ggplot2 2.1.0

New features

Bug fixes

ggplot2 2.0.0

Major changes


There is now an official mechanism for defining Stats, Geoms, and Positions in other packages. See vignette("extending-ggplot2") for details.


Deprecated features

A number of geoms have been renamed to be internally consistent:

All defunct functions have been removed.

Default appearance

New and updated themes


The facet labelling system was updated with many new features and a more flexible interface (@lionel-). It now works consistently across grid and wrap facets. The most important user visible changes are:

The labellers (such as label_value() or label_both()) also get some new features:

As a consequence of these changes, referring to x in backquoted expressions is deprecated.

On the programming side, the labeller API has been rewritten in order to offer more control when facetting over multiple factors (e.g. with formulae such as ~cyl + am). This also means that if you have written custom labellers, you will need to update them for this version of ggplot.



Bug fixes and minor improvements