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caretEnsemble: (Read the vignette!)

Framework for fitting multiple caret models using the same re-sampling strategy as well as creating ensembles of such models. Use caretList to fit multiple models, and then use caretEnsemble to combine them greedily, or caretStack to combine them using a caret model.

caretEnsemble was inspired by medley, which in turn was inspired by Caruana et. al.'s (2004) paper Ensemble Selection from Libraries of Models.

Install the stable version from CRAN:

{R} install.packages('caretEnsemble')

Install the dev version from github:

{R} devtools::install_github('zachmayer/caretEnsemble')

There are also tagged versions of caretEnsemble on github you can install via devtools. For example, to install the original draft of the API: {R} devtools::install_github('zachmayer/caretEnsemble@0.0')

Code of Conduct:

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