boot: Bootstrap Functions (originally by Angelo Canty for S)

functions and datasets for bootstrapping from the book "Bootstrap Methods and Their Applications" by A. C. Davison and D. V. Hinkley (1997, CUP).

Version: 1.3-13
Priority: recommended
Depends: R (≥ 3.0.0), graphics, stats
Suggests: MASS, survival
Published: 2014-09-30
Author: Angelo Canty [aut], Brian Ripley [aut, trl, cre] (author of parallel support)
Maintainer: Brian Ripley <ripley at>
License: Unlimited
NeedsCompilation: no
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In views: Econometrics, Optimization, SocialSciences, Survival, TimeSeries
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Reverse depends: aods3, attribrisk, BACprior, biotools, bootES, cardidates, catenary, CircStats, classyfire, Comp2ROC, Compind, CorrBin, CovSel, cramer, dawai, DCluster, dhglm, DLMtool, equivalence, eventstudies, experiment, fishmethods, frailtypack, gb, HPbayes, IUPS, joineR, laeken, LCAextend, MDSGUI, mem, mixtools, nFactors, Oncotree, pastecs, popKorn, prLogistic, pse, PsumtSim, QuantPsyc, R2WinBUGS, randomLCA,, reglogit, relaimpo, rich, sampSurf, simboot, simpleboot, SiZer, SPmlficmcm, survrec, TestSurvRec, timesboot, titan, tlm, truncSP, verification, Zelig
Reverse imports: bandit, bootLR, BSagri, Causata, circular, complmrob, crs, deming, DescTools, eggCounts, energy, frair, gsg, GSIF, ic.infer, Kendall, lga, metaplus, mfblock, MplusAutomation, multiwayvcov, np, npRmpi, opm, pairwiseCI, pgirmess, plsRbeta, plsRglm, polyapost, pubmed.mineR, qat, R2OpenBUGS, referenceIntervals, refund, RVAideMemoire, SCBmeanfd, sensitivity, shotGroups, sparkTable, SpatialVx, spdep, sprint, TraMineR, treeclim, xergm, yhat
Reverse suggests: abd, AER, aod, asbio, CaDENCE, car, CARBayes, ChemometricsWithR, cond, crossReg, DAAG, doRedis, EffectsRelBaseline, ElemStatLearn, emplik, EnvStats, GEVcdn, gMCP, gsubfn, harvestr, HSAUR, HSAUR2, HSAUR3, investr, IPSUR, lme4, logmult, marg, matrixpls, MBESS, meboot, mirt, mistat, nlreg, npsm, optmatch, R2HTML, rms, robustbase, sem, semGOF, semPLS, simTool, Tampo, Wats