browser. This GUI might not work on Internet Explorer 9 and below.

For a listing of all the routines in 'BBEST' type


To start a simple command-line guide, type