Jaatha's README

Jaatha is a fast parameter estimation method primarily designed for Evolutionary Biology. The method is described in

Mathew, L. A., Staab, P. R., Rose, L. E. and Metzler, D. (2013), Why to account for finite sites in population genetic studies and how to do this with Jaatha 2.0. Ecology and Evolution.

Practical instructions for running Jaatha are provided in the The Jaatha HowTo. Instructions how to use Jaatha with a non-standard simulation method are given in the Custom Simulation Method HowTo.

Jaatha is developed openly on GitHub. Feel free to open an issue there if you encounter problems using Jaatha or have suggestions for future versions.


Stable Version from CRAN:

Build Status

To install the current stable version of jaatha from CRAN, simply type


in R.

Development Version from GitHub

Build Status

You can install the development version from GitHub using:

devtools::install_github('paulstaab/jaatha', ref='develop')


Please refer to the The Jaatha HowTo for usage information.