read ODS files into R

gives you a data.frame per sheet

how it works:

ODS files are basically a zip file with all the stuff in it. The most important file is contents.xml which contains all the numbers and formulas used in the ODS spreadsheet. this is the only file currently looked at.

it uses the XML package to search through the contents.xml file.


returns the sheets as a list of data.frames with each data.frame being the contents of a sheet

accepts the following parameters: - file - filepath to the ods file - sheet - the sheet(s) you want, if left empty it will return all sheets in a list, if only 1 number is given it will return the sheet as a data.frame (not as a list of data.frames) - formulaAsFormula - switch to display formulas as formulas "SUM(A1:A3)" or as the resulting value "3"... or "8".. default=FALSE


returns the number of sheets in the ODS file

accepts the following parameters: - file - filepath to the ods file


Stable version

From the CRAN with


Development version

From github with the devtools package WARNING: THIS MAY BE UNSTABLE!

# import devtools

# Remove old version of readODS

# Install new version and load
install_github(repo="readODS", username ="phonixor", ref="master")

package info

libre office and google docs generated ODS files have been tested and the package contains some test files and uses the testthat package for automated tests

the package has been tested on WIN 7 and UBUNTU 14.04

the XML package has trouble installing on ubuntu as described here:

to fix this enter the following lines in the console: sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev

documentation is generated by roxygen2

this package was developed in RStudio and contains Rproj files