Tools for animal track data

The trip package provides functions for accessing and manipulating spatial data for animal tracking. Filter for speed and create time spent plots from animal track data.


  1. The package is easily installed from CRAN using 'install.packages("trip")' from R.


  1. The package can be easily built with RStudio.
  1. Install R

  2. Install RStudio

  3. Install Rtools or equivalent for your platform

  4. Install sp, spatstat, maptools, adehabitatLT, packages and dependencies.

  5. Clone the repository from GitHub (

  6. Create an Rstudio project in the folder containing this README file.

  7. Click 'Build and Reload' to make the package immediately available to RStudio, or 'Build Source Package' or `Build Binary Package' from the 'Build' tab to make source or binary package.