Some key functions in taxize, what they do, and their data sources.

Function name What it does Source
classification Upstream classification Various
col_children Direct children Catalogue of Life
col_downstream Downstream taxa to specified rank Catalogue of Life
eol_hierarchy Upstream classification Encyclopedia of Life
eol_search Search EOL taxon information Encyclopedia of Life
ncbi_search Get NCBI sequences National Center for Biotechnology Information
get_ids Get taxonomic identifiers Five sources
comm2sci Get scientific from common names EOL, NCBI, ITIS, Tropicos
sci2comm Get common from scientific names EOL, NCBI, ITIS
gisd_isinvasive Invasiveness status Global Invasive Species Database
gni_parse Parse scientific names into components Global Names Index
gni_search Search EOL's global names index Global Names Index
gnr_resolve Resolve names using EOL's global names index Global Names Resolver
itis_downstream Downstream taxa to specified rank Integrated Taxonomic Information System
iucn_summary Get IUCN status for a species IUCN Red List
phylomatic_tree Get a plant Phylogeny Phylomatic
plantminer Search Plantminer Plantminer
tax_name Get taxonomic name for specific rank Various
tax_rank Get rank of a taxonomic name Various
tnrs Resolve names using Taxosaurus/iPlant Taxosaurus Taxonomic Name Resolution Service
tp_accnames Check for accepted names using Tropicos Tropicos
ubio_namebank Search uBio uBio
ipni_search Search the International Plant Names Index IPNI