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SciencesPo is a facility package for the political science crowd. It provides a variety of functions for analyzing random and nonrandom data. The package lives on the R Foundation repository (CRAN) and is also hosted on Github. To install it, you can use the following methods.

1 - From the CRAN repository:

install.packages('SciencesPo',repos='') require(SciencesPo)

2 - You can always download the latest development version using the nifty function from devtools package.

require(devtools) install_github("danielmarcelino/SciencesPo")

3 - Or download the sources in a zip file and build manually. To do so, please unzip the file to an empty dir and run the following commands there:

R CMD build SciencesPo
R CMD INSTALL SciencesPo_*.tar.gz

If you're running R on Windows, you need to install Rtools. Once you have installed Rtools, issue following command in command prompt:

R CMD build --binary <path to .tar.gz file>
R CMD INSTALL <path to .zip file>


For a brief introcution to SciencesPo functionality, run: