paleofire: an R package to analyse sedimentary charcoal records from the Global Charcoal Database to reconstruct past biomass burning

The paleofire package provides tools to extract and analyse charcoal sedimentary data stored in the Global Charcoal Database (see for details). Main functionalities includes data extraction and sites selection, transformation and homogenization of the charcoal records as well as regional to global compositing.


To install paleofire from CRAN simply type install.packages("paleofire") at the R prompt.

To install paleofire from GitHub the devtools package is required: on Windows platform the Rtools.exe program is required in order to install the devtools package. Rtools.exe can be downloaded for a specific R version on

Once devtools is installed type the following lines at R prompt to install paleofire:

install_github(repo="paleofire", username="paleofire", ref="master")
# The GCD package is required along paleofire:
install_github(repo="GCD", username="paleofire", ref="master")

To test everything is working you can plot a map of all charcoal records included in the Global Charcoal Database:


For details and examples about paleofire please refer to the included manual.

Maintainer: Olivier Blarquez