seriation: Infrastructure for seriation

Infrastructure for seriation with an implementation of several seriation/sequencing techniques to reorder matrices, dissimilarity matrices, and dendrograms. Also contains some visualizations techniques based on seriation.

Version: 1.0-13
Depends: R (≥ 2.14.0)
Imports: TSP, grid, cluster, gclus, colorspace, MASS
Suggests: biclust, testthat
Published: 2014-03-11
Author: Michael Hahsler [aut, cre, cph], Christian Buchta [aut, cph], Kurt Hornik [aut, cph], Fionn Murtagh [ctb, cph], Michael Brusco [ctb, cph], Stephanie Stahl [ctb, cph], Hans-Friedrich Koehn [ctb, cph]
Maintainer: Michael Hahsler <mhahsler at>
License: GPL-2
Copyright: The code in src/bea.f is Copyright (C) 1991 F. Murtagh; src/bbwrcg.f, src/arsa.f and src/bburcg.f are Copyright (C) 2005 M. Brusco, H.F. Koehn, and S. Stahl. All other code is Copyright (C) Michael Hahsler, Christian Buchta, and Kurt Hornik.
NeedsCompilation: yes
Classification/ACM: G.1.6, G.2.1, G.4
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In views: Cluster, Graphics, Multivariate
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Vignettes: An Introduction to the R package seriation
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Reverse dependencies:

Reverse depends: DendSer, mpMap
Reverse imports: arulesViz, ChemoSpec, corrgram, matie
Reverse suggests: corrplot, dendsort, disclapmix, flexclust
Reverse enhances: relations