magclass: Data Class and Tools for Handling Spatial-Temporal Data

Data class for increased interoperability working with spatial-temporal data together with corresponding functions and methods (conversions, basic calculations and basic data manipulation). The class distinguishes between spatial, temporal and other dimensions to facilitate the development and interoperability of tools build for it. Additional features are name-based addressing of data and internal consistency checks (e.g. checking for the right data order in calculations).

Version: 3.74
Depends: R (≥ 2.10.0)
Imports: methods, sp, maptools, abind, ncdf4, reshape2
Published: 2015-11-18
Author: Jan Philipp Dietrich, Benjamin Bodirsky, Misko Stevanovic, Lavinia Baumstark, Christoph Bertram, Markus Bonsch, Anastasis Giannousakis, Florian Humpenoeder, David Klein, Ina Neher, Michaja Pehl, Anselm Schultes
Maintainer: Jan Philipp Dietrich <dietrich at>
License: LGPL-3 | file LICENSE
NeedsCompilation: no
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