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R interface to arXiv

arXiv is a repository of electronic preprints for computer science, mathematics, physics, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, and statistics. The aRxiv package is an R interface to the arXiv API.

Note that the arXiv API does not require an API key.

The aRxiv package is in early development.


You can install the package via CRAN:


Or use devtools::install_github() to get the (more recent) version at GitHub:


Basic usage

The main function is arxiv_search(). Here's an example of its use:

z <- arxiv_search(query = 'au:"Peter Hall" AND cat:stat*', limit=50)


An aRxiv tutorial is available at the rOpenSci website, here.

To view the tutorial from R, use:

vignette("aRxiv", "aRxiv")


Licensed under the MIT license. (More information here.)

This package is part of a richer suite called fulltext, along with several other packages, that provides the ability to search for and retrieve full text of open access scholarly articles. We recommend using fulltext as the primary R interface to arXiv unless your needs are limited to this single source.

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