CRAN Task View: Probability Distributions

Maintainer:Christophe Dutang
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For most of the classical distributions, base R provides probability distribution functions (p), density functions (d), quantile functions (q), and random number generation (r). Beyond this basic functionality, many CRAN packages provide additional useful distributions. In particular, multivariate distributions as well as copulas are available in contributed packages.

Ultimate bibles on probability distributions are:

The maintainer greatfully acknowledges Achim Zeileis, David Luethi, Tobias Verbeke, Robin Hankin, Mathias Kohl, G. Jay Kerns, Kjetil Halvorsen, William Asquith for their useful comments/suggestions. If you think information is not accurate or not complete, please let me know.

Base functionality:

Discrete univariate distributions:

Discrete multivariate distributions:

Continuous univariate distributions:

Continuous multivariate distributions:

Mixed-type distributions:

Mixture of probability laws (and composite):

Compound, exponentiated and tranformation of distributions:

Moments, skewness, kurtosis and etc:

Random matrices:


Random Number Generators:


CRAN packages:

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