Available CRAN Packages By Date of Publication

Date Package Title
2016-07-14 artfima ARTFIMA Model Estimation
2016-07-14 geojsonio Convert Data from and to 'geoJSON' or 'topoJSON'
2016-07-14 logcondens Estimate a Log-Concave Probability Density from Iid Observations
2016-07-14 midrangeMCP Multiple Comparisons Procedures Based on Studentized Midrange and Range Distributions
2016-07-14 mlma Multilevel Mediation Analysis
2016-07-14 mma Multiple Mediation Analysis
2016-07-14 swirlify A Toolbox for Writing 'swirl' Courses
2016-07-13 actuar Actuarial Functions and Heavy Tailed Distributions
2016-07-13 AzureML Interface with Azure Machine Learning Datasets, Experiments and Web Services
2016-07-13 bookdown Authoring Books with R Markdown
2016-07-13 CMplot Circle Manhattan Plot
2016-07-13 dotwhisker Dot-and-Whisker Plots of Regression Results
2016-07-13 EMMLi A Maximum Likelihood Approach to the Analysis of Modularity
2016-07-13 europepmc R Interface to the Europe PubMed Central RESTful Web Service
2016-07-13 h2o R Interface for H2O
2016-07-13 hunspell Morphological Analysis and Spell Checker for R
2016-07-13 miceadds Some Additional Multiple Imputation Functions, Especially for 'mice'
2016-07-13 miniCRAN Create a Mini Version of CRAN Containing Only Selected Packages
2016-07-13 monographaR Taxonomic Monographs Tools
2016-07-13 mpoly Symbolic Computation and More with Multivariate Polynomials
2016-07-13 ngram Fast n-Gram 'Tokenization'
2016-07-13 osmplotr Customisable Images of OpenStreetMap Data
2016-07-13 permPATH Permutation Based Gene Expression Pathway Analysis
2016-07-13 QGglmm Estimate Quantitative Genetics Parameters from Generalised Linear Mixed Models
2016-07-13 rcicr Reverse-Correlation Image-Classification Toolbox
2016-07-13 recmap Compute the Rectangular Statistical Cartogram
2016-07-13 recosystem Recommender System using Matrix Factorization
2016-07-13 rioja Analysis of Quaternary Science Data
2016-07-13 rootWishart Distribution of Largest Root for Single and Double Wishart Settings
2016-07-13 rorutadis Robust Ordinal Regression UTADIS
2016-07-13 rprev Estimating Disease Prevalence from Registry Data
2016-07-13 SDEFSR Subgroup Discovery with Evolutionary Fuzzy Systems in R
2016-07-13 SensMixed Analysis of Sensory and Consumer Data in a Mixed Model Framework
2016-07-13 SizeEstimation Estimating the Sizes of Populations at Risk of HIV Infection from Multiple Data Sources Using a Bayesian Hierarchical Model
2016-07-13 smoothtail Smooth Estimation of GPD Shape Parameter
2016-07-13 spAddins A Set of RStudio Addins
2016-07-13 TANDEM A Two-Stage Approach to Maximize Interpretability of Drug Response Models Based on Multiple Molecular Data Types
2016-07-13 TCGAretriever Retrieve Genomic and Clinical Data from TCGA
2016-07-13 UBL An Implementation of Re-Sampling Approaches to Utility-Based Learning for Both Classification and Regression Tasks
2016-07-12 BANFF Bayesian Network Feature Finder
2016-07-12 BBmisc Miscellaneous Helper Functions for B. Bischl
2016-07-12 DNAtools Tools for Analysing Forensic Genetic DNA Data
2016-07-12 FFTrees Generate, Visualise, and Compare Fast and Frugal Decision Trees (FFTs)
2016-07-12 install.load Check, Install and Load CRAN & USGS GRAN Packages
2016-07-12 lmem.qtler Linear Mixed Effects Models for QTL Mapping for Multienvironment and Multitrait Analysis
2016-07-12 mixedsde Estimation Methods for Stochastic Differential Mixed Effects Models
2016-07-12 nzelect New Zealand Election Results
2016-07-12 preseqR Predicting Species Accumulation Curves
2016-07-12 Rfacebook Access to Facebook API via R
2016-07-12 SIDES Subgroup Identification Based on Differential Effect Search
2016-07-12 SiMRiv Individual-Based, Spatially-Explicit Simulation and Analysis of Multi-State Movements in River Networks and Heterogeneous Landscapes
2016-07-12 simulator An Engine for Running Simulations
2016-07-12 VariABEL Testing of Genotypic Variance Heterogeneity to Detect Potentially Interacting SNP
2016-07-12 vtreat Simple Variable Treatment
2016-07-12 xgboost Extreme Gradient Boosting
2016-07-11 AlignStat Comparison of Alternative Multiple Sequence Alignments
2016-07-11 ANLP Build Text Prediction Model
2016-07-11 ARTP2 Pathway and Gene-Level Association Test
2016-07-11 CDM Cognitive Diagnosis Modeling
2016-07-11 ezsummary Generate Data Summary in a Tidy Format
2016-07-11 gaston Genetic Data Manipulation (Quality Control, GRM and LD Computations, PCA), Linear and Logistic Mixed Models (AIREML Algorithm), Association Testing
2016-07-11 ggthemes Extra Themes, Scales and Geoms for 'ggplot2'
2016-07-11 gnmf Generalized Non-negative Matrix Factorization Based on Renyi Divergence
2016-07-11 grpreg Regularization Paths for Regression Models with Grouped Covariates
2016-07-11 Homeric Doughnut Plots
2016-07-11 KernelKnn Kernel k Nearest Neighbors
2016-07-11 kyotil Utility Functions by Youyi, Krisz and Others
2016-07-11 MEGENA Multiscale Clustering of Geometrical Network
2016-07-11 mvPot Multivariate Peaks-over-Threshold Modelling for Spatial Extreme Events
2016-07-11 nbc4va Bayes Classifier for Verbal Autopsy Data
2016-07-11 nhanesA NHANES Data Retrieval
2016-07-11 OpenImageR An Image Processing Toolkit
2016-07-11 piecewiseSEM Piecewise Structural Equation Modeling
2016-07-11 refund Regression with Functional Data
2016-07-11 rmdHelpers Helper Functions for Rmd Documents
2016-07-11 Rmixmod An Interface for MIXMOD
2016-07-11 RODBCext Parameterized Queries Extension for RODBC
2016-07-11 RProtoBuf R Interface to the Protocol Buffers API
2016-07-11 seewave Sound Analysis and Synthesis
2016-07-11 Sequential Exact Sequential Analysis for Poisson and Binomial Data
2016-07-11 triebeard 'Radix' Trees in 'Rcpp'
2016-07-11 wsrf Weighted Subspace Random Forest for Classification
2016-07-11 zoib Bayesian Inference for Beta Regression and Zero-or-One Inflated Beta Regression
2016-07-10 after Run Code in the Background
2016-07-10 bipartite Visualising Bipartite Networks and Calculating Some (Ecological) Indices
2016-07-10 blackbox Black Box Optimization and Exploration of Parameter Space
2016-07-10 burnr Advanced Fire History Analysis in R
2016-07-10 chngpt Change Point Regression
2016-07-10 CIFsmry Weighted summary of cumulative incidence functions
2016-07-10 Compositional Compositional Data Analysis
2016-07-10 crskdiag Diagnostics for Fine and Gray Model
2016-07-10 D3M Two Sample Test with Wasserstein Metric
2016-07-10 dfoptim Derivative-Free Optimization
2016-07-10 DJL Distance Measure Based Judgment and Learning
2016-07-10 domino R Console Bindings for the 'Domino Command-Line Client'
2016-07-10 dtwSat Time-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping for Satellite Image Time Series Analysis
2016-07-10 ecd Elliptic Distribution and Lambda Option Pricing Model
2016-07-10 fbati Gene by Environment Interaction and Conditional Gene Tests for Nuclear Families
2016-07-10 frailtySurv General Semiparametric Shared Frailty Model
2016-07-10 futile.logger A Logging Utility for R
2016-07-10 futile.matrix Random Matrix Generation and Manipulation
2016-07-10 generalhoslem Hosmer-Lemeshow Test for Binary and Multinomial Logistic Models
2016-07-10 krm Kernel Based Regression Models
2016-07-10 lambda.r Modeling Data with Functional Programming
2016-07-10 MRS Multi-Resolution Scanning for Cross-Sample Differences
2016-07-10 MXM Discovering Multiple, Statistically-Equivalent Signatures
2016-07-10 nmfgpu4R Non-Negative Matrix Factorization (NMF) using CUDA
2016-07-10 PACVB Variational Bayes (VB) Approximation of Gibbs Posteriors with Hinge Losses
2016-07-10 RcppCCTZ 'Rcpp' Bindings for the 'CCTZ' Library
2016-07-10 Rfast Fast R Functions
2016-07-10 SAMM Some Algorithms for Mixed Models
2016-07-10 samplingbook Survey Sampling Procedures
2016-07-10 spaMM Mixed Models, Particularly Spatial GLMMs
2016-07-10 sptm SemiParametric Transformation Model Methods
2016-07-10 StratifiedBalancing Performs Stratified Covariate Balancing for Data with Discrete and Continuous Outcome Variables
2016-07-10 tawny Clean Covariance Matrices Using Random Matrix Theory and Shrinkage Estimators for Portfolio Optimization
2016-07-10 tempdisagg Methods for Temporal Disaggregation and Interpolation of Time Series
2016-07-10 thgenetics Genetic Rare Variants Tests
2016-07-09 codingMatrices Alternative Factor Coding Matrices for Linear Model Formulae
2016-07-09 Fgmutils Forest Growth Model Utilities
2016-07-09 gwdegree A Shiny App to Aid Interpretation of Geometrically-Weighted Degree Estimates in Exponential Random Graph Models
2016-07-09 hydrogeo Groundwater Data Presentation and Interpretation
2016-07-09 memisc Tools for Management of Survey Data and the Presentation of Analysis Results
2016-07-09 mousetrap Process and Analyze Mouse-Tracking Data
2016-07-09 mvdalab Multivariate Data Analysis Laboratory
2016-07-09 preproviz Tools for Visualization of Interdependent Data Quality Issues
2016-07-09 RcmdrPlugin.temis Graphical Integrated Text Mining Solution
2016-07-08 aqp Algorithms for Quantitative Pedology
2016-07-08 CerioliOutlierDetection Outlier Detection Using the Iterated RMCD Method of Cerioli (2010)
2016-07-08 corrr Correlations in R
2016-07-08 DCchoice Analyzing Dichotomous Choice Contingent Valuation Data
2016-07-08 esc Effect Size Computation for Meta Analysis
2016-07-08 frailtypack General Frailty Models: Shared, Joint and Nested Frailty Models with Prediction
2016-07-08 hkevp Spatial Extreme Value Analysis with the Hierarchical Model of Reich and Shaby (2012)
2016-07-08 HydeNet Hybrid Bayesian Networks Using R and JAGS
2016-07-08 KSD Kernelized Stein Discrepancy
2016-07-08 lmomco L-Moments, Censored L-Moments, Trimmed L-Moments, L-Comoments, and Many Distributions
2016-07-08 minimaxdesign Minimax and Minimax Projection Designs
2016-07-08 oce Analysis of Oceanographic Data
2016-07-08 rmarkdown Dynamic Documents for R
2016-07-08 robustrank Robust Rank-Based Tests
2016-07-08 rscala Bi-Directional Interface Between R and Scala with Callbacks
2016-07-08 spatstat Spatial Point Pattern Analysis, Model-Fitting, Simulation, Tests
2016-07-08 STB Simultaneous Tolerance Bounds
2016-07-08 treeHFM Hidden Factor Graph Models
2016-07-08 unvotes United Nations General Assembly Voting Data
2016-07-07 agRee Various Methods for Measuring Agreement
2016-07-07 changepoint.np Methods for Nonparametric Changepoint Detection
2016-07-07 DBItest Testing 'DBI' Back Ends
2016-07-07 expss Some Useful Functions from Spreadsheets and 'SPSS' Statistics
2016-07-07 fastGraph Fast Drawing and Shading of Graphs of Statistical Distributions
2016-07-07 geostatsp Geostatistical Modelling with Likelihood and Bayes
2016-07-07 geotopbricks An R Plug-in for the Distributed Hydrological Model GEOtop
2016-07-07 glmBfp Bayesian Fractional Polynomials for GLMs
2016-07-07 GSODR Download, Clean and Generate New Variables from GSOD Data
2016-07-07 heavy Robust Estimation Using Heavy-Tailed Distributions
2016-07-07 idbr R Interface to the US Census Bureau International Data Base API
2016-07-07 jtGWAS Efficient Jonckheere-Terpstra Test Statistics
2016-07-07 lifecontingencies Financial and Actuarial Mathematics for Life Contingencies
2016-07-07 markovchain Easy Handling Discrete Time Markov Chains
2016-07-07 mbbefd Maxwell Boltzmann Bose Einstein Fermi Dirac Distribution and Destruction Rate Modelling
2016-07-07 mime Map Filenames to MIME Types
2016-07-07 miscF Miscellaneous Functions
2016-07-07 netdiffuseR Network Analysis for Diffusion of Innovations
2016-07-07 NetOrigin Origin Estimation for Propagation Processes on Complex Networks
2016-07-07 pdR Threshold Model and Unit Root Tests in Panel Data
2016-07-07 QCA Qualitative Comparative Analysis
2016-07-07 QCAGUI Modern Functions for Qualitative Comparative Analysis
2016-07-07 QCApro Professional Functionality for Performing and Evaluating Qualitative Comparative Analysis
2016-07-07 RCriteo Loading Criteo Data into R
2016-07-07 rhandsontable Interface to the 'Handsontable.js' Library
2016-07-07 ropenaq Accesses Air Quality Data from the Open Data Platform OpenAQ
2016-07-07 Rtnmin Truncated Newton Function Minimization with Bounds Constraints
2016-07-07 seqinr Biological Sequences Retrieval and Analysis
2016-07-07 SOIL Sparsity Oriented Importance Learning
2016-07-07 SpectralMap Diffusion Map and Spectral Map
2016-07-07 survMisc Miscellaneous Functions for Survival Data
2016-07-07 tigerhitteR Pre-Process of Time Series Data Set in R
2016-07-07 tsoutliers Detection of Outliers in Time Series
2016-07-07 vietnamcode Convert Vietnam Provincial Codes
2016-07-07 WhopGenome High-Speed Processing of VCF, FASTA and Alignment Data
2016-07-06 accelmissing Missing Value Imputation for Accelerometer Data
2016-07-06 BayesTree Bayesian Additive Regression Trees
2016-07-06 beanz Bayesian Analysis of Heterogeneous Treatment Effect
2016-07-06 DEoptimR Differential Evolution Optimization in Pure R
2016-07-06 eggCounts Hierarchical Modelling of Faecal Egg Counts
2016-07-06 excursions Excursion Sets and Contour Credibility Regions for Random Fields
2016-07-06 EXRQ Extreme Regression of Quantiles
2016-07-06 forestinventory Design-Based Global and Small-Area Estimations for Multiphase Forest Inventories
2016-07-06 ggsn North Symbols and Scale Bars for Maps Created with 'ggplot2' or 'ggmap'
2016-07-06 idem Inference in Randomized Controlled Trials with Death and Missingness
2016-07-06 lcopula Liouville Copulas
2016-07-06 linear.tools Manipulate Formulas and Evaluate Marginal Effects
2016-07-06 MANOVA.RM Analysis of Multivariate Data and Repeated Measures Designs
2016-07-06 MaxSkew Orthogonal Data Projections with Maximal Skewness
2016-07-06 meta4diag Meta-Analysis for Diagnostic Test Studies
2016-07-06 MLPUGS Multi-Label Prediction Using Gibbs Sampling (and Classifier Chains)
2016-07-06 multipanelfigure Infrastructure to Assemble Multi-Panel Figures (from Grobs)
2016-07-06 pbmcapply Tracking the Progress of Mc*pply with Progress Bar
2016-07-06 propr Calculating Proportionality Between Vectors of Compositional Data
2016-07-06 protolite Fast and Simple Object Serialization to Protocol Buffers
2016-07-06 RAdwords Loading Google Adwords Data into R
2016-07-06 roahd Robust Analysis of High Dimensional Data
2016-07-06 RSmartlyIO Loading Facebook and Instagram Advertising Data from Smartly.io
2016-07-06 rsvg Render SVG Images into PDF, PNG, PostScript, or Bitmap Arrays
2016-07-06 Rvcg Manipulations of Triangular Meshes Based on the 'VCGLIB' API
2016-07-06 scoringRules Scoring Rules for Parametric and Simulated Distribution Forecasts
2016-07-06 shapes Statistical Shape Analysis
2016-07-06 sodium A Modern and Easy-to-Use Crypto Library
2016-07-06 som Self-Organizing Map
2016-07-06 sparsevar A Package for Sparse VAR/VECM Estimation
2016-07-06 tigris Load Census TIGER/Line Shapefiles into R
2016-07-06 warbleR Streamline Bioacoustic Analysis
2016-07-05 BeviMed Bayesian Evaluation of Variant Involvement in Mendelian Disorders
2016-07-05 dlsem Distributed-Lag Structural Equation Modelling
2016-07-05 geepack Generalized Estimating Equation Package
2016-07-05 genomicper Circular Genomic Permutation using Gwas p-Values of Association
2016-07-05 geoparser Interface to the Geoparser.io API for Identifying and Disambiguating Places Mentioned in Text
2016-07-05 ggtern An Extension to 'ggplot2', for the Creation of Ternary Diagrams
2016-07-05 googleVis R Interface to Google Charts
2016-07-05 hdnom Nomograms for High-Dimensional Cox Models
2016-07-05 IRTpp Estimating IRT Parameters using the IRT Methodology
2016-07-05 Luminescence Comprehensive Luminescence Dating Data Analysis
2016-07-05 npsf Nonparametric and Stochastic Efficiency and Productivity Analysis
2016-07-05 OasisR Outright Tool for the Analysis of Spatial Inequalities and Segregation
2016-07-05 PACBO Clustering Online Datasets
2016-07-05 PAFit Nonparametric Estimation of Preferential Attachment and Node Fitness in Temporal Complex Networks
2016-07-05 plantecophys Modelling and Analysis of Leaf Gas Exchange Data
2016-07-05 riverdist River Network Distance Computation, and Applications
2016-07-05 R.matlab Read and Write MAT Files and Call MATLAB from Within R
2016-07-05 roll Rolling Statistics
2016-07-05 rtdists Response Time Distributions
2016-07-05 strvalidator Process Control and Internal Validation of Forensic STR Kits
2016-07-04 BalancedSampling Balanced and Spatially Balanced Sampling
2016-07-04 batchmeans Consistent Batch Means Estimation of Monte Carlo Standard Errors
2016-07-04 BayesTreePrior Bayesian Tree Prior Simulation
2016-07-04 BioPET Biomarker Prognostic Enrichment Tool
2016-07-04 Cite An RStudio Addin to Insert BibTex Citation in Rmarkdown Documents
2016-07-04 condvis Conditional Visualization for Statistical Models
2016-07-04 copCAR Fitting the copCAR Regression Model for Discrete Areal Data
2016-07-04 csp Correlates of State Policy Data Set in R
2016-07-04 DAMisc Dave Armstrong's Miscellaneous Functions
2016-07-04 data.tree General Purpose Hierarchical Data Structure
2016-07-04 etrunct Computes Moments of Univariate Truncated t Distribution
2016-07-04 fiery A Lightweight and Flexible Web Framework
2016-07-04 future A Future API for R
2016-07-04 gramEvol Grammatical Evolution for R
2016-07-04 miscFuncs Miscellaneous Useful Functions Including LaTeX Tables, Kalman Filtering and Development Tools
2016-07-04 mlVAR Multi-Level Vector Autoregression
2016-07-04 pfa Estimates False Discovery Proportion Under Arbitrary Covariance Dependence
2016-07-04 Renext Renewal Method for Extreme Values Extrapolation
2016-07-04 RenextGUI GUI for Renext
2016-07-04 ShinyItemAnalysis Test and Item Analysis via Shiny
2016-07-04 sudokuAlt Tools for Making and Spoiling Sudoku Games
2016-07-04 surveyplanning Survey Planning Tools
2016-07-04 tibble Simple Data Frames
2016-07-03 badgecreatr Create Badges for 'Travis', 'Repostatus' 'Codecov.io' Etc in Github Readme
2016-07-03 bayesmeta Bayesian Random-Effects Meta-Analysis
2016-07-03 ggenealogy Visualization Tools for Genealogical Data
2016-07-03 graphicalVAR Graphical VAR for Experience Sampling Data
2016-07-03 hergm Hierarchical Exponential-Family Random Graph Models
2016-07-03 httr Tools for Working with URLs and HTTP
2016-07-03 IsoplotR Statistical Toolbox for Radiometric Geochronology
2016-07-03 ModelMap Modeling and Map Production using Random Forest and Stochastic Gradient Boosting
2016-07-03 mokken Perform Mokken Scale Analysis in R
2016-07-03 networkD3 D3 JavaScript Network Graphs from R
2016-07-03 RcppShark R Interface to the Shark Machine Learning Library
2016-07-03 ttbbeer US Beer Statistics from TTB
2016-07-03 vipor Plot Categorical Data Using Quasirandom Noise and Density Estimates
2016-07-03 wfindr Crossword, Scrabble and Anagram Solver
2016-07-02 chi The Chi Distribution
2016-07-02 fitdistrplus Help to Fit of a Parametric Distribution to Non-Censored or Censored Data
2016-07-02 fmrs Variable Selection in Finite Mixture of AFT Regression and FMR
2016-07-02 InspectChangepoint High-Dimensional Changepoint Estimation via Sparse Projection
2016-07-02 invgamma The Inverse Gamma Distribution
2016-07-02 isingLenzMC Monte Carlo for Classical Ising Model
2016-07-02 modygliani MOlecular DYnamics GLobal ANalysis
2016-07-02 productplots Product Plots for R
2016-07-02 QCSimulator A 5-Qubit Quantum Computing Simulator
2016-07-02 randNames Package Provides Access to Fake User Data
2016-07-02 TropFishR Tropical Fisheries Analysis with R
2016-07-02 XBRL Extraction of Business Financial Information from 'XBRL' Documents
2016-07-01 BAS Bayesian Model Averaging using Bayesian Adaptive Sampling
2016-07-01 bibliospec Reading Mass Spectrometric Search Results
2016-07-01 bkmr Bayesian Kernel Machine Regression
2016-07-01 Comp2ROC Compare Two ROC Curves that Intersect
2016-07-01 ECctmc Simulation from Endpoint-Conditioned Continuous Time Markov Chains
2016-07-01 ECharts2Shiny Embedding Charts Generated with ECharts Library into Shiny Applications
2016-07-01 evclass Evidential Distance-Based Classification
2016-07-01 fcros A Method to Search for Differentially Expressed Genes and to Detect Recurrent Chromosomal Copy Number Aberrations
2016-07-01 geomnet Network Visualization in the 'ggplot2' Framework
2016-07-01 GGally Extension to 'ggplot2'
2016-07-01 ggiraph Make 'ggplot2' Graphics Interactive Using 'htmlwidgets'
2016-07-01 Grace Graph-Constrained Estimation and Hypothesis Tests
2016-07-01 heemod Models for Health Economic Evaluation
2016-07-01 hypothesisr Wrapper for the 'Hypothes.is' Web Annotation Service
2016-07-01 jsonlite A Robust, High Performance JSON Parser and Generator for R
2016-07-01 lfstat Calculation of Low Flow Statistics for Daily Stream Flow Data
2016-07-01 nparACT Non-Parametric Measures of Actigraphy Data
2016-07-01 PoisNor Simultaneous Generation of Multivariate Data with Poisson and Normal Marginals
2016-07-01 pomp Statistical Inference for Partially Observed Markov Processes
2016-07-01 rccdates Date Functions for Swedish Cancer Data
2016-07-01 RcmdrPlugin.EcoVirtual Rcmdr EcoVirtual Plugin
2016-07-01 RForcecom Data Integration Feature for Force.com and Salesforce.com
2016-07-01 RTriangle Triangle - A 2D Quality Mesh Generator and Delaunay Triangulator
2016-07-01 rts Raster Time Series Analysis
2016-07-01 sommer Solving Mixed Model Equations in R
2016-07-01 stpm Stochastic Process Model for Analysis of Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Outcomes
2016-06-30 AdaptGauss Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM)
2016-06-30 BootWPTOS Test Stationarity using Bootstrap Wavelet Packet Tests
2016-06-30 crunch Crunch.io Data Tools
2016-06-30 dbmss Distance-Based Measures of Spatial Structures
2016-06-30 DIFtree Item Focused Trees for the Identification of Items in Differential Item Functioning
2016-06-30 DREGAR Regularized Estimation of Dynamic Linear Regression in the Presence of Autocorrelated Residuals (DREGAR)
2016-06-30 evoper Evolutionary Parameter Estimation for 'Repast Simphony' Models
2016-06-30 FSelector Selecting Attributes
2016-06-30 gazepath Parse Eye-Tracking Data into Fixations
2016-06-30 metaheur Metaheuristic Optimization Framework for Preprocessing Combinations
2016-06-30 mise Clears the Workspace (Mise en Place)
2016-06-30 nomadlist Interface to the Nomad List API
2016-06-30 planor Generation of Regular Factorial Designs
2016-06-30 PResiduals Probability-Scale Residuals and Residual Correlations
2016-06-30 qgraph Graph Plotting Methods, Psychometric Data Visualization and Graphical Model Estimation
2016-06-30 QVM Questionnaires Validation Module
2016-06-30 Rtsne T-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding using a Barnes-Hut Implementation
2016-06-30 Segmentor3IsBack A Fast Segmentation Algorithm
2016-06-30 sn The Skew-Normal and Skew-t Distributions
2016-06-30 wgaim Whole Genome Average Interval Mapping for QTL Detection using Mixed Models
2016-06-29 astsa Applied Statistical Time Series Analysis
2016-06-29 brms Bayesian Regression Models using Stan
2016-06-29 ChannelAttribution Markov Model for the Online Multi-Channel Attribution Problem
2016-06-29 COCONUT COmbat CO-Normalization Using conTrols (COCONUT)
2016-06-29 correctedAUC Correcting AUC for Measurement Error
2016-06-29 CP Conditional Power Calculations
2016-06-29 DeLorean Estimates Pseudotimes for Single Cell Expression Data
2016-06-29 detzrcr Compare Detrital Zircon Suites
2016-06-29 DrillR R Driver for Apache Drill
2016-06-29 EcoVirtual Simulation of Ecological Models
2016-06-29 emojifont Emoji Fonts for using in R
2016-06-29 enpls Ensemble Partial Least Squares Regression
2016-06-29 EnsemblePCReg Extensible Package for Principal-Component-Regression-Based Heterogeneous Ensemble Meta-Learning
2016-06-29 fuzzyjoin Join Tables Together on Inexact Matching
2016-06-29 gets General-to-Specific (GETS) Modelling and Indicator Saturation Methods
2016-06-29 gglogo Geom for Logo Sequence Plots
2016-06-29 jetset One-to-One Gene-Probeset Mapping for Affymetrix Human Microarrays
2016-06-29 kernscr Kernel Machine Score Test for Semi-Competing Risks
2016-06-29 manifestoR Access and Process Data and Documents of the Manifesto Project
2016-06-29 MCI Multiplicative Competitive Interaction (MCI) Model
2016-06-29 mctest Multicollinearity Diagnostic Measures
2016-06-29 metaplotr Creates CrossHairs Plots for Meta-Analyses
2016-06-29 mkin Kinetic Evaluation of Chemical Degradation Data
2016-06-29 MNM Multivariate Nonparametric Methods. An Approach Based on Spatial Signs and Ranks
2016-06-29 POET Principal Orthogonal ComplEment Thresholding (POET) Method
2016-06-29 ramps Bayesian Geostatistical Modeling with RAMPS
2016-06-29 RandomFieldsUtils Utilities for the Simulation and Analysis of Random Fields
2016-06-29 rgbif Interface to the Global 'Biodiversity' Information Facility 'API'
2016-06-29 rmapshaper Edit 'GeoJSON' and Spatial Objects
2016-06-29 roccv ROC for Cross Validation Results
2016-06-29 SLDAssay Serial Limiting Dilution Assay Statistics
2016-06-29 spatsurv Bayesian Spatial Survival Analysis with Parametric Proportional Hazards Models
2016-06-29 ssa Simultaneous Signal Analysis
2016-06-29 SubVis Visual Exploration of Protein Alignments Resulting from Multiple Substitution Matrices
2016-06-29 survSNP Power Calculations for SNP Studies with Censored Outcomes
2016-06-29 synthACS Synthetic Microdata and Spatial MicroSimulation Modeling for ACS Data
2016-06-29 tm.plugin.lexisnexis Import Articles from 'LexisNexis' Using the 'tm' Text Mining Framework
2016-06-29 UNCLES Unification of Clustering Results from Multiple Datasets using External Specifications
2016-06-29 useful A Collection of Handy, Useful Functions
2016-06-29 VIM Visualization and Imputation of Missing Values
2016-06-29 vmsbase GUI Tools to Process, Analyze and Plot Fisheries Data
2016-06-28 adespatial Multivariate Multiscale Spatial Analysis
2016-06-28 backports Reimplementations of Functions Introduced Since R-3.0.0
2016-06-28 bigrquery An Interface to Google's 'BigQuery' 'API'
2016-06-28 checkmate Fast and Versatile Argument Checks
2016-06-28 Corbi Collection of Rudimentary Bioinformatics Tools
2016-06-28 crayon Colored Terminal Output
2016-06-28 FastImputation Learn from Training Data then Quickly Fill in Missing Data
2016-06-28 generalCorr Generalized Correlations and Initial Causal Path
2016-06-28 ggmcmc Tools for Analyzing MCMC Simulations from Bayesian Inference
2016-06-28 mdhglm Multivariate Double Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models
2016-06-28 MVar.pt Analise multivariada (brazilian portuguese)
2016-06-28 pGMGM Estimating Multiple Gaussian Graphical Models (GGM) in Penalized Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM)
2016-06-28 psych Procedures for Psychological, Psychometric, and Personality Research
2016-06-28 qtlcharts Interactive Graphics for QTL Experiments
2016-06-28 rankFD Rank-Based Tests for General Factorial Designs
2016-06-28 RcmdrPlugin.BiclustGUI 'Rcmdr' Plug-in GUI for Biclustering
2016-06-28 resumer Build Resumes with R
2016-06-28 rgeospatialquality Wrapper for the Geospatial Data Quality REST API
2016-06-28 RNeXML Semantically Rich I/O for the 'NeXML' Format
2016-06-28 rpf Response Probability Functions
2016-06-28 sensitivity Global Sensitivity Analysis of Model Outputs
2016-06-28 simmer Discrete-Event Simulation for R
2016-06-28 SKAT SNP-Set (Sequence) Kernel Association Test
2016-06-28 srvyr 'dplyr'-Like Syntax for Summary Statistics of Survey Data
2016-06-28 tempR Temporal Sensory Data Analysis
2016-06-28 V8 Embedded JavaScript Engine for R
2016-06-27 archivist.github Tools for Archiving, Managing and Sharing R Objects via GitHub
2016-06-27 Compind Composite Indicators Functions
2016-06-27 CUFF Charles's Utility Function using Formula
2016-06-27 derivmkts Functions and R Code to Accompany Derivatives Markets
2016-06-27 dtplyr Data Table Back-End for 'dplyr'
2016-06-27 future.BatchJobs A Future for BatchJobs
2016-06-27 fuzzr Fuzz-Test R Functions
2016-06-27 gkmSVM Gapped-Kmer Support Vector Machine
2016-06-27 IntegrateBs Integration for B-Spline
2016-06-27 ldamatch Selection of Statistically Similar Research Groups
2016-06-27 meteR Fitting and Plotting Tools for the Maximum Entropy Theory of Ecology (METE)
2016-06-27 nleqslv Solve Systems of Nonlinear Equations
2016-06-27 optiSel Optimum Contribution Selection and Pedigree Analysis
2016-06-27 pim Fit Probabilistic Index Models
2016-06-27 rrecsys Environment for Assessing Recommender Systems
2016-06-27 rstudioapi Safely Access the RStudio API
2016-06-27 rvg R Graphics Devices for Vector Graphics Output
2016-06-27 SeqMADE Network Module-Based Model in the Differential Expression Analysis for RNA-Seq
2016-06-27 vardpoor Variance Estimation for Sample Surveys by the Ultimate Cluster Method
2016-06-26 couchDB Connect to and Work with CouchDB Databases
2016-06-26 googlesheets Manage Google Spreadsheets from R
2016-06-26 magicaxis Pretty Scientific Plotting with Minor-Tick and Log Minor-Tick Support
2016-06-26 npROCRegression Kernel-Based Nonparametric ROC Regression Modelling
2016-06-26 preprocomb Tools for Preprocessing Combinations
2016-06-26 simLife Simulation of Fatigue Lifetimes
2016-06-26 survival Survival Analysis
2016-06-26 tableHTML A Tool to Create HTML Tables
2016-06-26 tutorial Convert R Markdown Files to DataCamp Light HTML Files
2016-06-26 WARN Weaning Age Reconstruction with Nitrogen Isotope Analysis
2016-06-26 XGR Exploring Genomic Relations for Precision Interpretation Through Enrichment, Similarity, Network and Annotation Analysis
2016-06-25 AnalyzeTS Analyze (Fuzzy) Time Series
2016-06-25 asymmetry The Slide-Vector Model for Multidimensional Scaling of Asymmetric Data
2016-06-25 BACCT Bayesian Augmented Control for Clinical Trials
2016-06-25 benchmarkme Crowd Sourced System Benchmarks
2016-06-25 ddpcr Analysis and Visualization of Droplet Digital PCR in R and on the Web
2016-06-25 doFuture Foreach Parallel Adaptor using the Future API of the 'future' Package
2016-06-25 Gmedian Geometric Median, k-Median Clustering and Robust Median PCA
2016-06-25 googleAuthR Easy Authentication with Google OAuth2 API
2016-06-25 GSIF Global Soil Information Facilities
2016-06-25 ks Kernel Smoothing
2016-06-25 MALDIquant Quantitative Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Data
2016-06-25 metricTester Test Metric and Null Model Statistical Performance
2016-06-25 MixSIAR Bayesian Mixing Models in R
2016-06-25 proxy Distance and Similarity Measures
2016-06-25 rstanarm Bayesian Applied Regression Modeling via Stan
2016-06-25 SPEDInstabR Estimation of the Relative Importance of Factors Affecting Species Distribution Based on Stability Concept
2016-06-25 statar Tools Inspired by 'Stata' to Manipulate Tabular Data
2016-06-25 tidytext Text Mining using 'dplyr', 'ggplot2', and Other Tidy Tools
2016-06-24 ASMap Linkage Map Construction using the MSTmap Algorithm
2016-06-24 binaryLogic Binary Logic
2016-06-24 broom Convert Statistical Analysis Objects into Tidy Data Frames
2016-06-24 BTR Training and Analysing Asynchronous Boolean Models
2016-06-24 camtrapR Camera Trap Data Management and Preparation of Occupancy and Spatial Capture-Recapture Analyses
2016-06-24 chunked Chunkwise Text-File Processing for 'dplyr'
2016-06-24 conclust Pairwise Constraints Clustering
2016-06-24 convey Income Concentration Analysis with Complex Survey Samples
2016-06-24 DBEST Detecting Breakpoints and Estimating Segments in Trend
2016-06-24 devtools Tools to Make Developing R Packages Easier
2016-06-24 dlstats Download Stats of R Packages
2016-06-24 dplyr A Grammar of Data Manipulation
2016-06-24 DrBats Data Representation: Bayesian Approach That's Sparse
2016-06-24 extraDistr Additional Univariate and Multivariate Distributions
2016-06-24 Fragman Fragment Analysis in R
2016-06-24 gutenbergr Download and Process Public Domain Works from Project Gutenberg
2016-06-24 lavaan.shiny Latent Variable Analysis with Shiny
2016-06-24 mirt Multidimensional Item Response Theory
2016-06-24 mirtCAT Computerized Adaptive Testing with Multidimensional Item Response Theory
2016-06-24 NoiseFiltersR Label Noise Filters for Data Preprocessing in Classification
2016-06-24 overlapping Estimation of Overlapping in Empirical Distributions
2016-06-24 phytools Phylogenetic Tools for Comparative Biology (and Other Things)
2016-06-24 precrec Calculate Accurate Precision-Recall and Receiver Operator Characteristics Curves
2016-06-24 randomLCA Random Effects Latent Class Analysis
2016-06-24 ranger A Fast Implementation of Random Forests
2016-06-24 rstan R Interface to Stan
2016-06-24 rtson Typed JSON
2016-06-24 searchConsoleR Google Search Console R Client
2016-06-24 SpaDES Develop and Run Spatially Explicit Discrete Event Simulation Models
2016-06-24 sparsediscrim Sparse and Regularized Discriminant Analysis
2016-06-24 StanHeaders C++ Header Files for Stan
2016-06-24 Thermimage Thermal Image Analysis
2016-06-24 timetools Seasonal/Sequential (Instants/Durations, Even or not) Time Series
2016-06-24 TraMineR Trajectory Miner: a Toolbox for Exploring and Rendering Sequences
2016-06-24 treeplyr 'dplyr' Functionality for Matched Tree and Data Objects
2016-06-24 unfoldr Stereological Unfolding for Spheroidal Particles
2016-06-24 UpSetR A More Scalable Alternative to Venn and Euler Diagrams for Visualizing Intersecting Sets
2016-06-24 validate Data Validation Infrastructure
2016-06-24 VetResearchLMM Linear Mixed Models - An Introduction with Applications in Veterinary Research
2016-06-24 XLConnect Excel Connector for R
2016-06-24 XLConnectJars JAR Dependencies for the XLConnect Package
2016-06-24 xml2 Parse XML
2016-06-23 APtools Average Positive Predictive Values (AP) for Binary Outcomes and Censored Event Times
2016-06-23 babel Ribosome Profiling Data Analysis
2016-06-23 boa Bayesian Output Analysis Program (BOA) for MCMC
2016-06-23 clipr Read and Write from the System Clipboard
2016-06-23 docopulae Optimal Designs for Copula Models
2016-06-23 EBS Exact Bayesian Segmentation
2016-06-23 factorplot Graphical Presentation of Simple Contrasts
2016-06-23 Factoshiny Perform Factorial Analysis from 'FactoMineR' with a Shiny Application
2016-06-23 forestplot Advanced Forest Plot Using 'grid' Graphics
2016-06-23 GAabbreviate Abbreviating Items Measures using Genetic Algorithms
2016-06-23 gambin Fit the GamBin Model to Species Abundance Distributions
2016-06-23 HDoutliers Leland Wilkinson's Algorithm for Detecting Multidimensional Outliers
2016-06-23 HH Statistical Analysis and Data Display: Heiberger and Holland
2016-06-23 KFAS Kalman Filter and Smoother for Exponential Family State Space Models
2016-06-23 LakeMetabolizer Tools for the Analysis of Ecosystem Metabolism
2016-06-23 LindleyR The Lindley Distribution and Its Modifications
2016-06-23 lmerTest Tests in Linear Mixed Effects Models
2016-06-23 LOST Missing Morphometric Data Simulation and Estimation
2016-06-23 MAVIS Meta Analysis via Shiny
2016-06-23 mscstexta4r R Client for the Microsoft Cognitive Services Text Analytics REST API
2016-06-23 OpenMx Extended Structural Equation Modelling
2016-06-23 polmineR Toolset for Corpus Analysis
2016-06-23 R2HTML HTML Exportation for R Objects
2016-06-23 RandomFields Simulation and Analysis of Random Fields
2016-06-23 randomizeR Randomization for Clinical Trials
2016-06-23 RcmdrPlugin.HH Rcmdr Support for the HH Package
2016-06-23 RFc Client for FetchClimate Web Service
2016-06-23 ritis Integrated Taxonomic Information System Client
2016-06-23 RMark R Code for Mark Analysis
2016-06-23 RMThreshold Signal-Noise Separation in Random Matrices by using Eigenvalue Spectrum Analysis
2016-06-23 rpart.plot Plot 'rpart' Models: An Enhanced Version of 'plot.rpart'
2016-06-23 sbtools USGS ScienceBase Tools
2016-06-23 SensusR Sensus Analytics
2016-06-23 shinyDND Shiny Drag-n-Drop
2016-06-23 Smisc Sego Miscellaneous
2016-06-23 spbabel Convert Spatial Data Using Tidy Tables
2016-06-23 swirl Learn R, in R
2016-06-23 tilting Variable Selection via Tilted Correlation Screening Algorithm
2016-06-23 trackeR Infrastructure for Running and Cycling Data from GPS-Enabled Tracking Devices
2016-06-23 webshot Take Screenshots of Web Pages
2016-06-22 coreSim Core Functionality for Simulating Quantities of Interest from Generalised Linear Models
2016-06-22 dendextend Extending R's Dendrogram Functionality
2016-06-22 FlowScreen Daily Streamflow Trend and Change Point Screening
2016-06-22 microplot Use R Graphics Files as Microplots (Sparklines) in Tables in LaTeX or HTML Files, and Output Data.frames to Org-Mode
2016-06-22 pearson7 Maximum Likelihood Inference for the Pearson VII Distribution with Shape Parameter 3/2
2016-06-22 ROI.plugin.cplex ROI Plug-in CPLEX
2016-06-22 RSiteCatalyst R Client for Adobe Analytics API V1.4
2016-06-22 rwty R We There Yet? Visualizing MCMC Convergence in Phylogenetics
2016-06-21 Bchron Radiocarbon Dating, Age-Depth Modelling, Relative Sea Level Rate Estimation, and Non-Parametric Phase Modelling
2016-06-21 covr Test Coverage for Packages
2016-06-21 dfcomb Phase I/II Adaptive Dose-Finding Design for Combination Studies
2016-06-21 dfmta Phase I/II Adaptive Dose-Finding Design for MTA
2016-06-21 difNLR Detection of Dichotomous Differential Item Functioning (DIF) by Non-Linear Regression Function
2016-06-21 emil Evaluation of Modeling without Information Leakage
2016-06-21 fbroc Fast Algorithms to Bootstrap Receiver Operating Characteristics Curves
2016-06-21 goeveg Functions for Community Data and Ordinations
2016-06-21 labelled Manipulating Labelled Data
2016-06-21 MESS Miscellaneous Esoteric Statistical Scripts
2016-06-21 msmtools Building Augmented Data to Run Multi-State Models with 'msm' Package
2016-06-21 osi Open Source Initiative API Connector
2016-06-21 pcadapt Fast Principal Component Analysis for Outlier Detection
2016-06-21 phangorn Phylogenetic Analysis in R
2016-06-21 quanteda Quantitative Analysis of Textual Data
2016-06-21 RChronoModel Post-Processing of the Markov Chain Simulated by ChronoModel or Oxcal
2016-06-21 represtools Reproducible Research Tools
2016-06-21 REPTILE Regulatory DNA Element Prediction
2016-06-21 simstudy Simulation of Study Data
2016-06-21 sjPlot Data Visualization for Statistics in Social Science
2016-06-21 sos Search Contributed R Packages, Sort by Package
2016-06-21 sourceR Fits a Non-Parametric Bayesian Source Attribution Model
2016-06-21 texreg Conversion of R Regression Output to LaTeX or HTML Tables
2016-06-21 tnam Temporal Network Autocorrelation Models (TNAM)
2016-06-21 xergm Extensions of Exponential Random Graph Models
2016-06-20 abbyyR Access to Abbyy Optical Character Recognition (OCR) API
2016-06-20 as.color Assign Random Colors to Unique Items in a Vector
2016-06-20 averisk Calculation of Average Population Attributable Fractions and Confidence Intervals
2016-06-20 benchmarkmeData Data Set for the 'benchmarkme' Package
2016-06-20 bibliometrix Bibliometric and Co-Citation Analysis Tool
2016-06-20 clarifai Access to Clarifai API
2016-06-20 clusrank Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test for Clustered Data
2016-06-20 Directional Directional Statistics
2016-06-20 DSsim Distance Sampling Simulations
2016-06-20 FDboost Boosting Functional Regression Models
2016-06-20 futureheatwaves Find, Characterize, and Explore Heat Waves in Climate Projections
2016-06-20 GWsignif Estimating Genome-Wide Significance for Whole Genome Sequencing Studies, Either Single SNP Tests or Region-Based Tests
2016-06-20 IMPACT The Impact of Items
2016-06-20 janeaustenr Jane Austen's Complete Novels
2016-06-20 meta General Package for Meta-Analysis
2016-06-20 metansue Meta-Analysis of Studies with Non Statistically-Significant Unreported Effects
2016-06-20 networkreporting Tools for using Network Reporting Estimators
2016-06-20 npbr Nonparametric Boundary Regression
2016-06-20 OneR Machine Learning Classification Algorithm with Enhancements
2016-06-20 rebmix Finite Mixture Modeling, Clustering & Classification
2016-06-20 ROI.plugin.ipop ROI Plug-in {ipop}
2016-06-20 RPtests Goodness of Fit Tests for High-Dimensional Linear Regression Models
2016-06-20 sjstats Collection of Convenient Functions for Common Statistical Computations
2016-06-20 smbinning Optimal Binning for Scoring Modeling
2016-06-20 squid Statistical Quantification of Individual Differences
2016-06-20 TTCA Transcript Time Course Analysis
2016-06-20 tuber Client for the YouTube API
2016-06-20 units Measurement Units of Physical Quantities for R Vectors
2016-06-20 visNetwork Network Visualization using 'vis.js' Library
2016-06-20 withr Run Code 'With' Temporarily Modified Global State
2016-06-20 xyloplot A Method for Creating Xylophone-Like Frequency Density Plots
2016-06-19 DiversityOccupancy Building Diversity Models from Multiple Species Occupancy Models
2016-06-19 ensembleBMA Probabilistic Forecasting using Ensembles and Bayesian Model Averaging
2016-06-19 gamlss.spatial Spatial Terms in GAMLSS Models
2016-06-19 gaussfacts The Greatest Mathematician Since Antiquity
2016-06-19 imputeTestbench Test Bench for Missing Data Imputing Models/Methods Comparison
2016-06-19 nproc Neyman-Pearson Receiver Operator Curve
2016-06-19 photobiologyInOut Read Spectral Data from Foreign Files
2016-06-19 ROI.plugin.ecos ROI-Plugin ECOS
2016-06-19 ROI.plugin.glpk ROI Plug-in GLPK
2016-06-19 ROI.plugin.nloptr ROI-Plugin NLOPTR
2016-06-19 ROI.plugin.scs ROI-Plugin SCS
2016-06-19 varhandle Functions for Robust Variable Handling
2016-06-19 VWPre Tools for Preprocessing Visual World Data
2016-06-18 btergm Temporal Exponential Random Graph Models by Bootstrapped Pseudolikelihood
2016-06-18 callr Call R from R
2016-06-18 comf Functions for Thermal Comfort Research
2016-06-18 denovolyzeR Statistical Analyses of De Novo Genetic Variants
2016-06-18 fdapace Functional Data Analysis and Empirical Dynamics
2016-06-18 ggpmisc Miscellaneous Extensions to 'ggplot2'
2016-06-18 heuristica Heuristics Including Take the Best and Unit-Weight Linear
2016-06-18 matrixpls Matrix-Based Partial Least Squares Estimation
2016-06-18 mvMORPH Multivariate Comparative Tools for Fitting Evolutionary Models to Morphometric Data
2016-06-18 OUwie Analysis of Evolutionary Rates in an OU Framework
2016-06-18 PSF Algorithm for Pattern Sequence Based Forecasting
2016-06-18 purrr Functional Programming Tools
2016-06-18 rcss Convex Switching Systems
2016-06-18 REAT Regional Economic Analysis Tools
2016-06-18 ROI R Optimization Infrastructure
2016-06-18 ROI.plugin.quadprog ROI Plug-in {quadprog}
2016-06-18 ROI.plugin.symphony ROI Plug-in SYMPHONY
2016-06-18 rsdmx Tools for Reading SDMX Data and Metadata
2016-06-18 rslurm Submit R Calculations to a 'SLURM' Cluster
2016-06-18 usl Analyze System Scalability with the Universal Scalability Law
2016-06-18 xergm.common Common Infrastructure for Extensions of Exponential Random Graph Models
2016-06-18 xmlparsedata Parse Data of 'R' Code as an 'XML' Tree
2016-06-17 AGSDest Estimation in Adaptive Group Sequential Trials
2016-06-17 AHR Estimation and Testing of Average Hazard Ratios
2016-06-17 astrochron A Computational Tool for Astrochronology
2016-06-17 binst Data Preprocessing, Binning for Classification and Regression
2016-06-17 blavaan Bayesian Latent Variable Analysis
2016-06-17 boral Bayesian Ordination and Regression AnaLysis
2016-06-17 bunchr Analyze Bunching in a Kink or Notch Setting
2016-06-17 compete Analyzing Social Hierarchies
2016-06-17 Delaporte Statistical Functions for the Delaporte Distribution
2016-06-17 DoTC Distribution of Typicality Coefficients
2016-06-17 geeM Solve Generalized Estimating Equations
2016-06-17 gimme Group Iterative Multiple Model Estimation
2016-06-17 hdm High-Dimensional Metrics
2016-06-17 hms Pretty Time of Day
2016-06-17 marima Multivariate ARIMA and ARIMA-X Analysis
2016-06-17 MonetDBLite In-Process Version of MonetDB for R
2016-06-17 mosaicData Project MOSAIC Data Sets
2016-06-17 mtconnectR Read Data from Delimited 'MTConnect' Data Files and Perform some Analysis
2016-06-17 NAM Nested Association Mapping Analysis
2016-06-17 PATHChange A Tool for Identification of Differentially Expressed Pathways using Multi-Statistic Comparison
2016-06-17 pixiedust Tables so Beautifully Fine-Tuned You Will Believe It's Magic
2016-06-17 Rcmdr R Commander
2016-06-17 rvcheck R/Package Version Check
2016-06-17 rvest Easily Harvest (Scrape) Web Pages
2016-06-17 RVsharing Probability of Sharing Rare Variants among Relatives
2016-06-17 taxize Taxonomic Information from Around the Web
2016-06-17 yuima The YUIMA Project Package for SDEs
2016-06-16 Conigrave Flexible Tools for Multiple Imputation
2016-06-16 dismo Species Distribution Modeling
2016-06-16 fdcov Analysis of Covariance Operators
2016-06-16 fuzzyforest Fuzzy Forests
2016-06-16 gmDatabase Accessing a Geometallurgical Database with R
2016-06-16 googleAnalyticsR Google Analytics API into R
2016-06-16 imputeMulti Imputation Methods for Multivariate Multinomial Data
2016-06-16 irtDemo Item Response Theory Demo Collection
2016-06-16 madsim A Flexible Microarray Data Simulation Model
2016-06-16 Matrix.utils Data.frame-Like Operations on Sparse and Dense Matrix Objects
2016-06-16 mgm Estimating Time-Varying Mixed Graphical Models
2016-06-16 mosaic Project MOSAIC Statistics and Mathematics Teaching Utilities
2016-06-16 multiplex Algebraic Tools for the Analysis of Multiple Social Networks
2016-06-16 MVLM Multivariate Linear Model with Analytic p-Values
2016-06-16 netgsa Network-Based Gene Set Analysis
2016-06-16 paramGUI A Shiny GUI for some Parameter Estimation Examples
2016-06-16 qdap Bridging the Gap Between Qualitative Data and Quantitative Analysis
2016-06-16 rdomains Get the Category of Content Hosted by a Domain
2016-06-16 Rphylopars Phylogenetic Comparative Tools for Missing Data and Within-Species Variation
2016-06-16 SPIGA Compute SPI Index using the Methods Genetic Algorithm and Maximum Likelihood
2016-06-16 stddiff Calculate the Standardized Difference for Numeric, Binary and Category Variables
2016-06-16 TDA Statistical Tools for Topological Data Analysis
2016-06-16 wakefield Generate Random Data Sets
2016-06-15 ABCanalysis Computed ABC Analysis
2016-06-15 AmostraBrasil Generates Samples or Complete List of Brazilian IBGE (Instituto Brasileiro De Geografia e Estatistica) Census Households, Geocoding it by Google Maps
2016-06-15 anesrake ANES Raking Implementation
2016-06-15 CARBayesST Spatio-Temporal Generalised Linear Mixed Models for Areal Unit Data
2016-06-15 cssTools Cognitive Social Structure Tools
2016-06-15 ctsem Continuous Time Structural Equation Modelling
2016-06-15 DescTools Tools for Descriptive Statistics
2016-06-15 geohash Tools for Geohash Creation and Manipulation
2016-06-15 geosphere Spherical Trigonometry
2016-06-15 IsotopeR Stable Isotope Mixing Model
2016-06-15 listviewer 'htmlwidget' for Interactive Views of R Lists
2016-06-15 mscsweblm4r R Client for the Microsoft Cognitive Services Web Language Model REST API
2016-06-15 openair Tools for the Analysis of Air Pollution Data
2016-06-15 pathological Path Manipulation Utilities
2016-06-15 phylocurve Phylogenetic Comparative Methods for High-Dimensional Traits
2016-06-15 plsVarSel Variable Selection in Partial Least Squares
2016-06-15 prcbench Testing Workbench for Precision-Recall Curves
2016-06-15 pseval Methods for Evaluating Principal Surrogates of Treatment Response
2016-06-15 QFASA Quantitative Fatty Acid Signature Analysis
2016-06-15 rAmCharts JavaScript Charts API Tool
2016-06-15 sbrl Scalable Bayesian Rule Lists Model
2016-06-15 sEparaTe Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Likelihood Ratio Test Functions for Separable Variance-Covariance Structures
2016-06-15 Sleuth2 Data Sets from Ramsey and Schafer's "Statistical Sleuth (2nd Ed)"
2016-06-15 Sleuth3 Data Sets from Ramsey and Schafer's "Statistical Sleuth (3rd Ed)"
2016-06-15 spatialEco Spatial Analysis and Modelling
2016-06-15 Tmisc Turner Miscellaneous
2016-06-15 tweet2r Twitter Collector for R and Export to 'SQLite', 'postGIS' and 'GIS' Format
2016-06-15 vegan Community Ecology Package
2016-06-15 vegan3d Static and Dynamic 3D Plots for the 'vegan' Package
2016-06-14 bpcp Beta Product Confidence Procedure for Right Censored Data
2016-06-14 cointmonitoR Consistent Monitoring of Stationarity and Cointegrating Relationships
2016-06-14 cointReg Parameter Estimation and Inference in a Cointegrating Regression
2016-06-14 ctmcmove Modeling Animal Movement with Continuous-Time Discrete-Space Markov Chains
2016-06-14 EnvStats Package for Environmental Statistics, Including US EPA Guidance
2016-06-14 geojsonlint Tools for Validating 'GeoJSON'
2016-06-14 heplots Visualizing Hypothesis Tests in Multivariate Linear Models
2016-06-14 hisse Hidden State Speciation and Extinction
2016-06-14 MAMS Designing Multi-Arm Multi-Stage Studies
2016-06-14 mixOmics Omics Data Integration Project
2016-06-14 NNS Nonlinear Nonparametric Statistics
2016-06-14 perccal Implementing Double Bootstrap Linear Regression Confidence Intervals Using the 'perc-cal' Method
2016-06-14 pgraph Build Dependency Graphs using Projection
2016-06-14 read.dbc Read Data Stored in DBC (Compressed DBF) Files
2016-06-14 Rglpk R/GNU Linear Programming Kit Interface
2016-06-14 rio A Swiss-Army Knife for Data I/O
2016-06-14 r.jive Perform JIVE Decompositions for Multi-Source Data
2016-06-14 semds Structural Equation Multidimensional Scaling
2016-06-14 slam Sparse Lightweight Arrays and Matrices
2016-06-14 TEEReg Trimmed Elemental Estimation for Linear Models
2016-06-14 tidyr Easily Tidy Data with 'spread()' and 'gather()' Functions
2016-06-14 TipDatingBeast Using Tip Dates with Phylogenetic Trees in BEAST (Software for Phylogenetic Analysis)
2016-06-14 wordbankr Accessing the Wordbank Database
2016-06-13 bigQueryR Interface with Google BigQuery with Shiny Compatibility
2016-06-13 caret Classification and Regression Training
2016-06-13 docopt Command-Line Interface Specification Language
2016-06-13 ezknitr Avoid the Typical Working Directory Pain When Using 'knitr'
2016-06-13 gofCopula Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Copulae
2016-06-13 grex Gene ID Mapping for Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Data
2016-06-13 itsadug Interpreting Time Series and Autocorrelated Data Using GAMMs
2016-06-13 jsonvalidate Validate 'JSON'
2016-06-13 ncvreg Regularization Paths for SCAD and MCP Penalized Regression Models
2016-06-13 poppr Genetic Analysis of Populations with Mixed Reproduction
2016-06-13 quickpsy Fits Psychometric Functions for Multiple Groups
2016-06-13 resampledata Data Sets for Mathematical Statistics with Resampling in R
2016-06-13 sfinx Straightforward Filtering Index for AP-MS Data Analysis (SFINX)
2016-06-13 tractor.base Read, Manipulate and Visualise Magnetic Resonance Images
2016-06-13 WikidataR API Client Library for 'Wikidata'
2016-06-12 agricolae Statistical Procedures for Agricultural Research
2016-06-12 AUtests Approximate Unconditional and Permutation Tests
2016-06-12 Bclim Bayesian Palaeoclimate Reconstruction from Pollen Data
2016-06-12 catnet Categorical Bayesian Network Inference
2016-06-12 engsoccerdata English and European Soccer Results 1871-2016
2016-06-12 githubinstall An Easy Way to Install R Packages on GitHub
2016-06-12 lazyeval Lazy (Non-Standard) Evaluation
2016-06-12 LTRCtrees Survival Trees to Fit Left-Truncated and Right-Censored Survival Data
2016-06-12 pmc Phylogenetic Monte Carlo
2016-06-12 quadmesh Quadrangle Mesh
2016-06-12 Rcplex R Interface to CPLEX
2016-06-12 rcqp Interface to the Corpus Query Protocol
2016-06-12 rgho Access WHO Global Health Observatory Data from R
2016-06-12 RSpectra Solvers for Large Scale Eigenvalue and SVD Problems
2016-06-12 rtkore STK++ Core Library Integration to R using Rcpp
2016-06-12 samplingVarEst Sampling Variance Estimation
2016-06-12 SimDesign Structure for Organizing Monte Carlo Simulation Designs
2016-06-11 countytimezones Convert from UTC to Local Time for United States Counties
2016-06-11 ggRandomForests Visually Exploring Random Forests
2016-06-11 googleway Retrieves Data from Google Maps APIs
2016-06-11 HDDesign Sample Size Calculation for High Dimensional Classification Study
2016-06-11 PARSE Model-Based Clustering with Regularization Methods for High-Dimensional Data
2016-06-11 qrng (Randomized) Quasi-Random Number Generators
2016-06-11 regsem Performs Regularization on Structural Equation Models
2016-06-11 RSentiment Analyse Sentiment of English Sentences
2016-06-11 SDraw Spatially Balanced Sample Draws for Spatial Objects
2016-06-11 xmeta A Toolbox for Multivariate Meta-Analysis
2016-06-10 admixturegraph Admixture Graph Manipulation and Fitting
2016-06-10 BAMMtools Analysis and Visualization of Macroevolutionary Dynamics on Phylogenetic Trees
2016-06-10 bayesTFR Bayesian Fertility Projection
2016-06-10 catR Procedures to Generate Patterns under Computerized Adaptive Testing
2016-06-10 CombinePortfolio Estimation of Optimal Portfolio Weights by Combining Simple Portfolio Strategies
2016-06-10 ezec Easy Interface to Effective Concentration Calculations
2016-06-10 GenCAT Genetic Class Association Testing
2016-06-10 GHap Genome-Wide Haplotyping
2016-06-10 hierformR Analysis of Dynamics Hierarchy Formation
2016-06-10 ibm Individual Based Models in R
2016-06-10 inflection Finds the Inflection Point of a Curve
2016-06-10 kehra Collect, Assemble and Model Air Pollution, Weather and Health Data
2016-06-10 kSamples K-Sample Rank Tests and their Combinations
2016-06-10 MicSim Performing Continuous-Time Microsimulation
2016-06-10 PharmacoGx Analysis of Large-Scale Pharmacogenomic Data
2016-06-10 platetools Tools and Plots for Multi-Well Plates
2016-06-10 plfMA A GUI to View, Design and Export Various Graphs of Data
2016-06-10 rdefra Interact with the UK AIR Pollution Database from DEFRA
2016-06-10 RFinfer Inference for Random Forests
2016-06-10 semTools Useful Tools for Structural Equation Modeling
2016-06-10 sesem Spatially Explicit Structural Equation Modeling
2016-06-10 VineCopula Statistical Inference of Vine Copulas
2016-06-10 WikipediR A MediaWiki API Wrapper
2016-06-09 cape Combined Analysis of Pleiotropy and Epistasis
2016-06-09 cloudUtil Cloud Utilization Plots
2016-06-09 corHMM Analysis of Binary Character Evolution
2016-06-09 dam Data Analysis Metabolomics
2016-06-09 DLMtool Data-Limited Methods Toolkit
2016-06-09 dynr Dynamic Modeling in R
2016-06-09 hsm A Path-Based BCD for Proximal Function of Latent Group Lasso
2016-06-09 iemisc Irucka Embry's Miscellaneous Functions
2016-06-09 iemiscdata Irucka Embry's Miscellaneous Data Collection
2016-06-09 jmotif Time Series Analysis Toolkit Based on Symbolic Aggregate Dicretization, i.e. SAX
2016-06-09 JointModel Semiparametric Joint Models for Longitudinal and Counting Processes
2016-06-09 machQA QA Machina Indicators
2016-06-09 macleish Retrieve Data from MacLeish Field Station
2016-06-09 mapview Interactive Viewing of Spatial Objects in R
2016-06-09 mcglm Multivariate Covariance Generalized Linear Models
2016-06-09 MplusAutomation Automating Mplus Model Estimation and Interpretation
2016-06-09 remote Empirical Orthogonal Teleconnections in R
2016-06-09 RmarineHeatWaves Detect Marine Heat Waves and Marine Cold Spells
2016-06-09 RWeka R/Weka Interface
2016-06-09 selectiveInference Tools for Post-Selection Inference
2016-06-09 spaa SPecies Association Analysis
2016-06-09 SPOT Sequential Parameter Optimization Toolbox
2016-06-09 tablaxlsx Write Formatted Tables in Excel Workbooks
2016-06-09 TRAMPR 'TRFLP' Analysis and Matching Package for R
2016-06-09 vaersNDvax Non-Domestic Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Vaccine Data for Present
2016-06-09 vaersvax US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Vaccine Data for Present
2016-06-09 wmtsa Wavelet Methods for Time Series Analysis
2016-06-08 CARBayes Spatial Generalised Linear Mixed Models for Areal Unit Data
2016-06-08 CARBayesdata Data Used in the Vignettes Accompanying the CARBayes and CARBayesST Packages
2016-06-08 config Manage Environment Specific Configuration Values
2016-06-08 DCG Data Cloud Geometry (DCG): Using Random Walks to Find Community Structure in Social Network Analysis
2016-06-08 DiffusionRimp Inference and Analysis for Diffusion Processes via Data Imputation and Method of Lines
2016-06-08 etl Extract-Transfer-Load Framework for Medium Data
2016-06-08 manhattanly Interactive Q-Q and Manhattan Plots Using 'plotly.js'
2016-06-08 MGSDA Multi-Group Sparse Discriminant Analysis
2016-06-08 morse MOdelling Tools for Reproduction and Survival Data in Ecotoxicology
2016-06-08 multiDimBio Multivariate Analysis and Visualization for Biological Data
2016-06-08 mvinfluence Influence Measures and Diagnostic Plots for Multivariate Linear Models
2016-06-08 plyr Tools for Splitting, Applying and Combining Data
2016-06-08 Rbent Robust Bent Line Regression
2016-06-08 rccmisc Miscellaneous R Functions for Swedish Regional Cancer Centers
2016-06-08 SciencesPo A Tool Set for Analyzing Political Behavior Data
2016-06-08 tigger R Tools for Inferring New Immunoglobulin Alleles from Rep-Seq Data
2016-06-07 BaPreStoPro Bayesian Prediction of Stochastic Processes
2016-06-07 cartography Thematic Cartography
2016-06-07 CUB A Class of Mixture Models for Ordinal Data
2016-06-07 dvn Access to Dataverse 3 APIs
2016-06-07 GA Genetic Algorithms
2016-06-07 move Visualizing and Analyzing Animal Track Data
2016-06-07 pop A Flexible Syntax for Population Dynamic Modelling
2016-06-07 QCEWAS Fast & Easy Quality Control of EWAS Results Files
2016-06-07 quantreg Quantile Regression
2016-06-07 RAMP Regularized Generalized Linear Models with Interaction Effects
2016-06-07 rpn Converter and Interpreter for Reverse Polish Notation Expressions
2016-06-07 Rsampling Ports the Workflow of "Resampling Stats" Add-in to R
2016-06-07 simsem SIMulated Structural Equation Modeling
2016-06-07 soiltexture Functions for Soil Texture Plot, Classification and Transformation
2016-06-07 SpatialPosition Spatial Position Models
2016-06-07 treescape Statistical Exploration of Landscapes of Phylogenetic Trees
2016-06-07 zoon Reproducible, Accessible & Shareable Species Distribution Modelling
2016-06-06 ald The Asymmetric Laplace Distribution
2016-06-06 APSIM General Utility Functions for the 'Agricultural Production Systems Simulator'
2016-06-06 bcRep Advanced Analysis of B Cell Receptor Repertoire Data
2016-06-06 bioplots Visualization of Overlapping Results with Heatmap
2016-06-06 clusterSEs Calculate Cluster-Robust p-Values and Confidence Intervals
2016-06-06 corr2D Implementation of 2D Correlation Analysis
2016-06-06 DAKS Data Analysis and Knowledge Spaces
2016-06-06 DisimForMixed Calculate Dissimilarity Matrix for Dataset with Mixed Attributes
2016-06-06 dtwclust Time Series Clustering Along with Optimizations for the Dynamic Time Warping Distance
2016-06-06 dynaTree Dynamic Trees for Learning and Design
2016-06-06 enviPick Peak Picking for High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Data
2016-06-06 fechner Fechnerian Scaling of Discrete Object Sets
2016-06-06 flows Flow Selection and Analysis
2016-06-06 forecastHybrid Convenient Functions for Ensemble Time Series Forecasts
2016-06-06 gWidgets2RGtk2 Implementation of gWidgets2 for the RGtk2 Package
2016-06-06 heatmapFit Fit Statistic for Binary Dependent Variable Models
2016-06-06 homeR Useful Functions for Building Physics
2016-06-06 koRpus An R Package for Text Analysis
2016-06-06 matlib Matrix Functions for Teaching and Learning Linear Algebra and Multivariate Statistics
2016-06-06 muckrock Data on Freedom of Information Act Requests
2016-06-06 mvSLOUCH Multivariate Stochastic Linear Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Models for Phylogenetic Comparative Hypotheses
2016-06-06 nLTT Calculate the 'nLTT' Statistic
2016-06-06 PearsonDS Pearson Distribution System
2016-06-06 PowerTOST Power and Sample Size Based on Two One-Sided t-Tests (TOST) for (Bio)Equivalence Studies
2016-06-06 PreKnitPostHTMLRender Pre-Knitting Processing and Post HTML-Rendering Processing
2016-06-06 qrNLMM Quantile Regression for Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Models
2016-06-06 RClone Partially Clonal Populations Analysis
2016-06-06 rmdshower 'R' 'Markdown' Format for 'shower' Presentations
2016-06-06 RVAideMemoire Diverse Basic Statistical and Graphical Functions
2016-06-06 shinytoastr Notifications from 'Shiny'
2016-06-06 StereoMorph Stereo Camera Calibration and Reconstruction
2016-06-06 sybil Efficient Constrained Based Modelling in R
2016-06-06 sybilSBML SBML Integration in Package 'Sybil'
2016-06-06 textmineR Functions for Text Mining and Topic Modeling
2016-06-06 TrendInTrend Odds Ratio Estimation for the Trend in Tend Model
2016-06-06 uniReg Unimodal Penalized Spline Regression using B-Splines
2016-06-05 cgam Constrained Generalized Additive Model
2016-06-05 elpatron Bicycling Data Analysis with R
2016-06-05 fma Data Sets from "Forecasting: Methods and Applications" by Makridakis, Wheelwright & Hyndman (1998)
2016-06-05 gsrc Genome Structure Rearrangement Calling in Genomes with High Synteny
2016-06-05 machina Machina Time Series Generation and Backtesting
2016-06-05 phonics Phonetic Spelling Algorithms
2016-06-05 RndTexExams Build and Grade Multiple Choice Exams with Randomized Content
2016-06-05 robustrao An Extended Rao-Stirling Diversity Index to Handle Missing Data
2016-06-05 rpivotTable Build Powerful Pivot Tables and Dynamically Slice & Dice your Data
2016-06-05 sisVIVE Some Invalid Some Valid Instrumental Variables Estimator
2016-06-04 ACEt Estimating Dynamic Heritability and Twin Model Comparison
2016-06-04 arabicStemR Arabic Stemmer for Text Analysis
2016-06-04 cba Clustering for Business Analytics
2016-06-04 CRF Conditional Random Fields
2016-06-04 evolqg Tools for Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics
2016-06-04 iGasso Statistical Tests and Utilities for Genetic Association
2016-06-04 joint.Cox Penalized Likelihood Estimation and Dynamic Prediction under the Joint Frailty-Copula Models Between Tumour Progression and Death for Meta-Analysis
2016-06-04 moveHMM Animal Movement Modelling using Hidden Markov Models
2016-06-04 PredictTestbench Test Bench for Comparison of Data Prediction Models
2016-06-04 ROpenFIGI R Interface to OpenFIGI
2016-06-04 SpatMCA Regularized Spatial Maximum Covariance Analysis
2016-06-04 tmod Feature Set Enrichment Analysis for Metabolomics and Transcriptomics
2016-06-03 abcrf Approximate Bayesian Computation via Random Forests
2016-06-03 bapred Batch Effect Removal and Addon Normalization (in Phenotype Prediction using Gene Data)
2016-06-03 clikcorr Censoring Data and Likelihood-Based Correlation Estimation
2016-06-03 CluMix Clustering and Visualization of Mixed-Type Data
2016-06-03 copBasic General Bivariate Copula Theory and Many Utility Functions
2016-06-03 diverse Diversity Measures for Complex Systems
2016-06-03 flan Inference on Mutation Models
2016-06-03 flars Functional LARS
2016-06-03 hkex.api API to Retrieve Data from Hong Kong Stock Exchange
2016-06-03 imputeTS Time Series Missing Value Imputation
2016-06-03 jmcm Joint Mean-Covariance Models using 'Armadillo' and S4
2016-06-03 LncPriCNet Prioritizing Candidate LncRNAs Based on a Composite Multi-Level Network
2016-06-03 RcppArmadillo 'Rcpp' Integration for the 'Armadillo' Templated Linear Algebra Library
2016-06-03 Relatedness An Algorithm to Infer Relatedness
2016-06-03 wpp2015 World Population Prospects 2015
2016-06-02 AID Estimation of Box-Cox Power Transformation Parameter
2016-06-02 autoimage Enhanced Image Plots
2016-06-02 aws.alexa Client for the Amazon Alexa Web Information Services API
2016-06-02 bastah Big Data Statistical Analysis for High-Dimensional Models
2016-06-02 biwavelet Conduct Univariate and Bivariate Wavelet Analyses
2016-06-02 bnspatial Spatial Implementation of Bayesian Networks and Mapping
2016-06-02 Ckmeans.1d.dp Optimal and Fast Univariate k-Means Clustering
2016-06-02 Dark The Analysis of Dark Adaptation Data
2016-06-02 Dominance ADI (Average Dominance Index), Social Network Graphs with Dual Directions, and Music Notation Graph
2016-06-02 edci Edge Detection and Clustering in Images
2016-06-02 edeaR Exploratory and Descriptive Event-Based Data Analysis
2016-06-02 ggfortify Data Visualization Tools for Statistical Analysis Results
2016-06-02 gWidgets2tcltk Toolkit Implementation of gWidgets2 for tcltk
2016-06-02 letsR Tools for Data Handling and Analysis in Macroecology
2016-06-02 pkgcopier Copy Local R Packages to Another Environment
2016-06-02 raster Geographic Data Analysis and Modeling
2016-06-02 rcdk Interface to the CDK Libraries
2016-06-02 Rmpi Interface (Wrapper) to MPI (Message-Passing Interface)
2016-06-02 rphast Interface to PHAST Software for Comparative Genomics
2016-06-02 rsq Coefficient of Determination
2016-06-02 rtip Inequality, Welfare and Poverty Indices and Curves using the EU-SILC Data
2016-06-02 scam Shape Constrained Additive Models
2016-06-02 spdep Spatial Dependence: Weighting Schemes, Statistics and Models
2016-06-02 sybilDynFBA Dynamic FBA : Dynamic Flux Balance Analysis
2016-06-02 virustotal R Client for the Virustotal API
2016-06-01 BAT Biodiversity Assessment Tools
2016-06-01 BetaBit Mini Games from Adventures of Beta and Bit
2016-06-01 BIFIEsurvey Tools for Survey Statistics in Educational Assessment
2016-06-01 climwin Climate Window Analysis
2016-06-01 CopulaDTA Copula Based Bivariate Beta-Binomial Model for Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies
2016-06-01 extremefit Estimation of Extreme Conditional Quantiles and Probabilities
2016-06-01 forestFloor Visualizes Random Forests with Feature Contributions
2016-06-01 gWidgets2 Rewrite of gWidgets API for Simplified GUI Construction
2016-06-01 HIBPwned Bindings for the HaveIBeenPwned.com Data Breach API
2016-06-01 MetFns Analysis of Visual Meteor Data
2016-06-01 MSQC Multivariate Statistical Quality Control
2016-06-01 plotMElm Plot Marginal Effects from Linear Models
2016-06-01 recommenderlab Lab for Developing and Testing Recommender Algorithms
2016-06-01 sybilcycleFreeFlux Cycle-Free Flux Balance Analysis
2016-05-31 BHH2 Useful Functions for Box, Hunter and Hunter II
2016-05-31 Demerelate Functions to Calculate Relatedness on Diploid Genetic Data
2016-05-31 dnet Integrative Analysis of Omics Data in Terms of Network, Evolution and Ontology
2016-05-31 Fahrmeir Data from the Book "Multivariate Statistical Modelling Based on Generalized Linear Models", First Edition, by Ludwig Fahrmeir and Gerhard Tutz
2016-05-31 HandTill2001 Multiple Class Area under ROC Curve
2016-05-31 immer Item Response Models for Multiple Ratings
2016-05-31 iterpc Efficient Iterator for Permutations and Combinations
2016-05-31 maSAE Mandallaz' Model-Assisted Small Area Estimators
2016-05-31 multiplyr Data Manipulation with Parallelism and Shared Memory Matrices
2016-05-31 PolyTrend Trend Classification Algorithm
2016-05-31 R6Frame R6 Wrapper for Data Frames
2016-05-31 rfPermute Estimate Permutation p-Values for Random Forest Importance Metrics
2016-05-31 robustbase Basic Robust Statistics
2016-05-31 rvsel Rare Variant Selection Procedure
2016-05-31 sirt Supplementary Item Response Theory Models
2016-05-31 strataG Summaries and Population Structure Analyses of Genetic Data
2016-05-31 TAM Test Analysis Modules
2016-05-31 VGAMdata Data Supporting the 'VGAM' Package
2016-05-30 basefun Infrastructure for Computing with Basis Functions
2016-05-30 bfp Bayesian Fractional Polynomials
2016-05-30 blendedLink A New Link Function that Blends Two Specified Link Functions
2016-05-30 ClustMMDD Variable Selection in Clustering by Mixture Models for Discrete Data
2016-05-30 DODR Detection of Differential Rhythmicity
2016-05-30 eva Extreme Value Analysis with Goodness-of-Fit Testing
2016-05-30 ggExtra Add Marginal Histograms to 'ggplot2', and More 'ggplot2' Enhancements
2016-05-30 likeLTD Tools to Evaluate DNA Profile Evidence
2016-05-30 mitml Tools for Multiple Imputation in Multilevel Modeling
2016-05-30 ParallelTree Parallel Tree
2016-05-30 QICD Estimate the Coefficients for Non-Convex Penalized Quantile Regression Model by using QICD Algorithm
2016-05-30 qwraps2 Quick Wraps 2
2016-05-30 RItools Randomization Inference Tools
2016-05-30 stplanr Sustainable Transport Planning
2016-05-30 wrassp Interface to the ASSP Library
2016-05-29 adagio Discrete and Global Optimization Routines
2016-05-29 BOIN Bayesian Optimal INterval (BOIN) Design for Single-Agent and Drug- Combination Phase I Clinical Trials
2016-05-29 evclust Evidential Clustering
2016-05-29 MetaLandSim Landscape and Range Expansion Simulation
2016-05-29 pracma Practical Numerical Math Functions
2016-05-29 qrmdata Data Sets for Quantitative Risk Management Practice
2016-05-29 qrmtools Tools for Quantitative Risk Management
2016-05-29 quint Qualitative Interaction Trees
2016-05-29 rbamtools Read and Write BAM (Binary Alignment) Files
2016-05-29 rflann Basic R Interface to the FLANN C++ Library
2016-05-29 waterfalls Create Waterfall Charts
2016-05-28 arrayhelpers Convenience Functions for Arrays
2016-05-28 CHNOSZ Chemical Thermodynamics and Activity Diagrams
2016-05-28 cocor Comparing Correlations
2016-05-28 htmltab Assemble Data Frames from HTML Tables
2016-05-28 preprosim Lightweight Data Quality Simulation for Classification
2016-05-28 rdrobust Robust Data-Driven Statistical Inference in Regression-Discontinuity Designs
2016-05-28 riem Accesses Weather Data from the Iowa Environment Mesonet
2016-05-28 softclassval Soft Classification Performance Measures
2016-05-28 varbvs Large-Scale Bayesian Variable Selection Using Variational Methods
2016-05-28 ZeligEI Zelig Ecological Inference Models
2016-05-27 BinNor Simultaneous Generation of Multivariate Binary and Normal Variates
2016-05-27 clusterCrit Clustering Indices
2016-05-27 dataone R Interface to the DataONE REST API
2016-05-27 GK2011 Gaines and Kuklinski (2011) Estimators for Hybrid Experiments
2016-05-27 glmmLasso Variable Selection for Generalized Linear Mixed Models by L1-Penalized Estimation
2016-05-27 jose Javascript Object Signing and Encryption
2016-05-27 oglmx Estimation of Ordered Generalized Linear Models
2016-05-27 penalized L1 (Lasso and Fused Lasso) and L2 (Ridge) Penalized Estimation in GLMs and in the Cox Model
2016-05-27 plotfunctions Various Functions to Facilitate Visualization of Data and Analysis
2016-05-27 PoisBinOrdNonNor Generation of Up to Four Different Types of Variables
2016-05-27 SpatPCA Regularized Principal Component Analysis for Spatial Data
2016-05-27 stringi Character String Processing Facilities
2016-05-27 vembedr Functions to Embed Video in HTML
2016-05-27 VGAM Vector Generalized Linear and Additive Models
2016-05-26 CHFF Closest History Flow Field Forecasting for Bivariate Time Series
2016-05-26 climtrends Statistical Methods for Climate Sciences
2016-05-26 contfrac Continued Fractions
2016-05-26 Davies The Davies Quantile Function
2016-05-26 ddst Data Driven Smooth Tests
2016-05-26 ecospat Spatial Ecology Miscellaneous Methods
2016-05-26 elliptic Elliptic Functions
2016-05-26 fakeR Simulates Data from a Data Frame of Different Variable Types
2016-05-26 forecTheta Forecasting Time Series by Theta Models
2016-05-26 Haplin Analyzing Case-Parent Triad and/or Case-Control Data with SNP Haplotypes
2016-05-26 heatmaply Interactive Heat Maps Using 'plotly'
2016-05-26 HTSCluster Clustering High-Throughput Transcriptome Sequencing (HTS) Data
2016-05-26 inctools Incidence Estimation Tools
2016-05-26 PST Probabilistic Suffix Trees and Variable Length Markov Chains
2016-05-26 Qtools Utilities for Quantiles
2016-05-26 replicationInterval Replication Interval Functions
2016-05-26 rfoaas R Interface to 'FOAAS'
2016-05-26 spfrontier Spatial Stochastic Frontier Models
2016-05-26 texmexseq Treatment Effect eXplorer for Microbial Ecology eXperiments (using Sequence Counts)
2016-05-26 vcfR Manipulate and Visualize VCF Data
2016-05-25 BigVAR Dimension Reduction Methods for Multivariate Time Series
2016-05-25 BinOrdNonNor Concurrent Generation of Binary, Ordinal and Continuous Data
2016-05-25 condSURV Estimation of the Conditional Survival Function for Ordered Multivariate Failure Time Data
2016-05-25 ecoengine Programmatic Interface to the API Serving UC Berkeley's Natural History Data
2016-05-25 fslr Wrapper Functions for FSL (FMRIB Software Library) from Functional MRI of the Brain (FMRIB)
2016-05-25 genie A New, Fast, and Outlier Resistant Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm
2016-05-25 kantorovich Kantorovich Distance Between Probability Measures
2016-05-25 matlabr An Interface for MATLAB using System Calls
2016-05-25 mcPAFit Estimating Preferential Attachment from a Single Network Snapshot by Markov Chain Monte Carlo
2016-05-25 mlt Most Likely Transformations
2016-05-25 mlt.docreg Most Likely Transformations: Documentation and Regression Tests
2016-05-25 MST Multivariate Survival Trees
2016-05-25 mvtboost Tree Boosting for Multivariate Outcomes
2016-05-25 openssl Toolkit for Encryption, Signatures and Certificates Based on OpenSSL
2016-05-25 plotSEMM Graphing Nonlinear Relations Among Latent Variables from Structural Equation Mixture Models
2016-05-25 PoisNonNor Simultaneous Generation of Count and Continuous Data
2016-05-25 popprxl Read GenAlEx Files Directly from Excel
2016-05-25 Rlabkey Data Exchange Between R and LabKey Server
2016-05-25 rSARP Functions to Create and Evaluate Search and Rescue Plans
2016-05-25 SeqFeatR A Tool to Associate FASTA Sequences and Features
2016-05-25 shinystan Interactive Visual and Numerical Diagnostics and Posterior Analysis for Bayesian Models
2016-05-25 simcausal Simulating Longitudinal Data with Causal Inference Applications
2016-05-25 treethresh Methods for Tree-Based Local Adaptive Thresholding
2016-05-24 ape Analyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution
2016-05-24 bayesbio Miscellaneous Functions for Bioinformatics and Bayesian Statistics
2016-05-24 biogas Process Biogas Data and Predict Biogas Production
2016-05-24 bitrugs Bayesian Inference of Transmission Routes Using Genome Sequences
2016-05-24 ChangepointTesting Change Point Estimation for Clustered Signals
2016-05-24 EpiModel Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Disease
2016-05-24 eVenn A Powerful Tool to Quickly Compare Huge Lists and Draw Venn Diagrams
2016-05-24 FreeSortR Free Sorting Data Analysis
2016-05-24 GetTDData Get Data for Brazilian Bonds (Tesouro Direto)
2016-05-24 GGIR Raw Accelerometer Data Analysis
2016-05-24 GiniWegNeg Computing the Gini-Based Coefficients for Weighted and Negative Attributes
2016-05-24 goft Tests of Fit for some Probability Distributions
2016-05-24 HSAR Hierarchical Spatial Autoregressive Model (HSAR)
2016-05-24 MAPA Multiple Aggregation Prediction Algorithm
2016-05-24 pubprint Printing Results of Statistical Computing in a Publishable Way
2016-05-24 ragt2ridges Ridge Estimation of the Vector Auto-Regressive (VAR) Processes
2016-05-24 RJSDMX R Interface to SDMX Web Services
2016-05-24 scatterplot3d 3D Scatter Plot
2016-05-24 uskewFactors Model-Based Clustering via Mixtures of Unrestricted Skew-t Sactor Analyzer Models
2016-05-23 asd Simulations for Adaptive Seamless Designs
2016-05-23 eechidna Exploring Election and Census Highly Informative Data Nationally for Australia
2016-05-23 filematrix File-Backed Matrix Class with Convenient Read and Write Access
2016-05-23 hqreg Regularization Paths for Lasso or Elastic-Net Penalized Huber Loss Regression and Quantile Regression
2016-05-23 icenReg Regression Models for Interval Censored Data
2016-05-23 ILS Interlaboratory Study
2016-05-23 MFAg Multiple Factor Analysis (MFA)
2016-05-23 OneArmPhaseTwoStudy Planing, Monitoring and Evaluating Oncological Phase 2 Studies
2016-05-23 OptimaRegion Confidence Regions for Optima
2016-05-23 SafeBayes Generalized and Safe-Bayesian Ridge and Lasso Regression
2016-05-23 tgcd Thermoluminescence Glow Curve Deconvolution
2016-05-23 topicmodels Topic Models
2016-05-23 YplantQMC Plant Architectural Analysis with Yplant and QuasiMC
2016-05-22 asnipe Animal Social Network Inference and Permutations for Ecologists
2016-05-22 autoSEM Performs Specification Search in Structural Equation Models
2016-05-22 aws.signature Amazon Web Services Request Signatures
2016-05-22 BCEA Bayesian Cost Effectiveness Analysis
2016-05-22 Branching Simulation and Estimation for Branching Processes
2016-05-22 fourierin Computes Numeric Fourier Integrals
2016-05-22 GRANBase Creating Continuously Integrated Package Repositories from Manifests
2016-05-22 IMak Item Maker
2016-05-22 kinn An Implementation of 'kinn' Algorithm, a Graph Based Regression Model
2016-05-22 label.switching Relabelling MCMC Outputs of Mixture Models
2016-05-22 landscapeR Categorical Landscape Simulation Facility
2016-05-22 LatticeKrig Multiresolution Kriging Based on Markov Random Fields
2016-05-22 negenes Estimating the Number of Essential Genes in a Genome
2016-05-22 pETM Penalized Exponential Tilt Model
2016-05-22 prof.tree An Alternative Display Profiling Data as Tree Structure
2016-05-22 qtlbook Datasets for the R/qtl Book
2016-05-22 rosetteApi Rosette API
2016-05-22 ShrinkCovMat Shrinkage Covariance Matrix Estimators
2016-05-22 spaero Software for Project AERO
2016-05-22 switchr Installing, Managing, and Switching Between Distinct Sets of Installed Packages
2016-05-22 tsDyn Nonlinear Time Series Models with Regime Switching
2016-05-22 VDAP Peptide Array Analysis Tools
2016-05-21 Boom Bayesian Object Oriented Modeling
2016-05-21 BoomSpikeSlab MCMC for Spike and Slab Regression
2016-05-21 fractal Fractal Time Series Modeling and Analysis
2016-05-21 ggspectra Extensions to 'ggplot2' for Radiation Spectra
2016-05-21 icpsrdata Reproducible Retrieval from the ICPSR Data Archive
2016-05-21 ifultools Insightful Research Tools
2016-05-21 iqspr Generate Chemical Strings (SMILES) with the Inverse QSPR Model
2016-05-21 mapmisc Utilities for Producing Maps
2016-05-21 MultiOrd Generation of Multivariate Ordinal Variates
2016-05-21 PoisBinOrdNor Data Generation with Poisson, Binary, Ordinal and Normal Components
2016-05-21 Ramble Combinatory Parser Implementation
2016-05-21 rLakeAnalyzer Lake Physics Tools
2016-05-21 RSAgeo Resampling-Based Analysis of Geostatistical Data
2016-05-21 sapa Spectral Analysis for Physical Applications
2016-05-21 yorkr Analyze Cricket Performances Based on Data from Cricsheet
2016-05-20 AdequacyModel Adequacy of Probabilistic Models and General Purpose Optimization
2016-05-20 bdvis Biodiversity Data Visualizations
2016-05-20 crtests Classification and Regression Tests
2016-05-20 datapack A Flexible Container to Transport and Manipulate Data and Associated Resources
2016-05-20 decoder Decode Coded Variables to Plain Text (and Vice Versa)
2016-05-20 FADA Variable Selection for Supervised Classification in High Dimension
2016-05-20 fortunes R Fortunes
2016-05-20 molaR Dental Surface Complexity Measurement Tools
2016-05-20 MonoInc Monotonic Increasing
2016-05-20 PathSelectMP Backwards Variable Selection for Paths using M Plus
2016-05-20 pbdZMQ Programming with Big Data – Interface to ZeroMQ
2016-05-20 Pomic Pattern Oriented Modelling Information Criterion
2016-05-20 rFerns Random Ferns Classifier
2016-05-20 sdcTable Methods for Statistical Disclosure Control in Tabular Data
2016-05-20 splus2R Supplemental S-PLUS Functionality in R
2016-05-19 coenocliner Coenocline Simulation
2016-05-19 CUSUMdesign Compute Decision Interval and Average Run Length for CUSUM Charts
2016-05-19 fitbitScraper Scrapes Data from Fitbit
2016-05-19 gsheet Download Google Sheets Using Just the URL
2016-05-19 lqr Robust Linear Quantile Regression
2016-05-19 LSPFP Lysate and Secretome Peptide Feature Plotter
2016-05-19 MetProc Separate Metabolites into Likely Measurement Artifacts and True Metabolites
2016-05-19 NUCOMBog NUtrient Cycling and COMpetition Model Undisturbed Open Bog Ecosystems in a Temperate to Sub-Boreal Climate
2016-05-19 packHV A few Useful Functions for Statisticians
2016-05-19 photobiology 'Photobiological' Calculations
2016-05-19 profvis Interactive Visualizations for Profiling R Code
2016-05-19 quantregForest Quantile Regression Forests
2016-05-19 Rttf2pt1 'ttf2pt1' Program
2016-05-19 simPH Tools for Simulating and Plotting Quantities of Interest Estimated from Cox Proportional Hazards Models
2016-05-19 sjmisc Data Transformation and Labelled Data Utility Functions
2016-05-19 TDMR Tuned Data Mining in R
2016-05-19 vegclust Fuzzy Clustering of Vegetation Data
2016-05-19 weathermetrics Functions to Convert Between Weather Metrics
2016-05-19 wq Exploring Water Quality Monitoring Data
2016-05-18 apaStyle Generate APA Tables for MS Word
2016-05-18 BaM Functions and Datasets for Books by Jeff Gill
2016-05-18 braQCA Bootstrapped Robustness Assessment for Qualitative Comparative Analysis
2016-05-18 dMod Dynamic Modeling and Parameter Estimation in ODE Models
2016-05-18 FactoMineR Multivariate Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Mining
2016-05-18 feather R Bindings to the Feather 'API'
2016-05-18 flexdashboard R Markdown Format for Flexible Dashboards
2016-05-18 FPDclustering PD-Clustering and Factor PD-Clustering
2016-05-18 gamlss Generalised Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape
2016-05-18 gamlss.cens Fitting an Interval Response Variable Using ‘gamlss.family’ Distributions
2016-05-18 gamlss.data GAMLSS Data
2016-05-18 gamlss.dist Distributions to be Used for GAMLSS Modelling
2016-05-18 gamlss.mx Fitting Mixture Distributions with GAMLSS
2016-05-18 gamlss.tr Generating and Fitting Truncated ‘gamlss.family’ Distributions
2016-05-18 gamlss.util GAMLSS Utilities
2016-05-18 genemodel Gene Model Plotting in R
2016-05-18 gensphere Generalized Spherical Distributions
2016-05-18 hht The Hilbert-Huang Transform: Tools and Methods
2016-05-18 icesAdvice Functions Related to ICES Advice
2016-05-18 longpower Sample Size Calculations for Longitudinal Data
2016-05-18 matchMulti Optimal Multilevel Matching using a Network Algorithm
2016-05-18 minval MINimal VALidation for Stoichiometric Reactions
2016-05-18 mombf Moment and Inverse Moment Bayes Factors
2016-05-18 NCA Necessary Condition Analysis
2016-05-18 opencpu Embedded Scientific Computing and Reproducible Research with R
2016-05-18 plotly Create Interactive Web Graphics via 'plotly.js'
2016-05-18 popdemo Demographic Modelling Using Projection Matrices
2016-05-18 pvar Calculation and Application of p-Variation
2016-05-18 rNOMADS An Interface to the NOAA Operational Model Archive and Distribution System
2016-05-18 rscorecard A Method to Download Department of Education College Scorecard Data
2016-05-18 saasCNV Somatic Copy Number Alteration Analysis Using Sequencing and SNP Array Data
2016-05-18 sinaplot An Enhanced Chart for Simple and Truthful Representation of Single Observations over Multiple Classes
2016-05-18 surveillance Temporal and Spatio-Temporal Modeling and Monitoring of Epidemic Phenomena
2016-05-18 tcgsaseq Time-Course Gene Set Analysis for RNA-Seq Data
2016-05-18 tcpl ToxCast Data Analysis Pipeline
2016-05-18 wCorr Weighted Correlations
2016-05-17 colorSpec Color Calculations with Emphasis on Spectral Data
2016-05-17 datarobot DataRobot Predictive Modeling API
2016-05-17 dnc Dynamic Network Clustering
2016-05-17 randomForestSRC Random Forests for Survival, Regression and Classification (RF-SRC)
2016-05-17 RAppArmor Bindings to AppArmor and Security Related Linux Tools
2016-05-17 robustloggamma Robust Estimation of the Generalized log Gamma Model
2016-05-17 SphericalCubature Numerical Integration over Spheres and Balls in n-Dimensions; Multivariate Polar Coordinates
2016-05-17 ThreeArmedTrials Design and Analysis of Clinical Non-Inferiority or Superiority Trials with Active and Placebo Control
2016-05-16 addhaz Binomial and Multinomial Additive Hazards Models
2016-05-16 ARCensReg Fitting Univariate Censored Linear Regression Model with Autoregressive Errors
2016-05-16 bnlearn Bayesian Network Structure Learning, Parameter Learning and Inference
2016-05-16 clusterhap Clustering Genotypes in Haplotypes
2016-05-16 cp4p Calibration Plot for Proteomics
2016-05-16 dae Functions Useful in the Design and ANOVA of Experiments
2016-05-16 ifaTools Toolkit for Item Factor Analysis with OpenMx
2016-05-16 imageData Aids in Processing and Plotting Data from a Lemna-Tec Scananalyzer
2016-05-16 itcSegment Individual Tree Crowns Segmentation
2016-05-16 KoulMde Koul's Minimum Distance Estimation in Linear Regression and Autoregression Model
2016-05-16 LncPath Identifying the Pathways Regulated by LncRNA Sets of Interest
2016-05-16 mvmesh Multivariate Meshes and Histograms in Arbitrary Dimensions
2016-05-16 PhySortR A Fast, Flexible Tool for Sorting Phylogenetic Trees
2016-05-16 pRSR Test of Periodicity using Response Surface Regression
2016-05-16 rcdklibs The CDK Libraries Packaged for R
2016-05-16 rmsfact Amazing Random Facts About the World's Greatest Hacker
2016-05-16 saeRobust Robust Small Area Estimation
2016-05-16 SimplicialCubature Integration of Functions Over Simplices
2016-05-16 Surrogate Evaluation of Surrogate Endpoints in Clinical Trials
2016-05-15 asremlPlus Augments the Use of 'Asreml' in Fitting Mixed Models
2016-05-15 circlize Circular Visualization
2016-05-15 cystiSim Agent-Based Model for Taenia_solium Transmission and Control
2016-05-15 ExomeDepth Calls Copy Number Variants from Targeted Sequence Data
2016-05-15 FatTailsR Kiener Distributions and Fat Tails in Finance
2016-05-15 LEAP Constructing Gene Co-Expression Networks for Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Data Using Pseudotime Ordering
2016-05-15 migest Methods for the Indirect Estimation of Bilateral Migration
2016-05-15 rr Statistical Methods for the Randomized Response Technique
2016-05-15 R.rsp Dynamic Generation of Scientific Reports
2016-05-15 Ryacas R Interface to the Yacas Computer Algebra System
2016-05-14 BIGDAWG Case-Control Analysis of Multi-Allelic Loci
2016-05-14 compareGroups Descriptive Analysis by Groups
2016-05-14 cricketr Analyze Cricketers Based on ESPN Cricinfo Statsguru
2016-05-14 ctmm Continuous-Time Movement Modeling
2016-05-14 desc Manipulate DESCRIPTION Files
2016-05-14 dtables Simplifying Descriptive Frequencies and Statistics
2016-05-14 enveomics.R Various R Functions from the Kostas Lab
2016-05-14 epiR Tools for the Analysis of Epidemiological Data
2016-05-14 equivalence Provides Tests and Graphics for Assessing Tests of Equivalence
2016-05-14 geneNetBP Belief Propagation in Genotype-Phenotype Networks
2016-05-14 IGM.MEA IGM MEA Analysis
2016-05-14 installr Using R to Install Stuff (Such As: R, Rtools, RStudio, Git, and More!)
2016-05-14 junr Access Open Data Through the Junar API
2016-05-14 kdecopula Kernel Smoothing for Bivariate Copula Densities
2016-05-14 lakemorpho Lake Morphometry Metrics in R
2016-05-14 lrmest Different Types of Estimators to Deal with Multicollinearity
2016-05-14 pec Prediction Error Curves for Risk Prediction Models in Survival Analysis
2016-05-14 prodigenr Research Project Directory Generator
2016-05-14 protViz Visualizing and Analyzing Mass Spectrometry Related Data in Proteomics
2016-05-14 RcmdrPlugin.MPAStats R Commander Plug-in for MPA Statistics
2016-05-14 Rcpp Seamless R and C++ Integration
2016-05-14 refGenome Gene and Splice Site Annotation Using Annotation Data from Ensembl and UCSC Genome Browsers
2016-05-14 reproducer Reproduce Statistical Analyses and Meta-Analyses
2016-05-14 rollbar Error Tracking and Logging
2016-05-14 SSL Semi-Supervised Learning
2016-05-14 trend Non-Parametric Trend Tests and Change-Point Detection
2016-05-14 TSdist Distance Measures for Time Series Data
2016-05-13 ada The R Package Ada for Stochastic Boosting
2016-05-13 archivist Tools for Storing, Restoring and Searching for R Objects
2016-05-13 BinNonNor Data Generation with Binary and Continuous Non-Normal Components
2016-05-13 CBPS Covariate Balancing Propensity Score
2016-05-13 covafillr Local Polynomial Regression of State Dependent Covariates in State-Space Models
2016-05-13 DengueRT Parameter Estimates and Real-Time Prediction of a Single Dengue Outbreak
2016-05-13 HDInterval Highest (Posterior) Density Intervals
2016-05-13 HMVD Group Association Test using a Hidden Markov Model
2016-05-13 jaatha Simulation-Based Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation
2016-05-13 MLmetrics Machine Learning Evaluation Metrics
2016-05-13 pewdata Reproducible Retrieval of Pew Research Center Datasets
2016-05-13 PGEE Penalized Generalized Estimating Equations in High-Dimension
2016-05-13 PoisBinNonNor Data Generation with Poisson, Binary and Continuous Components
2016-05-13 PoisBinOrd Data Generation with Poisson, Binary and Ordinal Components
2016-05-13 repr Serializable Representations
2016-05-13 RFormatter R Source Code Formatter
2016-05-13 rjstat Read and Write 'JSON-stat' Data Sets
2016-05-13 sads Maximum Likelihood Models for Species Abundance Distributions
2016-05-13 secr Spatially Explicit Capture-Recapture
2016-05-13 tscount Analysis of Count Time Series
2016-05-12 bartMachine Bayesian Additive Regression Trees
2016-05-12 cOde Automated C Code Generation for Use with the 'deSolve' and 'bvpSolve' Packages
2016-05-12 cruts Interface to Climatic Research Unit Time-Series Version 3.21 Data
2016-05-12 extremeStat Extreme Value Statistics and Quantile Estimation
2016-05-12 march Markov Chains
2016-05-12 mcga Machine Coded Genetic Algorithms for Real-Valued Optimization Problems
2016-05-12 mixlm Mixed Model ANOVA and Statistics for Education
2016-05-12 opencage Interface to the OpenCage API
2016-05-12 papayar View Medical Research Images using the Papaya JavaScript Library
2016-05-12 rgdal Bindings for the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
2016-05-12 rnrfa UK National River Flow Archive Data from R
2016-05-12 sound A Sound Interface for R
2016-05-12 spduration Split-Population Duration (Cure) Regression
2016-05-12 spTest Nonparametric Hypothesis Tests of Isotropy and Symmetry
2016-05-11 asht Applied Statistical Hypothesis Tests
2016-05-11 descr Descriptive Statistics
2016-05-11 flexsurv Flexible Parametric Survival and Multi-State Models
2016-05-11 funcy Functional Clustering Algorithms
2016-05-11 genderizeR Gender Prediction Based on First Names
2016-05-11 git2r Provides Access to Git Repositories
2016-05-11 h5 Interface to the 'HDF5' Library
2016-05-11 IDSpatialStats Estimate Global Clustering in Infectious Disease
2016-05-11 lambda.tools Tools for Modeling Data with Functional Programming
2016-05-11 nonmem2R Loading NONMEM Output Files and Simulate with Parameter Uncertainty
2016-05-11 norm2 Analysis of Incomplete Multivariate Data under a Normal Model
2016-05-11 plotrix Various Plotting Functions
2016-05-11 PopGenReport A Simple Framework to Analyse Population Genetic Data
2016-05-11 pystr Python String Methods in R
2016-05-11 SetRank Advanced Gene Set Enrichment Analysis
2016-05-11 sigora Signature Overrepresentation Analysis
2016-05-11 SSDforR Functions to Analyze Single System Data
2016-05-11 storr Simple Key Value Stores
2016-05-10 accrued Data Quality Visualization Tools for Partially Accruing Data
2016-05-10 assertive Readable Check Functions to Ensure Code Integrity
2016-05-10 assertive.datetimes Assertions to Check Properties of Dates and Times
2016-05-10 assertive.files Assertions to Check Properties of Files
2016-05-10 assertive.strings Assertions to Check Properties of Strings
2016-05-10 base64 Base64 Encoder and Decoder
2016-05-10 CircNNTSR Statistical Analysis of Circular Data using Nonnegative Trigonometric Sums (NNTS) Models
2016-05-10 discSurv Discrete Time Survival Analysis
2016-05-10 dlnm Distributed Lag Non-Linear Models
2016-05-10 FeedbackTS Analysis of Feedback in Time Series
2016-05-10 jqr Client for 'jq', a JSON Processor
2016-05-10 jug Create a Simple Web API for your R Functions
2016-05-10 mexhaz Mixed Effect Excess Hazard Models
2016-05-10 neat Efficient Network Enrichment Analysis Test
2016-05-10 nlme Linear and Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models
2016-05-10 osc Orthodromic Spatial Clustering
2016-05-10 Perc Using Percolation and Conductance to Find Information Flow Certainty in a Direct Network
2016-05-10 pipe.design Dual-Agent Dose Escalation for Phase I Trials using the PIPE Design
2016-05-10 rankhazard Rank-Hazard Plots
2016-05-10 RcmdrPlugin.RMTCJags R MTC Jags 'Rcmdr' Plugin
2016-05-10 RtutoR Tutorial App for Learning R
2016-05-10 sp500SlidingWindow Sliding Window Investment Analysis
2016-05-10 splusTimeDate Times and Dates from S-PLUS
2016-05-10 StratSel Strategic Selection Estimator
2016-05-10 subdetect Detect Subgroup with an Enhanced Treatment Effect
2016-05-10 venn Draw Venn Diagrams
2016-05-09 assertive.numbers Assertions to Check Properties of Numbers
2016-05-09 assertive.properties Assertions to Check Properties of Variables
2016-05-09 formatR Format R Code Automatically
2016-05-09 highr Syntax Highlighting for R Source Code
2016-05-09 iNEXT Interpolation and Extrapolation for Species Diversity
2016-05-09 ivmodel Statistical Inference and Sensitivity Analysis for Instrumental Variables Model
2016-05-09 knitr A General-Purpose Package for Dynamic Report Generation in R
2016-05-09 mixtox Curve Fitting and Mixture Toxicity Assessment
2016-05-09 olctools Open Location Code Handling in R
2016-05-09 osrm Interface Between R and the OpenStreetMap-Based Routing Service OSRM
2016-05-09 plspolychaos Sensitivity Indexes from Polynomial Chaos Expansions and PLS
2016-05-09 radarchart Radar Chart from Chart.js
2016-05-09 rgrass7 Interface Between GRASS 7 Geographical Information System and R
2016-05-09 sdnet Soft-Discretization-Based Bayesian Network Inference
2016-05-08 assertive.base A Lightweight Core of the 'assertive' Package
2016-05-08 benford.analysis Benford Analysis for Data Validation and Forensic Analytics
2016-05-08 blsAPI Request Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics API
2016-05-08 concatenate Human-Friendly Text from Unknown Strings
2016-05-08 DataExplorer Data Explorer
2016-05-08 DBI R Database Interface
2016-05-08 Ecfun Functions for Ecdat
2016-05-08 FSA Simple Fisheries Stock Assessment Methods
2016-05-08 graphTweets Visualise Twitter Interactions
2016-05-08 micompr Multivariate Independent Comparison of Observations
2016-05-08 rBayesianOptimization Bayesian Optimization of Hyperparameters
2016-05-08 Rblpapi R Interface to Bloomberg
2016-05-08 RcppMLPACK Rcpp Integration for MLPACK Library
2016-05-08 rDEA Robust Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) for R
2016-05-08 RMySQL Database Interface and 'MySQL' Driver for R
2016-05-08 rodham Fetch Hillary Rodham Clinton's Emails
2016-05-08 RPostgreSQL R interface to the PostgreSQL database system
2016-05-08 rrepast Invoke 'Repast Simphony' Simulation Models
2016-05-07 BH Boost C++ Header Files
2016-05-07 geozoo Zoo of Geometric Objects
2016-05-07 LogicOpt Truth Table Logic Optimizer
2016-05-07 nasadata Interface to Various NASA API's
2016-05-07 ndtv Network Dynamic Temporal Visualizations
2016-05-07 neotoma Access to the Neotoma Paleoecological Database Through R
2016-05-07 ore An R Interface to the Oniguruma Regular Expression Library
2016-05-07 originr Fetch Species Origin Data from the Web
2016-05-07 pangaear Client for the 'Pangaea' Database
2016-05-07 PenCoxFrail Regularization in Cox Frailty Models
2016-05-07 pxweb R Interface to the PX-Web/PC-Axis API
2016-05-07 RNiftyReg Image Registration Using the NiftyReg Library
2016-05-07 rnn Recurrent Neural Network
2016-05-07 rpdo Pacific Decadal Oscillation Index Data
2016-05-07 SemiParBIVProbit Semiparametric Copula Regression Models
2016-05-07 seqminer Efficiently Read Sequence Data (VCF Format, BCF Format and METAL Format) into R
2016-05-07 supportInt Calculates Likelihood Support Intervals for Common Data Types
2016-05-07 tmap Thematic Maps
2016-05-06 epifit Flexible Modelling Functions for Epidemiological Data Analysis
2016-05-06 lmem.gwaser Linear Mixed Effects Models for Genome-Wide Association Studies
2016-05-06 umx Structural Equation Modelling in R with 'OpenMx'
2016-05-05 arulesSequences Mining Frequent Sequences
2016-05-05 ENiRG Ecological Niche in R and GRASS
2016-05-05 fields Tools for Spatial Data
2016-05-05 GMDH Short Term Forecasting via GMDH-Type Neural Network Algorithms
2016-05-05 moult Models for Analysing Moult in Birds
2016-05-05 multiwayvcov Multi-Way Standard Error Clustering
2016-05-05 OjaNP Multivariate Methods Based on the Oja Median and Related Concepts
2016-05-05 parsec Partial Orders in Socio-Economics
2016-05-05 RcppParallel Parallel Programming Tools for 'Rcpp'
2016-05-05 rnoaa 'NOAA' Weather Data from R
2016-05-05 sitar Super Imposition by Translation and Rotation Growth Curve Analysis
2016-05-05 sld Estimation and Use of the Quantile-Based Skew Logistic Distribution
2016-05-05 STPGA Selection of Training Populations by Genetic Algorithm
2016-05-05 tlm Effects under Linear, Logistic and Poisson Regression Models with Transformed Variables
2016-05-04 addinslist Discover and Install Useful RStudio Addins
2016-05-04 ameco European Commission Annual Macro-Economic (AMECO) Database
2016-05-04 gapfill Fill Missing Values in Satellite Data
2016-05-04 gepaf Google Encoded Polyline Algorithm Format
2016-05-04 gesca Generalized Structured Component Analysis (GSCA)
2016-05-04 HRM High-Dimensional Repeated Measures
2016-05-04 multcomp Simultaneous Inference in General Parametric Models
2016-05-04 myTAI Perform Evolutionary Transcriptomics Studies
2016-05-04 nortestARMA Neyman Smooth Tests of Normality for the Errors of ARMA Models
2016-05-04 radiomics Radiomic Image Processing Toolbox
2016-05-04 regspec Non-Parametric Bayesian Spectrum Estimation for Multirate Data
2016-05-04 RWekajars R/Weka Interface Jars
2016-05-04 SimInf A Framework for Data-Driven Stochastic Disease Spread Simulations
2016-05-04 surveybootstrap Tools for the Bootstrap with Survey Data
2016-05-04 synergyfinder Calculate and Visualize Synergy Scores for Drug Combinations
2016-05-04 water Actual Evapotranspiration with Energy Balance Models
2016-05-03 aSPU Adaptive Sum of Powered Score Test
2016-05-03 ASSISTant Adaptive Subgroup Selection in Group Sequential Trials
2016-05-03 cocoreg Extracts Shared Variation in Collections of Datasets Using Regression Models
2016-05-03 emuR Main Package of the EMU Speech Database Management System
2016-05-03 lamW Lambert-W Function
2016-05-03 lawn Client for 'Turfjs' for 'Geospatial' Analysis
2016-05-03 milonga Multiple Imputation for Multivariate Binary Outcome
2016-05-03 NPflow Bayesian Nonparametrics for Automatic Gating of Flow-Cytometry Data
2016-05-03 optmatch Functions for Optimal Matching
2016-05-03 plotKML Visualization of Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Objects in Google Earth
2016-05-03 qmap Statistical Transformations for Post-Processing Climate Model Output
2016-05-03 recommenderlabJester Jester Dataset for 'recommenderlab'
2016-05-03 repo A Data-Centered Data Flow Manager
2016-05-03 SCI Standardized Climate Indices Such as SPI, SRI or SPEI
2016-05-03 splusTimeSeries Time Series from S-PLUS
2016-05-03 zoo S3 Infrastructure for Regular and Irregular Time Series (Z's Ordered Observations)
2016-05-02 BigQuic Big Quadratic Inverse Covariance Estimation
2016-05-02 eemR Tools for Pre-Processing Emission-Excitation-Matrix (EEM) Fluorescence Data
2016-05-02 FunChisq Chi-Square and Exact Tests for Non-Parametric Functional Dependencies
2016-05-02 geoR Analysis of Geostatistical Data
2016-05-02 highSCREEN High Throughput Screening for Plate Based Essays
2016-05-02 Hmisc Harrell Miscellaneous
2016-05-02 imputePSF Impute Missing Data in Time Series Data with PSF Based Method
2016-05-02 InvariantCausalPrediction Invariant Causal Prediction
2016-05-02 lessR Less Code, More Results
2016-05-02 Matrix Sparse and Dense Matrix Classes and Methods
2016-05-02 modellingTools A Collection of Useful Custom Tools for D&A and Modelling
2016-05-02 netcoh Statistical Modeling with Network Cohesion
2016-05-02 phenology Tools to Manage a Parametric Function that Describes Phenology
2016-05-02 quhomology Calculation of Homology of Quandles, Racks, Biquandles and Biracks
2016-05-02 rasclass Supervised Raster Image Classification
2016-05-02 rcorpora A Collection of Small Text Corpora of Interesting Data
2016-05-02 RecordLinkage Record Linkage in R
2016-05-02 RLumModel Modelling Ordinary Differential Equations Leading to Luminescence
2016-05-02 rsconnect Deployment Interface for R Markdown Documents and Shiny Applications
2016-05-02 shuffle The Shuffle Estimator for Explainable Variance
2016-05-02 TippingPoint Enhanced Tipping Point Displays the Results of Sensitivity Analyses for Missing Data
2016-05-02 tseries Time Series Analysis and Computational Finance
2016-05-01 berryFunctions Function Collection Related to Plotting and Hydrology
2016-05-01 BWStest Baumgartner Weiss Schindler Test of Equal Distributions
2016-05-01 DiscreteInverseWeibull Discrete Inverse Weibull Distribution
2016-05-01 DiscreteLaplace Discrete Laplace Distributions
2016-05-01 HelpersMG Tools for Earth Meteorological Analysis
2016-05-01 hetmeta Heterogeneity Measures in Meta-Analysis
2016-05-01 ljr Logistic Joinpoint Regression
2016-05-01 lvplot Letter Value 'Boxplots'
2016-05-01 StressStrength Computation and Estimation of Reliability of Stress-Strength Models
2016-04-30 IAT Cleaning and Visualizing Implicit Association Test (IAT) Data
2016-04-30 nycflights13 Flights that Departed NYC in 2013
2016-04-30 pcIRT IRT Models for Polytomous and Continuous Item Responses
2016-04-30 plac A Pairwise Likelihood Augmented Cox Estimator for Left-Truncated Data
2016-04-29 ClusteredMutations Location and Visualization of Clustered Somatic Mutations
2016-04-29 convoSPAT Convolution-Based Nonstationary Spatial Modeling
2016-04-29 daff Diff, Patch and Merge for Data.frames
2016-04-29 evaluate Parsing and Evaluation Tools that Provide More Details than the Default
2016-04-29 fastclime A Fast Solver for Parameterized LP Problems, Constrained L1 Minimization Approach to Sparse Precision Matrix Estimation and Dantzig Selector
2016-04-29 googleformr Collect Data Programmatically by POST Methods to Google Forms
2016-04-29 mipfp Multidimensional Iterative Proportional Fitting and Alternative Models
2016-04-29 mvabund Statistical Methods for Analysing Multivariate Abundance Data
2016-04-29 npregfast Nonparametric Estimation of Regression Models with Factor-by-Curve Interactions
2016-04-29 remoter Remote R: Control a Remote R Session from a Local One
2016-04-29 soilDB Soil Database Interface
2016-04-29 sparsebnUtils Utilities for Learning Sparse Bayesian Networks
2016-04-29 twang Toolkit for Weighting and Analysis of Nonequivalent Groups
2016-04-28 CalibrateSSB Weighting and Estimation for Panel Data with Non-Response
2016-04-28 ClusterRankTest Rank Tests for Clustered Data
2016-04-28 EpiWeek Conversion Between Epidemiological Weeks and Calendar Dates
2016-04-28 fda.usc Functional Data Analysis and Utilities for Statistical Computing
2016-04-28 funtimes Functions for Time Series Analysis
2016-04-28 gcerisk Generalized Competing Event Model
2016-04-28 GFD Tests for General Factorial Designs
2016-04-28 HiCfeat Multiple Logistic Regression for 3D Chromatin Domain Border Analysis
2016-04-28 IBDsim Simulation of Chromosomal Regions Shared by Family Members
2016-04-28 imager Image Processing Library Based on CImg
2016-04-28 ismev An Introduction to Statistical Modeling of Extreme Values
2016-04-28 MDplot Visualising Molecular Dynamics Analyses
2016-04-28 paramlink Parametric Linkage Analysis in R
2016-04-28 robotstxt A 'robots.txt' Parser and 'Webbot'/'Spider'/'Crawler' Permissions Checker
2016-04-28 syuzhet Extracts Sentiment and Sentiment-Derived Plot Arcs from Text
2016-04-27 candisc Visualizing Generalized Canonical Discriminant and Canonical Correlation Analysis
2016-04-27 CDROM Phylogenetically Classifies Retention Mechanisms of Duplicate Genes from Gene Expression Data
2016-04-27 codyn Community Dynamics Metrics
2016-04-27 CopyDetect Computing Statistical Indices to Detect Answer Copying on Multiple-Choice Tests
2016-04-27 face Fast Covariance Estimation for Sparse Functional Data
2016-04-27 ggdendro Create Dendrograms and Tree Diagrams Using 'ggplot2'
2016-04-27 gProfileR Interface to the 'g:Profiler' Toolkit
2016-04-27 hit Hierarchical Inference Testing
2016-04-27 intsvy International Assessment Data Manager
2016-04-27 multisensi Multivariate Sensitivity Analysis
2016-04-27 NAEPprimer The NAEP Primer
2016-04-27 pandocfilters Pandoc Filters for R
2016-04-27 PHENIX Phenotypic Integration Index
2016-04-27 Rborist Extensible, Parallelizable Implementation of the Random Forest Algorithm
2016-04-27 RcppRedis 'Rcpp' Bindings for 'Redis' using the 'hiredis' Library
2016-04-27 rfUtilities Random Forests Model Selection and Performance Evaluation
2016-04-27 saeSim Simulation Tools for Small Area Estimation
2016-04-27 ShapePattern Tools for Analyzing Planar Shape and Associated Patterns
2016-04-27 slackr Send Messages, Images, R Objects and Files to 'Slack' Channels/Users
2016-04-26 clickstream Analyzes Clickstreams Based on Markov Chains
2016-04-26 CovSelHigh Model-Free Covariate Selection in High Dimensions
2016-04-26 crsnls Nonlinear Regression Parameters Estimation by 'CRS4HC' and 'CRS4HCe'
2016-04-26 decisionSupport Quantitative Support of Decision Making under Uncertainty
2016-04-26 equate Observed-Score Linking and Equating
2016-04-26 factoextra Extract and Visualize the Results of Multivariate Data Analyses
2016-04-26 flexrsurv Flexible Relative Survival
2016-04-26 FuzzyAHP (Fuzzy) AHP Calculation
2016-04-26 getPass Masked User Input
2016-04-26 multitaper Multitaper Spectral Analysis Tools
2016-04-26 nat.nblast NeuroAnatomy Toolbox ('nat') Extension for Assessing Neuron Similarity and Clustering
2016-04-26 netmeta Network Meta-Analysis using Frequentist Methods
2016-04-26 quickReg Build Regression Models Quickly and Display the Results Using 'ggplot2'
2016-04-26 redland RDF Library Bindings in R
2016-04-26 REREFACT Reordering and/or Reflecting Factors for Simulation Studies with Exploratory Factor Analysis
2016-04-26 RGoogleFit R Interface to Google Fit API
2016-04-26 rotl Interface to the 'Open Tree of Life' API
2016-04-26 RZabbix R Module for Working with the 'Zabbix API'
2016-04-26 STEPCAM ABC-SMC Inference of STEPCAM
2016-04-26 SweaveListingUtils Utilities for Sweave Together with TeX 'listings' Package
2016-04-26 TransferEntropy The Transfer Entropy Package
2016-04-26 VecStatGraphs2D Vector Analysis using Graphical and Analytical Methods in 2D
2016-04-26 VSURF Variable Selection Using Random Forests
2016-04-25 beeswarm The Bee Swarm Plot, an Alternative to Stripchart
2016-04-25 drgee Doubly Robust Generalized Estimating Equations
2016-04-25 FinCovRegularization Covariance Matrix Estimation and Regularization for Finance
2016-04-25 genomeplot 'Plot genome wide values for all chromosomes'
2016-04-25 MatrixCorrelation Matrix Correlation Coefficients
2016-04-25 MissingDataGUI A GUI for Missing Data Exploration
2016-04-25 popEpi Functions for Epidemiological Analysis using Population Data
2016-04-25 RandVar Implementation of Random Variables
2016-04-25 rcdd Computational Geometry
2016-04-25 Rcsdp R Interface to the CSDP Semidefinite Programming Library
2016-04-25 relsurv Relative Survival
2016-04-25 RobAStRDA Interpolation Grids for Packages of the 'RobASt' - Family of Packages
2016-04-25 SEERaBomb SEER and Atomic Bomb Survivor Data Analysis Tools
2016-04-25 shinyjs Perform Common JavaScript Operations in Shiny Apps using Plain R Code
2016-04-25 sigmoid Sigmoid Functions for Machine Learning
2016-04-25 subcopem2D Bivariate Empirical Subcopula
2016-04-24 CEC Cross-Entropy Clustering
2016-04-24 distrDoc Documentation for 'distr' Family of R Packages
2016-04-24 distrEx Extensions of Package 'distr'
2016-04-24 dygraphs Interface to 'Dygraphs' Interactive Time Series Charting Library
2016-04-24 EMSC Extended Multiplicative Signal Correction
2016-04-24 grpSLOPE Group Sorted L1 Penalized Estimation
2016-04-24 humaniformat A Parser for Human Names
2016-04-24 matrixStats Functions that Apply to Rows and Columns of Matrices (and to Vectors)
2016-04-24 mlmc Multi-Level Monte Carlo
2016-04-24 NHMSAR Non-Homogeneous Markov Switching Autoregressive Models
2016-04-24 pcnetmeta Patient-Centered Network Meta-Analysis
2016-04-24 Rdsdp R Interface to DSDP Semidefinite Programming Library
2016-04-24 rodeo A Code Generator for ODE-Based Models
2016-04-24 rticles Article Formats for R Markdown
2016-04-24 secrdesign Sampling Design for Spatially Explicit Capture-Recapture
2016-04-24 sparsesvd Sparse Truncated Singular Value Decomposition (from 'SVDLIBC')
2016-04-24 ss3sim Fisheries Stock Assessment Simulation Testing with Stock Synthesis
2016-04-24 TELP Social Representation Theory Application: The Free Evocation of Words Technique
2016-04-24 weightr Estimating Weight-Function Models for Publication Bias in R
2016-04-24 word.alignment Computing Word Alignment Using IBM Model 1 (and Symmetrization) for a Given Parallel Corpus and Evaluation
2016-04-23 BayesBinMix Bayesian Estimation of Mixtures of Multivariate Bernoulli Distributions
2016-04-23 brainGraph Graph Theory Analysis of Brain MRI Data
2016-04-23 distr Object Oriented Implementation of Distributions
2016-04-23 distrRmetrics Distribution Classes for Distributions from Rmetrics
2016-04-23 distrSim Simulation Classes Based on Package 'distr'
2016-04-23 distrTeach Extensions of Package 'distr' for Teaching Stochastics/Statistics in Secondary School
2016-04-23 distrTEst Estimation and Testing Classes Based on Package 'distr'
2016-04-23 DrugClust Implementation of a Machine Learning Framework for Predicting Drugs Side Effects
2016-04-23 fdaPDE Functional Data Analysis and Partial Differential Equations; Statistical Analysis of Functional and Spatial Data, Based on Regression with Partial Differential Regularizations
2016-04-23 frair Tools for Functional Response Analysis
2016-04-23 GetoptLong Parsing Command-Line Arguments and Variable Interpolation
2016-04-23 ggThemeAssist Add-in to Customize 'ggplot2' Themes
2016-04-23 IncucyteDRC Dose Response Curves from Incucyte Proliferation Assays
2016-04-23 IntNMF Integrative Clustering of Multiple Genomic Dataset
2016-04-23 MeanShift Clustering via the Mean Shift Algorithm
2016-04-23 Quandl API Wrapper for Quandl.com
2016-04-23 RcppNumerical 'Rcpp' Integration for Numerical Computing Libraries
2016-04-23 spocc Interface to Species Occurrence Data Sources
2016-04-23 startupmsg Utilities for Start-Up Messages
2016-04-23 survminer Drawing Survival Curves using 'ggplot2'
2016-04-23 testthat Unit Testing for R
2016-04-23 wppExplorer Explorer of World Population Prospects
2016-04-22 aimPlot Create Pie Like Plot for Completeness
2016-04-22 BDgraph Bayesian Graph Selection Based on Birth-Death MCMC Approach
2016-04-22 bridgedist An Implementation of the Bridge Distribution with Logit-Link as in Wang and Louis (2003)
2016-04-22 discgolf Discourse 'API' Client
2016-04-22 edf Read Data from European Data Format (EDF and EDF+) Files
2016-04-22 erah Automated Spectral Deconvolution, Alignment, and Metabolite Identification in GC/MS-Based Untargeted Metabolomics
2016-04-22 fdasrvf Elastic Functional Data Analysis
2016-04-22 hextri Hexbin Plots with Triangles
2016-04-22 lfl Linguistic Fuzzy Logic
2016-04-22 provenance Statistical Toolbox for Sedimentary Provenance Analysis
2016-04-22 rgeolocate IP Address Geolocation
2016-04-22 rriskDistributions Fitting Distributions to Given Data or Known Quantiles
2016-04-22 smacof Multidimensional Scaling
2016-04-22 subspaceMOA Interface to 'subspaceMOA'
2016-04-22 tcR Advanced Data Analysis of Immune Receptor Repertoires
2016-04-22 uHMM Construct an Unsupervised Hidden Markov Model
2016-04-22 wbstats Programmatic Access to Data and Statistics from the World Bank API
2016-04-22 xkcdcolors Color Names from the XKCD Color Survey
2016-04-21 corrplot Visualization of a Correlation Matrix
2016-04-21 EEM Read and Preprocess Fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrix (EEM) Data
2016-04-21 eyelinker Load Raw Data from Eyelink Eye Trackers
2016-04-21 falcon Finding Allele-Specific Copy Number in Next-Generation Sequencing Data
2016-04-21 falconx Finding Allele-Specific Copy Number in Whole-Exome Sequencing Data
2016-04-21 ICEbox Individual Conditional Expectation Plot Toolbox
2016-04-21 MASS Support Functions and Datasets for Venables and Ripley's MASS
2016-04-21 pcrsim Simulation of the Forensic DNA Process
2016-04-21 pollstR Client for the HuffPost Pollster API
2016-04-21 postGIStools Tools for Interacting with 'PostgreSQL' / 'PostGIS' Databases
2016-04-21 rematch Match Regular Expressions with a Nicer 'API'
2016-04-21 rentrez Entrez in R
2016-04-21 rqPen Penalized Quantile Regression
2016-04-21 sdat Signal Detection via Adaptive Test
2016-04-20 biotic Calculation of Freshwater Biotic Indices
2016-04-20 cowplot Streamlined Plot Theme and Plot Annotations for 'ggplot2'
2016-04-20 dataRetrieval Retrieval Functions for USGS and EPA Hydrologic and Water Quality Data
2016-04-20 FLSSS Multithreaded Fixed Size Subset Sum with Bounded Error in Multidimensional Real Domain
2016-04-20 gld Estimation and Use of the Generalised (Tukey) Lambda Distribution
2016-04-20 IRISSeismic Classes and Methods for Seismic Data Analysis
2016-04-20 lmSupport Support for Linear Models
2016-04-20 ltmle Longitudinal Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation
2016-04-20 msBP Multiscale Bernstein Polynomials for Densities
2016-04-20 rnpn Interface to the National 'Phenology' Network 'API'
2016-04-19 BiodiversityR Package for Community Ecology and Suitability Analysis
2016-04-19 capushe CAlibrating Penalities Using Slope HEuristics
2016-04-19 clpAPI R Interface to C API of COIN-OR Clp
2016-04-19 CountsEPPM Mean and Variance Modeling of Count Data
2016-04-19 DESP Estimation of Diagonal Elements of Sparse Precision-Matrices
2016-04-19 DidacticBoost A Simple Implementation and Demonstration of Gradient Boosting
2016-04-19 disparityfilter Disparity Filter Algorithm for Weighted Networks
2016-04-19 eba Elimination-by-Aspects Models
2016-04-19 edfReader Reading EDF(+) and BDF(+) Files
2016-04-19 envlpaster Enveloping the Aster Model
2016-04-19 ergm.ego Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Random Graph Models to Egocentrically Sampled Network Data
2016-04-19 ergm.rank Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for Rank-Order Relational Data
2016-04-19 fitcoach Personalized Coach for Fitbit and R API
2016-04-19 flacco Feature-Based Landscape Analysis of Continuous and Constraint Optimization Problems
2016-04-19 flowr Streamlining Design and Deployment of Complex Workflows
2016-04-19 funr Simple Utility Providing Terminal Access to all R Functions
2016-04-19 GofKmt Khmaladze Martingale Transformation Goodness-of-Fit Test
2016-04-19 icarus Calibrates and Reweights Units in Samples
2016-04-19 jiebaR Chinese Text Segmentation
2016-04-19 lfe Linear Group Fixed Effects
2016-04-19 likelihoodAsy Functions for Likelihood Asymptotics
2016-04-19 metaSEM Meta-Analysis using Structural Equation Modeling
2016-04-19 multipleNCC Weighted Cox-Regression for Nested Case-Control Data
2016-04-19 nadiv (Non)Additive Genetic Relatedness Matrices
2016-04-19 nbpMatching Functions for Optimal Non-Bipartite Matching
2016-04-19 NEArender Network Enrichment Analysis
2016-04-19 NlsyLinks Utilities and Kinship Information for Research with the NLSY
2016-04-19 params Simplify Parameters
2016-04-19 pbapply Adding Progress Bar to '*apply' Functions
2016-04-19 PerMallows Permutations and Mallows Distributions
2016-04-19 phyloTop Calculating Topological Properties of Phylogenies
2016-04-19 pks Probabilistic Knowledge Structures
2016-04-19 polyCub Cubature over Polygonal Domains
2016-04-19 prototest Inference on Prototypes from Clusters of Features
2016-04-19 refnr Refining Data Table Using a Set of Formulas
2016-04-19 rococo Robust Rank Correlation Coefficient and Test
2016-04-19 simsalapar Tools for Simulation Studies in Parallel
2016-04-19 StroupGLMM R Codes and Datasets for Generalized Linear Mixed Models: Modern Concepts, Methods and Applications by Walter W. Stroup
2016-04-19 tensorBSS Blind Source Separation Methods for Tensor-Valued Observations
2016-04-18 cluster "Finding Groups in Data": Cluster Analysis Extended Rousseeuw et al.
2016-04-18 DySeq Functions for Dyadic Sequence Analyses
2016-04-18 GoodmanKruskal Association Analysis for Categorical Variables
2016-04-18 inpdfr Analyse Text Documents Using Ecological Tools
2016-04-18 sgof Multiple Hypothesis Testing
2016-04-18 VennDiagram Generate High-Resolution Venn and Euler Plots
2016-04-17 glmbb All Hierarchical or Graphical Models for Generalized Linear Model
2016-04-17 GlobalOptions Generate Functions to Get or Set Global Options
2016-04-17 lifecourse Quantification of Lifecourse Fluidity
2016-04-17 treeman Phylogenetic Tree Manipulation Class and Methods
2016-04-16 coneproj Primal or Dual Cone Projections with Routines for Constrained Regression
2016-04-16 convertGraph Convert Graphical Files Format
2016-04-16 DOT Render and Export DOT Graphs in R
2016-04-16 EGRETci Exploration and Graphics for RivEr Trends (EGRET) Confidence Intervals
2016-04-16 excel.link Convenient Data Exchange with Microsoft Excel
2016-04-16 gdm Functions for Generalized Dissimilarity Modeling
2016-04-16 IntegratedMRF Integrated Prediction using Univariate and Multivariate Random Forests
2016-04-16 Kernelheaping Kernel Density Estimation for Heaped and Rounded Data
2016-04-16 keyplayer Locating Key Players in Social Networks
2016-04-16 lintr Static R Code Analysis
2016-04-16 lme4 Linear Mixed-Effects Models using 'Eigen' and S4
2016-04-16 ManlyMix Manly Mixture Modeling and Model-Based Clustering
2016-04-16 markmyassignment Automatic Marking of R Assignments
2016-04-16 NSM3 Functions and Datasets to Accompany Hollander, Wolfe, and Chicken - Nonparametric Statistical Methods, Third Edition
2016-04-16 PAactivPAL Summarize Daily Physical Activity from 'activPAL' Accelerometer Data
2016-04-16 pegas Population and Evolutionary Genetics Analysis System
2016-04-16 rasterVis Visualization Methods for Raster Data
2016-04-16 rcmdcheck Run 'R CMD check' from 'R' and Capture Results
2016-04-16 solaR Radiation and Photovoltaic Systems
2016-04-16 sprex Calculate Species Richness and Extrapolation Metrics
2016-04-16 sweidnumbr Handling of Swedish Identity Numbers
2016-04-15 altmeta Alternative Meta-Analysis Methods
2016-04-15 icd Tools for Working with ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes, and Finding Comorbidities
2016-04-15 icd9 Tools for Working with ICD-9 Codes, and Finding Comorbidities
2016-04-15 MCMCpack Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Package
2016-04-15 pact Predictive Analysis of Clinical Trials
2016-04-15 Rd2roxygen Convert Rd to Roxygen Documentation
2016-04-15 rPref Database Preferences and Skyline Computation
2016-04-15 servr A Simple HTTP Server to Serve Static Files or Dynamic Documents
2016-04-15 shotGroups Analyze Shot Group Data
2016-04-15 tth TeX to HTML/MathML Translators tth/ttm
2016-04-14 arules Mining Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets
2016-04-14 arulesViz Visualizing Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets
2016-04-14 brranching Fetch 'Phylogenies' from Many Sources
2016-04-14 checkpoint Install Packages from Snapshots on the Checkpoint Server for Reproducibility
2016-04-14 dbscan Density Based Clustering of Applications with Noise (DBSCAN) and Related Algorithms
2016-04-14 depend.truncation Statistical Inference for Parametric and Semiparametric Models Based on Dependently Truncated Data
2016-04-14 forecast Forecasting Functions for Time Series and Linear Models
2016-04-14 io A Unified Framework for Input-Output Operations in R
2016-04-14 LassoBacktracking Modelling Interactions in High-Dimensional Data with Backtracking
2016-04-14 plumber An API Generator for R
2016-04-14 qmethod Analysis of Subjective Perspectives Using Q Methodology
2016-04-14 rangeBuilder Occurrence Filtering and Generation of Species Range Polygons
2016-04-14 reservoir Tools for Analysis, Design, and Operation of Water Supply Storages
2016-04-14 rmumps Wrapper for MUMPS Library
2016-04-14 RODBC ODBC Database Access
2016-04-14 R.utils Various Programming Utilities
2016-04-14 rvertnet Search 'Vertnet', a 'Database' of Vertebrate Specimen Records
2016-04-14 s20x Functions for University of Auckland Course STATS 201/208 Data Analysis
2016-04-14 sp Classes and Methods for Spatial Data
2016-04-14 tokenizers Tokenize Text
2016-04-14 zCompositions Imputation of Zeros and Nondetects in Compositional Data Sets
2016-04-13 Blaunet Calculate and Analyze Blau Status for Measuring Social Distance
2016-04-13 cIRT Choice Item Response Theory
2016-04-13 DataCombine Tools for Easily Combining and Cleaning Data Sets
2016-04-13 ebGenotyping Genotyping and SNP Detection using Next Generation Sequencing Data
2016-04-13 GWRM Generalized Waring Regression Model for Count Data
2016-04-13 HistData Data Sets from the History of Statistics and Data Visualization
2016-04-13 metacom Analysis of the 'Elements of Metacommunity Structure'
2016-04-13 mpt Multinomial Processing Tree Models
2016-04-13 MultiLCIRT Multidimensional Latent Class Item Response Theory Models
2016-04-13 ncf Spatial Nonparametric Covariance Functions
2016-04-13 Nippon Japanese Utility Functions and Data
2016-04-13 optDesignSlopeInt Optimal Designs for Estimating the Slope Divided by the Intercept
2016-04-13 paleotree Paleontological and Phylogenetic Analyses of Evolution
2016-04-13 rstpm2 Generalized Survival Models
2016-04-13 Rsymphony SYMPHONY in R
2016-04-13 sde Simulation and Inference for Stochastic Differential Equations
2016-04-13 stcov Stein's Covariance Estimator
2016-04-12 AFM Atomic Force Microscope Image Analysis
2016-04-12 asaur Data Sets for "Applied Survival Analysis Using R""
2016-04-12 boostmtree Boosted Multivariate Trees for Longitudinal Data
2016-04-12 Calculator.LR.FNs Calculator for LR Fuzzy Numbers
2016-04-12 CNVassoc Association Analysis of CNV Data and Imputed SNPs
2016-04-12 dmm Dyadic Mixed Model for Pedigree Data
2016-04-12 easyformatr Tools for Building Formats
2016-04-12 FREGAT Family REGional Association Tests
2016-04-12 gencve General Cross Validation Engine
2016-04-12 gmailr Access the Gmail RESTful API
2016-04-12 hierarchicalSets Set Data Visualization Using Hierarchies
2016-04-12 nlshrink Non-Linear Shrinkage Estimation of Population Eigenvalues and Covariance Matrices
2016-04-12 pcaL1 Three L1-Norm PCA Methods
2016-04-12 poweRlaw Analysis of Heavy Tailed Distributions
2016-04-12 progenyClust Finding the Optimal Cluster Number Using Progeny Clustering
2016-04-12 psytabs Produce Well-Formatted Tables for Psychological Research
2016-04-12 R2MLwiN Running 'MLwiN' from Within R
2016-04-12 rYoutheria Access to the YouTheria Mammal Trait Database
2016-04-12 urltools Vectorised Tools for URL Handling and Parsing
2016-04-11 bootTimeInference Robust Performance Hypothesis Testing with the Sharpe Ratio
2016-04-11 deeplearning An Implementation of Deep Neural Network for Regression and Classification
2016-04-11 ELT Experience Life Tables
2016-04-11 lava Latent Variable Models
2016-04-11 PolyPatEx Paternity Exclusion in Autopolyploid Species
2016-04-11 serial The Serial Interface Package
2016-04-11 TripleR Social Relation Model (SRM) Analyses for Single or Multiple Groups
2016-04-10 analogueExtra Additional Functions for Use with the Analogue Package
2016-04-10 curl A Modern and Flexible Web Client for R
2016-04-10 etma Epistasis Test in Meta-Analysis
2016-04-10 GiNA High Throughput Phenotyping
2016-04-10 greport Graphical Reporting for Clinical Trials
2016-04-10 hypergea Hypergeometric Tests
2016-04-10 metaplus Robust Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression
2016-04-10 mgarchBEKK Simulating, Estimating and Diagnosing MGARCH (BEKK and mGJR) Processes
2016-04-10 mwaved Multichannel Wavelet Deconvolution with Additive Long Memory Noise
2016-04-10 PAC Partition-Assisted Clustering
2016-04-10 seacarb Seawater Carbonate Chemistry
2016-04-10 SocialMediaLab Tools for Collecting Social Media Data and Generating Networks for Analysis
2016-04-10 Sofi Interfaz interactiva con fines didacticos
2016-04-10 sss Tools for Importing Files in the Triple-s (Standard Survey Structure) Format
2016-04-10 Zelig Everyone's Statistical Software
2016-04-09 DensParcorr Dens-Based Method for Partial Correlation Estimation in Large Scale Brain Networks
2016-04-09 DiallelAnalysisR Diallel Analysis with R
2016-04-09 gds Descriptive Statistics of Grouped Data
2016-04-09 hashmap The Faster Hash Map
2016-04-09 Information Data Exploration with Information Theory (Weight-of-Evidence and Information Value)
2016-04-09 investr Inverse Estimation/Calibration Functions
2016-04-09 mateable Tools to Assess Mating Potential in Space and Time
2016-04-09 ms.sev Package for Calculation of ARMSS, Local MSSS and Global MSSS
2016-04-09 papeR A Toolbox for Writing Pretty Papers and Reports
2016-04-09 prettymapr Scale Bar, North Arrow, and Pretty Margins in R
2016-04-09 rcanvec Access and Plot CanVec and CanVec+ Data for Rapid Basemap Creation in Canada
2016-04-09 rmetasim An Individual-Based Population Genetic Simulation Environment
2016-04-09 rosm Plot Raster Map Tiles from Open Street Map and Other Sources
2016-04-09 rrefine R Client for OpenRefine API
2016-04-09 stablespec Stable Specification Search in Structural Equation Models
2016-04-08 biogeo Point Data Quality Assessment and Coordinate Conversion
2016-04-08 braidReports Visualize Combined Action Response Surfaces and Report BRAID Analyses
2016-04-08 Evapotranspiration Modelling Actual, Potential and Reference Crop Evapotranspiration
2016-04-08 hmm.discnp Hidden Markov Models with Discrete Non-Parametric Observation Distributions
2016-04-08 pdftools Extract Text and Data from PDF Documents
2016-04-08 RGA A Google Analytics API Client
2016-04-08 utiml Utilities for Multi-Label Learning
2016-04-07 AdvBinomApps Upper Clopper-Pearson Confidence Limits for Burn-in Studies under Additional Available Information
2016-04-07 AnthropMMD A GUI for Mean Measures of Divergence
2016-04-07 CRTgeeDR Doubly Robust Inverse Probability Weighted Augmented GEE Estimator
2016-04-07 dotenv Load Environment Variables from '.env'
2016-04-07 geoknife Web-Processing of Large Gridded Datasets
2016-04-07 glycanr Tools for Analysing N-Glycan Data
2016-04-07 hypergeo The Gauss Hypergeometric Function
2016-04-07 metap Meta-Analysis of Significance Values
2016-04-07 MixtureInf Inference for Finite Mixture Models
2016-04-07 modules Self Contained Units of Source Code
2016-04-07 mrMLM Multilocus Random Mixed Linear Model for Genome-Wide Association Study
2016-04-07 msir Model-Based Sliced Inverse Regression
2016-04-07 palettetown Use Pokemon Inspired Colour Palettes
2016-04-07 pogit Bayesian Variable Selection for a Poisson-Logistic Model
2016-04-07 sdm Species Distribution Modelling
2016-04-06 bayesboot An Implementation of Rubin's (1981) Bayesian Bootstrap
2016-04-06 bdrift Beta Drift Analysis
2016-04-06 biorxivr Search and Download Papers from the bioRxiv Preprint Server
2016-04-06 Bolstad Functions for Elementary Bayesian Inference
2016-04-06 BPEC Bayesian Phylogeographic and Ecological Clustering
2016-04-06 fbRads Analyzing and Managing Facebook Ads from R
2016-04-06 haplo.stats Statistical Analysis of Haplotypes with Traits and Covariates when Linkage Phase is Ambiguous
2016-04-06 haplotyper Tool for Clustering Genotypes in Haplotypes
2016-04-06 hts Hierarchical and Grouped Time Series
2016-04-06 infuser A Very Basic Templating Engine
2016-04-06 island Stochastic Island Biogeography Theory Made Easy
2016-04-06 lubridate Make Dealing with Dates a Little Easier
2016-04-06 maxstat Maximally Selected Rank Statistics
2016-04-06 MixRF A Random-Forest-Based Approach for Imputing Clustered Incomplete Data
2016-04-06 PhysActBedRest Marks Periods of 'Bedrest' in Actigraph Accelerometer Data
2016-04-06 pop.wolf Models for Simulating Wolf Populations
2016-04-06 RcmdrPlugin.survival R Commander Plug-in for the 'survival' Package
2016-04-06 RNeo4j Neo4j Driver for R
2016-04-06 RPresto DBI Connector to Presto
2016-04-06 sem Structural Equation Models
2016-04-05 archdata Example Datasets from Archaeological Research
2016-04-05 aRpsDCA Arps Decline Curve Analysis in R
2016-04-05 cdfquantreg Quantile Regression for Random Variables on the Unit Interval
2016-04-05 coop Co-Operation: Fast Covariance, Correlation, and Cosine Similarity Operations
2016-04-05 decision Statistical Decision Analysis
2016-04-05 Deriv Symbolic Differentiation
2016-04-05 fromo Fast Robust Moments
2016-04-05 gelnet Generalized Elastic Nets
2016-04-05 gpuR GPU Functions for R Objects
2016-04-05 lfactors Factors with Levels
2016-04-05 MHTrajectoryR Bayesian Model Selection in Logistic Regression for the Detection of Adverse Drug Reactions
2016-04-05 MonoPoly Functions to Fit Monotone Polynomials
2016-04-05 PCPS Principal Coordinates of Phylogenetic Structure
2016-04-05 powerbydesign Power Estimates for ANOVA Designs
2016-04-05 sensR Thurstonian Models for Sensory Discrimination
2016-04-05 vhica Vertical and Horizontal Inheritance Consistence Analysis
2016-04-04 AbsFilterGSEA Improved False Positive Control of Gene-Permuting GSEA with Absolute Filtering
2016-04-04 afex Analysis of Factorial Experiments
2016-04-04 argparser Command-Line Argument Parser
2016-04-04 BayesH Bayesian Regression Model with Mixture of Two Scaled Inverse Chi Square as Hyperprior
2016-04-04 bpa Basic Pattern Analysis
2016-04-04 cardioModel Cardiovascular Safety Exposure-Response Modeling in Early-Phase Clinical Studies
2016-04-04 CollapsABEL Generalized CDH (GCDH) Analysis
2016-04-04 emov Eye Movement Analysis Package for Fixation and Saccade Detection
2016-04-04 expands Expanding Ploidy and Allele-Frequency on Nested Subpopulations
2016-04-04 filenamer Easy Management of File Names
2016-04-04 ggsci Scientific Journal and Sci-Fi Themed Color Palettes for 'ggplot2'
2016-04-04 iopsych Methods for Industrial/Organizational Psychology
2016-04-04 iptools Manipulate, Validate and Resolve 'IP' Addresses
2016-04-04 jomo Multilevel Joint Modelling Multiple Imputation
2016-04-04 LexisPlotR Plot Lexis Diagrams for Demographic Purposes
2016-04-04 pipeR Multi-Paradigm Pipeline Implementation
2016-04-04 QPot Quasi-Potential Analysis for Stochastic Differential Equations
2016-04-04 RcmdrMisc R Commander Miscellaneous Functions
2016-04-04 RcppAPT 'Rcpp' Interface to the APT Package Manager
2016-04-04 RefManageR Straightforward 'BibTeX' and 'BibLaTeX' Bibliography Management
2016-04-04 rgeos Interface to Geometry Engine - Open Source (GEOS)
2016-04-04 rlist A Toolbox for Non-Tabular Data Manipulation
2016-04-04 rms Regression Modeling Strategies
2016-04-04 Rsomoclu Somoclu
2016-04-04 SHLR Shared Haplotype Length Regression
2016-04-04 snowboot Bootstrap Methods for Network Inference
2016-04-04 statnet Software Tools for the Statistical Analysis of Network Data
2016-04-04 stdReg Regression Standardization
2016-04-04 VCA Variance Component Analysis
2016-04-03 BANOVA Hierarchical Bayesian ANOVA Models
2016-04-03 cancerTiming Estimation of Temporal Ordering of Cancer Abnormalities
2016-04-03 diskImageR A Pipeline to Analyze Resistance and Tolerance from Drug Disk Diffusion Assays
2016-04-03 hBayesDM Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling of Decision-Making Tasks
2016-04-03 mistral Methods in Structural Reliability Analysis
2016-04-03 mvcluster Multi-View Clustering
2016-04-03 pergola Toolbox for Polyploid Genetic Data
2016-04-03 polyclip Polygon Clipping
2016-04-03 RevEcoR Reverse Ecology Analysis on Microbiome
2016-04-03 rPlant Interface to the Agave API
2016-04-03 rusda Interface to USDA Databases
2016-04-03 snht Standard Normal Homogeneity Test
2016-04-03 waterfall Waterfall Charts
2016-04-03 WiSEBoot Wild Scale-Enhanced Bootstrap
2016-04-02 agrmt Calculate Agreement or Consensus in Ordered Rating Scales
2016-04-02 MaxentVariableSelection Selecting the Best Set of Relevant Environmental Variables along with the Optimal Regularization Multiplier for Maxent Niche Modeling
2016-04-02 WHO R Client for the World Health Organization API
2016-04-01 alineR Alignment of Phonetic Sequences Using the 'ALINE' Algorithm
2016-04-01 ArgumentCheck Improved Communication to Users with Respect to Problems in Function Arguments
2016-04-01 cancerGI Analyses of Cancer Gene Interaction
2016-04-01 DIRECT Bayesian Clustering of Multivariate Data Under the Dirichlet-Process Prior
2016-04-01 FUNTA Functional Tangential Angle Pseudo-Depth
2016-04-01 ini Read and Write '.ini' Files
2016-04-01 leafletR Interactive Web-Maps Based on the Leaflet JavaScript Library
2016-04-01 mlxR Simulation of Longitudinal Data
2016-04-01 PKNCA Perform Pharmacokinetic Non-Compartmental Analysis
2016-04-01 pointRes Analyzing Pointer Years and Components of Resilience
2016-04-01 popbio Construction and Analysis of Matrix Population Models
2016-04-01 profileR Profile Analysis of Multivariate Data in R
2016-04-01 quantreg.nonpar Nonparametric Series Quantile Regression
2016-04-01 reportr A General Message and Error Reporting System
2016-04-01 soql Helps Make Socrata Open Data API Calls
2016-04-01 subrank Computes Copula using Ranks and Subsampling
2016-04-01 threejs Interactive 3D Scatter Plots, Networks and Globes
2016-03-31 aop Adverse Outcome Pathway Analysis
2016-03-31 apex Phylogenetic Methods for Multiple Gene Data
2016-03-31 Biograph Explore Life Histories
2016-03-31 calACS Calculations for All Common Subsequences
2016-03-31 collUtils Auxiliary Package for Package 'CollapsABEL'
2016-03-31 doBy Groupwise Statistics, LSmeans, Linear Contrasts, Utilities
2016-03-31 effsize Efficient Effect Size Computation
2016-03-31 fastcluster Fast Hierarchical Clustering Routines for R and Python
2016-03-31 GlobalFit Bi-Level Optimization of Metabolic Network Models
2016-03-31 gstat Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Geostatistical Modelling, Prediction and Simulation
2016-03-31 IntClust Integrated Data Analysis via Clustering
2016-03-31 mclust Gaussian Mixture Modelling for Model-Based Clustering, Classification, and Density Estimation
2016-03-31 MDMR Multivariate Distance Matrix Regression
2016-03-31 processcontrol Statistical Process Control Charts
2016-03-31 rdnb R Interface to the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (German National Library) API
2016-03-31 RObsDat Data Management for Hydrology and Beyond Using the Observations Data Model
2016-03-31 RPANDA Phylogenetic ANalyses of DiversificAtion
2016-03-31 rtypeform Interface to 'typeform' Results
2016-03-31 runjags Interface Utilities, Model Templates, Parallel Computing Methods and Additional Distributions for MCMC Models in JAGS
2016-03-31 text2vec Fast Text Mining Framework for Vectorization and Word Embeddings
2016-03-31 TR8 A Tool for Downloading Functional Traits Data for Plant Species
2016-03-30 bdpopt Optimisation of Bayesian Decision Problems
2016-03-30 BrailleR Improved Access for Blind Users
2016-03-30 breakaway Species Richness Estimation and Modeling
2016-03-30 choroplethr Simplify the Creation of Choropleth Maps in R
2016-03-30 commonmark Bindings to the CommonMark Reference Implementation
2016-03-30 EDISON Network Reconstruction and Changepoint Detection
2016-03-30 equateIRT Direct, Chain and Average Equating Coefficients with Standard Errors Using IRT Methods
2016-03-30 FMsmsnReg Regression Models with Finite Mixtures of Skew Heavy-Tailed Errors
2016-03-30 ForeCA Forecastable Component Analysis
2016-03-30 GMCM Fast Estimation of Gaussian Mixture Copula Models
2016-03-30 GOplot Visualization of Functional Analysis Data
2016-03-30 gplots Various R Programming Tools for Plotting Data
2016-03-30 locits Test of Stationarity and Localized Autocovariance
2016-03-30 merTools Tools for Analyzing Mixed Effect Regression Models
2016-03-30 pacman Package Management Tool
2016-03-30 qvcalc Quasi Variances for Factor Effects in Statistical Models
2016-03-30 relimp Relative Contribution of Effects in a Regression Model
2016-03-30 rmcfs The MCFS-ID Algorithm for Feature Selection and Interdependency Discovery
2016-03-30 setter Mutators that Work with Pipes
2016-03-30 ssmn Skew Scale Mixtures of Normal Distributions
2016-03-30 TDboost A Boosted Tweedie Compound Poisson Model
2016-03-30 tdROC Nonparametric Estimation of Time-Dependent ROC Curve from Right Censored Survival Data
2016-03-29 ARTool Aligned Rank Transform
2016-03-29 assertive.reflection Assertions for Checking the State of R
2016-03-29 bold Interface to Bold Systems 'API'
2016-03-29 CrossClustering A Partial Clustering Algorithm with Automatic Estimation of the Number of Clusters and Identification of Outliers
2016-03-29 curlconverter Tools to Transform 'cURL' Command-Line Calls to 'httr' Requests
2016-03-29 densratio Density Ratio Estimation
2016-03-29 effects Effect Displays for Linear, Generalized Linear, and Other Models
2016-03-29 ergm.count Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for Networks with Count Edges
2016-03-29 finreportr Financial Data from U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
2016-03-29 GeneticSubsetter Identify Favorable Subsets of Germplasm Collections
2016-03-29 growthcurver Simple Metrics to Summarize Growth Curves
2016-03-29 gsbDesign Group Sequential Bayes Design
2016-03-29 HardyWeinberg Statistical Tests and Graphics for Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
2016-03-29 imguR An Imgur.com API Client Package
2016-03-29 InSilicoVA Probabilistic Verbal Autopsy Coding with 'InSilicoVA' Algorithm
2016-03-29 kernlab Kernel-Based Machine Learning Lab
2016-03-29 LambertW Probabilistic Models to Analyze and Gaussianize Heavy-Tailed, Skewed Data
2016-03-29 randomcoloR Generate Attractive Random Colors
2016-03-29 randstr Generate Random Strings
2016-03-29 RNewsflow Tools for Analyzing Content Homogeneity and News Diffusion using Computational Text Analysis
2016-03-29 robustETM Robust Methods using Exponential Tilt Model
2016-03-29 svmadmm Linear/Nonlinear SVM Classification Solver Based on ADMM and IADMM Algorithms
2016-03-29 tttplot Time to Target Plot
2016-03-29 tweenr Interpolate Data for Smooth Animations
2016-03-28 activpalProcessing Process activPAL Events Files
2016-03-28 bigmemory Manage Massive Matrices with Shared Memory and Memory-Mapped Files
2016-03-28 EffectLiteR Average and Conditional Effects
2016-03-28 ExpDE Modular Differential Evolution for Experimenting with Operators
2016-03-28 extremogram Estimation of Extreme Value Dependence for Time Series Data
2016-03-28 Greg Regression Helper Functions
2016-03-28 highcharter A Wrapper for the 'Highcharts' Library
2016-03-28 httpcache Query Cache for HTTP Clients
2016-03-28 needs Attaches and Installs Packages
2016-03-28 NPC Nonparametric Combination of Hypothesis Tests
2016-03-28 openVA Automated Method for Verbal Autopsy
2016-03-28 packrat A Dependency Management System for Projects and their R Package Dependencies
2016-03-28 quantspec Quantile-Based Spectral Analysis of Time Series
2016-03-28 rappdirs Application Directories: Determine Where to Save Data, Caches, and Logs
2016-03-28 readxl Read Excel Files
2016-03-28 rprojroot Finding Files in Project Subdirectories
2016-03-28 shiny Web Application Framework for R
2016-03-28 SmarterPoland Tools for Accessing Various Datasets Developed by the Foundation SmarterPoland.pl
2016-03-28 SNPMClust Bivariate Gaussian Genotype Clustering and Calling for Illumina Microarrays
2016-03-28 SWMPr Retrieving, Organizing, and Analyzing Estuary Monitoring Data
2016-03-28 tergm Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Models for Network Evolution Based on Exponential-Family Random Graph Models
2016-03-28 textreuse Detect Text Reuse and Document Similarity
2016-03-27 blocksdesign Nested Block Designs for Unstructured Treatments
2016-03-27 estatapi R Interface to e-Stat API
2016-03-27 ggseas 'stats' for Seasonal Adjustment on the Fly with 'ggplot2'
2016-03-27 RobPer Robust Periodogram and Periodicity Detection Methods
2016-03-27 Tariff Replicate Tariff Method for Verbal Autopsy
2016-03-26 betalink Beta-Diversity of Species Interactions
2016-03-26 dagitty Graphical Analysis of Structural Causal Models
2016-03-26 HiveR 2D and 3D Hive Plots for R
2016-03-26 kknn Weighted k-Nearest Neighbors
2016-03-26 NEpiC Network Assisted Algorithm for Epigenetic Studies Using Mean and Variance Combined Signals
2016-03-26 optCluster Determine Optimal Clustering Algorithm and Number of Clusters
2016-03-26 ProTrackR Manipulate and Play 'ProTracker' Modules
2016-03-26 RDS Respondent-Driven Sampling
2016-03-26 seqtest Sequential Triangular Test
2016-03-26 sSDR Tools Developed for Structured Sufficient Dimension Reduction (sSDR)
2016-03-26 tabplot Tableplot, a Visualization of Large Datasets
2016-03-26 tailDepFun Minimum Distance Estimation of Tail Dependence Models
2016-03-26 TotalCopheneticIndex Total Cophenetic Index
2016-03-26 treemap Treemap Visualization
2016-03-26 ZillowR R Interface to Zillow Real Estate and Mortgage Data API
2016-03-25 aprof Amdahl's Profiler, Directed Optimization Made Easy
2016-03-25 CALF Coarse Approximation Linear Function
2016-03-25 car Companion to Applied Regression
2016-03-25 censorcopula Estimate Parameter of Bivariate Copula
2016-03-25 DataClean Data Cleaning
2016-03-25 dynRB Dynamic Range Boxes
2016-03-25 ei Ecological Inference
2016-03-25 ergm Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for Networks
2016-03-25 geomorph Geometric Morphometric Analyses of 2D/3D Landmark Data
2016-03-25 ggnetwork Geometries to Plot Networks with 'ggplot2'
2016-03-25 JM Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data
2016-03-25 JMbayes Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data under a Bayesian Approach
2016-03-25 mcmcse Monte Carlo Standard Errors for MCMC
2016-03-25 missMDA Handling Missing Values with Multivariate Data Analysis
2016-03-25 MultivariateRandomForest Multivariate Random Forest for Linearly Related Output Features
2016-03-25 Newdistns Computes Pdf, Cdf, Quantile and Random Numbers, Measures of Inference for 19 General Families of Distributions
2016-03-25 nima Nima Hejazi's Miscellaneous R Code
2016-03-25 nlWaldTest Wald Test of Nonlinear Restrictions and Nonlinear CI
2016-03-25 qicharts Quality Improvement Charts
2016-03-25 SixSigma Six Sigma Tools for Quality Control and Improvement
2016-03-25 stubthat Stubbing Framework for R
2016-03-25 TMB Template Model Builder: A General Random Effect Tool Inspired by ADMB
2016-03-25 trelliscope Create and Navigate Large Multi-Panel Visual Displays
2016-03-25 tsna Tools for Temporal Social Network Analysis
2016-03-24 ChemoSpec Exploratory Chemometrics for Spectroscopy
2016-03-24 DNAseqtest Generating and Testing DNA Sequences
2016-03-24 DOBAD Analysis of Discretely Observed Linear Birth-and-Death(-and-Immigration) Markov Chains
2016-03-24 explor Interactive Interfaces for Results Exploration
2016-03-24 interplot Plot the Effects of Variables in Interaction Terms
2016-03-24 kza Kolmogorov-Zurbenko Adaptive Filters
2016-03-24 rollply Moving-Window Add-on for 'plyr'
2016-03-24 scatterD3 D3 JavaScript Scatterplot from R
2016-03-24 stepR Fitting Step-Functions
2016-03-24 wkb Convert Between Spatial Objects and Well-Known Binary Geometry
2016-03-23 Countr Flexible Univariate and Bivariate Count Process Probability
2016-03-23 dad Three-Way Data Analysis Through Densities
2016-03-23 directPA Direction Analysis for Pathways and Kinases
2016-03-23 ffbase Basic Statistical Functions for Package 'ff'
2016-03-23 loo Efficient Leave-One-Out Cross-Validation and WAIC for Bayesian Models
2016-03-23 MIIVsem Model Implied Instrumental Variable (MIIV) Estimation of Structural Equation Models
2016-03-23 permubiome A Permutation Based Test for Biomarker Discovery in Microbiome Data
2016-03-23 rebird R Client for the eBird Database of Bird Observations
2016-03-23 Rexperigen R Interface to Experigen
2016-03-23 toaster Big Data in-Database Analytics with Teradata Aster
2016-03-23 WrightMap IRT Item-Person Map with 'ConQuest' Integration
2016-03-22 clere Simultaneous Variables Clustering and Regression
2016-03-22 EMbC Expectation-Maximization Binary Clustering
2016-03-22 emIRT EM Algorithms for Estimating Item Response Theory Models
2016-03-22 MGGM Structural Pursuit Over Multiple Undirected Graphs
2016-03-22 password Create Random Passwords
2016-03-22 RSQLServer SQL Server R Database Interface (DBI) and dplyr SQL Backend
2016-03-22 sparseSVM Solution Paths of Sparse Linear Support Vector Machine with Lasso or ELastic-Net Regularization
2016-03-22 vegalite Tools to Encode Visualizations with the 'Grammar of Graphics'-Like 'Vega-Lite' 'Spec'
2016-03-21 apc Age-Period-Cohort Analysis
2016-03-21 bioinactivation Simulation of Dynamic Microbial Inactivation
2016-03-21 getMet Get Meteorological Data for Hydrologic Models
2016-03-21 GORCure Fit Generalized Odds Rate Mixture Cure Model with Interval Censored Data
2016-03-21 hdi High-Dimensional Inference
2016-03-21 htmltools Tools for HTML
2016-03-21 ICGOR Fit Generalized Odds Rate Hazards Model with Interval Censored Data
2016-03-21 inbreedR Analysing Inbreeding Based on Genetic Markers
2016-03-21 lira LInear Regression in Astronomy
2016-03-21 MonetDB.R Connect MonetDB to R
2016-03-21 mongolite Fast and Simple MongoDB Client for R
2016-03-21 SocialMediaMineR A Social Media Search and Analytic Tool
2016-03-21 TTR Technical Trading Rules
2016-03-21 TwoStepCLogit Conditional Logistic Regression: A Two-Step Estimation Method
2016-03-21 VSE Variant Set Enrichment
2016-03-20 bayesDem Graphical User Interface for bayesTFR, bayesLife and bayesPop
2016-03-20 ShapeChange Change-Point Estimation using Shape-Restricted Splines
2016-03-20 TideCurves Analysis and Prediction of Tides
2016-03-20 wikipediatrend Public Subject Attention via Wikipedia Page View Statistics
2016-03-19 commentr Print Nicely Formatted Comments for Use in Script Files
2016-03-19 edgebundleR Circle Plot with Bundled Edges
2016-03-19 EMMAgeo End-Member Modelling of Grain-Size Data
2016-03-19 gSeg Graph-Based Change-Point Detection (g-Segmentation)
2016-03-19 internetarchive An API Client for the Internet Archive
2016-03-19 interpretR Binary Classifier and Regression Model Interpretation Functions
2016-03-19 KScorrect Lilliefors-Corrected Kolmogorov-Smirnoff Goodness-of-Fit Tests
2016-03-19 rfml MarkLogic NoSQL Database Server in-Database Analytics for R
2016-03-19 Rfmtool Fuzzy Measure Tools for R
2016-03-19 sitmo Parallel Pseudo Random Number Generator (PPRNG) 'sitmo' Header Files
2016-03-19 uroot Unit Root Tests for Seasonal Time Series
2016-03-19 vitality Fitting Routines for the Vitality Family of Mortality Models
2016-03-18 acs Download, Manipulate, and Present American Community Survey and Decennial Data from the US Census
2016-03-18 ecb Programmatic Access to the European Central Bank's Statistical Data Warehouse (SDW)
2016-03-18 hyphenatr Tools to Hyphenate Strings Using the 'Hunspell' Hyphenation Library
2016-03-18 MiSPU Microbiome Based Sum of Powered Score (MiSPU) Tests
2016-03-18 Momocs Morphometrics using R
2016-03-18 Pasha Preprocessing of Aligned Sequences from HTS Analyses
2016-03-18 QRM Provides R-Language Code to Examine Quantitative Risk Management Concepts
2016-03-18 rechonest R Interface to Echo Nest API
2016-03-18 selection Correcting Biased Estimates Under Selection
2016-03-18 traits Species Trait Data from Around the Web
2016-03-18 vottrans Voter Transition Analysis
2016-03-18 whoapi A 'Whoapi' API Client
2016-03-17 bdscale Remove Weekends and Holidays from ggplot2 Axes
2016-03-17 bigsplines Smoothing Splines for Large Samples
2016-03-17 bssn Birnbaum-Saunders Model Based on Skew-Normal Distribution
2016-03-17 bWGR Bagging Whole-Genome Regression
2016-03-17 cffdrs Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System
2016-03-17 eyetrackingR Eye-Tracking Data Analysis
2016-03-17 glmnet Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Generalized Linear Models
2016-03-17 housingData U.S. Housing Data from 2008 to 2016
2016-03-17 OTUtable North Temperate Lakes - Microbial Observatory 16S Time Series Data and Functions
2016-03-17 RFgroove Importance Measure and Selection for Groups of Variables with Random Forests
2016-03-17 Rlibeemd Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition (EEMD) and Its Complete Variant (CEEMDAN)
2016-03-17 rscimark SciMark 2.0 Benchmark for Scientific and Numerical Computing
2016-03-17 RSMET Get Real-Time Meteorological Data in SMET Format
2016-03-17 SSN Spatial Modeling on Stream Networks
2016-03-17 tsPI Improved Prediction Intervals for ARIMA Processes and Structural Time Series
2016-03-17 TwoPhaseInd Estimate Gene-Treatment Interaction Exploiting Randomization
2016-03-17 userfriendlyscience Quantitative Analysis Made Accessible
2016-03-17 WaterML Fetch and Analyze Data from 'WaterML' and 'WaterOneFlow' Web Services
2016-03-16 bayesGDS Scalable Rejection Sampling for Bayesian Hierarchical Models
2016-03-16 datadr Divide and Recombine for Large, Complex Data
2016-03-16 dendrometeR Analyzing Dendrometer Data
2016-03-16 dplR Dendrochronology Program Library in R
2016-03-16 edgeCorr Spatial Edge Correction
2016-03-16 lcmm Extended Mixed Models Using Latent Classes and Latent Processes
2016-03-16 qrjoint Joint Estimation in Linear Quantile Regression
2016-03-16 ROpenWeatherMap R Interface to OpenWeatherMap API
2016-03-16 SCGLR Supervised Component Generalized Linear Regression
2016-03-16 siplab Spatial Individual-Plant Modelling
2016-03-15 bsts Bayesian Structural Time Series
2016-03-15 cati Community Assembly by Traits: Individuals and Beyond
2016-03-15 DEMOVA DEvelopment (of Multi-Linear QSPR/QSAR) MOdels VAlidated using Test Set
2016-03-15 dpcR Digital PCR Analysis
2016-03-15 eHOF Extended HOF (Huisman-Olff-Fresco) Models
2016-03-15 ftsa Functional Time Series Analysis
2016-03-15 ghit Lightweight GitHub Package Installer
2016-03-15 ISOcodes Selected ISO Codes
2016-03-15 jmuOutlier Permutation Tests for Nonparametric Statistics
2016-03-15 mev Multivariate Extreme Value Distributions
2016-03-15 minerva Maximal Information-Based Nonparametric Exploration R Package for Variable Analysis
2016-03-15 NBDdirichlet NBD-Dirichlet Model of Consumer Buying Behavior for Marketing Research
2016-03-15 NlcOptim Solve Nonlinear Optimization with Nonlinear Constraints
2016-03-15 pse Parameter Space Exploration with Latin Hypercubes
2016-03-15 questionr Functions to Make Surveys Processing Easier
2016-03-15 RADanalysis Normalization and Study of Rank Abundance Distributions
2016-03-15 rivr Steady and Unsteady Open-Channel Flow Computation
2016-03-15 RViennaCL ViennaCL C++ Header Files
2016-03-15 sparseHessianFD Numerical Estimation of Sparse Hessians
2016-03-15 spsann Optimization of Sample Configurations using Spatial Simulated Annealing
2016-03-15 synthpop Generating Synthetic Versions of Sensitive Microdata for Statistical Disclosure Control
2016-03-15 TLdating Tools for Thermoluminescences Dating
2016-03-15 Unicode Unicode Data and Utilities
2016-03-15 vegdata Access Vegetation Databases and Treat Taxonomy
2016-03-15 WGCNA Weighted Correlation Network Analysis
2016-03-14 curvHDR Filtering of Flow Cytometry Samples
2016-03-14 DandEFA Dandelion Plot for R-Mode Exploratory Factor Analysis
2016-03-14 enviPat Isotope Pattern, Profile and Centroid Calculation for Mass Spectrometry
2016-03-14 funModeling Learning Data Cleaning, Visual Analysis and Model Performance
2016-03-14 growthrates Estimate Growth Rates from Experimental Data
2016-03-14 iWISA Wavelet-Based Index of Storm Activity
2016-03-14 latdiag Draws Diagrams Useful for Checking Latent Scales
2016-03-14 logisticPCA Binary Dimensionality Reduction
2016-03-14 nontarget Detecting Isotope, Adduct and Homologue Relations in LC-MS Data
2016-03-14 presens R Interface for PreSens Fiber Optic Data
2016-03-14 rdd Regression Discontinuity Estimation
2016-03-14 RMediation Mediation Analysis Confidence Intervals
2016-03-14 RODBCDBI Provides Access to Databases Through the ODBC Interface
2016-03-14 selectiongain A Tool for Calculation and Optimization of the Expected Gain from Multi-Stage Selection
2016-03-14 SharpeR Statistical Significance of the Sharpe Ratio
2016-03-14 shinyAce Ace Editor Bindings for Shiny
2016-03-14 thregI Threshold Regression for Interval-Censored Data with Cure-Rate or without Cure-Rate Model
2016-03-14 treeclim Numerical Calibration of Proxy-Climate Relationships
2016-03-14 x13binary Provide the 'x13ashtml' Seasonal Adjustment Binary
2016-03-13 glmmsr Fit a Generalized Linear Mixed Model
2016-03-13 pendensity Density Estimation with a Penalized Mixture Approach
2016-03-12 ChaosGame Chaos Game
2016-03-12 chillR Statistical Methods for Phenology Analysis in Temperate Fruit Trees
2016-03-12 coarseDataTools A Collection of Functions to Help with Analysis of Coarsely Observed Data
2016-03-12 cocron Statistical Comparisons of Two or more Alpha Coefficients
2016-03-12 dclone Data Cloning and MCMC Tools for Maximum Likelihood Methods
2016-03-12 dcmle Hierarchical Models Made Easy with Data Cloning
2016-03-12 deductive Data Correction and Imputation Using Deductive Methods
2016-03-12 efreadr Read European Fluxes CSV Files
2016-03-12 fermicatsR Fermi Large Area Telescope Catalogs
2016-03-12 FRESA.CAD Feature Selection Algorithms for Computer Aided Diagnosis
2016-03-12 GuardianR The Guardian API Wrapper
2016-03-12 lazysql Lazy SQL Programming
2016-03-12 mboost Model-Based Boosting
2016-03-12 mdsdt Functions for Analysis of Data with General Recognition Theory
2016-03-12 Pijavski Global Univariate Minimization
2016-03-12 PVAClone Population Viability Analysis with Data Cloning
2016-03-12 viridis Default Color Maps from 'matplotlib'
2016-03-12 viridisLite Default Color Maps from 'matplotlib' (Lite Version)
2016-03-11 Dowd Functions Ported from 'MMR2' Toolbox Offered in Kevin Dowd's Book Measuring Market Risk
2016-03-11 downscale Downscaling Species Occupancy
2016-03-11 dynamicTreeCut Methods for Detection of Clusters in Hierarchical Clustering Dendrograms
2016-03-11 eurostat Tools for Eurostat Open Data
2016-03-11 FedData Functions to Automate Downloading Geospatial Data Available from Several Federated Data Sources
2016-03-11 gamboostLSS Boosting Methods for 'GAMLSS'
2016-03-11 highriskzone Determining and Evaluating High-Risk Zones
2016-03-11 MonoPhy Allows to Explore Monophyly (or Lack of it) of Taxonomic Groups in a Phylogeny
2016-03-11 polychaosbasics Sensitivity Indexes Calculated from Polynomial Chaos Expansions
2016-03-11 rex Friendly Regular Expressions
2016-03-11 SASxport Read and Write 'SAS' 'XPORT' Files
2016-03-11 spray Sparse Arrays and Multivariate Polynomials
2016-03-11 survPresmooth Presmoothed Estimation in Survival Analysis
2016-03-11 wru Who Are You? Bayesian Prediction of Racial Category Using Surname and Geolocation
2016-03-10 ACA Abrupt Change-Point or Aberration Detection in Point Series
2016-03-10 DCODE List Linear n-Peptide Constraints for Overlapping Protein Regions
2016-03-10 DoE.base Full Factorials, Orthogonal Arrays and Base Utilities for DoE Packages
2016-03-10 GeNetIt Spatial Graph-Theoretic Genetic Gravity Modelling
2016-03-10 GLMMRR Generalized Linear Mixed Model (GLMM) for Binary Randomized Response Data
2016-03-10 idm Incremental Decomposition Methods
2016-03-10 InterVA4 Replicate and Analyse InterVA4
2016-03-10 lsmeans Least-Squares Means
2016-03-10 ngramrr A Simple General Purpose N-Gram Tokenizer
2016-03-10 nnlasso Non-Negative Lasso and Elastic Net Penalized Generalized Linear Models
2016-03-10 osd Orthogonal Signal Deconvolution for Spectra Deconvolution in GC-MS and GCxGC-MS Data
2016-03-10 rARPACK Solvers for Large Scale Eigenvalue and SVD Problems
2016-03-10 rEDM Applications of Empirical Dynamic Modeling from Time Series
2016-03-10 sparr SPAtial Relative Risk
2016-03-10 sparsereg Sparse Bayesian Models for Regression, Subgroup Analysis, and Panel Data
2016-03-10 svgPanZoom R 'Htmlwidget' to Add Pan and Zoom to Almost any R Graphic
2016-03-10 tsintermittent Intermittent Time Series Forecasting
2016-03-09 basicspace Recovering a Basic Space from Issue Scales
2016-03-09 BBEST Bayesian Estimation of Incoherent Neutron Scattering Backgrounds
2016-03-09 Blossom Statistical Comparisons with Distance-Function Based Permutation Tests
2016-03-09 carcass Estimation of the Number of Fatalities from Carcass Searches
2016-03-09 carx Censored Autoregressive Model with Exogenous Covariates
2016-03-09 datacheckr Data Checking
2016-03-09 dCovTS Distance Covariance and Correlation for Time Series Analysis
2016-03-09 digitalPCR Estimate Copy Number for Digital PCR
2016-03-09 DTRreg DTR Estimation and Inference via G-Estimation, Dynamic WOLS, and Q-Learning
2016-03-09 DVHmetrics Analyze Dose-Volume Histograms and Check Constraints
2016-03-09 FamEvent Simulation of Time-to-Event Family Data and Penetrance Estimation
2016-03-09 FCNN4R Fast Compressed Neural Networks for R
2016-03-09 glcm Calculate Textures from Grey-Level Co-Occurrence Matrices (GLCMs)
2016-03-09 mnormt The Multivariate Normal and t Distributions
2016-03-09 msm Multi-State Markov and Hidden Markov Models in Continuous Time
2016-03-09 NIPTeR Fast and Accurate Trisomy Prediction in Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing
2016-03-09 pavo Perceptual Analysis, Visualization and Organization of Spectral Color Data in R
2016-03-09 PGRdup Discover Probable Duplicates in Plant Genetic Resources Collections
2016-03-09 psbcGroup Penalized Parametric and Semiparametric Bayesian Survival Models with Shrinkage and Grouping Priors
2016-03-09 rbokeh R Interface for Bokeh
2016-03-09 R.devices Unified Handling of Graphics Devices
2016-03-09 readODS Read ODS Files
2016-03-09 regsel Variable Selection and Regression
2016-03-09 revealjs R Markdown Format for 'reveal.js' Presentations
2016-03-09 rglobi R Interface to Global Biotic Interactions
2016-03-09 ROCt Time-Dependent ROC Curve Estimators and Expected Utility Functions
2016-03-09 SemiCompRisks Hierarchical Models for Parametric and Semi-Parametric Analyses of Semi-Competing Risks Data
2016-03-09 shrink Global, Parameterwise and Joint Shrinkage Factor Estimation
2016-03-08 archiDART Plant Root System Architecture Analysis Using DART and RSML Files
2016-03-08 braidrm Fitting Dose Response with the BRAID Combined Action Model
2016-03-08 cjoint AMCE Estimator for Conjoint Experiments
2016-03-08 compareDF Do a Git Style Diff of the Rows Between Two Dataframes with Similar Structure
2016-03-08 gtrendsR R Functions to Perform and Display Google Trends Queries
2016-03-08 hnp Half-Normal Plots with Simulation Envelopes
2016-03-08 mbest Moment-Based Estimation for Hierarchical Models
2016-03-08 OmicKriging Poly-Omic Prediction of Complex TRaits
2016-03-08 ProbitSpatial Probit with Spatial Dependence, SAR and SEM Models
2016-03-08 ReporteRs Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and HTML Documents Generation
2016-03-08 scrubr Clean Biological Occurrence Records
2016-03-08 WufooR R Wrapper for the 'Wufoo.com' - The Form Building Service
2016-03-07 assertive.types Assertions to Check Types of Variables
2016-03-07 capm Companion Animal Population Management
2016-03-07 ccaPP (Robust) Canonical Correlation Analysis via Projection Pursuit
2016-03-07 cit Causal Inference Test
2016-03-07 ComICS Computational Methods for Immune Cell-Type Subsets
2016-03-07 condformat Conditional Formatting in Data Frames
2016-03-07 conformal Conformal Prediction for Regression and Classification
2016-03-07 diseasemapping Modelling Spatial Variation in Disease Risk for Areal Data
2016-03-07 dpmr Data Package Manager for R
2016-03-07 LinkedMatrix Column-Linked and Row-Linked Matrices
2016-03-07 lmms Linear Mixed Effect Model Splines for Modelling and Analysis of Time Course Data
2016-03-07 marked Mark-Recapture Analysis for Survival and Abundance Estimation
2016-03-07 modes Find the Modes and Assess the Modality of Complex and Mixture Distributions, Especially with Big Datasets
2016-03-07 sparkTable Sparklines and Graphical Tables for TeX and HTML
2016-03-07 ssym Fitting Semi-Parametric log-Symmetric Regression Models
2016-03-07 ViSiElse A Visual Tool for Behaviour Analysis
2016-03-07 vqtl Genome Scans to Accommodate and Target Genetic and Non-Genetic Effects on Trait Variance
2016-03-06 deldir Delaunay Triangulation and Dirichlet (Voronoi) Tessellation
2016-03-06 jrich Jack-Knife Support for Evolutionary Distinctiveness Indices I and W
2016-03-06 rneos XML-RPC Interface to NEOS
2016-03-06 SimReg Similarity Regression Functions
2016-03-06 toOrdinal Function for Converting Cardinal to Ordinal Numbers by Adding a Language Specific Ordinal Indicator to the Number
2016-03-05 BEDMatrix Matrices Backed by Binary PED Files (PLINK)
2016-03-05 birk MA Birk's Functions
2016-03-05 EGRET Exploration and Graphics for RivEr Trends (EGRET)
2016-03-05 kmlShape K-Means for Longitudinal Data using Shape-Respecting Distance
2016-03-05 palinsol Insolation for Palaeoclimate Studies
2016-03-05 SGP Student Growth Percentiles & Percentile Growth Trajectories
2016-03-04 cdom R Functions to Model CDOM Spectra
2016-03-04 ggraptR Allows Interactive Visualization of Data Through a Web Browser GUI
2016-03-04 gunsales Statistical Analysis of Monthly Background Checks of Gun Purchases
2016-03-04 hda Heteroscedastic Discriminant Analysis
2016-03-04 HMP Hypothesis Testing and Power Calculations for Comparing Metagenomic Samples from HMP
2016-03-04 lintools Manipulation of Linear Systems of (in)Equalities
2016-03-04 Mondrian A Simple Graphical Representation of the Relative Occurrence and Co-Occurrence of Events
2016-03-04 nets Network Estimation for Time Series
2016-03-04 nlmrt Functions for Nonlinear Least Squares Solutions
2016-03-04 PBD Protracted Birth-Death Model of Diversification
2016-03-04 qtl Tools for Analyzing QTL Experiments
2016-03-04 resemble Regression and Similarity Evaluation for Memory-Based Learning in Spectral Chemometrics
2016-03-04 SACCR SA Counterparty Credit Risk under Basel III
2016-03-04 sourcetools Tools for the Reading and Tokenization of R Code
2016-03-03 asdreader Reading ASD Binary Files in R
2016-03-03 detect Analyzing Wildlife Data with Detection Error
2016-03-03 graphicsQC Quality Control for Graphics in R
2016-03-03 humarray Simplify Analysis and Annotation of Human Microarray Datasets
2016-03-03 ipdw Spatial Interpolation by Inverse Path Distance Weighting
2016-03-03 karaoke Remove Vocals from a Song
2016-03-03 lettercase Utilities for Formatting Strings with Consistent Capitalization, Word Breaks and White Space
2016-03-03 lordif Logistic Ordinal Regression Differential Item Functioning using IRT
2016-03-03 mgcv Mixed GAM Computation Vehicle with GCV/AIC/REML Smoothness Estimation
2016-03-03 PDQutils PDQ Functions via Gram Charlier, Edgeworth, and Cornish Fisher Approximations
2016-03-03 ProteinDescriptors Generates Various Protein Descriptors for Machine Learning Algorithms
2016-03-03 RGraphics Data and Functions from the Book R Graphics, Second Edition
2016-03-03 sadists Some Additional Distributions
2016-03-03 signalHsmm Predict Presence of Signal Peptides
2016-03-03 swfscMisc Miscellaneous Functions for Southwest Fisheries Science Center
2016-03-03 webchem Chemical Information from the Web
2016-03-03 wrswoR Weighted Random Sampling without Replacement
2016-03-02 adegraphics An S4 Lattice-Based Package for the Representation of Multivariate Data
2016-03-02 AMCP A Multiple Comparison Perspective
2016-03-02 assertive.sets Assertions to Check Properties of Sets
2016-03-02 BayesVarSel Bayes Factors, Model Choice and Variable Selection in Linear Models
2016-03-02 biglasso Big Lasso: Extending Lasso Model Fitting to Big Data in R
2016-03-02 biomartr Functional Annotation and Biological Data Retrieval with R
2016-03-02 caseMatch Identify Similar Cases for Qualitative Case Studies
2016-03-02 deepboost Deep Boosting Ensemble Modeling
2016-03-02 dHSIC Independence Testing via Hilbert Schmidt Independence Criterion
2016-03-02 GAMens Applies GAMbag, GAMrsm and GAMens Ensemble Classifiers for Binary Classification
2016-03-02 georob Robust Geostatistical Analysis of Spatial Data
2016-03-02 GPareto Gaussian Processes for Pareto Front Estimation and Optimization
2016-03-02 lxb Fast LXB File Reader
2016-03-02 MANCIE Matrix Analysis and Normalization by Concordant Information Enhancement
2016-03-02 modQR Multiple-Output Directional Quantile Regression
2016-03-02 pems.utils Portable Emissions (and Other Mobile) Measurement System Utilities
2016-03-02 prepdat Preparing Experimental Data for Statistical Analysis
2016-03-02 Rearrangement Monotonize Point and Interval Functional Estimates by Rearrangement
2016-03-02 simpleRCache Simple R Cache
2016-03-02 spiders Fits Predator Preferences Model
2016-03-02 uniqueAtomMat Finding Unique or Duplicated Rows or Columns for Atomic Matrices
2016-03-01 ade4 Analysis of Ecological Data : Exploratory and Euclidean Methods in Environmental Sciences
2016-03-01 biomod2 Ensemble Platform for Species Distribution Modeling
2016-03-01 brotli A Compression Format Optimized for the Web
2016-03-01 cymruservices Query 'Team Cymru' 'IP' Address, Autonomous System Number ('ASN'), Border Gateway Protocol ('BGP'), Bogon and 'Malware' Hash Data Services
2016-03-01 deSolve Solvers for Initial Value Problems of Differential Equations (ODE, DAE, DDE)
2016-03-01 gemtc Network Meta-Analysis Using Bayesian Methods
2016-03-01 ggplot2 An Implementation of the Grammar of Graphics
2016-03-01 loa Lattice Options and Add-Ins
2016-03-01 mefa4 Multivariate Data Handling with S4 Classes and Sparse Matrices
2016-03-01 OTRselect Variable Selection for Optimal Treatment Decision
2016-03-01 RcppEigen 'Rcpp' Integration for the 'Eigen' Templated Linear Algebra Library
2016-03-01 RCurl General Network (HTTP/FTP/...) Client Interface for R
2016-03-01 SGPdata Exemplar Data Sets for SGP Analyses
2016-03-01 smoof Single and Multi-Objective Optimization Test Functions
2016-03-01 XML Tools for Parsing and Generating XML Within R and S-Plus
2016-02-29 captr Client for the Captricity API
2016-02-29 cocorresp Co-Correspondence Analysis Methods
2016-02-29 crch Censored Regression with Conditional Heteroscedasticity
2016-02-29 crmPack Object-Oriented Implementation of CRM Designs
2016-02-29 EffectStars Visualization of Categorical Response Models
2016-02-29 gridExtra Miscellaneous Functions for "Grid" Graphics
2016-02-29 grr Alternative Implementations of Base R Functions
2016-02-29 LRTH A Likelihood Ratio Test Accounting for Genetic Heterogeneity
2016-02-29 mstate Data Preparation, Estimation and Prediction in Multi-State Models
2016-02-29 pequod Moderated Regression Package
2016-02-29 planar Multilayer Optics
2016-02-29 PWD Time Series Regression Using the Power Weighted Densities (PWD) Approach
2016-02-29 RCA Relational Class Analysis
2016-02-29 RFmarkerDetector Multivariate Analysis of Metabolomics Data using Random Forests
2016-02-29 RYandexTranslate R Interface to Yandex Translate API
2016-02-29 schumaker Schumaker Shape-Preserving Spline
2016-02-29 spikeSlabGAM Bayesian Variable Selection and Model Choice for Generalized Additive Mixed Models
2016-02-29 tmpm Trauma Mortality Prediction Model
2016-02-29 Weighted.Desc.Stat Weighted Descriptive Statistics
2016-02-28 analogue Analogue and Weighted Averaging Methods for Palaeoecology
2016-02-28 bst Gradient Boosting
2016-02-28 colorscience Color Science Methods and Data
2016-02-28 COUSCOus A Residue-Residue Contact Detecting Method
2016-02-28 fastAdaboost a Fast Implementation of Adaboost
2016-02-28 RcmdrPlugin.GWRM R Commander Plug-in for Fitting Generalized Waring Regression Models
2016-02-28 TestScorer GUI for Entering Test Items and Obtaining Raw and Transformed Scores
2016-02-28 varian Variability Analysis in R
2016-02-27 bartMachineJARs bartMachine JARs
2016-02-27 BKPC Bayesian Kernel Projection Classifier
2016-02-27 bnnSurvival Bagged k-Nearest Neighbors Survival Prediction
2016-02-27 clustMixType k-Prototypes Clustering for Mixed Variable-Type Data
2016-02-27 highmean Two-Sample Tests for High-Dimensional Mean Vectors
2016-02-27 leaflet Create Interactive Web Maps with the JavaScript 'Leaflet' Library
2016-02-27 repolr Repeated Measures Proportional Odds Logistic Regression
2016-02-27 vdmR Visual Data Mining Tools for R
2016-02-26 changepoint Methods for Changepoint Detection
2016-02-26 crawl Fit Continuous-Time Correlated Random Walk Models to Animal Movement Data
2016-02-26 easyPubMed Search and Retrieve Scientific Publication Records from Pubmed
2016-02-26 flora Tools for Interacting with the Brazilian Flora 2020
2016-02-26 gtable Arrange 'Grobs' in Tables
2016-02-26 MRH Multi-Resolution Estimation of the Hazard Rate
2016-02-26 PSAboot Bootstrapping for Propensity Score Analysis
2016-02-26 rmdformats HTML Output Formats and Templates for 'rmarkdown' Documents
2016-02-26 rstatscn R Interface for China National Data
2016-02-26 scales Scale Functions for Visualization
2016-02-26 TriMatch Propensity Score Matching of Non-Binary Treatments
2016-02-25 apt Asymmetric Price Transmission
2016-02-25 CryptRndTest Statistical Tests for Cryptographic Randomness
2016-02-25 erer Empirical Research in Economics with R
2016-02-25 Evomorph Evolutionary Morphometric Simulation
2016-02-25 htmlwidgets HTML Widgets for R
2016-02-25 livechatR R Wrapper for LiveChat REST API
2016-02-25 LMest Latent Markov Models with and without Covariates
2016-02-25 luzlogr Lightweight Logging for R Scripts
2016-02-25 MM2S Single-Sample Classifier of Medulloblastoma Subtypes for Medulloblastoma Patient Samples, Mouse Models, and Cell Lines
2016-02-25 PBImisc A Set of Datasets Used in My Classes or in the Book 'Modele Liniowe i Mieszane w R, Wraz z Przykladami w Analizie Danych'
2016-02-25 perARMA Periodic Time Series Analysis
2016-02-25 qqtest Self Calibrating Quantile-Quantile Plots for Visual Testing
2016-02-25 rockchalk Regression Estimation and Presentation
2016-02-25 transport Optimal Transport in Various Forms
2016-02-25 vcdExtra 'vcd' Extensions and Additions
2016-02-25 WACS Multivariate Weather-State Approach Conditionally Skew-Normal Generator
2016-02-25 wfg Weighted Fast Greedy Algorithm
2016-02-24 apcluster Affinity Propagation Clustering
2016-02-24 CONDOP Condition-Dependent Operon Predictions
2016-02-24 GiRaF Gibbs Random Fields Analysis
2016-02-24 iClick A Button-Based GUI for Financial and Economic Data Analysis
2016-02-24 IntegratedJM Joint Modelling of the Gene-Expression and Bioassay Data, Taking Care of the Effect Due to a Fingerprint Feature
2016-02-24 powerplus Exponentiation Operations
2016-02-24 pvrank Rank Correlations
2016-02-24 qualityTools Statistical Methods for Quality Science
2016-02-24 reddPrec Reconstruction of Daily Data - Precipitation
2016-02-24 seqHMM Hidden Markov Models for Life Sequences and Other Multivariate, Multichannel Categorical Time Series
2016-02-23 bdots Bootstrapped Differences of Time Series
2016-02-23 boot Bootstrap Functions (Originally by Angelo Canty for S)
2016-02-23 causaleffect Deriving Expressions of Joint Interventional Distributions and Transport Formulas in Causal Models
2016-02-23 d3heatmap Interactive Heat Maps Using 'htmlwidgets' and 'D3.js'
2016-02-23 DetR Suite of Deterministic and Robust Algorithms for Linear Regression
2016-02-23 gmeta Meta-Analysis via a Unified Framework of Confidence Distribution
2016-02-23 hsdar Manage, Analyse and Simulate Hyperspectral Data
2016-02-23 linERR Linear Excess Relative Risk Model
2016-02-23 LSAfun Applied Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) Functions
2016-02-23 permGPU Using GPUs in Statistical Genomics
2016-02-23 PReMiuM Dirichlet Process Bayesian Clustering, Profile Regression
2016-02-23 prevR Estimating Regional Trends of a Prevalence from a DHS
2016-02-23 scs Splitting Conic Solver
2016-02-23 sensory Simultaneous Model-Based Clustering and Imputation via a Progressive Expectation-Maximization Algorithm
2016-02-23 sfsmisc Utilities from "Seminar fuer Statistik" ETH Zurich
2016-02-23 vcrpart Tree-Based Varying Coefficient Regression for Generalized Linear and Ordinal Mixed Models
2016-02-23 WikiSocio A MediaWiki API Wrapper
2016-02-22 alakazam Immunoglobulin Clonal Lineage and Diversity Analysis
2016-02-22 clifro Easily Download and Visualise Climate Data from CliFlo
2016-02-22 depmix Dependent Mixture Models
2016-02-22 jagsUI A Wrapper Around 'rjags' to Streamline 'JAGS' Analyses
2016-02-22 Lmoments L-Moments and Quantile Mixtures
2016-02-22 lrequire Sources an R "Module" with Caching & Encapsulation, Returning Exported Vars
2016-02-22 MTurkR R Client for the MTurk Requester API
2016-02-22 MuViCP MultiClass Visualizable Classification using Combination of Projections
2016-02-22 RSA Response Surface Analysis
2016-02-22 seriation Infrastructure for Ordering Objects Using Seriation
2016-02-22 SpatialVx Spatial Forecast Verification
2016-02-22 spnet Plotting (Social) Networks on Maps
2016-02-22 sprm Sparse and Non-Sparse Partial Robust M Regression and Classification
2016-02-22 TSP Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP)
2016-02-21 babynames US Baby Names 1880-2014
2016-02-21 ChannelAttributionApp Shiny Web Application for the Multichannel Attribution Problem
2016-02-21 epinet Epidemic/Network-Related Tools
2016-02-21 ggbeeswarm Categorical Scatter (Violin Point) Plots
2016-02-21 md Selecting Bandwidth for Kernel Density Estimator with Minimum Distance Method
2016-02-21 mptools RAMAS Metapop Tools
2016-02-21 RNetCDF Interface to NetCDF Datasets
2016-02-21 shazam Immunoglobulin Somatic Hypermutation Analysis
2016-02-21 vudc Visualization of Univariate Data for Comparison
2016-02-20 crandatapkgs Find Data-Only Packages on CRAN
2016-02-20 cyclocomp Cyclomatic Complexity of R Code
2016-02-20 gRbase A Package for Graphical Modelling in R
2016-02-20 GSE Robust Estimation in the Presence of Cellwise and Casewise Contamination and Missing Data
2016-02-20 multiway Component Models for Multi-Way Data
2016-02-20 rcbsubset Optimal Subset Matching with Refined Covariate Balance
2016-02-20 readstata13 Import Stata Data Files
2016-02-20 simPop Simulation of Synthetic Populations for Survey Data Considering Auxiliary Information
2016-02-19 AF Model-Based Estimation of Confounder-Adjusted Attributable Fractions
2016-02-19 clttools Central Limit Theorem Experiments (Theoretical and Simulation)
2016-02-19 EditImputeCont Simultaneous Edit-Imputation for Continuous Microdata
2016-02-19 geoaxe Split 'Geospatial' Objects into Pieces
2016-02-19 inegiR Integrate INEGI’s (Mexican Stats Office) API with R
2016-02-19 rem Relational Event Models (REM)
2016-02-19 rfisheries 'Programmatic Interface to the 'openfisheries.org' API'
2016-02-19 rjags Bayesian Graphical Models using MCMC
2016-02-19 variables Variable Descriptions
2016-02-18 biganalytics Utilities for 'big.matrix' Objects from Package 'bigmemory'
2016-02-18 bigtabulate Table, Apply, and Split Functionality for Matrix and 'big.matrix' Objects
2016-02-18 BioFTF Biodiversity Assessment Using Functional Tools
2016-02-18 Familias Probabilities for Pedigrees Given DNA Data
2016-02-18 microbats An Implementation of Bat Algorithm in R
2016-02-18 minimap Create Tile Grid Maps
2016-02-18 mvQuad Methods for Multivariate Quadrature
2016-02-18 NLP Natural Language Processing Infrastructure
2016-02-18 openNLP Apache OpenNLP Tools Interface
2016-02-18 pch Piecewise Constant Hazards Models for Censored and Truncated Data
2016-02-18 pubmed.mineR Text Mining of PubMed Abstracts
2016-02-18 stochvol Efficient Bayesian Inference for Stochastic Volatility (SV) Models
2016-02-18 tadaatoolbox Helpers for Data Analysis and Presentation Focused on Undergrad Psychology
2016-02-17 calibrar Automated Parameter Estimation for Complex (Ecological) Models
2016-02-17 catdap Categorical Data Analysis Program Package
2016-02-17 entropart Entropy Partitioning to Measure Diversity
2016-02-17 GGEBiplotGUI Interactive GGE Biplots in R
2016-02-17 Libra Linearized Bregman Algorithms for Generalized Linear Models
2016-02-17 LLSR Data Analysis of Liquid-Liquid Systems
2016-02-17 MazamaSpatialUtils Mazama Science Spatial Data Download and Utility Functions
2016-02-17 MBESS The MBESS R Package
2016-02-17 metasens Advanced Statistical Methods to Model and Adjust for Bias in Meta-Analysis
2016-02-17 MGLM Multivariate Response Generalized Linear Models
2016-02-17 ncappc NCA Calculation and Population PK Model Diagnosis
2016-02-17 R.oo R Object-Oriented Programming with or without References
2016-02-17 ROracle OCI Based Oracle Database Interface for R
2016-02-17 s2dverification Set of Common Tools for Forecast Verification
2016-02-17 scenario Construct Reduced Trees with Predefined Nodal Structures
2016-02-17 SIBER Stable Isotope Bayesian Ellipses in R
2016-02-17 SSDM Stacked Species Distribution Modelling
2016-02-17 synchronicity Boost Mutex Functionality in R
2016-02-17 TauStar Efficient Computation and Testing of the Bergsma-Dassios Sign Covariance
2016-02-17 testit A Simple Package for Testing R Packages
2016-02-17 tolerance Functions for Calculating Tolerance Intervals
2016-02-17 versions Query and Install Specific Versions of Packages on CRAN
2016-02-17 VisuClust Visualisation of Clusters in Multivariate Data
2016-02-16 designGLMM Finding Optimal Block Designs for a Generalised Linear Mixed Model
2016-02-16 gdtools Utilities for Graphical Rendering
2016-02-16 kml K-Means for Longitudinal Data
2016-02-16 kml3d K-Means for Joint Longitudinal Data
2016-02-16 longitudinalData Longitudinal Data
2016-02-16 PoweR Computation of Power and Level Tables for Hypothesis Tests
2016-02-16 prereg R Markdown Template to Preregister Scientific Studies
2016-02-16 ResourceSelection Resource Selection (Probability) Functions for Use-Availability Data
2016-02-16 R.methodsS3 S3 Methods Simplified
2016-02-16 rplos Interface to the Search 'API' for 'PLoS' Journals
2016-02-15 adegenet Exploratory Analysis of Genetic and Genomic Data
2016-02-15 alphahull Generalization of the Convex Hull of a Sample of Points in the Plane
2016-02-15 ANOM Analysis of Means
2016-02-15 arrApply Apply a Function to a Margin of an Array
2016-02-15 depmixS4 Dependent Mixture Models - Hidden Markov Models of GLMs and Other Distributions in S4
2016-02-15 designmatch Construction of Optimally Matched Samples for Randomized Experiments and Observational Studies that are Balanced by Design
2016-02-15 EmpiricalCalibration Routines for Performing Empirical Calibration of Observational Study Estimates
2016-02-15 faraway Functions and Datasets for Books by Julian Faraway
2016-02-15 fractional Vulgar Fractions in R
2016-02-15 GenSA R Functions for Generalized Simulated Annealing
2016-02-15 mc2d Tools for Two-Dimensional Monte-Carlo Simulations
2016-02-15 noncompliance Causal Inference in the Presence of Treatment Noncompliance Under the Binary Instrumental Variable Model
2016-02-15 pdftables Programmatic Conversion of PDF Tables
2016-02-15 rrcov Scalable Robust Estimators with High Breakdown Point
2016-02-15 rrcovHD Robust Multivariate Methods for High Dimensional Data
2016-02-15 rrcovNA Scalable Robust Estimators with High Breakdown Point for Incomplete Data
2016-02-15 telegram R Wrapper Around the Telegram Bot API
2016-02-14 geotech Geotechnical Engineering
2016-02-14 GrammR Graphical Representation and Modeling of Metagenomic Reads
2016-02-14 ipfp Fast Implementation of the Iterative Proportional Fitting Procedure in C
2016-02-14 kimisc Kirill's Miscellaneous Functions
2016-02-14 overlap Estimates of Coefficient of Overlapping for Animal Activity Patterns
2016-02-14 readbulk Read and Combine Multiple Data Files
2016-02-14 urlshorteneR R Wrapper for the 'Bit.ly', 'Goo.gl' and 'Is.gd' URL Shortening Services
2016-02-13 BonEV An Improved Multiple Testing Procedure for Controlling False Discovery Rates
2016-02-13 ggswissmaps Offers Various Swiss Maps as ggplot2 Objects
2016-02-13 maps Draw Geographical Maps
2016-02-13 mlr Machine Learning in R
2016-02-13 monogeneaGM Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Monogenean Anchors
2016-02-13 MSG Data and Functions for the Book Modern Statistical Graphics
2016-02-13 multimark Capture-Mark-Recapture Analysis using Multiple Non-Invasive Marks
2016-02-13 munsell Utilities for Using Munsell Colours
2016-02-13 TransP Implementation of Transportation Problem Algorithms
2016-02-13 yhatr R Binder for the Yhat API
2016-02-12 ACSNMineR Gene Enrichment Analysis from ACSN Maps or GMT Files
2016-02-12 CAvariants Correspondence Analysis Variants
2016-02-12 customizedTraining Customized Training for Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Generalized Linear Models
2016-02-12 DepthProc Statistical Depth Functions for Multivariate Analysis
2016-02-12 FCMapper Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping
2016-02-12 LCMCR Bayesian Nonparametric Latent-Class Capture-Recapture
2016-02-12 MCMC.OTU Bayesian Analysis of Multivariate Counts Data in DNA Metabarcoding and Ecology
2016-02-12 omics '–omics' Data Analysis Toolbox
2016-02-12 rdatacite 'DataCite' Client for 'OAI-PMH' Methods and their Search 'API'
2016-02-12 RSocrata Download or Upload 'Socrata' Data Sets
2016-02-12 ssizeRNA Sample Size Calculation for RNA-Seq Experimental Design
2016-02-12 TeachingDemos Demonstrations for Teaching and Learning
2016-02-12 WaverR Data Estimation using Weighted Averages of Multiple Regressions
2016-02-12 weights Weighting and Weighted Statistics
2016-02-12 wrswoR.benchmark Benchmark and Correctness Data for Weighted Random Sampling Without Replacement
2016-02-11 AICcmodavg Model Selection and Multimodel Inference Based on (Q)AIC(c)
2016-02-11 bbmle Tools for General Maximum Likelihood Estimation
2016-02-11 BGPhazard Markov Beta and Gamma Processes for Modeling Hazard Rates
2016-02-11 BSSasymp Asymptotic Covariance Matrices of Some BSS Mixing and Unmixing Matrix Estimates
2016-02-11 emdbook Support Functions and Data for "Ecological Models and Data"
2016-02-11 EnsembleBase Extensible Package for Parallel, Batch Training of Base Learners for Ensemble Modeling
2016-02-11 ionr Test for Indifference of Indicator
2016-02-11 monomvn Estimation for Multivariate Normal and Student-t Data with Monotone Missingness
2016-02-11 rcbalance Large, Sparse Optimal Matching with Refined Covariate Balance
2016-02-11 RPPanalyzer Reads, Annotates, and Normalizes Reverse Phase Protein Array Data
2016-02-11 seasonal R Interface to X-13-ARIMA-SEATS
2016-02-11 spacom Spatially Weighted Context Data for Multilevel Modelling
2016-02-11 starma Modelling Space Time AutoRegressive Moving Average (STARMA) Processes
2016-02-11 svd Interfaces to Various State-of-Art SVD and Eigensolvers
2016-02-11 Taxonstand Taxonomic Standardization of Plant Species Names
2016-02-11 timedelay Time Delay Estimation for Stochastic Time Series of Gravitationally Lensed Quasars
2016-02-11 titrationCurves Acid/Base, Complexation, Redox, and Precipitation Titration Curves
2016-02-11 VarfromPDB Capture the Genes and Variants Related to a Genetic Disease from Public Databases
2016-02-11 VNM Using V-algorithm and Newton-Raphson Method to Obtain Multiple-objective Optimal Design
2016-02-10 BIOdry Multilevel Modeling of Dendroclimatical Fluctuations
2016-02-10 blockseg Two Dimensional Change-Points Detection
2016-02-10 EBMAforecast Ensemble BMA Forecasting
2016-02-10 exploreR Tools for Quickly Exploring Data
2016-02-10 gmwm Generalized Method of Wavelet Moments
2016-02-10 mvnTest Goodness of Fit Tests for Multivariate Normality
2016-02-10 nodiv Compares the Distribution of Sister Clades Through a Phylogeny
2016-02-10 npmr Nuclear Penalized Multinomial Regression
2016-02-10 pan Multiple Imputation for Multivariate Panel or Clustered Data
2016-02-10 psData Download Regularly Maintained Political Science Data Sets
2016-02-10 rcrossref Client for Various 'CrossRef' 'APIs'
2016-02-10 solrium General Purpose R Interface to 'Solr'
2016-02-10 tikzDevice R Graphics Output in LaTeX Format
2016-02-10 TRADER Tree Ring Analysis of Disturbance Events in R
2016-02-09 ahp Analytic Hierarchy Process
2016-02-09 alphashape3d Implementation of the 3D Alpha-Shape for the Reconstruction of 3D Sets from a Point Cloud
2016-02-09 cooccur Probabilistic Species Co-Occurrence Analysis in R
2016-02-09 DDD Diversity-Dependent Diversification
2016-02-09 dti Analysis of Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI) Data
2016-02-09 FMP Filtered Monotonic Polynomial IRT Models
2016-02-09 gitlabr Access to the Gitlab API
2016-02-09 latticeExtra Extra Graphical Utilities Based on Lattice
2016-02-09 loe Local Ordinal Embedding
2016-02-09 NPBayesImpute Non-Parametric Bayesian Multiple Imputation for Categorical Data
2016-02-09 rangemodelR Mid-Domain Effect and Species Richness Patterns
2016-02-09 rorcid Interface to the 'Orcid.org' 'API'
2016-02-09 Sim.DiffProc Simulation of Diffusion Processes
2016-02-09 soc.ca Specific Correspondence Analysis for the Social Sciences
2016-02-09 StMoMo Stochastic Mortality Modelling
2016-02-09 svglite An 'SVG' Graphics Device
2016-02-09 Watersheds Spatial Watershed Aggregation and Spatial Drainage Network Analysis
2016-02-08 ClusterStability Assessment of Stability of Individual Objects or Clusters in Partitioning Solutions
2016-02-08 ggrepel Repulsive Text and Label Geoms for 'ggplot2'
2016-02-08 guess Adjust Estimates of Learning for Guessing
2016-02-08 munfold Metric Unfolding
2016-02-08 rmp Rounded Mixture Package. Performs Probability Mass Function Estimation with Nonparametric Mixtures of Rounded Kernels
2016-02-08 robCompositions Robust Estimation for Compositional Data
2016-02-08 spc Statistical Process Control – Collection of Some Useful Functions
2016-02-08 spgrass6 Interface Between GRASS 6+ Geographical Information System and R
2016-02-08 stripless Structured Trellis Displays Without Strips for Lattice Graphics
2016-02-08 yCrypticRNAs Cryptic Transcription Analysis in Yeast
2016-02-07 bayesDccGarch The Bayesian Dynamic Conditional Correlation GARCH Model
2016-02-07 Bmix Bayesian Sampling for Stick-Breaking Mixtures
2016-02-07 caretEnsemble Ensembles of Caret Models
2016-02-07 ETAS Modeling Earthquake Data Using ETAS Model
2016-02-07 Gmisc Descriptive Statistics, Transition Plots, and More
2016-02-07 midastouch Multiple Imputation by Distance Aided Donor Selection
2016-02-07 MixedDataImpute Missing Data Imputation for Continuous and Categorical Data using Nonparametric Bayesian Joint Models
2016-02-07 mpbart Multinomial Probit Bayesian Additive Regression Trees
2016-02-07 repmis Miscellaneous Tools for Reproducible Research
2016-02-07 RLogicalOps Process Logical Operations
2016-02-07 tgp Bayesian Treed Gaussian Process Models
2016-02-07 tufte Tufte's Styles for R Markdown Documents
2016-02-06 coala A Framework for Coalescent Simulation
2016-02-06 densityClust Clustering by Fast Search and Find of Density Peaks
2016-02-06 diveMove Dive Analysis and Calibration
2016-02-06 LOGIT Functions, Data and Code for Binary and Binomial Data
2016-02-06 oai General Purpose 'Oai-PMH' Services Client
2016-02-06 SigTree Identify and Visualize Significantly Responsive Branches in a Phylogenetic Tree
2016-02-06 visreg Visualization of Regression Models
2016-02-05 ca Simple, Multiple and Joint Correspondence Analysis
2016-02-05 cmna Computational Methods for Numerical Analysis
2016-02-05 DRaWR Discriminative Random Walk with Restart
2016-02-05 exifr EXIF Image Data in R
2016-02-05 mpath Regularized Linear Models
2016-02-05 partykit A Toolkit for Recursive Partytioning
2016-02-05 plotROC Generate Useful ROC Curve Charts for Print and Interactive Use
2016-02-05 rdian Client Library for The Guardian
2016-02-05 SHELF Tools to Support the Sheffield Elicitation Framework (SHELF)
2016-02-05 smcfcs Multiple Imputation of Covariates by Substantive Model Compatible Fully Conditional Specification
2016-02-05 TEQR Target Equivalence Range Design
2016-02-05 treatSens Sensitivity Analysis for Causal Inference
2016-02-05 WikipediaR R-Based Wikipedia Client
2016-02-05 xtable Export Tables to LaTeX or HTML
2016-02-04 ABCp2 Approximate Bayesian Computational Model for Estimating P2
2016-02-04 ABHgenotypeR Easy Visualization of ABH Genotypes
2016-02-04 DiagrammeRsvg Export DiagrammeR Graphviz Graphs as SVG
2016-02-04 elexr Load Associated Press Election Results with Elex
2016-02-04 epandist Statistical Functions for the Censored and Uncensored Epanechnikov Distribution
2016-02-04 IFP Identifying Functional Polymorphisms
2016-02-04 lfda Local Fisher Discriminant Analysis
2016-02-04 PortfolioEffectEstim High Frequency Price Estimators by PortfolioEffect
2016-02-04 PSCBS Analysis of Parent-Specific DNA Copy Numbers
2016-02-04 SEHmodel Spatial Exposure-Hazard Model for Exposure and Impact Assessment on Exposed Individuals
2016-02-04 Sky Canopy Openness Analyzer Package
2016-02-04 SuperLearner Super Learner Prediction
2016-02-04 tumgr Tumor Growth Rate Analysis
2016-02-03 biotools Tools for Biometry and Applied Statistics in Agricultural Science
2016-02-03 DoseFinding Planning and Analyzing Dose Finding Experiments
2016-02-03 epanetReader Read Epanet Files into R
2016-02-03 episensr Basic Sensitivity Analysis of Epidemiological Results
2016-02-03 globals Identify Global Objects in R Expressions
2016-02-03 globe Plot 2D and 3D Views of the Earth, Including Major Coastline
2016-02-03 httk High-Throughput Toxicokinetics
2016-02-03 logspline Logspline Density Estimation Routines
2016-02-03 lqmm Linear Quantile Mixed Models
2016-02-03 MLCIRTwithin Latent Class Item Response Theory (LC-IRT) Models under Within-Item Multidimensionality
2016-02-03 multgee GEE Solver for Correlated Nominal or Ordinal Multinomial Responses
2016-02-03 ParamHelpers Helpers for Parameters in Black-Box Optimization, Tuning and Machine Learning
2016-02-03 photobiologyWavebands Waveband Definitions for UV, VIS, and IR Radiation
2016-02-03 RcmdrPlugin.EZR R Commander Plug-in for the EZR (Easy R) Package
2016-02-03 rworldmap Mapping Global Data
2016-02-03 sgeostat An Object-Oriented Framework for Geostatistical Modeling in S+
2016-02-03 tensr Covariance Inference and Decompositions for Tensor Datasets
2016-02-02 DDRTree Learning Principal Graphs with DDRTree
2016-02-02 FastGP Efficiently Using Gaussian Processes with Rcpp and RcppEigen
2016-02-02 geneSLOPE Genome-Wide Association Study with SLOPE
2016-02-02 GGMridge Gaussian Graphical Models Using Ridge Penalty Followed by Thresholding and Reestimation
2016-02-02 graticule Meridional and Parallel Lines for Maps
2016-02-02 mvtnorm Multivariate Normal and t Distributions
2016-02-02 nnet Feed-Forward Neural Networks and Multinomial Log-Linear Models
2016-02-02 patPRO Visualizing Temporal Microbiome Data
2016-02-02 quantileDA Quantile Classifier
2016-02-02 REBayes Empirical Bayes Estimation and Inference in R
2016-02-02 RKEEL Using Keel in R Code
2016-02-02 RKEELjars Java Executable .jar Files for 'RKEEL'
2016-02-02 statmod Statistical Modeling
2016-02-01 acid Analysing Conditional Income Distributions
2016-02-01 cmprskQR Analysis of Competing Risks Using Quantile Regressions
2016-02-01 DiagrammeR Create Graph Diagrams and Flowcharts Using R
2016-02-01 exreport Fast, Reliable and Elegant Reproducible Research
2016-02-01 gsDesign Group Sequential Design
2016-02-01 kernDeepStackNet Kernel Deep Stacking Networks
2016-02-01 murphydiagram Murphy Diagrams for Forecast Comparisons
2016-02-01 PortfolioEffectHFT High Frequency Portfolio Analytics by PortfolioEffect
2016-02-01 refund.shiny Interactive Plotting for Functional Data Analyses
2016-02-01 scorer Quickly Score Models in Data Science and Machine Learning
2016-01-31 backblazer Bindings to the Backblaze B2 API
2016-01-31 boxr Interface for the 'Box.com API'
2016-01-31 pgirmess Data Analysis in Ecology
2016-01-31 psoptim Particle Swarm Optimization
2016-01-31 regpro Nonparametric Regression
2016-01-31 rfordummies Code Examples to Accompany the Book "R for Dummies"
2016-01-31 tripEstimation Metropolis Sampler and Supporting Functions for Estimating Animal Movement from Archival Tags and Satellite Fixes
2016-01-30 asymLD Asymmetric Linkage Disequilibrium (ALD) for Polymorphic Genetic Data
2016-01-30 cepp Context Driven Exploratory Projection Pursuit
2016-01-30 deconstructSigs Identifies Signatures Present in a Tumor Sample
2016-01-30 EBglmnet Empirical Bayesian Lasso and Elastic Net Methods for Generalized Linear Models
2016-01-30 maptools Tools for Reading and Handling Spatial Objects
2016-01-30 matchingMarkets Analysis of Stable Matchings
2016-01-30 MCMCglmm MCMC Generalised Linear Mixed Models
2016-01-30 RefFreeEWAS EWAS using Reference-Free DNA Methylation Mixture Deconvolution
2016-01-30 StockChina Real-Time Stock Price & Volume in China Market
2016-01-30 wildpoker Best Hand Analysis for Poker Variants Including Wildcards
2016-01-30 zooaRch Analytical Tools for Zooarchaeological Data
2016-01-29 bayesPop Probabilistic Population Projection
2016-01-29 bqtl Bayesian QTL Mapping Toolkit
2016-01-29 CpGassoc Association Between Methylation and a Phenotype of Interest
2016-01-29 erp.easy Event-Related Potential (ERP) Data Exploration Made Easy
2016-01-29 IMP Interactive Model Performance Evaluation
2016-01-29 lm.br Linear Model with Breakpoint
2016-01-29 memoise Memoisation of Functions
2016-01-29 multic Quantitative Linkage Analysis Tools using the Variance Components Approach
2016-01-29 pinfsc50 Sequence ("Fasta"), Annotation ("Gff") and Variants ("Vcf") for 17 Samples of "P. Infestans" and 1 "P. Mirabilis"
2016-01-29 SpatialEpi Methods and Data for Spatial Epidemiology
2016-01-28 asbio A Collection of Statistical Tools for Biologists
2016-01-28 cmsaf Tools for CM SAF Netcdf Data
2016-01-28 covsep Tests for Determining if the Covariance Structure of 2-Dimensional Data is Separable
2016-01-28 easypackages Easy Loading and Installing of Packages
2016-01-28 iRafNet Integrative Random Forest for Gene Regulatory Network Inference
2016-01-28 mapr 'Visualize' Species Occurrence Data
2016-01-28 MVR Mean-Variance Regularization
2016-01-28 RStoolbox Tools for Remote Sensing Data Analysis
2016-01-28 sscor Robust Correlation Estimation and Testing Based on Spatial Signs
2016-01-28 TH.data TH's Data Archive
2016-01-28 TUWmodel Lumped Hydrological Model for Education Purposes
2016-01-27 gimms Download and Process GIMMS NDVI3g Data
2016-01-27 LaplaceDeconv Laplace Deconvolution with Noisy Discrete Non-Equally Spaced Observations on a Finite Time Interval
2016-01-27 pbkrtest Parametric Bootstrap and Kenward Roger Based Methods for Mixed Model Comparison
2016-01-27 wBoot Bootstrap Methods
2016-01-26 brnn Bayesian Regularization for Feed-Forward Neural Networks
2016-01-26 cchs Cox Model for Case-Cohort Data with Stratified Subcohort-Selection
2016-01-26 distance.sample.size Calculates Study Size Required for Distance Sampling
2016-01-26 exCon Interactive Exploration of Contour Data
2016-01-26 HDPenReg High-Dimensional Penalized Regression
2016-01-26 histmdl A Most Informative Histogram-Like Model
2016-01-26 ibr Iterative Bias Reduction
2016-01-26 miscset Miscellaneous Tools Set
2016-01-26 obAnalytics Limit Order Book Analytics
2016-01-26 pbdPROF Programming with Big Data — MPI Profiling Tools
2016-01-26 pdolsms Panel Dynamic OLS Estimation of Cointegrating Vectors
2016-01-26 pmclust Parallel Model-Based Clustering using Expectation-Gathering-Maximization Algorithm for Finite Mixture Gaussian Model
2016-01-26 R2GUESS Wrapper Functions for GUESS
2016-01-26 R6 Classes with Reference Semantics
2016-01-26 rattle Graphical User Interface for Data Mining in R
2016-01-26 RNetLogo Provides an Interface to the Agent-Based Modelling Platform NetLogo
2016-01-26 rredlist 'IUCN' Red List Client
2016-01-26 Sabermetrics Sabermetrics Functions for Baseball Analytics
2016-01-26 seqMeta Meta-Analysis of Region-Based Tests of Rare DNA Variants
2016-01-26 SpecHelpers Spectroscopy Related Utilities
2016-01-26 SteinIV Semi-Parametric Stein-Like Estimator with Instrumental Variables
2016-01-25 coenoflex Gradient-Based Coenospace Vegetation Simulator
2016-01-25 DetMCD Implementation of the DetMCD Algorithm (Robust and Deterministic Estimation of Location and Scatter)
2016-01-25 easyVerification Ensemble Forecast Verification for Large Data Sets
2016-01-25 oaxaca Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition
2016-01-25 surveyoutliers Helps Manage Outliers in Sample Surveys
2016-01-24 cubfits Codon Usage Bias Fits
2016-01-24 DiffusionRjgqd Inference and Analysis for Jump Generalized Quadratic Diffusions
2016-01-24 labdsv Ordination and Multivariate Analysis for Ecology
2016-01-24 medicalrisk Medical Risk and Comorbidity Tools for ICD-9-CM Data
2016-01-24 pbdBASE Programming with Big Data – Base Wrappers for Distributed Matrices
2016-01-24 pbdDEMO Programming with Big Data – Demonstrations and Examples Using 'pbdR' Packages
2016-01-24 pbdDMAT Programming with Big Data – Distributed Matrix Methods
2016-01-24 permute Functions for Generating Restricted Permutations of Data
2016-01-24 RadOnc Analytical Tools for Radiation Oncology
2016-01-24 RcppExamples Examples using 'Rcpp' to Interface R and C++
2016-01-24 VertexSimilarity Creates Vertex Similarity Matrix for an Undirected Graph
2016-01-23 AsynchLong Regression Analysis of Sparse Asynchronous Longitudinal Data
2016-01-23 fSRM Social Relations Analyses with Roles ("Family SRM")
2016-01-23 fullfact Full Factorial Breeding Analysis
2016-01-23 fungible Fungible Coefficients and Monte Carlo Functions
2016-01-23 ggmap Spatial Visualization with ggplot2
2016-01-23 nonnest2 Tests of Non-Nested Models
2016-01-23 numOSL Numeric Routines for Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dating
2016-01-23 optpart Optimal Partitioning of Similarity Relations
2016-01-23 phylobase Base Package for Phylogenetic Structures and Comparative Data
2016-01-23 ramsvm Reinforced Angle-Based Multicategory Support Vector Machines
2016-01-23 simone Statistical Inference for MOdular NEtworks (SIMoNe)
2016-01-23 webreadr Tools for Reading Formatted Access Log Files
2016-01-22 DYM Did You Mean?
2016-01-22 fulltext Full Text of 'Scholarly' Articles Across Many Data Sources
2016-01-22 Morpho Calculations and Visualisations Related to Geometric Morphometrics
2016-01-22 netgen Network Generator for Combinatorial Graph Problems
2016-01-22 pbdSLAP Programming with Big Data – Scalable Linear Algebra Packages
2016-01-22 RcppDE Global Optimization by Differential Evolution in C++
2016-01-21 FreqProf Frequency Profiles Computing and Plotting
2016-01-21 hopbyhop Transmissions and Receptions in a Hop by Hop Network
2016-01-21 pbdMPI Programming with Big Data – Interface to MPI
2016-01-21 precintcon Precipitation Intensity, Concentration and Anomaly Analysis
2016-01-21 sclero Measure Growth Patterns and Align Sampling Spots in Photographs
2016-01-21 SuppDists Supplementary Distributions
2016-01-21 tree Classification and Regression Trees
2016-01-21 triangle Provides the Standard Distribution Functions for the Triangle Distribution
2016-01-20 cbsodataR Statistics Netherlands (CBS) Open Data API Client
2016-01-20 corclass Correlational Class Analysis
2016-01-20 DiffusionRgqd Inference and Analysis for Generalized Quadratic Diffusions
2016-01-20 extremevalues Univariate Outlier Detection
2016-01-20 hybridModels Stochastic Hybrid Models in Dynamic Networks
2016-01-20 icRSF A Modified Random Survival Forest Algorithm
2016-01-20 JRF Joint Random Forest (JRF) for the Simultaneous Estimation of Multiple Related Networks
2016-01-20 madness Automatic Differentiation of Multivariate Operations
2016-01-20 miCoPTCM Promotion Time Cure Model with Mis-Measured Covariates
2016-01-20 permutations Permutations of a Finite Set
2016-01-20 RKEELdata Datasets from KEEL for it Use in RKEEL
2016-01-20 RVPedigree Methods for Family-Based Rare-Variant Genetic Association Tests
2016-01-20 xVA Calculates Credit Risk Valuation Adjustments
2016-01-19 AmpliconDuo Statistical Analysis of Amplicon Data of the Same Sample to Identify Artefacts
2016-01-19 bootnet Bootstrap Methods for Various Network Estimation Routines
2016-01-19 cmaesr Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy
2016-01-19 HMPTrees Statistical Object Oriented Data Analysis of RDP-Based Taxonomic Trees from Human Microbiome Data
2016-01-19 igraphinshiny Use 'shiny' to Demo 'igraph'
2016-01-19 pAnalysis Benchmarking and Rescaling R2 using Noise Percentile Analysis
2016-01-19 pmhtutorial Minimal Working Examples for Particle Metropolis-Hastings
2016-01-19 RMixpanel R API for Mixpanel
2016-01-19 SemiMarkov Multi-States Semi-Markov Models
2016-01-19 simmr A Stable Isotope Mixing Model
2016-01-19 SNscan Scan Statistics in Social Networks
2016-01-19 SubpathwayLNCE Identify Signal Subpathways Competitively Regulated by LncRNAs Based on ceRNA Theory
2016-01-18 abn Modelling Multivariate Data with Additive Bayesian Networks
2016-01-18 assortnet Calculate the Assortativity Coefficient of Weighted and Binary Networks
2016-01-18 CepLDA Discriminant Analysis of Time Series in the Presence of Within-Group Spectral Variability
2016-01-18 cycleRtools Tools for Cycling Data Analysis
2016-01-18 errint Build Error Intervals
2016-01-18 GERGM Estimation and Fit Diagnostics for Generalized Exponential Random Graph Models
2016-01-18 htmlTable Advanced Tables for Markdown/HTML
2016-01-18 lhs Latin Hypercube Samples
2016-01-18 OceanView Visualisation of Oceanographic Data and Model Output
2016-01-18 ph2bayes Bayesian Single-Arm Phase II Designs
2016-01-18 plot3Drgl Plotting Multi-Dimensional Data - Using 'rgl'
2016-01-18 rpcdsearch Tools for the Construction of Clinical Code Lists for Primary Care Database Studies
2016-01-18 synbreed Framework for the Analysis of Genomic Prediction Data using R
2016-01-17 freqparcoord Novel Methods for Parallel Coordinates
2016-01-17 OECD Search and Extract Data from the OECD
2016-01-17 proportion Inference on Single Binomial Proportion and Bayesian Computations
2016-01-17 RcmdrPlugin.NMBU R Commander Plug-in for University Level Applied Statistics
2016-01-16 mldr Exploratory Data Analysis and Manipulation of Multi-Label Data Sets
2016-01-16 mldr.datasets R Ultimate Multilabel Dataset Repository
2016-01-16 OriGen Fast Spatial Ancestry via Flexible Allele Frequency Surfaces
2016-01-16 SDR Subgroup Discovery Algorithms for R
2016-01-16 simr Power Analysis for Generalised Linear Mixed Models by Simulation
2016-01-16 visualFields Statistical Methods for Visual Fields
2016-01-15 Actigraphy Actigraphy Data Analysis
2016-01-15 bingat Binary Graph Analysis Tools
2016-01-15 DescribeDisplay An Interface to the DescribeDisplay GGobi Plugin
2016-01-15 FDRsampsize Compute Sample Size that Meets Requirements for Average Power and FDR
2016-01-15 HKprocess Hurst-Kolmogorov Process
2016-01-15 logmult Log-Multiplicative Models, Including Association Models
2016-01-15 miniUI Shiny UI Widgets for Small Screens
2016-01-15 mmcm Modified Maximum Contrast Method
2016-01-15 networkDynamic Dynamic Extensions for Network Objects
2016-01-15 pageviews An API Client for Wikimedia Traffic Data
2016-01-15 PASWR2 Probability and Statistics with R, Second Edition
2016-01-15 pez Phylogenetics for the Environmental Sciences
2016-01-15 sharx Models and Data Sets for the Study of Species-Area Relationships
2016-01-15 stm Estimation of the Structural Topic Model
2016-01-15 TreatmentSelection Evaluate Treatment Selection Biomarkers
2016-01-14 abctools Tools for ABC Analyses
2016-01-14 labstats Data Sets for the Book "Experimental Design for Laboratory Biologists"
2016-01-14 mapdata Extra Map Databases
2016-01-14 rerddap General Purpose Client for 'ERDDAP' Servers
2016-01-14 smint Smooth Multivariate Interpolation for Gridded and Scattered Data
2016-01-13 BinaryEMVS Variable Selection for Binary Data Using the EM Algorithm
2016-01-13 breakpoint An R Package for Multiple Break-Point Detection via the Cross-Entropy Method
2016-01-13 cofeatureR Generate Cofeature Matrices
2016-01-13 dChipIO Methods for Reading dChip Files
2016-01-13 DecisionCurve Calculate and Plot Decision Curves
2016-01-13 HWxtest Exact Tests for Hardy-Weinberg Proportions
2016-01-13 hyfo Hydrology and Climate Forecasting
2016-01-13 lpSolveAPI R Interface to 'lp_solve' Version
2016-01-13 MASSTIMATE Body Mass Estimation Equations for Vertebrates
2016-01-13 matconv A Code Converter from the Matlab/Octave Language to R
2016-01-13 ontologySimilarity Functions for Calculating Ontological Similarities
2016-01-13 plot3D Plotting Multi-Dimensional Data
2016-01-13 proftools Profile Output Processing Tools for R
2016-01-13 QCAtools Helper Functions for QCA in R
2016-01-13 rase Range Ancestral State Estimation for Phylogeography and Comparative Analyses
2016-01-13 Rgbp Hierarchical Modeling and Frequency Method Checking on Overdispersed Gaussian, Poisson, and Binomial Data
2016-01-13 rPowerSampleSize Sample Size Computations Controlling the Type-II Generalized Family-Wise Error Rate
2016-01-13 SamplingStrata Optimal Stratification of Sampling Frames for Multipurpose Sampling Surveys
2016-01-13 sivipm Sensitivity Indices with Dependent Inputs
2016-01-13 StatMatch Statistical Matching
2016-01-13 svs Tools for Semantic Vector Spaces
2016-01-13 wux Wegener Center Climate Uncertainty Explorer
2016-01-13 xkcd Plotting ggplot2 Graphics in an XKCD Style
2016-01-12 BDWreg Bayesian Inference for Discrete Weibull Regression
2016-01-12 CircOutlier Detection of Outliers in Circular-Circular Regression
2016-01-12 ggcorrplot Visualization of a Correlation Matrix using 'ggplot2'
2016-01-12 HistDAWass Histogram-Valued Data Analysis
2016-01-12 intercure Cure Rate Estimators for Interval Censored Data
2016-01-12 localgauss Estimating Local Gaussian Parameters
2016-01-12 MCPAN Multiple Comparisons Using Normal Approximation
2016-01-12 mefa Multivariate Data Handling in Ecology and Biogeography
2016-01-12 mixtools Tools for Analyzing Finite Mixture Models
2016-01-12 msltrend Improved Techniques to Estimate Trend, Velocity and Acceleration from Sea Level Records
2016-01-12 networkDynamicData Dynamic (Longitudinal) Network Datasets
2016-01-12 pnea Parametric Network Enrichment Analysis
2016-01-12 primerTree Visually Assessing the Specificity and Informativeness of Primer Pairs
2016-01-12 Rankcluster Model-Based Clustering for Multivariate Partial Ranking Data
2016-01-12 RcmdrPlugin.UCA UCA Rcmdr Plug-in
2016-01-12 ridigbio Interface to the iDigBio Data API
2016-01-12 rodd Optimal Discriminating Designs
2016-01-12 RRreg Correlation and Regression Analyses for Randomized Response Data
2016-01-12 SALES Elastic Net and (Adaptive) Lasso Penalized Sparse Asymmetric Least Squares (SALES) and Coupled Sparse Asymmetric Least Squares (COSALES) using Coordinate Descent and Proximal Gradient Algorithms
2016-01-11 concordance Product Concordance
2016-01-11 gsEasy Gene Set Enrichment Analysis in R
2016-01-11 gSEM Semi-Supervised Generalized Structural Equation Modeling
2016-01-11 lgcp Log-Gaussian Cox Process
2016-01-11 LPR Lasso and Partial Ridge
2016-01-11 mmppr Markov Modulated Poisson Process for Unsupervised Event Detection in Time Series of Counts
2016-01-11 ontologyIndex Functions for Reading Ontologies into R
2016-01-11 ontologyPlot Functions for Visualising Sets of Ontological Terms
2016-01-11 pRF Permutation Significance for Random Forests
2016-01-11 rlm Robust Fitting of Linear Model
2016-01-11 soilphysics Soil Physical Analysis
2016-01-11 urca Unit Root and Cointegration Tests for Time Series Data
2016-01-10 aroma.affymetrix Analysis of Large Affymetrix Microarray Data Sets
2016-01-10 coefplot Plots Coefficients from Fitted Models
2016-01-10 desiR Desirability Functions for Ranking, Selecting, and Integrating Data
2016-01-09 EPGLM Gaussian Approximation of Bayesian Binary Regression Models
2016-01-09 lazyWeave LaTeX Wrappers for R Users
2016-01-09 ores Connector to the Objective Revision Evaluation Service (ORES)
2016-01-09 phylolm Phylogenetic Linear Regression
2016-01-08 awsMethods Class and Methods Definitions for Packages 'aws', 'adimpro', 'fmri' and 'dti'
2016-01-08 bmeta Bayesian Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression
2016-01-08 digest Create Compact Hash Digests of R Objects
2016-01-08 earth Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines
2016-01-08 embryogrowth Tools to Analyze the Thermal Reaction Norm of Embryo Growth
2016-01-08 fwi.fbp Fire Weather Index System and Fire Behaviour Prediction System Calculations
2016-01-08 gbutils Simulation of Real and Complex Numbers and Small Programming Utilities
2016-01-08 MakefileR Create 'Makefiles' Using R
2016-01-08 mvnfast Fast Multivariate Normal Methods
2016-01-08 robustHD Robust Methods for High-Dimensional Data
2016-01-08 S2sls Spatial Two Stage Least Squares Estimation
2016-01-08 VARSEDIG An Algorithm for Morphometric Characters Selection and Statistical Validation in Morphological Taxonomy
2016-01-08 vrcp Change Point Estimation for Regression with Varying Segments and Heteroscedastic Variances
2016-01-07 AsioHeaders 'Asio' C++ Header Files
2016-01-07 divo Tools for Analysis of Diversity and Similarity in Biological Systems
2016-01-07 elastic General Purpose Interface to 'Elasticsearch'
2016-01-07 geigen Calculate Generalized Eigenvalues, the Generalized Schur Decomposition and the Generalized Singular Value Decomposition of a Matrix Pair with Lapack
2016-01-07 glmvsd Variable Selection Deviation Measures and Instability Tests for High-Dimensional Generalized Linear Models
2016-01-07 gyriq Kinship-Adjusted Survival SNP-Set Analysis
2016-01-07 MuMIn Multi-Model Inference
2016-01-07 neuroim Data Structures and Handling for Neuroimaging Data
2016-01-07 rgr Applied Geochemistry EDA
2016-01-07 rJava Low-Level R to Java Interface
2016-01-07 SafeQuant A Toolbox for the Analysis of Proteomics Data
2016-01-07 solarPos Solar Position Algorithm for Solar Radiation Applications
2016-01-06 aroma.core Core Methods and Classes Used by 'aroma.*' Packages Part of the Aroma Framework
2016-01-06 BacArena Modeling Framework for Cellular Communities in their Environments
2016-01-06 clue Cluster Ensembles
2016-01-06 conover.test Conover-Iman Test of Multiple Comparisons Using Rank Sums
2016-01-06 dma Dynamic Model Averaging
2016-01-06 dunn.test Dunn's Test of Multiple Comparisons Using Rank Sums
2016-01-06 dynatopmodel Implementation of the Dynamic TOPMODEL Hydrological Model
2016-01-06 eiCompare Compares EI, Goodman, RxC Estimates
2016-01-06 Epi A Package for Statistical Analysis in Epidemiology
2016-01-06 lightsout Implementation of the 'Lights Out' Puzzle Game
2016-01-06 MKmisc Miscellaneous Functions from M. Kohl
2016-01-06 PK Basic Non-Compartmental Pharmacokinetics
2016-01-06 PMCMR Calculate Pairwise Multiple Comparisons of Mean Rank Sums
2016-01-06 RcmdrPlugin.FactoMineR Graphical User Interface for FactoMineR
2016-01-06 Rmonkey A Survey Monkey R Client
2016-01-06 rotations Tools for Working with Rotation Data
2016-01-06 sejmRP An Information About Deputies and Votings in Polish Diet from Seventh to Eighth Term of Office
2016-01-06 shades Simple Colour Manipulation
2016-01-06 SimRAD Simulations to Predict the Number of RAD and GBS Loci
2016-01-06 skmeans Spherical k-Means Clustering
2016-01-06 stlplus Enhanced Seasonal Decomposition of Time Series by Loess
2016-01-06 wordnet WordNet Interface
2016-01-05 aLFQ Estimating Absolute Protein Quantities from Label-Free LC-MS/MS Proteomics Data
2016-01-05 broman Karl Broman's R Code
2016-01-05 cds Constrained Dual Scaling for Detecting Response Styles
2016-01-05 chopthin The Chopthin Resampler
2016-01-05 hiddenf The All-Configurations, Maximum-Interaction F-Test for Hidden Additivity
2016-01-05 lsbclust Least-Squares Bilinear Clustering for Three-Way Data
2016-01-05 mmand Mathematical Morphology in Any Number of Dimensions
2016-01-05 R.filesets Easy Handling of and Access to Files Organized in Structured Directories
2016-01-05 RImagePalette Extract the Colors from Images
2016-01-05 RSAGA SAGA Geoprocessing and Terrain Analysis in R
2016-01-05 rsml Plant Root System Markup Language (RSML) File Processing
2016-01-05 sgd Stochastic Gradient Descent for Scalable Estimation
2016-01-05 sprintfr An Easy Interface to String Formatting
2016-01-05 uniah Unimodal Additive Hazards Model
2016-01-05 vdg Variance Dispersion Graphs and Fraction of Design Space Plots
2016-01-04 bfork Basic Unix Process Control
2016-01-04 cg Compare Groups, Analytically and Graphically
2016-01-04 ENMeval Automated Runs and Evaluations of Ecological Niche Models
2016-01-04 EnvNicheR Niche Estimation
2016-01-04 ggalt Extra Coordinate Systems, Geoms and Statistical Transformations for 'ggplot2'
2016-01-04 gjam Generalized Joint Attribute Modeling
2016-01-04 GoFKernel Testing Goodness-of-Fit with the Kernel Density Estimator
2016-01-04 hot.deck Multiple Hot-Deck Imputation
2016-01-04 LiblineaR.ACF Linear Classification with Online Adaptation of Coordinate Frequencies
2016-01-04 M4comp Data from the M4 Time Series Forecasting Competition
2016-01-04 PlayerRatings Dynamic Updating Methods for Player Ratings Estimation
2016-01-04 qtlc Densitometric Analysis of Thin-Layer Chromatography Plates
2016-01-04 rgl 3D Visualization Using OpenGL
2016-01-04 textcat N-Gram Based Text Categorization
2016-01-04 USAboundaries Historical and Contemporary Boundaries of the United States of America
2016-01-03 cghseg Segmentation Methods for Array CGH Analysis
2016-01-03 grpss Group Screening and Selection
2016-01-03 httping 'Ping' 'URLs' to Time 'Requests'
2016-01-03 icensmis Study Design and Data Analysis in the Presence of Error-Prone Diagnostic Tests and Self-Reported Outcomes
2016-01-03 NNLM Fast and Versatile Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
2016-01-03 rainbow Rainbow Plots, Bagplots and Boxplots for Functional Data
2016-01-03 rangeMapper A Platform for the Study of Macroecology of Life History Traits
2016-01-03 request High Level 'HTTP' Client
2016-01-03 robustlmm Robust Linear Mixed Effects Models
2016-01-03 tempcyclesdata Climate Data from Wang and Dillon
2016-01-02 aucm AUC Maximization
2016-01-02 forega Floating-Point Genetic Algorithms with Statistical Forecast Based Inheritance Operator
2016-01-02 isoph Isotonic Proportional Hazards Model
2016-01-02 RAM R for Amplicon-Sequencing-Based Microbial-Ecology
2016-01-02 stringdist Approximate String Matching and String Distance Functions
2016-01-01 BNSP Bayesian Non- and Semi-Parametric Model Fitting
2016-01-01 hwde Models and Tests for Departure from Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium and Independence Between Loci
2016-01-01 MPLikelihoodWB Modified Profile Likelihood Estimation for Weibull Shape and Regression Parameters
2016-01-01 msma Multiblock Sparse Multivariable Analysis
2015-12-31 arfima Fractional ARIMA (and Other Long Memory) Time Series Modeling
2015-12-31 bc3net Gene Regulatory Network Inference with Bc3net
2015-12-31 BMRV Bayesian Models for Rare Variant Association Analysis
2015-12-31 choroplethrAdmin1 Contains an Administrative-Level-1 Map of the World
2015-12-31 DTR Estimation and Comparison of Dynamic Treatment Regimes
2015-12-31 gapminder Data from Gapminder
2015-12-31 hdr Interface to the UNDR Human Development Report API
2015-12-31 markophylo Markov Chain Models for Phylogenetic Trees
2015-12-31 optiRum Financial Functions & More
2015-12-31 ParallelPC Paralellised Versions of Constraint Based Causal Discovery Algorithms
2015-12-31 rsunlight Interface to 'Sunlight' Foundation 'APIs'
2015-12-30 acc Functions for Processing and Analyzing Accelerometer Data
2015-12-30 FinCal Time Value of Money, Time Series Analysis and Computational Finance
2015-12-30 geoelectrics 3D-Visualization of Geoelectric Resistivity Measurement Profiles
2015-12-30 gRain Graphical Independence Networks
2015-12-30 ifctools Italian Fiscal Code ('Codice Fiscale') Utilities
2015-12-30 nat NeuroAnatomy Toolbox for Analysis of 3D Image Data
2015-12-30 plspm.formula Formula Based PLS Path Modeling
2015-12-30 RcmdrPlugin.KMggplot2 An Rcmdr Plug-in for Kaplan-Meier Plots and Other Plots by Using the ggplot2 Package
2015-12-30 robreg3S Three-Step Regression and Inference for Cellwise and Casewise Contamination
2015-12-30 rvalues R-Values for Ranking in High-Dimensional Settings
2015-12-30 sdmvspecies Create Virtual Species for Species Distribution Modelling
2015-12-30 soundecology Soundscape Ecology
2015-12-30 spdynmod Spatio-Dynamic Wetland Plant Communities Model
2015-12-30 webp A New Format for Lossless and Lossy Image Compression
2015-12-29 Deducer A Data Analysis GUI for R
2015-12-29 diffeR Metrics of Difference for Comparing Pairs of Maps
2015-12-29 GiANT Gene Set Uncertainty in Enrichment Analysis
2015-12-29 jackstraw Statistical Inference of Variables Driving Systematic Variation
2015-12-29 PopED Population (and Individual) Optimal Experimental Design
2015-12-29 protr Generating Various Numerical Representation Schemes of Protein Sequence
2015-12-29 seroincidence Estimating Infection Rates from Serological Data
2015-12-29 TOC Total Operating Characteristic Curve and ROC Curve
2015-12-29 xtal Crystallization Toolset
2015-12-28 BEST Bayesian Estimation Supersedes the t-Test
2015-12-28 BiasedUrn Biased Urn Model Distributions
2015-12-28 DTRlearn Learning Algorithms for Dynamic Treatment Regimes
2015-12-28 listenv Environments Behaving (Almost) as Lists
2015-12-28 multilevelPSA Multilevel Propensity Score Analysis
2015-12-28 qiimer Work with QIIME Output Files in R
2015-12-28 rglwidget 'rgl' in 'htmlwidgets' Framework
2015-12-28 rmgarch Multivariate GARCH Models
2015-12-28 Rsolnp General Non-Linear Optimization
2015-12-27 meteoForecast Numerical Weather Predictions
2015-12-27 MultAlloc Optimal Allocation in Stratified Sampling
2015-12-26 oasis Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
2015-12-26 OutbreakTools Basic Tools for the Analysis of Disease Outbreaks
2015-12-26 ShapeSelectForest Shape Selection for Landsat Time Series of Forest Dynamics
2015-12-26 spacetime Classes and Methods for Spatio-Temporal Data
2015-12-26 validateRS One-Sided Multivariate Testing Procedures for Rating Systems
2015-12-25 evd Functions for Extreme Value Distributions
2015-12-25 Matching Multivariate and Propensity Score Matching with Balance Optimization
2015-12-25 TideHarmonics Harmonic Analysis of Tides
2015-12-24 MediaK Calculate MeDiA_K Distance
2015-12-24 multifwf Read Fixed Width Format Files Containing Lines of Different Type
2015-12-24 SchemaOnRead Automated Schema on Read
2015-12-24 shock Slope Heuristic for Block-Diagonal Covariance Selection in High Dimensional Gaussian Graphical Models
2015-12-24 XNomial Exact Goodness-of-Fit Test for Multinomial Data with Fixed Probabilities
2015-12-23 batteryreduction An R Package for Data Reduction by Battery Reduction
2015-12-23 BlandAltmanLeh Plots (Slightly Extended) Bland-Altman Plots
2015-12-23 kergp Gaussian Process Laboratory
2015-12-23 MRIaggr Management, Display, and Processing of Medical Imaging Data
2015-12-23 multisom Clustering a Dataset using Multi-SOM Algorithm
2015-12-23 population Models for Simulating Populations
2015-12-23 r4ss R Code for Stock Synthesis
2015-12-23 rdryad Access for Dryad Web Services
2015-12-23 Rknots Topological Analysis of Knotted Proteins, Biopolymers and 3D Structures
2015-12-23 SpatialTools Tools for Spatial Data Analysis
2015-12-22 colourlovers R Client for the COLOURlovers API
2015-12-22 federalregister Client Package for the U.S. Federal Register API
2015-12-22 gear Geostatistical Analysis in R
2015-12-22 gistr Work with 'GitHub' 'Gists'
2015-12-22 kequate The Kernel Method of Test Equating
2015-12-22 Lock5withR Datasets for 'Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data'
2015-12-22 lumendb Lumen Database API Client
2015-12-22 RPublica ProPublica API Client
2015-12-22 spcosa Spatial Coverage Sampling and Random Sampling from Compact Geographical Strata
2015-12-22 sValues Measures of the Sturdiness of Regression Coefficients
2015-12-22 TcGSA Time-Course Gene Set Analysis
2015-12-21 auRoc Various Methods to Estimate the AUC
2015-12-21 CFC Cause-Specific Framework for Competing-Risk Analysis
2015-12-21 clogitboost Boosting Conditional Logit Model
2015-12-21 diversitree Comparative Phylogenetic Analyses of Diversification
2015-12-21 gridGraphics Redraw Base Graphics Using 'grid' Graphics
2015-12-21 ltsa Linear Time Series Analysis
2015-12-21 metricsgraphics Create Interactive Charts with the JavaScript 'MetricsGraphics' Library
2015-12-21 nnetpredint Prediction Intervals of Multi-Layer Neural Networks
2015-12-21 paleofire Analysis of Charcoal Records from the Global Charcoal Database
2015-12-21 ProbYX Inference for the Stress-Strength Model R = P(Y<X)
2015-12-21 scmamp Statistical Comparison of Multiple Algorithms in Multiple Problems
2015-12-21 statebins U.S. State Cartogram Heatmaps in R; an Alternative to Choropleth Maps for USA States
2015-12-21 systemicrisk A Toolbox for Systemic Risk
2015-12-21 VARsignR Sign Restrictions, Bayesian, Vector Autoregression Models
2015-12-20 ContaminatedMixt Model-Based Clustering and Classification with the Multivariate Contaminated Normal Distribution
2015-12-20 depth.plot Multivariate Analogy of Quantiles
2015-12-20 lctools Local Correlation, Spatial Inequalities, Geographically Weighted Regression and Other Tools
2015-12-20 OAIHarvester Harvest Metadata Using OAI-PMH v2.0
2015-12-20 stylo Functions for a Variety of Stylometric Analyses
2015-12-20 W3CMarkupValidator R Interface to W3C Markup Validation Services
2015-12-19 bujar Buckley-James Regression for Survival Data with High-Dimensional Covariates
2015-12-19 dynsim Dynamic Simulations of Autoregressive Relationships
2015-12-19 FWDselect Selecting Variables in Regression Models
2015-12-19 MTurkRGUI A Graphical User Interface for MTurkR
2015-12-19 prodlim Product-Limit Estimation for Censored Event History Analysis
2015-12-19 RcppTOML 'Rcpp' Bindings to Parser for Tom's Obvious Markup Language
2015-12-19 TITAN2 Threshold Indicator Taxa Analysis
2015-12-18 bodenmiller Profilling of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells using CyTOF
2015-12-18 clhs Conditioned Latin Hypercube Sampling
2015-12-18 confreq Configural Frequencies Analysis Using Log-Linear Modeling
2015-12-18 directlabels Direct Labels for Multicolor Plots
2015-12-18 extRemes Extreme Value Analysis
2015-12-18 fastR Foundations and Applications of Statistics Using R
2015-12-18 granovaGG Graphical Analysis of Variance Using ggplot2
2015-12-18 mangoTraining Mango Solutions Training Datasets
2015-12-18 phenex Auxiliary Functions for Phenological Data Analysis
2015-12-18 picasso Pathwise Calibrated Sparse Shooting Algorithm
2015-12-18 sankey Sankey Diagrams
2015-12-18 SEMID Identifiability of Linear Structural Equation Models
2015-12-18 Ultimixt Bayesian Analysis of a Non-Informative Parametrization for Gaussian Mixture Distributions
2015-12-18 VBLPCM Variational Bayes Latent Position Cluster Model for Networks
2015-12-17 CCAGFA Bayesian Canonical Correlation Analysis and Group Factor Analysis
2015-12-17 MIICD Multiple Imputation for Interval Censored Data
2015-12-17 MPSEM Modeling Phylogenetic Signals using Eigenvector Maps
2015-12-16 BRugs Interface to the 'OpenBUGS' MCMC Software
2015-12-16 dse Dynamic Systems Estimation (Time Series Package)
2015-12-16 euroMix Calculations for DNA Mixtures
2015-12-16 fourPNO Bayesian 4 Parameter Item Response Model
2015-12-16 gpDDE General Profiling Method for Delay Differential Equation
2015-12-16 keep Arrays with Better Control over Dimension Dropping
2015-12-16 knitrBootstrap Knitr Bootstrap Framework
2015-12-16 pamm Power Analysis for Random Effects in Mixed Models
2015-12-16 PHeval Evaluation of the Proportional Hazards Assumption with a Standardized Score Process
2015-12-16 plfm Probabilistic Latent Feature Analysis
2015-12-16 qrcm Quantile Regression Coefficients Modeling
2015-12-16 rebus Build Regular Expressions in a Human Readable Way
2015-12-16 rebus.base Core Functionality for the 'rebus' Package
2015-12-16 rebus.datetimes Date and Time Extensions for the 'rebus' Package
2015-12-16 rebus.numbers Numeric Extensions for the 'rebus' Package
2015-12-16 rebus.unicode Unicode Extensions for the 'rebus' Package
2015-12-16 RSGHB Functions for Hierarchical Bayesian Estimation: A Flexible Approach
2015-12-16 tfplot Time Frame User Utilities
2015-12-16 tframe Time Frame Coding Kernel
2015-12-16 TSdbi Time Series Database Interface
2015-12-16 TSsdmx 'TSdbi' Extension to Connect with 'SDMX'
2015-12-16 TTAinterfaceTrendAnalysis Temporal Trend Analysis Graphical Interface
2015-12-15 bayesGARCH Bayesian Estimation of the GARCH(1,1) Model with Student-t Innovations
2015-12-15 CarletonStats Functions For Statistics Classes At Carleton College
2015-12-15 censusr Collect Data from the Census API
2015-12-15 hail Read HYDRA Rainfall Data
2015-12-15 likert Functions to Analyze and Visualize Likert Type Items
2015-12-15 pcev Principal Component of Explained Variance
2015-12-15 plm Linear Models for Panel Data
2015-12-15 rTensor Tools for Tensor Analysis and Decomposition
2015-12-15 treecm Centre of Mass Assessment and Consolidation of Trees
2015-12-15 waffle Create Waffle Chart Visualizations in R
2015-12-14 dendsort Modular Leaf Ordering Methods for Dendrogram Nodes
2015-12-14 desplot Plotting Field Plans for Agricultural Experiments
2015-12-14 ERP Significance Analysis of Event-Related Potentials Data
2015-12-14 exif Read EXIF Metadata from JPEGs
2015-12-14 gapmap Functions for Drawing Gapped Cluster Heatmap with ggplot2
2015-12-14 gge Genotype Plus Genotype-by-Environment Biplots
2015-12-14 hellno Providing 'stringsAsFactors=FALSE' Variants of 'data.frame()' and 'as.data.frame()'
2015-12-14 hpoPlot Functions for Plotting HPO Terms
2015-12-14 InterSIM Simulation of Inter-Related Genomic Datasets
2015-12-14 LightningR Tools for Communication with Lightning-Viz Server
2015-12-14 MicroDatosEs Utilities for Official Spanish Microdata
2015-12-14 RCircos Circos 2D Track Plot
2015-12-14 rTableICC Random Generation of Contingency Tables
2015-12-14 SimCorMultRes Simulates Correlated Multinomial Responses
2015-12-14 ThresholdROC Threshold Estimation
2015-12-14 timeSeries Rmetrics - Financial Time Series Objects
2015-12-14 vita Variable Importance Testing Approaches
2015-12-13 cairoDevice Embeddable Cairo Graphics Device Driver
2015-12-13 CITAN CITation ANalysis Toolpack
2015-12-13 pagenum Put Page Numbers on Graphics
2015-12-13 qdapRegex Regular Expression Removal, Extraction, and Replacement Tools
2015-12-13 solarius An R Interface to SOLAR
2015-12-13 strptimer An Easy Interface to Time Formatting
2015-12-12 ADMMnet Regularized Model with Selecting the Number of Non-Zeros
2015-12-12 Anthropometry Statistical Methods for Anthropometric Data
2015-12-12 bio3d Biological Structure Analysis
2015-12-12 Frames2 Estimation in Dual Frame Surveys
2015-12-12 HLMdiag Diagnostic Tools for Hierarchical (Multilevel) Linear Models
2015-12-12 libamtrack Computational Routines for Proton and Ion Radiotherapy
2015-12-12 SemiParSampleSel Semiparametric Sample Selection Modelling with Continuous or Discrete Response
2015-12-12 sirad Functions for Calculating Daily Solar Radiation and Evapotranspiration
2015-12-11 AEDForecasting Change Point Analysis in ARIMA Forecasting
2015-12-11 pheatmap Pretty Heatmaps
2015-12-11 rbvs Ranking-Based Variable Selection
2015-12-11 rCBA CBA Classifier for R
2015-12-11 RXMCDA Functions to Parse and Create XMCDA Files
2015-12-11 SAFD Statistical Analysis of Fuzzy Data
2015-12-11 SPmlficmcm Semiparametric Maximum Likelihood Method for Interactions Gene-Environment in Case-Mother Control-Mother Designs
2015-12-10 CCMnet Simulate Congruence Class Model for Networks
2015-12-10 Coxnet Regularized Cox Model
2015-12-10 forestmodel Forest Plots from Regression Models
2015-12-10 ibmdbR IBM in-Database Analytics for R
2015-12-10 marmap Import, Plot and Analyze Bathymetric and Topographic Data
2015-12-10 ordinalNet Penalized Ordinal Regression
2015-12-10 RANKS Ranking of Nodes with Kernelized Score Functions
2015-12-10 rethinker RethinkDB Client
2015-12-10 simplegraph Simple Graph Data Types and Basic Algorithms
2015-12-09 CorReg Linear Regression Based on Linear Structure Between Covariates
2015-12-09 darch Package for Deep Architectures and Restricted Boltzmann Machines
2015-12-09 DWreg Parametric Regression for Discrete Response
2015-12-09 fheatmap Fantastic Heatmap
2015-12-09 maddison Maddison Project Database
2015-12-09 mcparallelDo A Simplified Interface for Running Commands on Parallel Processes
2015-12-09 MScombine Combine Data from Positive and Negative Ionization Mode Finding Common Entities
2015-12-09 NetPreProc Network Pre-Processing and Normalization
2015-12-09 orsifronts Southern Ocean Frontal Distributions (Orsi)
2015-12-09 pitchRx Tools for Harnessing 'MLBAM' 'Gameday' Data and Visualizing 'pitchfx'
2015-12-09 relMix Relationship Inference Based on Mixtures
2015-12-09 REndo Fitting Linear Models with Endogenous Regressors when No External Instruments are Available
2015-12-09 riskR Risk Management
2015-12-09 rwfec R Wireless, Forward Error Correction
2015-12-09 sensitivity2x2xk Sensitivity Analysis for 2x2xk Tables in Observational Studies
2015-12-08 mixpack Tools to Work with Mixture Components
2015-12-08 MNS Mixed Neighbourhood Selection
2015-12-08 PAGWAS Pathway Analysis Methods for Genomewide Association Data
2015-12-08 RobustAFT Truncated Maximum Likelihood Fit and Robust Accelerated Failure Time Regression for Gaussian and Log-Weibull Case
2015-12-07 binomen 'Taxonomic' Specification and Parsing Methods
2015-12-07 cranlogs Download Logs from the 'RStudio' 'CRAN' Mirror
2015-12-07 G2Sd Grain-Size Statistics and Description of Sediment
2015-12-07 nat.templatebrains NeuroAnatomy Toolbox ('nat') Extension for Handling Template Brains
2015-12-07 outbreaker Bayesian Reconstruction of Disease Outbreaks by Combining Epidemiologic and Genomic Data
2015-12-07 PIGShift Polygenic Inverse Gamma Shifts
2015-12-07 RStata A Bit of Glue Between R and Stata
2015-12-07 WriteXLS Cross-Platform Perl Based R Function to Create Excel 2003 (XLS) and Excel 2007 (XLSX) Files
2015-12-07 wtcrsk Competing Risks Regression Models with Covariate-Adjusted Censoring Weights
2015-12-06 Amelia A Program for Missing Data
2015-12-06 caRpools CRISPR AnalyzeR for Pooled CRISPR Screens
2015-12-06 InformationValue Performance Analysis and Companion Functions for Binary Classification Models
2015-12-06 JacobiEigen Classical Jacobi Eigensolution Algorithm
2015-12-05 bayesLife Bayesian Projection of Life Expectancy
2015-12-05 connect3 A Tool for Reproducible Research by Converting 'LaTeX' Files Generated by R Sweave to Rich Text Format Files
2015-12-05 CorrMixed Estimate Correlations Between Repeatedly Measured Endpoints (E.g., Reliability) Based on Linear Mixed-Effects Models
2015-12-05 llama Leveraging Learning to Automatically Manage Algorithms
2015-12-05 mBvs Multivariate Bayesian Variable Selection Method Exploiting Dependence among Outcomes
2015-12-05 MetaCycle Evaluate Periodicity in Large Scale Data
2015-12-05 PrevMap Geostatistical Modelling of Spatially Referenced Prevalence Data
2015-12-05 RedditExtractoR Reddit Data Extraction Toolkit
2015-12-05 sharpshootR A Soil Survey Toolkit
2015-12-05 sleekts 4253H, Twice Smoothing
2015-12-04 acp Autoregressive Conditional Poisson
2015-12-04 hierfstat Estimation and Tests of Hierarchical F-Statistics
2015-12-04 ncdf4 Interface to Unidata netCDF (Version 4 or Earlier) Format Data Files
2015-12-04 npIntFactRep Nonparametric Interaction Tests for Factorial Designs with Repeated Measures
2015-12-04 ordiBreadth Ordinated Diet Breadth
2015-12-04 peakPick Peak Picking Methods Inspired by Biological Data
2015-12-04 phyclust Phylogenetic Clustering (Phyloclustering)
2015-12-04 Rmpfr R MPFR - Multiple Precision Floating-Point Reliable
2015-12-04 tsBSS Tools for Blind Source Separation for Time Series
2015-12-04 unitedR Assessment and Evaluation of Formations in United
2015-12-03 ACDm Tools for Autoregressive Conditional Duration Models
2015-12-03 ADPclust Fast Clustering Using Adaptive Density Peak Detection
2015-12-03 EpiDynamics Dynamic Models in Epidemiology
2015-12-03 formattable Formattable Data Structures
2015-12-03 onewaytests One-Way Independent Groups Design
2015-12-03 pairwise Rasch Model Parameters by Pairwise Algorithm
2015-12-03 pedometrics Pedometric Tools and Techniques
2015-12-03 ppcor Partial and Semi-Partial (Part) Correlation
2015-12-03 RQuantLib R Interface to the 'QuantLib' Library
2015-12-03 ryouready Companion to the Forthcoming Book - R you Ready?
2015-12-03 SAGA Software for the Analysis of Genetic Architecture
2015-12-03 sglasso Lasso Method for RCON(V,E) Models
2015-12-03 tggd The Standard Distribution Functions for the Truncated Generalised Gamma Distribution
2015-12-02 features Feature Extraction for Discretely-Sampled Functional Data
2015-12-02 gsl wrapper for the Gnu Scientific Library
2015-12-02 kriens Continuation Passing Style Development
2015-12-02 LW1949 An Automated Approach to Evaluating Dose-Effect Experiments Following Litchfield and Wilcoxon (1949)
2015-12-02 OData R Helper for OData Web Services
2015-12-02 paleoTS Analyze Paleontological Time-Series
2015-12-02 properties Parse Java Properties Files for R Service Bus Applications
2015-12-02 QCSIS Sure Independence Screening via Quantile Correlation and Composite Quantile Correlation
2015-12-02 svdvis Singular Value Decomposition Visualization
2015-12-02 ZeligChoice Zelig Choice Models
2015-12-01 gmatrix GPU Computing in R
2015-12-01 lsl Latent Structure Learning
2015-12-01 mda Mixture and Flexible Discriminant Analysis
2015-12-01 NeuralNetTools Visualization and Analysis Tools for Neural Networks
2015-12-01 OxyBS Processing of Oxy-Bisulfite Microarray Data
2015-12-01 TideTables Tide Analysis and Prediction of Predominantly Semi-Diurnal Tides
2015-11-30 causaldrf Tools for Estimating Causal Dose Response Functions
2015-11-30 cplexAPI R Interface to C API of IBM ILOG CPLEX
2015-11-30 dsample Discretization-Based Direct Random Sample Generation
2015-11-30 gesis R Client for GESIS Data Catalogue (DBK)
2015-11-30 injectoR R Dependency Injection
2015-11-30 latex2exp Use LaTeX Expressions in Plots
2015-11-30 lodGWAS Genome-Wide Association Analysis of a Biomarker Accounting for Limit of Detection
2015-11-30 mdatools Multivariate Data Analysis for Chemometrics
2015-11-30 oaColors OpenAnalytics Colors Package
2015-11-30 oaPlots OpenAnalytics Plots Package
2015-11-30 proton The Proton Game
2015-11-30 REPPlab R Interface to 'EPP-Lab', a Java Program for Exploratory Projection Pursuit
2015-11-29 mcemGLM Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Generalized Linear Mixed Models
2015-11-29 TFMPvalue Efficient and Accurate P-Value Computation for Position Weight Matrices
2015-11-28 ELMR Extreme Machine Learning (ELM)
2015-11-28 ICBayes Bayesian Semiparametric Models for Interval-Censored Data
2015-11-28 imPois Imprecise Inferential Framework for Poisson Sampling Model
2015-11-28 reda Recurrent Event Data Analysis
2015-11-27 Biocomb Feature Selection and Classification with the Embedded Validation Procedures for Biomedical Data Analysis
2015-11-27 blockcluster Coclustering Package for Binary, Categorical, Contingency and Continuous Data-Sets
2015-11-27 ECOSolveR Embedded Conic Solver in R
2015-11-27 Peptides Calculate Indices and Theoretical Properties of Protein Sequences
2015-11-27 pinnacle.API A Wrapper for the Pinnacle Sports API
2015-11-26 GroupTest Multiple Testing Procedure for Grouped Hypotheses
2015-11-26 Power2Stage Power and Sample-Size Distribution of 2-Stage Bioequivalence Studies
2015-11-26 rchallenge A Simple Data Science Challenge System
2015-11-25 bvarsv Bayesian Analysis of a Vector Autoregressive Model with Stochastic Volatility and Time-Varying Parameters
2015-11-25 ddR Distributed Data Structures in R
2015-11-25 microbenchmark Accurate Timing Functions
2015-11-25 MMWRweek Convert Dates to MMWR Day, Week, and Year
2015-11-25 odds.converter Betting Odds Conversion
2015-11-25 sgPLS Sparse Group Partial Least Square Methods
2015-11-24 apricom Tools for the a Priori Comparison of Regression Modelling Strategies
2015-11-24 BMS Bayesian Model Averaging Library
2015-11-24 cmvnorm The Complex Multivariate Gaussian Distribution
2015-11-24 dprep Data Pre-Processing and Visualization Functions for Classification
2015-11-24 exams Automatic Generation of Exams in R
2015-11-24 ipflasso Integrative Lasso with Penalty Factors
2015-11-24 kofnGA A Genetic Algorithm for Fixed-Size Subset Selection
2015-11-24 minpack.lm R Interface to the Levenberg-Marquardt Nonlinear Least-Squares Algorithm Found in MINPACK, Plus Support for Bounds
2015-11-24 netassoc Inference of Species Associations from Co-Occurrence Data
2015-11-24 OrdNor Concurrent Generation of Ordinal and Normal Data with Given Correlation Matrix and Marginal Distributions
2015-11-24 pgnorm The p-Generalized Normal Distribution
2015-11-24 RepeatABEL GWAS for Multiple Observations on Related Individuals
2015-11-24 sparseLDA Sparse Discriminant Analysis
2015-11-24 UncerIn2 Implements Models of Uncertainty into the Interpolation Functions
2015-11-24 XiMpLe A Simple XML Tree Parser and Generator
2015-11-24 yummlyr R Bindings for Yummly API
2015-11-23 AggregateR Aggregate Numeric, Date and Categorical Variables by an ID
2015-11-23 antitrust Tools for Antitrust Practitioners
2015-11-23 flexPM Flexible Parametric Models for Censored and Truncated Data
2015-11-23 ForecastCombinations Forecast Combinations
2015-11-23 kmc Kaplan-Meier Estimator with Constraints for Right Censored Data – a Recursive Computational Algorithm
2015-11-23 pander An R Pandoc Writer
2015-11-23 qut Quantile Universal Threshold
2015-11-23 randomizr Easy to Use Tools for Common Forms of Random Assignment
2015-11-23 RBPcurve The Residual-Based Predictiveness Curve
2015-11-23 SimSeq Nonparametric Simulation of RNA-Seq Data
2015-11-22 diffr Display Differences Between Two Files using Codediff Library
2015-11-22 diveRsity A Comprehensive, General Purpose Population Genetics Analysis Package
2015-11-22 labelrank Predicting Rankings of Labels
2015-11-22 lda Collapsed Gibbs Sampling Methods for Topic Models
2015-11-22 tracheideR Standardize Tracheidograms
2015-11-21 apaTables Create American Psychological Association (APA) Style Tables
2015-11-21 edgar Platform for EDGAR Filing Management
2015-11-21 extracat Categorical Data Analysis and Visualization
2015-11-21 FACTMLE Maximum Likelihood Factor Analysis
2015-11-21 gfcanalysis Tools for Working with Hansen et al. Global Forest Change Dataset
2015-11-21 scholar Analyse Citation Data from Google Scholar
2015-11-21 spcadjust Functions for Calibrating Control Charts
2015-11-21 subscore SubScore Computing Functions in Classical Test Theory
2015-11-20 bcrm Bayesian Continual Reassessment Method for Phase I Dose-Escalation Trials
2015-11-20 faoutlier Influential Case Detection Methods for Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Models
2015-11-20 PRIMsrc PRIM Survival Regression Classification
2015-11-20 RSNPset Efficient Score Statistics for Genome-Wide SNP Set Analysis
2015-11-20 snplist Tools to Create Gene Sets
2015-11-20 teigen Model-Based Clustering and Classification with the Multivariate t Distribution
2015-11-19 clustvarsel Variable Selection for Model-Based Clustering
2015-11-19 glmx Generalized Linear Models Extended
2015-11-19 MCDM Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods
2015-11-19 MotilityLab Quantitative Analysis of Motion
2015-11-19 PythonInR Use Python from Within R
2015-11-19 s4vd Biclustering via Sparse Singular Value Decomposition Incorporating Stability Selection
2015-11-19 YuGene A Simple Approach to Scale Gene Expression Data Derived from Different Platforms for Integrated Analyses
2015-11-18 catenary Fits a Catenary to Given Points
2015-11-18 ConConPiWiFun Optimisation with Continuous Convex Piecewise (Linear and Quadratic) Functions
2015-11-18 ecoretriever R Interface to the EcoData Retriever
2015-11-18 eeptools Convenience Functions for Education Data
2015-11-18 EurosarcBayes Bayesian Single Arm Sample Size Calculation Software
2015-11-18 hypervolume High-Dimensional Kernel Density Estimation and Geometry Operations
2015-11-18 JGEE Joint Generalized Estimating Equation Solver
2015-11-18 jvnVaR Value at Risk
2015-11-18 magclass Data Class and Tools for Handling Spatial-Temporal Data
2015-11-18 mplot Graphical Model Stability and Variable Selection Procedures
2015-11-18 NanoStringNorm Normalize NanoString miRNA and mRNA Data
2015-11-18 ndl Naive Discriminative Learning
2015-11-18 rapport A Report Templating System
2015-11-18 rSPACE Spatially-Explicit Power Analysis for Conservation and Ecology
2015-11-18 SoyNAM Soybean Nested Association Mapping Dataset
2015-11-18 tnet Software for Analysis of Weighted, Two-Mode, and Longitudinal Networks
2015-11-18 Traitspace A Predictive Model for Trait Based Community Assembly of Plant Species
2015-11-17 BayesBD Bayesian Boundary Detection in Images
2015-11-17 linbin Binning and Plotting of Linearly Referenced Data
2015-11-17 MvBinary Modelling Multivariate Binary Data with Blocks of Specific One-Factor Distribution
2015-11-17 phylometrics Estimating Statistical Errors of Phylogenetic Metrics
2015-11-17 SparseLearner Sparse Learning Algorithms Using a LASSO-Type Penalty for Coefficient Estimation and Model Prediction
2015-11-16 coin Conditional Inference Procedures in a Permutation Test Framework
2015-11-16 dslice Dynamic Slicing
2015-11-16 geoBayes Analysis of Geostatistical Data using Bayes and Empirical Bayes Methods
2015-11-16 gridDebug Debugging 'grid' Graphics
2015-11-16 gridSVG Export 'grid' Graphics as SVG
2015-11-16 Mediana Clinical Trial Simulations
2015-11-16 mixsmsn Fitting Finite Mixture of Scale Mixture of Skew-Normal Distributions
2015-11-16 nCDunnett Noncentral Dunnett's Test Distribution
2015-11-16 PracTools Tools for Designing and Weighting Survey Samples
2015-11-16 prism Access Data from the Oregon State Prism Climate Project
2015-11-16 sodavis SODA: Main and Interaction Effects Selection for Discriminant Analysis and Logistic Regression
2015-11-15 growcurves Bayesian Semi and Nonparametric Growth Curve Models that Additionally Include Multiple Membership Random Effects
2015-11-15 HLSM Hierarchical Latent Space Network Model (HLSM)
2015-11-15 landest Landmark Estimation of Survival and Treatment Effect
2015-11-15 npsurv Non-Parametric Survival Analysis
2015-11-15 RcppAnnoy 'Rcpp' Bindings for 'Annoy', a Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors
2015-11-15 rPython Package Allowing R to Call Python
2015-11-15 sms Spatial Microsimulation
2015-11-13 egcm Engle-Granger Cointegration Models
2015-11-13 ez Easy Analysis and Visualization of Factorial Experiments
2015-11-13 growfunctions Bayesian Non-Parametric Dependent Models for Time-Indexed Functional Data
2015-11-13 listWithDefaults List with Defaults
2015-11-13 Map2NCBI Mapping Markers to the Nearest Genomic Feature
2015-11-13 mvglmmRank Multivariate Generalized Linear Mixed Models for Ranking Sports Teams
2015-11-13 prclust Penalized Regression-Based Clustering Method
2015-11-13 REdaS Companion Package to the Book 'R: Einführung durch angewandte Statistik'
2015-11-13 rsvd Randomized Singular Value Decomposition
2015-11-13 seeclickfixr Access Data from the SeeClickFix Web API
2015-11-13 SNSequate Standard and Nonstandard Statistical Models and Methods for Test Equating
2015-11-13 TopKLists Inference, Aggregation and Visualization for Top-K Ranked Lists
2015-11-12 cems Conditional Expectation Manifolds
2015-11-12 DirichletReg Dirichlet Regression in R
2015-11-12 eRm Extended Rasch Modeling
2015-11-12 franc Detect the Language of Text
2015-11-12 glm.ddR Distributed 'glm' for Big Data using 'ddR' API
2015-11-12 homomorpheR Homomorphic Computations in R
2015-11-12 msr Morse-Smale Approximation, Regression and Visualization
2015-11-12 prefmod Utilities to Fit Paired Comparison Models for Preferences
2015-11-12 ptycho Bayesian Variable Selection with Hierarchical Priors
2015-11-12 qtlmt Tools for Mapping Multiple Complex Traits
2015-11-12 QTLRel Tools for Mapping of Quantitative Traits of Genetically Related Individuals and Calculating Identity Coefficients from Pedigrees
2015-11-12 R.cache Fast and Light-Weight Caching (Memoization) of Objects and Results to Speed Up Computations
2015-11-12 rnetcarto Fast Network Modularity and Roles Computation by Simulated Annealing (Rgraph C Library Wrapper for R)
2015-11-12 rtable Tabular Reporting Functions
2015-11-12 smerc Statistical Methods for Regional Counts
2015-11-11 gbm2sas Convert GBM Object Trees to SAS Code
2015-11-11 gputools A Few GPU Enabled Functions
2015-11-11 qtpaint Qt-Based Painting Infrastructure
2015-11-11 roxygen2 In-Source Documentation for R
2015-11-11 steadyICA ICA and Tests of Independence via Multivariate Distance Covariance
2015-11-11 tableone Create "Table 1" to Describe Baseline Characteristics
2015-11-11 textreg n-Gram Text Regression, aka Concise Comparative Summarization
2015-11-11 TRD Transmission Ratio Distortion
2015-11-11 Wats Wrap Around Time Series Graphics
2015-11-10 FastKM A Fast Multiple-Kernel Method Based on a Low-Rank Approximation
2015-11-10 instaR Access to Instagram API via R
2015-11-10 nlsem Fitting Structural Equation Mixture Models
2015-11-10 OPI Open Perimetry Interface
2015-11-10 paco Procrustes Application to Cophylogenetic Analysis
2015-11-10 rfishbase R Interface to 'FishBase'
2015-11-10 specmine Metabolomics and Spectral Data Analysis and Mining
2015-11-10 SuperExactTest Exact Test and Visualization of Multi-Set Intersections
2015-11-10 TruncatedNormal Truncated Multivariate Normal
2015-11-09 ade4TkGUI 'ade4' Tcl/Tk Graphical User Interface
2015-11-09 CovSel Model-Free Covariate Selection
2015-11-09 fancycut A Fancy Version of 'base::cut'
2015-11-09 fOptions Rmetrics - Pricing and Evaluating Basic Options
2015-11-09 genSurv Generating Multi-State Survival Data
2015-11-09 GEOmap Topographic and Geologic Mapping
2015-11-09 gvc Global Value Chains Tools
2015-11-09 lavaan.survey Complex Survey Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
2015-11-09 maxLik Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Related Tools
2015-11-09 mice Multivariate Imputation by Chained Equations
2015-11-09 queueing Analysis of Queueing Networks and Models
2015-11-09 RSEIS Seismic Time Series Analysis Tools
2015-11-09 smoothHR Smooth Hazard Ratio Curves Taking a Reference Value
2015-11-09 TPmsm Estimation of Transition Probabilities in Multistate Models
2015-11-09 YPmodel The Short-Term and Long-Term Hazard Ratio Model for Survival Data
2015-11-08 BaSTA Age-Specific Survival Analysis from Incomplete Capture-Recapture/Recovery Data
2015-11-08 bigpca PCA, Transpose and Multicore Functionality for 'big.matrix' Objects
2015-11-07 gmnl Multinomial Logit Models with Random Parameters
2015-11-07 lavaan Latent Variable Analysis
2015-11-07 LRcontrast Dose Response Signal Detection under Model Uncertainty
2015-11-07 metafuse Fused Lasso Approach in Regression Coefficient Clustering
2015-11-07 pampe Implementation of the Panel Data Approach Method for Program Evaluation
2015-11-07 personograph Pictographic Representation of Treatment Effects
2015-11-07 phia Post-Hoc Interaction Analysis
2015-11-07 randomForest.ddR Distributed 'randomForest' for Big Data using 'ddR' API
2015-11-07 Rtts Convert Text into Speech
2015-11-07 SPCALDA A New Reduced-Rank Linear Discriminant Analysis Method
2015-11-06 BayesMAMS Designing Bayesian Multi-Arm Multi-Stage Studies
2015-11-06 BMA Bayesian Model Averaging
2015-11-06 codep Multiscale Codependence Analysis
2015-11-06 easypower Sample Size Estimation for Experimental Designs
2015-11-06 mogavs Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm for Variable Selection in Regression
2015-11-06 RPMG Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Interactive R Analysis Sessions
2015-11-06 rucm Implementation of Unobserved Components Model (UCM)
2015-11-06 RUnit R Unit Test Framework
2015-11-06 seedy Simulation of Evolutionary and Epidemiological Dynamics
2015-11-06 SIS Sure Independence Screening
2015-11-05 dglm Double Generalized Linear Models
2015-11-05 kmeans.ddR Distributed k-Means for Big Data using 'ddR' API
2015-11-05 LPM Linear Parametric Models Applied to Hydrological Series
2015-11-05 MCDA Functions to Support the Multicriteria Decision Aiding Process
2015-11-05 party A Laboratory for Recursive Partytioning
2015-11-05 rchess Chess Move, Generation/Validation, Piece Placement/ Movement, and Check/Checkmate/Stalemate Detection
2015-11-05 statnetWeb A Graphical User Interface for Network Modeling with 'Statnet'
2015-11-05 survJamda Survival Prediction by Joint Analysis of Microarray Gene Expression Data
2015-11-05 tolBasis Fundamental Definitions and Utilities of the Time Oriented Language (TOL)
2015-11-04 BCEE The Bayesian Causal Effect Estimation Algorithm
2015-11-04 hermite Generalized Hermite Distribution
2015-11-04 phylin Spatial Interpolation of Genetic Data
2015-11-04 relen Compute Relative Entropy
2015-11-04 rscopus Scopus Database API Interface
2015-11-04 RSDA R to Symbolic Data Analysis
2015-11-04 SegCorr Detecting Correlated Genomic Regions
2015-11-04 segmented Regression Models with Breakpoints/Changepoints Estimation
2015-11-04 SOMbrero SOM Bound to Realize Euclidean and Relational Outputs
2015-11-04 spm12r Wrapper Functions for SPM (Statistical Parametric Mapping) Version 12 from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging
2015-11-04 wPerm Permutation Tests
2015-11-03 epiDisplay Epidemiological Data Display Package
2015-11-03 Langevin Langevin Analysis in One and Two Dimensions
2015-11-03 merror Accuracy and Precision of Measurements
2015-11-03 Phxnlme Run Phoenix NLME and Perform Post-Processing
2015-11-03 pvclass P-Values for Classification
2015-11-03 QuantumClone Clustering Mutations using High Throughput Sequencing (HTS) Data
2015-11-03 quickmapr Quickly Map and Explore Spatial Data
2015-11-03 RRTCS Randomized Response Techniques for Complex Surveys
2015-11-03 SALTSampler Efficient Sampling on the Simplex
2015-11-03 sampleSelection Sample Selection Models
2015-11-03 SLOPE Sorted L1 Penalized Estimation (SLOPE)
2015-11-02 mvProbit Multivariate Probit Models
2015-11-02 Rcereal C++ Header Files of 'cereal'
2015-11-02 Rcolombos Interface to Colombos Compendia using the Exposed REST API
2015-11-02 RGoogleAnalyticsPremium Unsampled Data in R for Google Analytics Premium Accounts
2015-11-01 DataLoader Import Multiple File Types
2015-11-01 MALDIquantForeign Import/Export Routines for MALDIquant
2015-11-01 matchingR Matching Algorithms in R and C++
2015-11-01 NetSwan Network Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis
2015-11-01 nlrr Non-Linear Relative Risk Estimation and Plotting
2015-11-01 PortRisk Portfolio Risk Analysis
2015-10-31 AlgebraicHaploPackage Haplotype Two Snips Out of a Paired Group of Patients
2015-10-31 cometExactTest Exact Test from the Combinations of Mutually Exclusive Alterations (CoMEt) Algorithm
2015-10-31 compound.Cox Regression Estimation Based on the Compound Covariate Method Under the Cox Proportional Hazard Model
2015-10-31 corkscrew Preprocessor for Data Modeling
2015-10-31 cshapes CShapes Dataset and Utilities
2015-10-31 DynNom Dynamic Nomograms for Linear, Generalized Linear and Proportional Hazard Models
2015-10-31 kedd Kernel Estimator and Bandwidth Selection for Density and Its Derivatives
2015-10-31 reReg Recurrent Event Regression
2015-10-31 rGroovy Groovy Language Integration
2015-10-31 smss Datasets for Agresti and Finlay's "Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences"
2015-10-31 snow Simple Network of Workstations
2015-10-31 TSTr Ternary Search Tree for Auto-Completion and Spell Checking
2015-10-30 showtext Using Fonts More Easily in R Graphs
2015-10-29 Canopy Accessing Intra-Tumor Heterogeneity and Tracking Longitudinal and Spatial Clonal Evolutionary History by Next-Generation Sequencing
2015-10-29 CDVine Statistical Inference of C- And D-Vine Copulas
2015-10-29 ecospace Simulating Community Assembly and Ecological Diversification Using Ecospace Frameworks
2015-10-29 littler R at the Command-Line via 'r'
2015-10-29 onlinePCA Online Principal Component Analysis
2015-10-29 RNaviCell Visualization of High-Throughput Data on Large-Scale Biological Networks
2015-10-29 spam SPArse Matrix
2015-10-28 aroma.cn Copy-Number Analysis of Large Microarray Data Sets
2015-10-28 chebpol Multivariate Chebyshev Interpolation
2015-10-28 ClueR CLUster Evaluation (CLUE)
2015-10-28 cts Continuous Time Autoregressive Models
2015-10-28 dina Bayesian Estimation of DINA Model
2015-10-28 distcomp Computations over Distributed Data without Aggregation
2015-10-28 knitcitations Citations for 'Knitr' Markdown Files
2015-10-28 lmmot Multiple Ordinal Tobit (MOT) Model
2015-10-28 lucr Currency Formatting and Conversion
2015-10-28 MCMC.qpcr Bayesian Analysis of qRT-PCR Data
2015-10-28 multicool Permutations of Multisets in Cool-Lex Order
2015-10-28 multiwave Estimation of Multivariate Long-Memory Models Parameters
2015-10-28 purge Purge Training Data from Models
2015-10-28 RESS Integrates R and Essentia
2015-10-28 rrBLUP Ridge Regression and Other Kernels for Genomic Selection
2015-10-28 stream Infrastructure for Data Stream Mining
2015-10-28 TESS Diversification Rate Estimation and Fast Simulation of Reconstructed Phylogenetic Trees under Tree-Wide Time-Heterogeneous Birth-Death Processes Including Mass-Extinction Events
2015-10-27 ACNE Affymetrix SNP Probe-Summarization using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
2015-10-27 calmate Improved Allele-Specific Copy Number of SNP Microarrays for Downstream Segmentation
2015-10-27 orsk Converting Odds Ratio to Relative Risk in Cohort Studies with Partial Data Information
2015-10-27 OrthoPanels Dynamic Panel Models with Orthogonal Reparameterization of Fixed Effects
2015-10-27 settings Software Option Settings Manager for R
2015-10-27 spatgraphs Graph Edge Computations for Spatial Point Patterns
2015-10-27 webutils Utility Functions for Web Applications
2015-10-26 batman Convert Categorical Representations of Logicals to Actual Logicals
2015-10-26 copula Multivariate Dependence with Copulas
2015-10-26 feature Local Inferential Feature Significance for Multivariate Kernel Density Estimation
2015-10-26 phylosignal Exploring the Phylogenetic Signal in Continuous Traits
2015-10-26 reutils Talk to the NCBI EUtils
2015-10-26 TDCor Gene Network Inference from Time-Series Transcriptomic Data
2015-10-26 ukgasapi API for UK Gas Market Information
2015-10-25 bayou Bayesian Fitting of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Models to Phylogenies
2015-10-25 MixedTS Mixed Tempered Stable Distribution
2015-10-25 MPCI Multivariate Process Capability Indices (MPCI)
2015-10-24 AdapEnetClass A Class of Adaptive Elastic Net Methods for Censored Data
2015-10-24 CoxPlus Cox Regression (Proportional Hazards Model) with Multiple Causes and Mixed Effects
2015-10-24 enRich An R Package for the Analysis of Multiple ChIP-Seq Data
2015-10-24 jackknifeKME Jackknife Estimates of Kaplan-Meier Estimators or Integrals
2015-10-24 LDAvis Interactive Visualization of Topic Models
2015-10-24 PanelCount Random Effects and/or Sample Selection Models for Panel Count Data
2015-10-24 statnet.common Common R Scripts and Utilities Used by the Statnet Project Software
2015-10-23 copulaedas Estimation of Distribution Algorithms Based on Copulas
2015-10-23 hotspot Software Hotspot Analysis
2015-10-23 imputeYn Imputing the Last Largest Censored Observation(s) Under Weighted Least Squares
2015-10-23 mhde Minimum Hellinger Distance Test for Normality
2015-10-23 poisson Simulating Homogenous & Non-Homogenous Poisson Processes
2015-10-23 pvclust Hierarchical Clustering with P-Values via Multiscale Bootstrap Resampling
2015-10-23 qlcVisualize Visualization for Quantitative Language Comparison (QLC)
2015-10-23 Rsurrogate Robust Estimation of the Proportion of Treatment Effect Explained by Surrogate Marker Information
2015-10-23 Shrinkage Several Shrinkage Effect-Size Estimators
2015-10-23 SpecsVerification Forecast Verification Routines for the SPECS FP7 Project
2015-10-23 spsurvey Spatial Survey Design and Analysis
2015-10-22 ckanr Client for the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network ('CKAN') 'API'
2015-10-22 dgmb Simulating Data for PLS Mode B Structural Models
2015-10-22 FSAdata Data to Support Fish Stock Assessment (FSA) Package
2015-10-22 HotDeckImputation Hot Deck Imputation Methods for Missing Data
2015-10-22 icamix Estimation of ICA Mixture Models
2015-10-22 MixSim Simulating Data to Study Performance of Clustering Algorithms
2015-10-22 ProNet Biological Network Construction, Visualization and Analyses
2015-10-22 radir Inverse-Regression Estimation of Radioactive Doses
2015-10-22 readr Read Tabular Data
2015-10-22 stationaRy Get Hourly Meteorological Data from Global Stations
2015-10-22 TCGA2STAT Simple TCGA Data Access for Integrated Statistical Analysis in R
2015-10-22 uptimeRobot Access the UptimeRobot Ping API
2015-10-22 weightedScores Weighted Scores Method for Regression Models with Dependent Data
2015-10-22 wellknown Convert Between 'WKT' and 'GeoJSON'
2015-10-21 backpipe Backward Pipe Operator
2015-10-21 backtestGraphics Interactive Graphics for Portfolio Data
2015-10-21 fanovaGraph Building Kriging Models from FANOVA Graphs
2015-10-21 fat2Lpoly Two-Locus Family-Based Association Test with Polytomic Outcome
2015-10-21 MultiRR Bias, Precision, and Power for Multi-Level Random Regressions
2015-10-21 qlcData Processing Data for Quantitative Language Comparison (QLC)
2015-10-21 RxODE Facilities for Simulating from ODE-Based Models
2015-10-20 Barnard Barnard's Unconditional Test
2015-10-20 crank Completing Ranks
2015-10-20 eventInterval Sequential Event Interval Analysis
2015-10-20 flowDiv Cytometric Diversity Indices from 'FlowJo' Workspaces
2015-10-20 GSSE Genotype-Specific Survival Estimation
2015-10-20 httpcode 'HTTP' Status Code Helper
2015-10-20 MAINT.Data Model and Analyse Interval Data
2015-10-20 NMOF Numerical Methods and Optimization in Finance
2015-10-20 prettyR Pretty Descriptive Stats
2015-10-19 clinsig Clinical Significance Functions
2015-10-19 crop Graphics Cropping Tool
2015-10-19 diezeit R Interface to the ZEIT ONLINE Content API
2015-10-19 EMCluster EM Algorithm for Model-Based Clustering of Finite Mixture Gaussian Distribution
2015-10-19 HiDimDA High Dimensional Discriminant Analysis
2015-10-19 ksrlive Identify Kinase Substrate Relationships Using Dynamic Data
2015-10-19 RcmdrPlugin.Export Export R Output to LaTeX or HTML
2015-10-19 simest Constrained Single Index Model Estimation
2015-10-19 SimHaz Simulated Survival and Hazard Analysis for Time-Dependent Exposure
2015-10-19 spartan Simulation Parameter Analysis R Toolkit ApplicatioN: Spartan
2015-10-19 TIMP Fitting Separable Nonlinear Models in Spectroscopy and Microscopy
2015-10-18 complmrob Robust Linear Regression with Compositional Data as Covariates
2015-10-18 DiscreteWeibull Discrete Weibull Distributions (Type 1 and 3)
2015-10-18 FastRCS Fits the FastRCS Robust Multivariable Linear Regression Model
2015-10-18 FeatureHashing Creates a Model Matrix via Feature Hashing with a Formula Interface
2015-10-18 GrapheR A Multi-Platform GUI for Drawing Customizable Graphs in R
2015-10-18 hydrostats Hydrologic Indices for Daily Time Series Data
2015-10-18 rwirelesscom Basic Wireless Communications Simulation
2015-10-18 speciesgeocodeR Prepare Species Distributions for the Use in Phylogenetic Analyses
2015-10-18 wle Weighted Likelihood Estimation
2015-10-18 xoi Tools for Analyzing Crossover Interference
2015-10-17 BcDiag Diagnostics Plots for Bicluster Data
2015-10-16 CHsharp Choi and Hall Style Data Sharpening
2015-10-16 cnmlcd Maximum Likelihood Estimation of a Log-Concave Density Function
2015-10-16 coda Output Analysis and Diagnostics for MCMC
2015-10-16 idendr0 Interactive Dendrograms
2015-10-16 mnlogit Multinomial Logit Model
2015-10-16 survsim Simulation of Simple and Complex Survival Data
2015-10-15 hamlet Hierarchical Optimal Matching and Machine Learning Toolbox
2015-10-15 rags2ridges Ridge Estimation of Precision Matrices from High-Dimensional Data
2015-10-14 adabag Applies Multiclass AdaBoost.M1, SAMME and Bagging
2015-10-14 covBM Brownian Motion Processes for 'nlme'-Models
2015-10-14 doParallel Foreach Parallel Adaptor for the 'parallel' Package
2015-10-14 doSNOW Foreach Parallel Adaptor for the 'snow' Package
2015-10-14 ecotoxicology Methods for Ecotoxicology
2015-10-14 LGEWIS Tests for Genetic Association/Gene-Environment Interaction in Longitudinal Gene-Environment-Wide Interaction Studies
2015-10-14 ReliabilityTheory Tools for Structural Reliability Analysis
2015-10-14 snowfall Easier cluster computing (based on snow)
2015-10-14 TLBC Two-Level Behavior Classification
2015-10-14 treebase Discovery, Access and Manipulation of 'TreeBASE' Phylogenies
2015-10-13 backShift Learning Causal Cyclic Graphs from Unknown Shift Interventions
2015-10-13 birdring Methods to Analyse Ring Re-Encounter Data
2015-10-13 corregp Functions and Methods for Correspondence Regression
2015-10-13 cowsay Messages, Warnings, Strings with Ascii Animals
2015-10-13 doMC Foreach Parallel Adaptor for 'parallel'
2015-10-13 FCGR Fatigue Crack Growth in Reliability
2015-10-13 foreach Provides Foreach Looping Construct for R
2015-10-13 iterators Provides Iterator Construct for R
2015-10-13 lift Compute the Top Decile Lift and Plot the Lift Curve
2015-10-13 nlnet Nonlinear Network Reconstruction and Clustering Based on DCOL (Distance Based on Conditional Ordered List)
2015-10-13 SyncMove Subsample Temporal Data to Synchronal Events and Compute the MCI
2015-10-13 wingui Advanced Windows Functions
2015-10-12 apsimr Edit, Run and Evaluate APSIM Simulations Easily Using R
2015-10-12 COMMUNAL Robust Selection of Cluster Number K
2015-10-12 compendiumdb Tools for Retrieval and Storage of Functional Genomics Data
2015-10-12 deformula Integration of One-Dimensional Functions with Double Exponential Formulas
2015-10-12 EloChoice Preference Rating for Visual Stimuli Based on Elo Ratings
2015-10-12 geesmv Modified Variance Estimators for Generalized Estimating Equations
2015-10-12 HAC Estimation, Simulation and Visualization of Hierarchical Archimedean Copulae (HAC)
2015-10-12 maGUI A Graphical User Interface for Microarray Data Analysis
2015-10-12 rpnf Point and Figure Package
2015-10-12 subspace Interface to OpenSubspace
2015-10-11 aoos Another Object Orientation System
2015-10-11 gitter Quantification of Pinned Microbial Cultures
2015-10-11 irlba Fast Truncated SVD, PCA and Symmetric Eigendecomposition for Large Dense and Sparse Matrices
2015-10-11 liftr Dockerize R Markdown Documents
2015-10-11 MVT Estimation and Testing for the Multivariate t-Distribution
2015-10-11 NonpModelCheck Model Checking and Variable Selection in Nonparametric Regression
2015-10-11 relations Data Structures and Algorithms for Relations
2015-10-11 sets Sets, Generalized Sets, Customizable Sets and Intervals
2015-10-10 fishmethods Fishery Science Methods and Models in R
2015-10-10 gdalUtils Wrappers for the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) Utilities
2015-10-10 HDGLM Tests for High Dimensional Generalized Linear Models
2015-10-10 pedgene Gene-Level Statistics for Pedigree Data
2015-10-10 sequenza Copy Number Estimation from Tumor Genome Sequencing Data
2015-10-10 sisal Sequential Input Selection Algorithm
2015-10-09 FIACH Retrospective Noise Control for fMRI
2015-10-09 OpenStreetMap Access to Open Street Map Raster Images
2015-10-09 optigrab Command-Line Parsing for an R World
2015-10-09 qlcMatrix Utility Sparse Matrix Functions for Quantitative Language Comparison
2015-10-08 chemCal Calibration Functions for Analytical Chemistry
2015-10-08 fastdigest Fast, Low Memory-Footprint Digests of R Objects
2015-10-08 ITEMAN Classical Item Analysis
2015-10-08 rtimes Client for New York Times 'APIs'
2015-10-08 SurvRegCensCov Weibull Regression for a Right-Censored Endpoint with Interval-Censored Covariate
2015-10-07 CompareCausalNetworks Interface to Diverse Estimation Methods of Causal Networks
2015-10-07 drfit Dose-Response Data Evaluation
2015-10-07 EBEN Empirical Bayesian Elastic Net
2015-10-07 expm Matrix Exponential
2015-10-07 fanplot Visualisation of Sequential Probability Distributions Using Fan Charts
2015-10-07 lsei Solving Least Squares Problems under Equality/Inequality Constraints
2015-10-07 MultNonParam Multivariate Nonparametric Methods
2015-10-07 randomForest Breiman and Cutler's Random Forests for Classification and Regression
2015-10-07 rsm Response-Surface Analysis
2015-10-07 vines Multivariate Dependence Modeling with Vines
2015-10-06 assertive.code Assertions to Check Properties of Code
2015-10-06 assertive.data Assertions to Check Properties of Data
2015-10-06 assertive.data.uk Assertions to Check Properties of Strings
2015-10-06 assertive.data.us Assertions to Check Properties of Strings
2015-10-06 assertive.matrices Assertions to Check Properties of Matrices
2015-10-06 assertive.models Assertions to Check Properties of Models
2015-10-06 CEGO Combinatorial Efficient Global Optimization
2015-10-06 elasso Enhanced Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator Regression Model
2015-10-06 jrvFinance Basic Finance; NPV/IRR/Annuities/Bond-Pricing; Black Scholes
2015-10-06 LANDD Liquid Association for Network Dynamics Detection
2015-10-06 RcppOctave Seamless Interface to Octave – And Matlab
2015-10-05 alleHap Allele Imputation and Haplotype Reconstruction from Pedigree Databases
2015-10-05 cate High Dimensional Factor Analysis and Confounder Adjusted Testing and Estimation
2015-10-05 conicfit Algorithms for Fitting Circles, Ellipses and Conics Based on the Work by Prof. Nikolai Chernov
2015-10-05 diagonals Block Diagonal Extraction or Replacement
2015-10-05 geofd Spatial Prediction for Function Value Data
2015-10-05 PsiHat Several Local False Discovery Rate Estimators
2015-10-05 qap Heuristics for the Quadratic Assignment Problem (QAP)
2015-10-05 riskRegression Risk Regression Models for Survival Analysis with Competing Risks
2015-10-05 rootSolve Nonlinear Root Finding, Equilibrium and Steady-State Analysis of Ordinary Differential Equations
2015-10-05 smallarea Fits a Fay Herriot Model
2015-10-05 TreeSim Simulating Phylogenetic Trees
2015-10-05 wqs Weighted Quantile Sum Regression
2015-10-05 WRS2 A Collection of Robust Statistical Methods
2015-10-04 gmum.r GMUM Machine Learning Group Package
2015-10-03 FENmlm Fixed Effects Nonlinear Maximum Likelihood Models
2015-10-03 glarma Generalized Linear Autoregressive Moving Average Models
2015-10-03 MetaPath Perform the Meta-Analysis for Pathway Enrichment Analysis (MAPE)
2015-10-03 NPCD Nonparametric Methods for Cognitive Diagnosis
2015-10-03 optparse Command Line Option Parser
2015-10-03 sotkanet Tools for Sotkanet Open Data Portal
2015-10-02 analogsea Interface to 'Digital Ocean'
2015-10-02 cleangeo Cleaning Geometries from Spatial Objects
2015-10-02 colorhcplot Colorful Hierarchical Clustering Dendrograms
2015-10-02 GeoBoxplot Geographic Box Plot
2015-10-02 imputeMissings Impute Missing Values in a Predictive Context
2015-10-02 R2Cuba Multidimensional Numerical Integration
2015-10-02 SphericalK Spherical K-Function
2015-10-01 fail File Abstraction Interface Layer (FAIL)
2015-10-01 kerndwd Distance Weighted Discrimination (DWD) and Kernel Methods
2015-10-01 LSTS Locally Stationary Time Series
2015-10-01 phreeqc R Interface to Geochemical Modeling Software
2015-10-01 RcmdrPlugin.EBM Rcmdr Evidence Based Medicine Plug-in Package
2015-10-01 sanon Stratified Analysis with Nonparametric Covariable Adjustment
2015-10-01 sdcMicro Statistical Disclosure Control Methods for Anonymization of Microdata and Risk Estimation
2015-10-01 snpEnrichment SNPs Enrichment Analysis
2015-09-29 BTLLasso Modelling Heterogeneity in Paired Comparison Data
2015-09-29 classInt Choose Univariate Class Intervals
2015-09-29 ConsRank Compute the Median Ranking(s) According to the Kemeny's Axiomatic Approach
2015-09-29 DAISIE Dynamical Assembly of Islands by Speciation, Immigration and Extinction
2015-09-29 kernelFactory Kernel Factory: An Ensemble of Kernel Machines
2015-09-29 learNN Examples of Neural Networks
2015-09-29 spgwr Geographically Weighted Regression
2015-09-29 splancs Spatial and Space-Time Point Pattern Analysis
2015-09-29 wbsts Multiple Change-Point Detection for Nonstationary Time Series
2015-09-28 covmat Covariance Matrix Estimation
2015-09-28 cquad Conditional Maximum Likelihood for Quadratic Exponential Models for Binary Panel Data
2015-09-28 iLaplace Improved Laplace Approximation for Integrals of Unimodal Functions
2015-09-28 metafor Meta-Analysis Package for R
2015-09-28 MoTBFs Learning Hybrid Bayesian Networks using Mixtures of Truncated Basis Functions
2015-09-28 pdc Permutation Distribution Clustering
2015-09-28 pwrRasch Statistical Power Simulation for Testing the Rasch Model
2015-09-28 rleafmap Interactive Maps with R and Leaflet
2015-09-28 Rssa A Collection of Methods for Singular Spectrum Analysis
2015-09-28 SOPIE Non-Parametric Estimation of the Off-Pulse Interval of a Pulsar
2015-09-28 tmlenet Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Network Data
2015-09-27 dataonderivatives Easily Source Publicly Available Data on Derivatives
2015-09-27 ICS Tools for Exploring Multivariate Data via ICS/ICA
2015-09-27 plotpc Plot Principal Component Histograms Around a Scatter Plot
2015-09-27 rankdist Distance Based Ranking Models
2015-09-27 twostageTE Two-Stage Threshold Estimation
2015-09-26 BCBCSF Bias-Corrected Bayesian Classification with Selected Features
2015-09-26 Cairo R graphics device using cairo graphics library for creating high-quality bitmap (PNG, JPEG, TIFF), vector (PDF, SVG, PostScript) and display (X11 and Win32) output
2015-09-26 DRIP Discontinuous Regression and Image Processing
2015-09-26 nivm Noninferiority Tests with Variable Margins
2015-09-26 TTS Master Curve Estimates Corresponding to Time-Temperature Superposition
2015-09-26 weightTAPSPACK Weight TAPS Data
2015-09-25 drsmooth Dose-Response Modeling with Smoothing Splines
2015-09-25 LDRTools Tools for Linear Dimension Reduction
2015-09-25 mads Multi-Analysis Distance Sampling
2015-09-25 mmeln Estimation of Multinormal Mixture Distribution
2015-09-25 nanop Tools for Nanoparticle Simulation and Calculation of PDF and Total Scattering Structure Function
2015-09-25 polyfreqs Bayesian Population Genomics in Autopolyploids
2015-09-25 qdapTools Tools for the 'qdap' Package
2015-09-25 rbiouml Interact with BioUML Server
2015-09-25 Skillings.Mack The Skillings-Mack Test Statistic for Block Designs with Missing Observations
2015-09-25 STAND Statistical Analysis of Non-Detects
2015-09-25 timeSeq Detecting Differentially Expressed Genes in Time Course RNA-Seq Data
2015-09-25 TP.idm Estimation of Transition Probabilities for the Illness-Death Model
2015-09-24 drLumi Multiplex Immunoassays Data Analysis
2015-09-24 ecoreg Ecological Regression using Aggregate and Individual Data
2015-09-24 JAGUAR Joint Analysis of Genotype and Group-Specific Variability Using a Novel Score Test Approach to Map Expression Quantitative Trait Loci (eQTL)
2015-09-24 meteo Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Mapping of Meteorological Observations
2015-09-24 MixGHD Model Based Clustering, Classification and Discriminant Analysis Using the Mixture of Generalized Hyperbolic Distributions
2015-09-24 NostalgiR Advanced Text-Based Plots
2015-09-24 sandwich Robust Covariance Matrix Estimators
2015-09-23 iC10 A Copy Number and Expression-Based Classifier for Breast Tumours
2015-09-23 ICSNP Tools for Multivariate Nonparametrics
2015-09-23 packagetrackr Track R Package Downloads from RStudio's CRAN Mirror
2015-09-23 smacpod Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Case-Control Point Data
2015-09-23 tigerstats R Functions for Elementary Statistics
2015-09-22 bvpSolve Solvers for Boundary Value Problems of Differential Equations
2015-09-22 LPCM Local Principal Curve Methods
2015-09-22 udunits2 Udunits-2 Bindings for R
2015-09-21 bedr Genomic Region Processing using Tools Such as Bedtools, Bedops and Tabix
2015-09-21 graphscan Cluster Detection with Hypothesis Free Scan Statistic
2015-09-21 Rip46 Utils for IP4 and IP6 Addresses
2015-09-21 SIMMS Subnetwork Integration for Multi-Modal Signatures
2015-09-21 speedglm Fitting Linear and Generalized Linear Models to Large Data Sets
2015-09-20 cord Community Estimation in G-Models via CORD
2015-09-20 HMDHFDplus Read HMD and HFD Data from the Web
2015-09-20 IRTShiny Item Response Theory via Shiny
2015-09-20 R2SWF Convert R Graphics to Flash Animations
2015-09-20 rcrypt Symmetric File Encryption Using GPG
2015-09-20 SelvarMix Regularization for Variable Selection in Model-Based Clustering and Discriminant Analysis
2015-09-19 BayesFactor Computation of Bayes Factors for Common Designs
2015-09-19 crimelinkage Statistical Methods for Crime Series Linkage
2015-09-19 data.table Extension of Data.frame
2015-09-19 ImportExport Import and Export Data
2015-09-19 kelvin Calculate Solutions to the Kelvin Differential Equation using Bessel Functions
2015-09-19 lpSolve Interface to 'Lp_solve' v. 5.5 to Solve Linear/Integer Programs
2015-09-19 lsgl Linear Sparse Group Lasso
2015-09-19 msgl High Dimensional Multiclass Classification Using Sparse Group Lasso
2015-09-19 network Classes for Relational Data
2015-09-19 sglOptim Generic Sparse Group Lasso Solver
2015-09-18 dhglm Double Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models
2015-09-18 GAR Authorize and Request Google Analytics Data
2015-09-18 GRTo Tools for the Analysis of Gutenberg-Richter Distributions of Earthquake Magnitudes
2015-09-18 laGP Local Approximate Gaussian Process Regression
2015-09-18 MBTAr Access Data from the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) Web API
2015-09-18 monitoR Acoustic Template Detection in R
2015-09-18 prop.comb.RR Analyzing Combination of Proportions and Relative Risk
2015-09-18 rlecuyer R Interface to RNG with Multiple Streams
2015-09-18 Rtwalk The R Implementation of the 't-walk' MCMC Algorithm
2015-09-17 backtest Exploring Portfolio-Based Conjectures About Financial Instruments
2015-09-17 describer Describe Data in R Using Common Descriptive Statistics
2015-09-17 multirich Calculate Multivariate Richness via UTC and sUTC
2015-09-17 pro Point-Process Response Model for Optogenetics
2015-09-17 Rlof R Parallel Implementation of Local Outlier Factor(LOF)
2015-09-17 solr General Purpose R Interface to Solr
2015-09-17 spatialprobit Spatial Probit Models
2015-09-17 tmvnsim Truncated Multivariate Normal Simulation
2015-09-16 discreteRV Create and Manipulate Discrete Random Variables
2015-09-16 fanc Penalized Likelihood Factor Analysis via Nonconvex Penalty
2015-09-16 FLLat Fused Lasso Latent Feature Model
2015-09-16 huge High-Dimensional Undirected Graph Estimation
2015-09-16 IRISMustangMetrics Statistics and Metrics for Seismic Data
2015-09-16 JPEN Covariance and Inverse Covariance Matrix Estimation Using Joint Penalty
2015-09-16 ldatuning Tuning of the LDA Models Parameters
2015-09-16 OBsMD Objective Bayesian Model Discrimination in Follow-Up Designs
2015-09-16 peptider Evaluation of Diversity in Nucleotide Libraries
2015-09-16 readMzXmlData Reads Mass Spectrometry Data in mzXML Format
2015-09-16 TestingSimilarity Bootstrap Test for Similarity of Dose Response Curves Concerning the Maximum Absolute Deviation
2015-09-15 akima Interpolation of Irregularly and Regularly Spaced Data
2015-09-15 bclust Bayesian Hierarchical Clustering Using Spike and Slab Models
2015-09-15 cpgen Parallelized Genomic Prediction and GWAS
2015-09-15 grpregOverlap Penalized Regression Models with Overlapping Grouped Covariates
2015-09-15 Lahman Sean Lahman's Baseball Database
2015-09-15 lgarch Simulation and Estimation of Log-GARCH Models
2015-09-15 OptGS Near-Optimal and Balanced Group-Sequential Designs for Clinical Trials with Continuous Outcomes
2015-09-15 PPtreeViz Projection Pursuit Classification Tree Visualization
2015-09-15 wccsom SOM Networks for Comparing Patterns with Peak Shifts
2015-09-14 AutoregressionMDE Minimum Distance Estimation in Autoregressive Model
2015-09-14 LinearRegressionMDE Minimum Distance Estimation in Linear Regression Model
2015-09-13 Boruta Wrapper Algorithm for All-Relevant Feature Selection
2015-09-13 ESKNN Ensemble of Subset of K-Nearest Neighbours Classifiers for Classification and Class Membership Probability Estimation
2015-09-13 LGRF Set-Based Tests for Genetic Association in Longitudinal Studies
2015-09-13 medflex Flexible Mediation Analysis Using Natural Effect Models
2015-09-12 GenOrd Simulation of Discrete Random Variables with Given Correlation Matrix and Marginal Distributions
2015-09-11 CensMixReg Censored Linear Mixture Regression Models
2015-09-11 cmrutils Misc Functions of the Center for the Mathematical Research
2015-09-11 fmsb Functions for Medical Statistics Book with some Demographic Data
2015-09-11 hashids Generate Short Unique YouTube-Like IDs (Hashes) from Integers
2015-09-11 hindexcalculator H-Index Calculator using Data from a Web of Science (WoS) Citation Report
2015-09-11 irace Iterated Racing Procedures
2015-09-11 ltsk Local Time Space Kriging
2015-09-11 regRSM Random Subspace Method (RSM) for Linear Regression
2015-09-11 RLRsim Exact (Restricted) Likelihood Ratio Tests for Mixed and Additive Models
2015-09-11 spatialfil Application of 2D Convolution Kernel Filters to Matrices or 3D Arrays
2015-09-11 xseq Assessing Functional Impact on Gene Expression of Mutations in Cancer
2015-09-10 acmeR Implements ACME Estimator of Bird and Bat Mortality by Wind Turbines
2015-09-10 satellite Various Functions for Handling and Manipulating Remote Sensing Data
2015-09-10 StatMethRank Statistical Methods for Ranking Data
2015-09-10 ThreeGroups ML Estimator for Baseline-Placebo-Treatment (Three-Group) Experiments
2015-09-10 tm.plugin.dc Text Mining Distributed Corpus Plug-In
2015-09-09 disclapmix Discrete Laplace Mixture Inference using the EM Algorithm
2015-09-09 geometry Mesh Generation and Surface Tesselation
2015-09-09 mfp Multivariable Fractional Polynomials
2015-09-09 onls Orthogonal Nonlinear Least-Squares Regression
2015-09-09 pla Parallel Line Assays
2015-09-09 profilr Quickly Profile Data in R
2015-09-09 psychomix Psychometric Mixture Models
2015-09-09 rprintf Adaptive Builder for Formatted Strings
2015-09-09 shinydashboard Create Dashboards with 'Shiny'
2015-09-09 StatRank Statistical Rank Aggregation: Inference, Evaluation, and Visualization
2015-09-08 anonymizer Anonymize Data Containing Personally Identifiable Information
2015-09-08 ClustVarLV Clustering of Variables Around Latent Variables
2015-09-08 datafsm Estimating Finite State Machine Models from Data
2015-09-08 ftsspec Spectral Density Estimation and Comparison for Functional Time Series
2015-09-08 gmapsdistance Distance and Travel Time Between Two Points from Google Maps
2015-09-08 prim Patient Rule Induction Method (PRIM)
2015-09-08 weatherr Tools for Handling and Scrapping Instant Weather Forecast Feeds
2015-09-07 BioMark Find Biomarkers in Two-Class Discrimination Problems
2015-09-07 brr Bayesian Inference on the Ratio of Two Poisson Rates
2015-09-07 BSGW Bayesian Survival Model with Lasso Shrinkage Using Generalized Weibull Regression
2015-09-07 CANSIM2R Directly Extracts Complete CANSIM Data Tables
2015-09-07 ExplainPrediction Explanation of Predictions for Classification and Regression Models
2015-09-07 FAdist Distributions that are Sometimes Used in Hydrology
2015-09-07 FAmle Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Estimation of Univariate Probability Distributions
2015-09-07 fclust Fuzzy Clustering
2015-09-07 geiger Analysis of Evolutionary Diversification
2015-09-07 mlsjunkgen Use the MLS Junk Generator Algorithm to Generate a Stream of Pseudo-Random Numbers
2015-09-07 performanceEstimation An Infra-Structure for Performance Estimation of Predictive Models
2015-09-07 phonenumber Convert Letters to Numbers and Back as on a Telephone Keypad
2015-09-07 spinyReg Sparse Generative Model and Its EM Algorithm
2015-09-07 streamMOA Interface for MOA Stream Clustering Algorithms
2015-09-07 ThreeWay Three-Way Component Analysis
2015-09-06 cardidates Identification of Cardinal Dates in Ecological Time Series
2015-09-06 evobiR Comparative and Population Genetic Analyses
2015-09-06 freqdom Frequency Domain Analysis for Multivariate Time Series
2015-09-06 GeoLight Analysis of Light Based Geolocator Data
2015-09-06 solidearthtide Solid Earth Tide Computation
2015-09-05 ACSWR A Companion Package for the Book "A Course in Statistics with R"
2015-09-05 lrgs Linear Regression by Gibbs Sampling
2015-09-05 PabonLasso Pabon Lasso Graphs and Comparing Situations of a Unit in Two Different Times
2015-09-05 prozor Minimal Protein Set Explaining Peptide Spectrum Matches
2015-09-05 qualV Qualitative Validation Methods
2015-09-05 RoughSets Data Analysis Using Rough Set and Fuzzy Rough Set Theories
2015-09-04 ChemometricsWithR Chemometrics with R - Multivariate Data Analysis in the Natural Sciences and Life Sciences
2015-09-04 Combine Game-Theoretic Probability Combination
2015-09-04 CORElearn Classification, Regression and Feature Evaluation
2015-09-04 DoubleExpSeq Differential Exon Usage Test for RNA-Seq Data via Empirical Bayes Shrinkage of the Dispersion Parameter
2015-09-04 edesign Maximum Entropy Sampling
2015-09-04 gender Predict Gender from Names Using Historical Data
2015-09-04 IASD Model Selection for Index of Asymmetry Distribution
2015-09-04 ICC.Sample.Size Calculation of Sample Size and Power for ICC
2015-09-04 kohonen Supervised and Unsupervised Self-Organising Maps
2015-09-04 marelac Tools for Aquatic Sciences
2015-09-04 semiArtificial Generator of Semi-Artificial Data
2015-09-04 sgt Skewed Generalized T Distribution Tree
2015-09-04 zic Bayesian Inference for Zero-Inflated Count Models
2015-09-03 DAAG Data Analysis and Graphics Data and Functions
2015-09-03 estimability Tools for Assessing Estimability of Linear Predictions
2015-09-03 glamlasso Lasso Penalization in Large Scale Generalized Linear Array Models
2015-09-03 influenceR Software Tools to Quantify Structural Importance of Nodes in a Network
2015-09-03 invLT Inversion of Laplace-Transformed Functions
2015-09-03 LifeHist Life History Models of Individuals
2015-09-03 parfm Parametric Frailty Models
2015-09-03 simecol Simulation of Ecological (and Other) Dynamic Systems
2015-09-03 unmarked Models for Data from Unmarked Animals
2015-09-02 EasyABC Efficient Approximate Bayesian Computation Sampling Schemes
2015-09-02 functools Functional Programming in R
2015-09-02 IalsaSynthesis Synthesizing Information Across Collaborating Research
2015-09-02 MixedPoisson Mixed Poisson Models
2015-09-02 ParetoPosStable Computing, Fitting and Validating the PPS Distribution
2015-09-02 sca Simple Component Analysis
2015-09-02 valottery Results from the Virginia Lottery Draw Games
2015-09-01 ash David Scott's ASH Routines
2015-09-01 CAMAN Finite Mixture Models and Meta-Analysis Tools - Based on C.A.MAN
2015-09-01 classGraph Construct Graphs of S4 Class Hierarchies
2015-09-01 cobs COnstrained B-Splines (Sparse Matrix Based)
2015-09-01 dtw Dynamic Time Warping Algorithms
2015-09-01 eel Extended Empirical Likelihood
2015-09-01 fpCompare Reliable Comparison of Floating Point Numbers
2015-09-01 interactionTest Calculates Critical Test Statistics to Control False Discovery and Familywise Error Rates in Marginal Effects Plots
2015-09-01 mp Multidimensional Projection Techniques
2015-09-01 Rhpc Permits *apply() Style Dispatch for 'HPC'
2015-09-01 spBayesSurv Bayesian Modeling and Analysis of Spatially Correlated Survival Data
2015-09-01 tripack Triangulation of Irregularly Spaced Data
2015-08-31 abodOutlier Angle-Based Outlier Detection
2015-08-31 ChainLadder Statistical Methods and Models for Claims Reserving in General Insurance
2015-08-31 dawai Discriminant Analysis with Additional Information
2015-08-31 gMCP Graph Based Multiple Comparison Procedures
2015-08-31 hglm Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models
2015-08-31 MixAll Clustering using Mixture Models
2015-08-31 MIXFIM Evaluation of the FIM in NLMEMs using MCMC
2015-08-31 titanic Titanic Passenger Survival Data Set
2015-08-31 ZRA Dynamic Plots for Time Series Forecasting
2015-08-30 class Functions for Classification
2015-08-30 npmv Nonparametric Comparison of Multivariate Samples
2015-08-30 RcppGSL 'Rcpp' Integration for 'GNU GSL' Vectors and Matrices
2015-08-30 spatial Functions for Kriging and Point Pattern Analysis
2015-08-29 ConSpline Partial Linear Least-Squares Regression using Constrained Splines
2015-08-29 dml Distance Metric Learning in R
2015-08-29 docxtractr Extract Data Tables from Microsoft Word Documents
2015-08-29 FlexParamCurve Tools to Fit Flexible Parametric Curves
2015-08-29 restorepoint Debugging with Restore Points
2015-08-29 rwunderground R Interface to Weather Underground API
2015-08-28 ALTopt Optimal Experimental Designs for Accelerated Life Testing
2015-08-28 cacIRT Classification Accuracy and Consistency under Item Response Theory
2015-08-28 detector Detect Data Containing Personally Identifiable Information
2015-08-28 erboost Nonparametric Multiple Expectile Regression via ER-Boost
2015-08-28 GsymPoint Estimation of the Generalized Symmetry Point, an Optimal Cutpoint in Continuous Diagnostic Tests
2015-08-28 KERE Expectile Regression in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space
2015-08-28 kin.cohort Analysis of Kin-Cohort Studies
2015-08-28 lookupTable Look-Up Tables using S4
2015-08-28 tmvtnorm Truncated Multivariate Normal and Student t Distribution
2015-08-28 trimr An Implementation of Common Response Time Trimming Methods
2015-08-28 wec Weighted Effect Coding
2015-08-27 cgdsr R-Based API for Accessing the MSKCC Cancer Genomics Data Server (CGDS)
2015-08-27 intervals Tools for Working with Points and Intervals
2015-08-27 lasvmR A Simple Wrapper for the LASVM Solver
2015-08-27 mmod Modern Measures of Population Differentiation
2015-08-27 OptiQuantR Simplifies and Automates Analyzing and Reporting OptiQuant's log Data
2015-08-27 support.CEs Basic Functions for Supporting an Implementation of Choice Experiments
2015-08-27 systemfit Estimating Systems of Simultaneous Equations
2015-08-27 walkr Random Walks in the Intersection of Hyperplanes and the N-Simplex
2015-08-26 ArArRedux Rigorous Data Reduction and Error Propagation of Ar40 / Ar39 Data
2015-08-26 FastBandChol Fast Estimation of a Covariance Matrix by Banding the Cholesky Factor
2015-08-26 gamlr Gamma Lasso Regression
2015-08-26 generator Generate Data Containing Fake Personally Identifiable Information
2015-08-26 GGMselect Gaussian Graphs Models Selection
2015-08-26 ioncopy Calling Copy Number Alterations in Amplicon Sequencing Data
2015-08-26 LINselect Selection of Linear Estimators
2015-08-26 mixor Mixed-Effects Ordinal Regression Analysis
2015-08-26 REDCapR Interaction Between R and REDCap
2015-08-26 Rfit Rank Estimation for Linear Models
2015-08-26 robustreg Robust Regression Functions
2015-08-26 rtkpp STK++ Integration to R using Rcpp
2015-08-26 SDDE Shortcuts, Detours and Dead Ends (SDDE) Path Types in Genome Similarity Networks
2015-08-26 SurvRank Rank Based Survival Modelling
2015-08-25 bimixt Estimates Mixture Models for Case-Control Data
2015-08-25 compare Comparing Objects for Differences
2015-08-25 contoureR Contouring of Non-Regular Three-Dimensional Data
2015-08-25 fptdApprox Approximation of First-Passage-Time Densities for Diffusion Processes
2015-08-25 ggplot2movies Movies Data
2015-08-25 ica Independent Component Analysis
2015-08-25 ONETr Efficient Authenticated Interaction with the O*NET API
2015-08-25 optismixture Optimal Mixture Weights in Multiple Importance Sampling
2015-08-25 SACOBRA Self-Adjusting COBRA
2015-08-24 cheddar Analysis and Visualisation of Ecological Communities
2015-08-24 MareyMap Estimation of Meiotic Recombination Rates Using Marey Maps
2015-08-24 SSRMST Sample Size Calculation using Restricted Mean Survival Time
2015-08-24 VBmix Variational Bayesian Mixture Models
2015-08-23 AutoModel Automated Hierarchical Multiple Regression with Assumptions Checking
2015-08-23 emplik Empirical Likelihood Ratio for Censored/Truncated Data
2015-08-23 GUIProfiler Graphical User Interface for Rprof()
2015-08-23 qrcode QRcode Generator for R
2015-08-23 R2jags Using R to Run 'JAGS'
2015-08-23 snn Stabilized Nearest Neighbor Classifier
2015-08-23 stocc Fit a Spatial Occupancy Model via Gibbs Sampling
2015-08-22 blmeco Data Files and Functions Accompanying the Book "Bayesian Data Analysis in Ecology using R, BUGS and Stan"
2015-08-22 CEoptim Cross-Entropy R Package for Optimization
2015-08-22 MatrixModels Modelling with Sparse And Dense Matrices
2015-08-22 opefimor Option Pricing and Estimation of Financial Models in R
2015-08-22 pls Partial Least Squares and Principal Component Regression
2015-08-21 cplm Compound Poisson Linear Models
2015-08-21 ggparallel Variations of Parallel Coordinate Plots for Categorical Data
2015-08-21 ifs Iterated Function Systems
2015-08-21 longurl Expand Short URLs Using the 'LongURL' API
2015-08-21 NNTbiomarker Calculate Design Parameters for Biomarker Validation Studies
2015-08-21 nopp Nash Optimal Party Positions
2015-08-21 ptw Parametric Time Warping
2015-08-21 QoLR Analysis of Health-Related Quality of Life in Oncology
2015-08-21 redist Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods for Redistricting Simulation
2015-08-21 rsggm Robust Sparse Gaussian Graphical Modeling via the Gamma-Divergence
2015-08-21 tvm Time Value of Money Functions
2015-08-20 BlakerCI Blaker's Binomial Confidence Limits
2015-08-20 bootsPLS Bootstrap Subsamplings of Sparse Partial Least Squares - Discriminant Analysis for Classification and Signature Identification
2015-08-20 CollocInfer Collocation Inference for Dynamic Systems
2015-08-20 CopyNumber450kCancer Baseline Correction for Copy Number Data from Cancer Samples
2015-08-20 gamclass Functions and Data for a Course on Modern Regression and Classification
2015-08-20 GEVStableGarch ARMA-GARCH/APARCH Models with GEV and Stable Distributions
2015-08-20 mmpp Various Similarity and Distance Metrics for Marked Point Processes
2015-08-20 ramify Additional Matrix Functionality
2015-08-20 simplr Basic Symbolic Expression Simplification
2015-08-20 weirs A Hydraulics Package to Compute Open-Channel Flow over Weirs
2015-08-19 cem Coarsened Exact Matching
2015-08-19 DIFboost Detection of Differential Item Functioning (DIF) in Rasch Models by Boosting Techniques
2015-08-19 distrom Distributed Multinomial Regression
2015-08-19 foreign Read Data Stored by Minitab, S, SAS, SPSS, Stata, Systat, Weka, dBase, ...
2015-08-19 hexbin Hexagonal Binning Routines
2015-08-19 iqLearn Interactive Q-Learning
2015-08-19 labstatR Libreria Del Laboratorio Di Statistica Con R
2015-08-19 LifeTables Two-Parameter HMD Model Life Table System
2015-08-19 lulcc Land Use Change Modelling in R
2015-08-19 metagear Comprehensive Research Synthesis Tools for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis
2015-08-19 MetaSKAT Meta Analysis for SNP-Set (Sequence) Kernel Association Test
2015-08-19 MLDS Maximum Likelihood Difference Scaling
2015-08-19 pwr Basic Functions for Power Analysis
2015-08-19 qualvar Implements Indices of Qualitative Variation Proposed by Wilcox (1973)
2015-08-19 REGENT Risk Estimation for Genetic and Environmental Traits
2015-08-19 rstream Streams of Random Numbers
2015-08-19 Runuran R Interface to the UNU.RAN Random Variate Generators
2015-08-19 sensitivitymv Sensitivity Analysis in Observational Studies
2015-08-19 spsi Shape-Preserving Uni-Variate and Bi-Variate Spline Interpolation
2015-08-19 STI Calculation of the Standardized Temperature Index
2015-08-19 textir Inverse Regression for Text Analysis
2015-08-19 trajectories Classes and Methods for Trajectory Data
2015-08-18 AFLPsim Hybrid Simulation and Genome Scan for Dominant Markers
2015-08-18 ipw Estimate Inverse Probability Weights
2015-08-18 phyndr Matches Tip and Trait Data
2015-08-18 polysat Tools for Polyploid Microsatellite Analysis
2015-08-18 spTimer Spatio-Temporal Bayesian Modelling Using R
2015-08-17 addhazard Fit Additive Hazards Models for Survival Analysis
2015-08-17 fICA Classical, Reloaded and Adaptive FastICA Algorithms
2015-08-17 GeneralOaxaca Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition for Generalized Linear Model
2015-08-17 LotkasLaw Runs Lotka's Law which is One of the Special Applications of Zipf's Law
2015-08-17 mixedMem Tools for Discrete Multivariate Mixed Membership Models
2015-08-16 A3 Accurate, Adaptable, and Accessible Error Metrics for Predictive Models
2015-08-16 animation A Gallery of Animations in Statistics and Utilities to Create Animations
2015-08-16 filehash Simple Key-Value Database
2015-08-16 regexr Readable Regular Expressions
2015-08-16 rugarch Univariate GARCH Models
2015-08-15 SparseM Sparse Linear Algebra
2015-08-14 bootES Bootstrap Effect Sizes
2015-08-14 diffIRT Diffusion IRT Models for Response and Response Time Data
2015-08-14 fpc Flexible Procedures for Clustering
2015-08-14 JADE Blind Source Separation Methods Based on Joint Diagonalization and Some BSS Performance Criteria
2015-08-14 RJafroc Analysis of Data Acquired Using the Receiver Operating Characteristic Paradigm and Its Extensions
2015-08-13 ART Aligned Rank Transform for Nonparametric Factorial Analysis
2015-08-13 geospt Geostatistical Analysis and Design of Optimal Spatial Sampling Networks
2015-08-13 MfUSampler Multivariate-from-Univariate (MfU) MCMC Sampler
2015-08-13 QuantifQuantile Estimation of Conditional Quantiles using Optimal Quantization
2015-08-13 trib Analysing and Visualizing Tribology Measurements
2015-08-12 ClimClass Climate Classification According to Several Indices
2015-08-12 clinfun Clinical Trial Design and Data Analysis Functions
2015-08-12 creditr Credit Default Swaps in R
2015-08-12 hoa Higher Order Likelihood Inference
2015-08-12 MDimNormn Multi-Dimensional MA Normalization for Plate Effect
2015-08-12 MethylCapSig Detection of Differentially Methylated Regions using MethylCap-Seq Data
2015-08-12 mixexp Design and Analysis of Mixture Experiments
2015-08-12 mmc Multivariate Measurement Error Correction
2015-08-11 bamdit Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Test Data
2015-08-11 BiTrinA Binarization and Trinarization of One-Dimensional Data
2015-08-11 dosresmeta Performing Multivariate Dose-Response Meta-Analysis
2015-08-11 gdistance Distances and Routes on Geographical Grids
2015-08-11 praise Praise Users
2015-08-11 RateDistortion Routines for Solving Rate-Distortion Problems
2015-08-11 restlos Robust Estimation of Location and Scatter
2015-08-10 cusp Cusp-Catastrophe Model Fitting Using Maximum Likelihood
2015-08-10 ExtremeBounds Extreme Bounds Analysis (EBA)
2015-08-10 GameTheory Cooperative Game Theory
2015-08-10 MixMAP Implements the MixMAP Algorithm
2015-08-10 mutossGUI A Graphical User Interface for the MuToss Project
2015-08-10 ocomposition Regression for Rank-Indexed Compositional Data
2015-08-10 slfm Tools for Fitting Sparse Latent Factor Model
2015-08-10 TapeR Flexible Tree Taper Curves Based on Semiparametric Mixed Models
2015-08-10 threg Threshold Regression
2015-08-09 cdcfluview Retrieve U.S. Flu Season Data from the CDC FluView Portal
2015-08-09 JoSAE Functions for some Unit-Level Small Area Estimators and their Variances
2015-08-09 missDeaths 'Correctly Analyse Disease Recurrence with Missing at Risk Information using Population Mortality'
2015-08-09 perspectev Permutation of Species During Turnover Events
2015-08-09 rafalib Convenience Functions for Routine Data Exploration
2015-08-08 AssocTests Genetic Association Studies
2015-08-08 drat Drat R Archive Template
2015-08-08 threewords Represent Precise Coordinates in Three Words
2015-08-07 bacr Bayesian Adjustment for Confounding
2015-08-07 BCEs0 Bayesian Models for Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in the Presence of Structural Zero Costs
2015-08-07 Ecdat Data Sets for Econometrics
2015-08-07 ELYP Empirical Likelihood Analysis for the Cox Model and Yang-Prentice (2005) Model
2015-08-07 enaR Tools for Ecological Network Analysis
2015-08-07 pid Process Improvement using Data
2015-08-07 quantable Streamline Descriptive Analysis of Quantitative Data Matrices
2015-08-06 BMhyd PCM for Hybridization
2015-08-06 CTTShiny Classical Test Theory via Shiny
2015-08-06 hashr Hash R Objects to Integers Fast
2015-08-06 HiClimR Hierarchical Climate Regionalization
2015-08-06 LFDR.MLE Estimation of the Local False Discovery Rates by Type II Maximum Likelihood Estimation
2015-08-06 pairwiseCI Confidence Intervals for Two Sample Comparisons
2015-08-06 partitions Additive Partitions of Integers
2015-08-06 UsingR Data Sets, Etc. for the Text "Using R for Introductory Statistics", Second Edition
2015-08-05 biosignalEMG Tools for Electromyogram Signals (EMG) Analysis
2015-08-05 credule Credit Default Swap Functions
2015-08-05 e1071 Misc Functions of the Department of Statistics, Probability Theory Group (Formerly: E1071), TU Wien
2015-08-05 FactoClass Combination of Factorial Methods and Cluster Analysis
2015-08-05 PCA4TS Segmenting Multiple Time Series by Contemporaneous Linear Transformation
2015-08-05 pmml Generate PMML for Various Models
2015-08-05 pmmlTransformations Transforms Input Data from a PMML Perspective
2015-08-05 sdwd Sparse Distance Weighted Discrimination
2015-08-05 summarytools Dataframe Summaries, Frequency Tables and Numerical Summaries with Customizable Output
2015-08-05 W2CWM2C A Graphical Tool for Wavelet (Cross) Correlation and Wavelet Multiple (Cross) Correlation Analysis
2015-08-04 BenfordTests Statistical Tests for Evaluating Conformity to Benford's Law
2015-08-04 dr Methods for Dimension Reduction for Regression
2015-08-04 httpuv HTTP and WebSocket Server Library
2015-08-04 yakmoR A Simple Wrapper for the k-Means Library Yakmo
2015-08-03 ALS Multivariate Curve Resolution Alternating Least Squares (MCR-ALS)
2015-08-03 cwhmisc Miscellaneous Functions for Math, Plotting, Printing, Statistics, Strings, and Tools
2015-08-03 kinship2 Pedigree Functions
2015-08-03 mapproj Map Projections
2015-08-03 taber Split and Recombine Your Data
2015-08-03 transcribeR Automated Transcription of Audio Files Through the HP IDOL API
2015-08-02 fast Implementation of the Fourier Amplitude Sensitivity Test (FAST)
2015-08-02 GeneNet Modeling and Inferring Gene Networks
2015-08-02 mixAK Multivariate Normal Mixture Models and Mixtures of Generalized Linear Mixed Models Including Model Based Clustering
2015-08-02 partools Tools for the 'Parallel' Package
2015-08-02 squash Color-Based Plots for Multivariate Visualization
2015-08-01 gendist Generated Probability Distribution Models
2015-08-01 nplr N-Parameter Logistic Regression
2015-08-01 usdm Uncertainty Analysis for Species Distribution Models
2015-07-31 FHtest Tests for Right and Interval-Censored Survival Data Based on the Fleming-Harrington Class
2015-07-31 Harvest.Tree Harvest the Classification Tree
2015-07-31 iotools I/O Tools for Streaming
2015-07-31 IsoGene Order-Restricted Inference for Microarray Experiments
2015-07-31 MRQoL Minimal Clinically Important Difference and Response Shift Effect for Health-Related Quality of Life
2015-07-31 multcompView Visualizations of Paired Comparisons
2015-07-31 nlstools Tools for Nonlinear Regression Analysis
2015-07-31 ORCME Order Restricted Clustering for Microarray Experiments
2015-07-31 OTE Optimal Trees Ensembles for Regression, Classification and Class Membership Probability Estimation
2015-07-31 phonTools Tools for Phonetic and Acoustic Analyses
2015-07-31 rdrop2 Programmatic Interface to the 'Dropbox' API
2015-07-31 rpca RobustPCA: Decompose a Matrix into Low-Rank and Sparse Components
2015-07-30 bnstruct Bayesian Network Structure Learning from Data with Missing Values
2015-07-30 nortest Tests for Normality
2015-07-30 plotmo Plot a Model's Response and Residuals
2015-07-30 R2WinBUGS Running 'WinBUGS' and 'OpenBUGS' from 'R' / 'S-PLUS'
2015-07-30 randtoolbox Toolbox for Pseudo and Quasi Random Number Generation and RNG Tests
2015-07-30 RWinEdt R Interface to WinEdt
2015-07-30 signal Signal Processing
2015-07-29 bda Density Estimation for Grouped Data
2015-07-29 ClamR Time Series Modeling for Climate Change Proxies
2015-07-29 Crossover Analysis and Search of Crossover Designs
2015-07-29 Distance Distance Sampling Detection Function and Abundance Estimation
2015-07-29 dsm Density Surface Modelling of Distance Sampling Data
2015-07-29 FastRWeb Fast Interactive Framework for Web Scripting Using R
2015-07-29 googlePublicData Working with Google Public Data Explorer DSPL Metadata Files
2015-07-29 HistogramTools Utility Functions for R Histograms
2015-07-29 HSAUR3 A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R (3rd Edition)
2015-07-29 lineup Lining Up Two Sets of Measurements
2015-07-29 mrds Mark-Recapture Distance Sampling
2015-07-29 Pade Padé Approximant Coefficients
2015-07-29 pco Panel Cointegration Tests
2015-07-29 pweight P-Value Weighting
2015-07-29 RBerkeley Oracle 'Berkeley DB' Interface for R
2015-07-29 RCryptsy Access to Cryptsy Crypto-Currency Exchange Public Information API via R
2015-07-29 Rgnuplot R Interface for Gnuplot
2015-07-29 RRNA Secondary Structure Plotting for RNA
2015-07-29 sns Stochastic Newton Sampler (SNS)
2015-07-29 tm.plugin.europresse Import Articles from 'Europresse' Using the 'tm' Text Mining Framework
2015-07-29 twitteR R Based Twitter Client
2015-07-29 webuse Import Stata 'webuse' Datasets
2015-07-29 wiod World Input Output Database 1995-2011
2015-07-28 base64enc Tools for base64 encoding
2015-07-28 bayesSurv Bayesian Survival Regression with Flexible Error and Random Effects Distributions
2015-07-28 cpm Sequential and Batch Change Detection Using Parametric and Nonparametric Methods
2015-07-28 fasttime Fast Utility Function for Time Parsing and Conversion
2015-07-28 HSAUR A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R (1st Edition)
2015-07-28 HSAUR2 A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R (2nd Edition)
2015-07-28 ipred Improved Predictors
2015-07-28 MVA An Introduction to Applied Multivariate Analysis with R
2015-07-28 PKI Public Key Infrastucture for R Based on the X.509 Standard
2015-07-28 ppiPre Predict Protein-Protein Interactions Based on Functional and Topological Similarities
2015-07-28 QFRM Pricing of Vanilla and Exotic Option Contracts
2015-07-28 rplexos Read and Analyze 'PLEXOS' Solutions
2015-07-28 RSclient Client for Rserve
2015-07-28 uuid Tools for generating and handling of UUIDs
2015-07-28 woe Computes Weight of Evidence and Information Values
2015-07-27 dcGOR Analysis of Ontologies and Protein Domain Annotations
2015-07-27 momr Mining Metaomics Data (MetaOMineR)
2015-07-27 MPTinR Analyze Multinomial Processing Tree Models
2015-07-27 muRL Mailmerge using R, LaTeX, and the Web
2015-07-27 nor1mix Normal (1-d) Mixture Models (S3 Classes and Methods)
2015-07-27 phyext2 An Extension (for Package 'SigTree') of Some of the Classes in Package 'phylobase'
2015-07-27 qrage Tools that Create D3 JavaScript Force Directed Graph from R
2015-07-27 rddtools Toolbox for Regression Discontinuity Design ('RDD')
2015-07-27 rngWELL Toolbox for WELL Random Number Generators
2015-07-27 rtop Interpolation of Data with Variable Spatial Support
2015-07-27 smoothSurv Survival Regression with Smoothed Error Distribution
2015-07-27 spectrino Spectra Visualization, Organizer and Data Preparation
2015-07-26 COMBIA Synergy/Antagonism Analyses of Drug Combinations
2015-07-26 flam Fits Piecewise Constant Models with Data-Adaptive Knots
2015-07-26 landsat8 Landsat 8 Imagery Rescaled to Reflectance, Radiance and/or Temperature
2015-07-26 mHG Minimum-Hypergeometric Test
2015-07-26 packcircles Circle Packing
2015-07-26 RcppZiggurat 'Rcpp' Integration of Different "Ziggurat" Normal RNG Implementations
2015-07-26 tglm Binary Regressions under Independent Student-t Priors
2015-07-25 nonlinearTseries Nonlinear Time Series Analysis
2015-07-25 soilwater Implementation of Parametric Formulas for Soil Water Retention or Conductivity Curve
2015-07-25 VideoComparison Video Comparison Tool
2015-07-24 aspect A General Framework for Multivariate Analysis with Optimal Scaling
2015-07-24 ddalpha Depth-Based Classification and Calculation of Data Depth
2015-07-24 distillery Method Functions for Confidence Intervals and to Distill Information from an Object
2015-07-24 glmm Generalized Linear Mixed Models via Monte Carlo Likelihood Approximation
2015-07-24 in2extRemes Into the extRemes Package
2015-07-24 influence.ME Tools for Detecting Influential Data in Mixed Effects Models
2015-07-24 ISOpureR Deconvolution of Tumour Profiles
2015-07-24 isotone Active Set and Generalized PAVA for Isotone Optimization
2015-07-24 modMax Community Structure Detection via Modularity Maximization
2015-07-24 npcp Some Nonparametric Tests for Change-Point Detection in Possibly Multivariate Observations
2015-07-24 powerSurvEpi Power and Sample Size Calculation for Survival Analysis of Epidemiological Studies
2015-07-24 quantmod Quantitative Financial Modelling Framework
2015-07-24 randomNames Function for Generating Random Names and a Dataset
2015-07-24 rEMM Extensible Markov Model for Modelling Temporal Relationships Between Clusters
2015-07-24 RKlout Fetch Klout Scores for Twitter Users
2015-07-24 TransModel Fit Linear Transformation Models for Censored Data
2015-07-23 anacor Simple and Canonical Correspondence Analysis
2015-07-23 BayesComm Bayesian Community Ecology Analysis
2015-07-23 CaDENCE Conditional Density Estimation Network Construction and Evaluation
2015-07-23 EstHer Estimation of Heritability in High Dimensional Sparse Linear Mixed Models using Variable Selection
2015-07-23 GEVcdn GEV Conditional Density Estimation Network
2015-07-23 homals Gifi Methods for Optimal Scaling
2015-07-23 mixPHM Mixtures of Proportional Hazard Models
2015-07-23 monmlp Monotone Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural Network
2015-07-23 munsellinterpol Interpolate Munsell Renotation Data from Hue/Chroma to CIE/sRGB
2015-07-23 pcalg Methods for Graphical Models and Causal Inference
2015-07-23 popsom Routines for Constructing and Evaluating Self-Organizing Maps
2015-07-23 qrnn Quantile Regression Neural Network
2015-07-23 RaschSampler Rasch Sampler
2015-07-23 saturnin Spanning Trees Used for Network Inference
2015-07-23 SparseFactorAnalysis Scaling Count and Binary Data with Sparse Factor Analysis
2015-07-23 TraMineRextras TraMineR Extension
2015-07-23 treeClust Cluster Distances Through Trees
2015-07-22 adehabitat Analysis of Habitat Selection by Animals
2015-07-22 adehabitatHR Home Range Estimation
2015-07-22 adehabitatHS Analysis of Habitat Selection by Animals
2015-07-22 adehabitatLT Analysis of Animal Movements
2015-07-22 adehabitatMA Tools to Deal with Raster Maps
2015-07-22 daewr Design and Analysis of Experiments with R
2015-07-22 EMMREML Fitting Mixed Models with Known Covariance Structures
2015-07-22 favnums A Dataset of Favourite Numbers
2015-07-22 gamair Data for "GAMs: An Introduction with R"
2015-07-22 gmodels Various R Programming Tools for Model Fitting
2015-07-22 hybridHclust Hybrid Hierarchical Clustering
2015-07-22 mri Modified Rand Index (1 and 2.1 and 2.2) and Modified Adjusted Rand Index (1 and 2.1 and 2.2)
2015-07-22 PlotPrjNetworks Useful Networking Tools for Project Management
2015-07-22 Rdistance Distance Sampling Analyses
2015-07-22 RDML Importing Real-Time Thermo Cycler (qPCR) Data from RDML Format Files
2015-07-22 rncl An Interface to the Nexus Class Library
2015-07-22 stringgaussnet PPI and Gaussian Network Construction from Transcriptomic Analysis Results Integrating a Multilevel Factor
2015-07-21 RealVAMS Multivariate VAM Fitting
2015-07-20 far Modelization for Functional AutoRegressive Processes
2015-07-20 GLSME Generalized Least Squares with Measurement Error
2015-07-20 GNE Computation of Generalized Nash Equilibria
2015-07-20 GPvam Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Multiple Membership Mixed Models Used in Value-Added Modeling
2015-07-20 gumbel The Gumbel-Hougaard Copula
2015-07-20 nbconvertR Vignette Engine Wrapping IPython Notebooks
2015-07-20 PerFit Person Fit
2015-07-20 PTAk Principal Tensor Analysis on k Modes
2015-07-20 rgenoud R Version of GENetic Optimization Using Derivatives
2015-07-20 rhosp Side Effect Risks in Hospital : Simulation and Estimation
2015-07-20 RTDE Robust Tail Dependence Estimation
2015-07-20 SeqGrapheR Simple GUI for Graph Based Visualization of Cluster of DNA Sequence Reads
2015-07-20 tsallisqexp Tsallis q-Exp Distribution
2015-07-20 yaImpute Nearest Neighbor Observation Imputation and Evaluation Tools
2015-07-19 anoint Analysis of Interactions
2015-07-19 glmgraph Graph-Constrained Regularization for Sparse Generalized Linear Models
2015-07-19 nordklimdata1 Dataset for Climate Analysis with Data from the Nordic Region
2015-07-19 pdfetch Fetch Economic and Financial Time Series Data from Public Sources
2015-07-19 thermocouple Temperature Measurement with Thermocouples, RTD and IC Sensors
2015-07-18 kappalab Non-Additive Measure and Integral Manipulation Functions
2015-07-18 lpbrim LP-BRIM Bipartite Modularity
2015-07-18 mediation Causal Mediation Analysis
2015-07-18 pkgconfig Private Configuration for 'R' Packages
2015-07-18 RAHRS Data Fusion Filters for Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) with Several Variants of the Kalman Filter and the Mahoney and Madgwick Filters
2015-07-18 rminer Data Mining Classification and Regression Methods
2015-07-18 ruv Detect and Remove Unwanted Variation using Negative Controls
2015-07-17 aster Aster Models
2015-07-17 EDFIR Estimating Discrimination Factors
2015-07-17 gamlss.add Extra Additive Terms for GAMLSS Models
2015-07-17 gamlss.demo Demos for GAMLSS
2015-07-17 GIGrvg Random Variate Generator for the GIG Distribution
2015-07-17 lmenssp Linear Mixed Effects Models with Non-Stationary Stochastic Processes
2015-07-17 mcmc Markov Chain Monte Carlo
2015-07-17 qtbase Interface Between R and Qt
2015-07-17 RSpincalc Conversion Between Attitude Representations of DCM, Euler Angles, Quaternions, and Euler Vectors
2015-07-17 Tinflex Tinflex - Universal Non-Uniform Random Number Generator
2015-07-17 vertexenum Vertex Enumeration of Polytopes
2015-07-16 captioner Numbers Figures and Creates Simple Captions
2015-07-16 efflog The Causal Effects for a Causal Loglinear Model
2015-07-16 ibelief Belief Function Implementation
2015-07-16 IDTurtle Identify Turtles by their Plastral Biometries
2015-07-16 LindenmayeR Functions to Explore L-Systems (Lindenmayer Systems)
2015-07-16 midasr Mixed Data Sampling Regression
2015-07-16 rtiff Read and Write TIFF Files
2015-07-16 sdPrior Scale-Dependent Hyperpriors in Structured Additive Distributional Regression
2015-07-16 SparseTSCGM Sparse Time Series Chain Graphical Models
2015-07-16 stmBrowser Structural Topic Model Browser
2015-07-15 bcp Bayesian Analysis of Change Point Problems
2015-07-15 Binarize Binarization of One-Dimensional Data
2015-07-15 codetools Code Analysis Tools for R
2015-07-15 crqa Cross-Recurrence Quantification Analysis for Categorical and Continuous Time-Series
2015-07-15 deducorrect Deductive Correction, Deductive Imputation, and Deterministic Correction
2015-07-15 FuncMap Hive Plots of R Package Function Calls
2015-07-15 geocodeHERE Wrapper for Nokia's HERE Geocoding API
2015-07-15 kfigr Integrated Code Chunk Anchoring and Referencing for R Markdown Documents
2015-07-15 locfdr Computes Local False Discovery Rates
2015-07-15 Rdpack Update and Manipulate Rd Documentation Objects
2015-07-15 ROMIplot Plots Surfaces of Rates of Mortality Improvement
2015-07-15 ROptimizely R Optimizely API
2015-07-15 SwarmSVM Ensemble Learning Algorithms Based on Support Vector Machines
2015-07-15 verification Weather Forecast Verification Utilities
2015-07-14 decode Differential Co-Expression and Differential Expression Analysis
2015-07-14 HBglm Hierarchical Bayesian Regression for GLMs
2015-07-14 HHG Heller-Heller-Gorfine Tests of Independence and Equality of Distributions
2015-07-14 lattice Trellis Graphics for R
2015-07-14 numbers Number-Theoretic Functions
2015-07-14 polspline Polynomial Spline Routines
2015-07-14 recommenderlabBX Book-Crossing Dataset (BX) for 'recommenderlab'
2015-07-14 rspa Adapt Numerical Records to Fit (in)Equality Restrictions
2015-07-14 SoundexBR Phonetic-Coding for Portuguese
2015-07-14 stargazer Well-Formatted Regression and Summary Statistics Tables
2015-07-13 bootLR Bootstrapped Confidence Intervals for (Negative) Likelihood Ratio Tests
2015-07-13 CLME Constrained Inference for Linear Mixed Effects Models
2015-07-13 disposables Create Disposable R Packages for Testing
2015-07-13 dynpred Companion Package to "Dynamic Prediction in Clinical Survival Analysis"
2015-07-13 EstCRM Calibrating Parameters for the Samejima's Continuous IRT Model
2015-07-13 igraphdata A Collection of Network Data Sets for the 'igraph' Package
2015-07-13 oapackage Orthogonal Array Package
2015-07-13 prettyunits Pretty, Human Readable Formatting of Quantities
2015-07-13 rversions Query 'R' Versions, Including 'r-release' and 'r-oldrel'
2015-07-13 spareserver Client Side Load Balancing
2015-07-13 spark Sparklines in the 'R' Terminal
2015-07-13 whoami Username, Full Name, Email Address, 'GitHub' Username of the Current User
2015-07-12 appnn Amyloid Propensity Prediction Neural Network
2015-07-12 CompareTests Correct for Verification Bias in Diagnostic Accuracy & Agreement
2015-07-12 fame Interface for FAME Time Series Database
2015-07-12 MatchLinReg Combining Matching and Linear Regression for Causal Inference
2015-07-12 stmCorrViz A Tool for Structural Topic Model Visualizations
2015-07-12 WMCapacity GUI Implementing Bayesian Working Memory Models
2015-07-11 arm Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models
2015-07-11 COMPoissonReg Conway-Maxwell Poisson (COM-Poisson) Regression
2015-07-11 crp.CSFP CreditRisk+ Portfolio Model
2015-07-11 EcoGenetics Spatial Analysis of Phenotypic, Genotypic and Environmental Data
2015-07-11 operators Additional Binary Operators
2015-07-11 penalizedLDA Penalized Classification using Fisher's Linear Discriminant
2015-07-11 subplex Unconstrained Optimization using the Subplex Algorithm
2015-07-10 hitandrun "Hit and Run" and "Shake and Bake" for Sampling Uniformly from Convex Shapes
2015-07-10 ouch Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Models for Phylogenetic Comparative Hypotheses
2015-07-10 rbhl Interface to the 'Biodiversity' 'Heritage' Library
2015-07-10 recoder A Simple and Flexible Recoder
2015-07-10 RJaCGH Reversible Jump MCMC for the Analysis of CGH Arrays
2015-07-10 scout Implements the Scout Method for Covariance-Regularized Regression
2015-07-10 selectspm Select Point Pattern Models Based on Minimum Contrast, AIC and Goodness of Fit
2015-07-10 smaa Stochastic Multi-Criteria Acceptability Analysis
2015-07-09 AcceptanceSampling Creation and Evaluation of Acceptance Sampling Plans
2015-07-09 Biodem Biodemography Functions
2015-07-09 downloader Download Files over HTTP and HTTPS
2015-07-09 penDvine Flexible Pair-Copula Estimation in D-Vines using Bivariate Penalized Splines
2015-07-09 topologyGSA Gene Set Analysis Exploiting Pathway Topology
2015-07-08 allanvar Allan Variance Analysis
2015-07-08 aTSA Alternative Time Series Analysis
2015-07-08 Benchmarking Benchmark and Frontier Analysis Using DEA and SFA
2015-07-08 bigGP Distributed Gaussian Process Calculations
2015-07-08 binda Multi-Class Discriminant Analysis using Binary Predictors
2015-07-08 care High-Dimensional Regression and CAR Score Variable Selection
2015-07-08 cccrm Concordance Correlation Coefficient for Repeated (and Non-Repeated) Measures
2015-07-08 corpcor Efficient Estimation of Covariance and (Partial) Correlation
2015-07-08 crossval Generic Functions for Cross Validation
2015-07-08 enigma Client for the 'Enigma' 'API'
2015-07-08 fdrtool Estimation of (Local) False Discovery Rates and Higher Criticism
2015-07-08 FuzzyLP Fuzzy Linear Programming
2015-07-08 genoPlotR Plot Publication-Grade Gene and Genome Maps
2015-07-08 GroupSeq A GUI-Based Program to Compute Probabilities Regarding Group Sequential Designs
2015-07-08 GSM Gamma Shape Mixture
2015-07-08 HWEintrinsic Objective Bayesian Testing for the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Problem
2015-07-08 icsw Inverse Compliance Score Weighting
2015-07-08 LogisticDx Diagnostic Tests for Models with a Binomial Response
2015-07-08 longitudinal Analysis of Multiple Time Course Data
2015-07-08 LoopAnalyst A Collection of Tools to Conduct Levins' Loop Analysis
2015-07-08 LSDinterface Reading LSD Results (.res) Files
2015-07-08 mederrRank Bayesian Methods for Identifying the Most Harmful Medication Errors
2015-07-08 polyapost Simulating from the Polya Posterior
2015-07-08 PopVar Genomic Breeding Tools: Genetic Variance Prediction and Cross-Validation
2015-07-08 registry Infrastructure for R Package Registries
2015-07-08 sae Small Area Estimation
2015-07-08 sda Shrinkage Discriminant Analysis and CAT Score Variable Selection
2015-07-08 spatialCovariance Computation of Spatial Covariance Matrices for Data on Rectangles
2015-07-08 sperich Auxiliary Functions to Estimate Centers of Biodiversity
2015-07-08 st Shrinkage t Statistic and Correlation-Adjusted t-Score
2015-07-08 StatDataML Read and Write StatDataML Files
2015-07-08 tailloss Estimate the Probability in the Upper Tail of the Aggregate Loss Distribution
2015-07-08 tspmeta Instance Feature Calculation and Evolutionary Instance Generation for the Traveling Salesman Problem
2015-07-08 vardiag Variogram Diagnostics
2015-07-08 vcd Visualizing Categorical Data
2015-07-08 VPdtw Variable Penalty Dynamic Time Warping
2015-07-08 wskm Weighted k-Means Clustering
2015-07-07 EffectTreat Prediction of Therapeutic Success
2015-07-07 futile.any A Tiny Utility Providing Polymorphic Operations
2015-07-07 fuzzyRankTests Fuzzy Rank Tests and Confidence Intervals
2015-07-07 lawstat Tools for Biostatistics, Public Policy, and Law
2015-07-07 pwt8 Penn World Table (Version 8.x)
2015-07-07 setwidth Automatically Set the Width Option on Terminal Emulators
2015-07-07 skellam Densities and Sampling for the Skellam Distribution
2015-07-07 SocialPosition Social Position Indicators Construction Toolbox
2015-07-07 spoccutils Utilities for Use with 'spocc'
2015-07-06 HiddenMarkov Hidden Markov Models
2015-07-06 iBATCGH Integrative Bayesian Analysis of Transcriptomic and CGH Data
2015-07-06 LeafArea Rapid Digital Image Analysis of Leaf Area
2015-07-06 MultiPhen A Package to Test for Pleiotropic Effects
2015-07-06 pi0 Estimating the Proportion of True Null Hypotheses for FDR
2015-07-06 SamplerCompare A Framework for Comparing the Performance of MCMC Samplers
2015-07-06 sdef Synthesizing List of Differentially Expressed Features
2015-07-06 StAMPP Statistical Analysis of Mixed Ploidy Populations
2015-07-05 baseline Baseline Correction of Spectra
2015-07-05 bit64 A S3 Class for Vectors of 64bit Integers
2015-07-05 dequer An R 'Deque' Container
2015-07-05 gromovlab Gromov-Hausdorff Type Distances for Labeled Metric Spaces
2015-07-05 potts Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Potts Models
2015-07-05 rLTP R Interface to LTP-Cloud Service
2015-07-05 rredis "Redis" Key/Value Database Client
2015-07-05 schoRsch Tools for Analyzing Factorial Experiments
2015-07-04 ecespa Functions for Spatial Point Pattern Analysis
2015-07-04 forams Foraminifera and Community Ecology Analyses
2015-07-04 gdata Various R Programming Tools for Data Manipulation
2015-07-04 GLDEX Fitting Single and Mixture of Generalised Lambda Distributions (RS and FMKL) using Various Methods
2015-07-04 GLDreg Fit GLD Regression Model and GLD Quantile Regression Model to Empirical Data
2015-07-04 Interatrix Compute Chi-Square Measures with Corrections
2015-07-04 kinfit Routines for Fitting Kinetic Models to Chemical Degradation Data
2015-07-04 nat.utils File System Utility Functions for 'NeuroAnatomy Toolbox'
2015-07-04 OrdFacReg Least Squares, Logistic, and Cox-Regression with Ordered Predictors
2015-07-04 patchSynctex Communication Between Editor and Viewer for Literate Programs
2015-07-04 pooh Partial Orders and Relations
2015-07-04 reporttools Generate LaTeX Tables of Descriptive Statistics
2015-07-04 trust Trust Region Optimization
2015-07-04 tseriesEntropy Entropy Based Analysis and Tests for Time Series
2015-07-04 VTrack A Collection of Tools for the Analysis of Remote Acoustic Telemetry Data
2015-07-03 abd The Analysis of Biological Data
2015-07-03 corrgram Plot a Correlogram
2015-07-03 DSL Distributed Storage and List
2015-07-03 EpiContactTrace Epidemiological Tool for Contact Tracing
2015-07-03 exactci Exact P-Values and Matching Confidence Intervals for Simple Discrete Parametric Cases
2015-07-03 geo Draw and Annotate Maps, Especially Charts of the North Atlantic
2015-07-03 gnumeric Read Data from Files Readable by Gnumeric
2015-07-03 goftest Classical Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Univariate Distributions
2015-07-03 hive Hadoop InteractiVE
2015-07-03 logcondiscr Estimate a Log-Concave Probability Mass Function from Discrete i.i.d. Observations
2015-07-03 LogicReg Logic Regression
2015-07-03 lucid Printing Floating Point Numbers in a Human-Friendly Format
2015-07-03 modehunt Multiscale Analysis for Density Functions
2015-07-03 mountainplot Mountain Plots, Folded Empirical Cumulative Distribution Plots
2015-07-03 openxlsx Read, Write and Edit XLSX Files
2015-07-03 parma Portfolio Allocation and Risk Management Applications
2015-07-03 powerGWASinteraction Power Calculations for GxE and GxG Interactions for GWAS
2015-07-03 PtProcess Time Dependent Point Process Modelling
2015-07-03 Rpoppler PDF Tools Based on Poppler
2015-07-03 rseedcalc Estimating the Proportion of Genetically Modified Seeds in Seedlots via Multinomial Group Testing
2015-07-03 selectMeta Estimation of Weight Functions in Meta Analysis
2015-07-03 spd Semi Parametric Distribution
2015-07-03 tagcloud Tag Clouds
2015-07-03 tileHMM Hidden Markov Models for ChIP-on-Chip Analysis
2015-07-03 tm Text Mining Package
2015-07-03 ump Uniformly Most Powerful Tests
2015-07-02 arulesNBMiner Mining NB-Frequent Itemsets and NB-Precise Rules
2015-07-02 autoencoder Sparse Autoencoder for Automatic Learning of Representative Features from Unlabeled Data
2015-07-02 binseqtest Exact Binary Sequential Designs and Analysis
2015-07-02 ComplexAnalysis Numerically Evaluate Integrals and Derivatives (also Higher Order) of Vector- And Complex-Valued Functions
2015-07-02 gss General Smoothing Splines
2015-07-02 gsscopu Copula Density and 2-D Hazard Estimation using Smoothing Splines
2015-07-02 memuse Memory Estimation Utilities
2015-07-02 NHANES Data from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Study
2015-07-02 rbison Interface to the 'USGS' 'BISON' 'API'
2015-07-02 scuba Diving Calculations and Decompression Models
2015-07-02 SRCS Statistical Ranking Color Scheme for Multiple Pairwise Comparisons
2015-07-02 translation.ko R Manuals Literally Translated in Korean
2015-07-02 VIFCP Detecting Change-Points via VIFCP Method
2015-07-01 alphaOutlier Obtain Alpha-Outlier Regions for Well-Known Probability Distributions
2015-07-01 autovarCore Automated Vector Autoregression Models and Networks
2015-07-01 bayesmix Bayesian Mixture Models with JAGS
2015-07-01 causalsens Selection Bias Approach to Sensitivity Analysis for Causal Effects
2015-07-01 CompR Paired Comparison Data Analysis
2015-07-01 FractalParameterEstimation Estimation of Parameters p and q for Randomized Sierpinski Carpet for [p-p-p-q]-Model
2015-07-01 gquad G Quadruplex Motif Prediction Tool
2015-07-01 HDclassif High Dimensional Supervised Classification and Clustering
2015-07-01 MiRSEA 'MicroRNA' Set Enrichment Analysis
2015-07-01 pca3d Three Dimensional PCA Plots
2015-07-01 samplesize Sample Size Calculation for Various t-Tests and Wilcoxon-Test
2015-07-01 sampling Survey Sampling
2015-07-01 spectralGP Approximate Gaussian Processes Using the Fourier Basis
2015-06-30 climdex.pcic PCIC Implementation of Climdex Routines
2015-06-30 hoardeR Information Retrieval for Genetic Datasets
2015-06-30 intergraph Coercion Routines for Network Data Objects
2015-06-30 Maeswrap Wrapper Functions for MAESTRA/MAESPA
2015-06-30 random True Random Numbers using RANDOM.ORG
2015-06-30 randomizeBE Function to Create a Random List for Crossover Studies
2015-06-29 agridat Agricultural Datasets
2015-06-29 ddeploy Wrapper for the Duke Deploy REST API
2015-06-29 GCPM Generalized Credit Portfolio Model
2015-06-29 gee Generalized Estimation Equation Solver
2015-06-29 KernSmooth Functions for Kernel Smoothing Supporting Wand & Jones (1995)
2015-06-29 mix Estimation/Multiple Imputation for Mixed Categorical and Continuous Data
2015-06-29 pspline Penalized Smoothing Splines
2015-06-29 rpart Recursive Partitioning and Regression Trees
2015-06-28 cvxbiclustr Convex Biclustering Algorithm
2015-06-28 ordinal Regression Models for Ordinal Data
2015-06-27 ElemStatLearn Data Sets, Functions and Examples from the Book: "The Elements of Statistical Learning, Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction" by Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani and Jerome Friedman
2015-06-27 knitLatex 'Knitr' Helpers - Mostly Tables
2015-06-27 lba Latent Budget Analysis for Compositional Data
2015-06-27 LncMod Predicting Modulator and Functional/Survival Analysis
2015-06-26 amen Additive and Multiplicative Effects Models for Networks and Relational Data
2015-06-26 assertr Assertive Programming for R Analysis Pipelines
2015-06-26 asypow Calculate Power Utilizing Asymptotic Likelihood Ratio Methods
2015-06-26 Bagidis BAses GIving DIStances
2015-06-26 GUTS Fast Calculation of the Likelihood of a Stochastic Survival Model
2015-06-26 igraph Network Analysis and Visualization
2015-06-26 parallelML A Parallel-Voting Algorithm for many Classifiers
2015-06-26 parallelSVM A Parallel-Voting Version of the Support-Vector-Machine Algorithm
2015-06-26 SenSrivastava Datasets from Sen & Srivastava
2015-06-26 sorvi Finnish Open Government Data Toolkit
2015-06-26 TROM Transcriptome Overlap Measure
2015-06-26 TSMining Mining Univariate and Multivariate Motifs in Time-Series Data
2015-06-26 unbalanced Racing for Unbalanced Methods Selection
2015-06-25 adwave Wavelet Analysis of Genomic Data from Admixed Populations
2015-06-25 learnstats An Interactive Environment for Learning Statistics
2015-06-25 snowFT Fault Tolerant Simple Network of Workstations
2015-06-25 XMRF Markov Random Fields for High-Throughput Genetics Data
2015-06-24 BSGS Bayesian Sparse Group Selection
2015-06-24 cclust Convex Clustering Methods and Clustering Indexes
2015-06-24 chron Chronological Objects which can Handle Dates and Times
2015-06-24 ColorPalette Color Palettes Generator
2015-06-24 EpiBayes Implements Hierarchical Bayesian Models for Epidemiological Applications
2015-06-24 formula.tools Utilities for Formulas, Expressions, Calls and Other Objects
2015-06-24 geospacom Facilitate Generating of Distance Matrices Used in Package 'spacom' and Plotting Data on Maps
2015-06-24 NLPutils Natural Language Processing Utilities
2015-06-24 openNLPdata Apache OpenNLP Jars and Basic English Language Models
2015-06-24 oz Plot the Australian Coastline and States
2015-06-24 polynom A Collection of Functions to Implement a Class for Univariate Polynomial Manipulations
2015-06-24 prc Paired Response Curve
2015-06-24 pscore Standardizing Physiological Composite Risk Endpoints
2015-06-24 runittotestthat Convert 'RUnit' Test Functions into 'testthat' Tests
2015-06-23 ClustGeo Clustering of Observations with Geographical Constraints
2015-06-23 geosptdb Spatio-Temporal; Inverse Distance Weighting and Radial Basis Functions with Distance-Based Regression
2015-06-23 pcaBootPlot Create 2D Principal Component Plots with Bootstrapping
2015-06-23 quantregGrowth Growth Charts via Regression Quantiles
2015-06-23 selfea Select Features Reliably with Cohen's Effect Sizes
2015-06-23 ssanv Sample Size Adjusted for Nonadherence or Variability of Input Parameters
2015-06-23 translateSPSS2R Toolset for Translating SPSS-Syntax to R-Code
2015-06-22 biogram N-Gram Analysis of Biological Sequences
2015-06-22 biplotbootGUI Bootstrap on Classical Biplots and Clustering Disjoint Biplot
2015-06-22 cgwtools Miscellaneous Tools
2015-06-22 cherry Multiple Testing Methods for Exploratory Research
2015-06-22 freqweights Working with Frequency Tables
2015-06-22 import An Import Mechanism for R
2015-06-22 metaLik Likelihood Inference in Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression Models
2015-06-22 primes Generate and Test for Prime Numbers
2015-06-22 rAvis Interface to the Bird-Watching Dataset Proyecto AVIS
2015-06-22 reglogit Simulation-Based Regularized Logistic Regression
2015-06-22 sbmSDP Semidefinite Programming for Fitting Block Models of Equal Block Sizes
2015-06-22 simplexreg Regression Analysis of Proportional Data Using Simplex Distribution
2015-06-22 STMedianPolish Spatio-Temporal Median Polish
2015-06-21 cncaGUI Canonical Non-Symmetrical Correspondence Analysis in R
2015-06-21 FAMILY A Convex Formulation for Modeling Interactions with Strong Heredity
2015-06-20 bayesm Bayesian Inference for Marketing/Micro-Econometrics
2015-06-20 cellranger Translate Spreadsheet Cell Ranges to Rows and Columns
2015-06-20 crrp Penalized Variable Selection in Competing Risks Regression
2015-06-20 latentnet Latent Position and Cluster Models for Statistical Networks
2015-06-20 pryr Tools for Computing on the Language
2015-06-19 gamsel Fit Regularization Path for Generalized Additive Models
2015-06-19 linkR 3D Lever and Linkage Mechanism Modeling
2015-06-19 multibiplotGUI Multibiplot Analysis in R
2015-06-19 pnf Prime Numbers and Integer Factorization
2015-06-19 Sejong KoNLP static dictionaries and Sejong project resources
2015-06-18 bcrypt 'Blowfish' Password Hashing Algorithm
2015-06-18 GPLTR Generalized Partially Linear Tree-Based Regression Model
2015-06-18 james.analysis Analysis Tools for the 'JAMES' Framework
2015-06-18 riverplot Sankey or Ribbon Plots
2015-06-17 controlTest Median Comparison for Two-Sample Right-Censored Survival Data
2015-06-17 ICC Facilitating Estimation of the Intraclass Correlation Coefficient
2015-06-17 MM2Sdata Gene Expression Datasets for the 'MM2S' Package
2015-06-17 svgViewR 3D Animated Interactive Visualizations Using SVG
2015-06-16 AdaptFitOS Adaptive Semiparametric Regression with Simultaneous Confidence Bands
2015-06-16 CommT Comparative Phylogeographic Analysis using the Community Tree Framework
2015-06-16 decompr Global-Value-Chain Decomposition
2015-06-16 gridGraphviz Drawing Graphs with 'grid'
2015-06-16 repijson Tools for Handling EpiJSON (Epidemiology Data) Files
2015-06-16 TMDb Access to TMDb API - Apiary
2015-06-15 BaBooN Bayesian Bootstrap Predictive Mean Matching - Multiple and Single Imputation for Discrete Data
2015-06-15 coxme Mixed Effects Cox Models
2015-06-15 DiceDesign Designs of Computer Experiments
2015-06-15 DiceEval Construction and Evaluation of Metamodels
2015-06-15 FuzzyStatProb Fuzzy Stationary Probabilities from a Sequence of Observations of an Unknown Markov Chain
2015-06-15 kolmim An Improved Evaluation of Kolmogorov's Distribution
2015-06-15 MSIseq Assess Tumor Microsatellite Instability with a Decision Tree Classifier from Exome Somatic Mutations
2015-06-15 rfigshare An R Interface to 'figshare'
2015-06-15 sgRSEA Enrichment Analysis of CRISPR/Cas9 Knockout Screen Data
2015-06-14 beepr Easily Play Notification Sounds on any Platform
2015-06-14 blme Bayesian Linear Mixed-Effects Models
2015-06-14 mmtfa Model-Based Clustering and Classification with Mixtures of Modified t Factor Analyzers
2015-06-14 peacots Periodogram Peaks in Correlated Time Series
2015-06-13 hierband Convex Banding of the Covariance Matrix
2015-06-13 pkgKitten Create Simple Packages Which Do not Upset R Package Checks
2015-06-12 CopulaREMADA Copula Mixed Effect Models for Bivariate and Trivariate Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies
2015-06-12 mistat Data Sets, Functions and Examples from the Book: "Modern Industrial Statistics" by Kenett, Zacks and Amberti
2015-06-12 nodeHarvest Node Harvest for Regression and Classification
2015-06-12 RSNNS Neural Networks in R using the Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator (SNNS)
2015-06-12 strum STRUctural Modeling of Latent Variables for General Pedigree
2015-06-11 DynTxRegime Methods for Estimating Dynamic Treatment Regimes
2015-06-11 editrules Parsing, Applying, and Manipulating Data Cleaning Rules
2015-06-11 EntropyExplorer Tools for Exploring Differential Shannon Entropy, Differential Coefficient of Variation and Differential Expression
2015-06-11 ergm.graphlets ERG Modeling Based on Graphlet Properties
2015-06-11 LTPDvar LTPD and AOQL Plans for Acceptance Sampling Inspection by Variables
2015-06-11 palr Colour Palettes for Data
2015-06-11 PEIP Geophysical Inverse Theory and Optimization
2015-06-11 SpatialExtremes Modelling Spatial Extremes
2015-06-11 spTDyn Spatially Varying and Spatio-Temporal Dynamic Linear Models
2015-06-10 accrual Bayesian Accrual Prediction
2015-06-10 ApacheLogProcessor Process the Apache Web Server Log Combined Files
2015-06-10 celestial Collection of Common Astronomical Conversion Routines and Functions
2015-06-10 gMWT Generalized Mann-Whitney Type Tests
2015-06-10 meboot Maximum Entropy Bootstrap for Time Series
2015-06-10 modelObj A Model Object Framework for Regression Analysis
2015-06-10 P2C2M Posterior Predictive Checks of Coalescent Models
2015-06-10 parallelMap Unified Interface to Parallelization Back-Ends
2015-06-10 ssfa Spatial Stochastic Frontier Analysis
2015-06-10 switchrGist Publish Package Manifests to GitHub Gists
2015-06-10 VarSelLCM Variable Selection for Model-Based Clustering using the Integrated Complete-Data Likelihood of a Latent Class Model
2015-06-09 DNMF Discriminant Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
2015-06-09 DT A Wrapper of the JavaScript Library 'DataTables'
2015-06-09 patchDVI Package to Patch .dvi or .synctex Files
2015-06-09 RcppFaddeeva 'Rcpp' Bindings for the 'Faddeeva' Package
2015-06-09 rknn Random KNN Classification and Regression
2015-06-09 tis Time Indexes and Time Indexed Series
2015-06-08 BNPdensity Ferguson-Klass Type Algorithm for Posterior Normalized Random Measures
2015-06-08 clisymbols Unicode Symbols at the R Prompt
2015-06-08 diptest Hartigan's Dip Test Statistic for Unimodality - Corrected
2015-06-08 inferference Methods for Causal Inference with Interference
2015-06-08 smnet Smoothing for Stream Network Data
2015-06-07 datastepr An Implementation of a SAS-Style Data Step
2015-06-07 ISwR Introductory Statistics with R
2015-06-07 scrm Simulating the Evolution of Biological Sequences
2015-06-06 AER Applied Econometrics with R
2015-06-06 BayesGESM Bayesian Analysis of Generalized Elliptical Semi-Parametric Models and Flexible Measurement Error Models
2015-06-06 gap Genetic Analysis Package
2015-06-06 ggvis Interactive Grammar of Graphics
2015-06-06 keypress Wait for a Key Press in a Terminal
2015-06-06 lmtest Testing Linear Regression Models
2015-06-06 nestedRanksTest Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon Test for Nested Ranks
2015-06-06 strucchange Testing, Monitoring, and Dating Structural Changes
2015-06-05 progress Terminal Progress Bars
2015-06-05 RobustEM Robust Mixture Modeling Fitted via Spatial-EM Algorithm for Model-Based Clustering and Outlier Detection
2015-06-05 seismic Predict Information Cascade by Self-Exciting Point Process
2015-06-04 clustMD Model Based Clustering for Mixed Data
2015-06-04 kineticF Framework for the Analysis of Kinetic Visual Field Data
2015-06-04 SAENET A Stacked Autoencoder Implementation with Interface to 'neuralnet'
2015-06-04 zetadiv Functions to Compute Compositional Turnover Using Zeta Diversity
2015-06-03 coreNLP Wrappers Around Stanford CoreNLP Tools
2015-06-03 delt Estimation of Multivariate Densities Using Adaptive Partitions
2015-06-03 EnviroStat Statistical Analysis of Environmental Space-Time Processes
2015-06-03 etasFLP Mixed FLP and ML Estimation of ETAS Space-Time Point Processes
2015-06-03 kwb.hantush Calculation of Groundwater Mounding Beneath an Infiltration Basin
2015-06-03 MVN Multivariate Normality Tests
2015-06-03 nomclust Hierarchical Nominal Clustering Package
2015-06-03 OpasnetUtils Opasnet Modelling Environment Utility Functions
2015-06-03 pointdensityP Point Density for Geospatial Data
2015-06-03 score A Package to Score Behavioral Questionnaires
2015-06-03 surveyeditor Generate a Survey that can be Completed by Survey Respondents
2015-06-03 XHWE X Chromosome Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
2015-06-02 bootSVD Fast, Exact Bootstrap Principal Component Analysis for High Dimensional Data
2015-06-02 cccd Class Cover Catch Digraphs
2015-06-02 evolvability Calculation of Evolvability Parameters
2015-06-02 FAOSTAT Download Data from the FAOSTAT Database of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations
2015-06-02 gcmr Gaussian Copula Marginal Regression
2015-06-02 HapEstXXR Multi-Locus Stepwise Regression
2015-06-02 JBTools Misc Small Tools and Helper Functions for Other Code of J. Buttlar
2015-06-02 spanel Spatial Panel Data Models
2015-06-02 spectral.methods Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) Tools for Time Series Analysis
2015-06-01 dkDNA Diffusion Kernels on a Set of Genotypes
2015-06-01 Iso Functions to Perform Isotonic Regression
2015-05-31 coefficientalpha Robust Coefficient Alpha and Omega with Missing and Non-Normal Data
2015-05-31 reconstructr Session Reconstruction and Analysis
2015-05-31 TDAmapper Analyze High-Dimensional Data Using Discrete Morse Theory
2015-05-30 ExtDist Extending the Range of Functions for Probability Distributions
2015-05-30 hybridEnsemble Build, Deploy and Evaluate Hybrid Ensembles
2015-05-30 influence.SEM Case Influence in Structural Equation Models
2015-05-30 RcellData Example Dataset for 'Rcell' Package
2015-05-30 signmedian.test Perform Exact Sign Test and Asymptotic Sign Test in Large Samples
2015-05-29 dostats Compute Statistics Helper Functions
2015-05-29 esaBcv Estimate Number of Latent Factors and Factor Matrix for Factor Analysis
2015-05-29 EWGoF Goodness-of-Fit Tests for the Exponential and Two-Parameter Weibull Distributions
2015-05-29 fdakma Functional Data Analysis: K-Mean Alignment
2015-05-29 gtools Various R Programming Tools
2015-05-29 mets Analysis of Multivariate Event Times
2015-05-29 ncdf.tools Easier 'NetCDF' File Handling
2015-05-29 rprime Functions for Working with 'Eprime' Text Files
2015-05-29 RSPS RNA-Seq Power Simulation
2015-05-28 AGD Analysis of Growth Data
2015-05-28 IgorR Read Binary Files Saved by 'Igor Pro' (Including 'Neuromatic' Data)
2015-05-28 loopr Uses an Archive to Amend Previous Stages of a Pipe using Current Output
2015-05-28 nabor Wraps 'libnabo', a Fast K Nearest Neighbour Library for Low Dimensions
2015-05-28 packS4 Toy Example of S4 Package
2015-05-28 RhpcBLASctl Control the Number of Threads on 'BLAS'
2015-05-28 Rrdrand 'DRNG' on Intel CPUs with the 'RdRand' Instruction for R
2015-05-28 timereg Flexible Regression Models for Survival Data
2015-05-27 aRxiv Interface to the arXiv API
2015-05-27 BACA Bubble Chart to Compare Biological Annotations by using DAVID
2015-05-27 empiricalFDR.DESeq2 Simulation-Based False Discovery Rate in RNA-Seq
2015-05-27 evmix Extreme Value Mixture Modelling, Threshold Estimation and Boundary Corrected Kernel Density Estimation
2015-05-26 Exact Unconditional Exact Test
2015-05-26 NMF Algorithms and Framework for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization (NMF)
2015-05-26 operator.tools Utilities for Working with R's Operators
2015-05-26 ordinalCont Ordinal Regression Analysis for Continuous Scales
2015-05-26 reval Repeated Function Evaluation for Sensitivity Analysis
2015-05-25 plspm Tools for Partial Least Squares Path Modeling (PLS-PM)
2015-05-23 restimizeapi Functions for Working with the 'www.estimize.com' Web Services
2015-05-22 bcv Cross-Validation for the SVD (Bi-Cross-Validation)
2015-05-22 dataview Data and Workspace Browser for Terminals
2015-05-22 dendextendRcpp Faster Dendrogram Manipulation using 'Rcpp'
2015-05-22 denpro Visualization of Multivariate Functions, Sets, and Data
2015-05-22 frbs Fuzzy Rule-Based Systems for Classification and Regression Tasks
2015-05-22 mvmeta Multivariate and Univariate Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression
2015-05-22 tmle.npvi Targeted Learning of a NP Importance of a Continuous Exposure
2015-05-22 TSdata 'TSdbi' Illustration
2015-05-21 ecp Non-Parametric Multiple Change-Point Analysis of Multivariate Data
2015-05-21 LDPD Probability of Default Calibration
2015-05-21 ordPens Selection and/or Smoothing of Ordinal Predictors
2015-05-21 qdapDictionaries Dictionaries and Word Lists for the 'qdap' Package
2015-05-21 R0 Estimation of R0 and Real-Time Reproduction Number from Epidemics
2015-05-21 riceware A Diceware Passphrase Implementation
2015-05-21 trip Tools for the Analysis of Animal Track Data
2015-05-21 WhiteStripe White Matter Normalization for Magnetic Resonance Images using Whitestripe
2015-05-21 xtermStyle Terminal Text Formatting Using Escape Sequences
2015-05-20 ARTIVA Time-Varying DBN Inference with the ARTIVA (Auto Regressive TIme VArying) Model
2015-05-20 bigml Bindings for the BigML API
2015-05-20 CausalFX Methods for Estimating Causal Effects from Observational Data
2015-05-20 clustertend Check the Clustering Tendency
2015-05-20 list Statistical Methods for the Item Count Technique and List Experiment
2015-05-20 RInside C++ Classes to Embed R in C++ Applications
2015-05-20 shapeR Collection and Analysis of Otolith Shape Data
2015-05-20 SubpathwayGMir Identify Metabolic Subpathways Mediated by MicroRNAs
2015-05-20 TickExec Execution Functions for Tick Data Back Test
2015-05-20 VIGoR Variational Bayesian Inference for Genome-Wide Regression
2015-05-19 FastHCS Robust Algorithm for Principal Component Analysis
2015-05-19 greyzoneSurv Fit a Grey-Zone Model with Survival Data
2015-05-19 IATscores Implicit Association Test Scores Using Robust Statistics
2015-05-19 novelist NOVEL Integration of the Sample and Thresholded (NOVELIST) Correlation and Covariance Estimators
2015-05-19 QCAfalsePositive Tests for Type I Error in Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)
2015-05-19 RbioRXN Process Rhea, KEGG, MetaCyc, Unipathway Biochemical Reaction Data
2015-05-19 rivervis River Visualisation Tool
2015-05-18 ETLUtils Utility Functions to Execute Standard Extract/Transform/Load Operations (using Package 'ff') on Large Data
2015-05-18 MInt Learn Direct Interaction Networks
2015-05-18 ocedata Oceanographic Datasets for Oce
2015-05-18 rotationForest Fit and Deploy Rotation Forest Models
2015-05-18 supcluster Supervised Cluster Analysis
2015-05-17 odeintr C++ ODE Solvers Compiled on-Demand
2015-05-16 TTmoment Sampling and Calculating the First and Second Moments for the Doubly Truncated Multivariate t Distribution
2015-05-15 CatDyn Fishery Stock Assessment by Generalized Depletion Models
2015-05-15 FSInteract Fast Searches for Interactions
2015-05-15 NEff Calculating Effective Sizes Based on Known Demographic Parameters of a Population
2015-05-15 pmr Probability Models for Ranking Data
2015-05-15 psidR Build Panel Data Sets from PSID Raw Data
2015-05-15 QuasiSeq Analyzing RNA Sequencing Count Tables Using Quasi-Likelihood
2015-05-15 rsem Robust Structural Equation Modeling with Missing Data and Auxiliary Variables
2015-05-15 sdprisk Measures of Risk for the Compound Poisson Risk Process with Diffusion
2015-05-15 virtualspecies Generation of Virtual Species Distributions
2015-05-14 BinaryEPPM Mean and Variance Modeling of Binary Data
2015-05-14 geoscale Geological Time Scale Plotting
2015-05-14 MCTM Markov Chains Transition Matrices
2015-05-13 FeaLect Scores Features for Feature Selection
2015-05-13 gam Generalized Additive Models
2015-05-13 rehh Searching for Footprints of Selection using Haplotype Homozygosity Based Tests
2015-05-13 stackoverflow Stack Overflow's Greatest Hits
2015-05-12 accelerometry Functions for Processing Minute-to-Minute Accelerometer Data
2015-05-12 addreg Additive Regression for Discrete Data
2015-05-12 biclust BiCluster Algorithms
2015-05-12 DSviaDRM Exploring Disease Similarity in Terms of Dysfunctional Regulatory Mechanisms
2015-05-12 fastHICA Hierarchical Independent Component Analysis: a Multi-Scale Sparse Non-Orthogonal Data-Driven Basis
2015-05-12 logbin Relative Risk Regression Using the Log-Binomial Model
2015-05-12 sampSurf Sampling Surface Simulation for Areal Sampling Methods
2015-05-12 stagePop Modelling the Population Dynamics of a Stage-Structured Species in Continuous Time
2015-05-11 aster2 Aster Models
2015-05-11 boilerpipeR Interface to the Boilerpipe Java Library
2015-05-11 GB2 Generalized Beta Distribution of the Second Kind: Properties, Likelihood, Estimation
2015-05-11 hapassoc Inference of Trait Associations with SNP Haplotypes and Other Attributes using the EM Algorithm
2015-05-11 mglmn Model Averaging for Multivariate GLM with Null Models
2015-05-11 plsgenomics PLS Analyses for Genomics
2015-05-11 probFDA Probabilistic Fisher Discriminant Analysis
2015-05-11 tm.plugin.webmining Retrieve Structured, Textual Data from Various Web Sources
2015-05-10 csn Closed Skew-Normal Distribution
2015-05-09 aprean3 Datasets from Draper and Smith "Applied Regression Analysis" (3rd Ed., 1998)
2015-05-09 StreamMetabolism Calculate Single Station Metabolism from Diurnal Oxygen Curves
2015-05-08 asVPC Average Shifted Visual Predictive Checks
2015-05-08 lsa Latent Semantic Analysis
2015-05-08 powerMediation Power/Sample Size Calculation for Mediation Analysis
2015-05-08 RPEnsemble Random Projection Ensemble Classification
2015-05-07 dummy Automatic Creation of Dummies with Support for Predictive Modeling
2015-05-07 fishmove Prediction of Fish Movement Parameters
2015-05-07 groc Generalized Regression on Orthogonal Components
2015-05-07 helsinki R Tools for Helsinki Open Data
2015-05-07 oro.nifti Rigorous - NIfTI + ANALYZE + AFNI : Input / Output
2015-05-07 RImageJROI Read 'ImageJ' Region of Interest (ROI) Files
2015-05-07 RImpala Using Cloudera 'Impala' Through 'R'
2015-05-06 Scale Likert Type Questionnaire Item Analysis
2015-05-06 sdcMicroGUI Graphical User Interface for Package 'sdcMicro'
2015-05-05 abc Tools for Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC)
2015-05-05 abc.data Data Only: Tools for Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC)
2015-05-05 eha Event History Analysis
2015-05-05 hiertest Convex Hierarchical Testing of Interactions
2015-05-05 LocFDRPois Functions for Performing Local FDR Estimation when Null and Alternative are Poisson
2015-05-05 optifunset Set Options if Unset
2015-05-05 PCovR Principal Covariates Regression
2015-05-05 pROC Display and Analyze ROC Curves
2015-05-05 reGenotyper Detecting Mislabeled Samples in Genetic Data
2015-05-05 structSSI Multiple Testing for Hypotheses with Hierarchical or Group Structure
2015-05-04 clustering.sc.dp Optimal Distance-Based Clustering for Multidimensional Data with Sequential Constraint
2015-05-04 numDeriv Accurate Numerical Derivatives
2015-05-04 parboost Distributed Model-Based Boosting
2015-05-04 PopGenome An Efficient Swiss Army Knife for Population Genomic Analyses
2015-05-04 RANN.L1 Fast Nearest Neighbour Search (Wraps ANN Library) Using L1 Metric
2015-05-04 Rlinkedin Access to the LinkedIn API via R
2015-05-04 samplesize4surveys Sample Size Calculations for Complex Surveys
2015-05-04 stabledist Stable Distribution Functions
2015-05-03 EW Edgeworth Expansion
2015-05-03 MapGAM Mapping Smoothed Effect Estimates from Individual-Level Data
2015-05-02 coxinterval Cox-Type Models for Interval-Censored Data
2015-05-02 EvalEst Dynamic Systems Estimation - Extensions
2015-05-02 GDAdata Datasets for the Book Graphical Data Analysis with R
2015-05-02 ig.vancouver.2014.topcolour Instagram 2014 Vancouver Top Colour Dataset
2015-05-02 mixtNB DE Analysis of RNA-Seq Data by Mixtures of NB
2015-05-02 muir Exploring Data with Tree Data Structures
2015-05-02 survJamda.data Data for Package 'survJambda'
2015-05-02 tidyjson A Grammar for Turning 'JSON' into Tidy Tables
2015-05-02 TSmisc 'TSdbi' Extensions to Wrap Miscellaneous Data Sources
2015-05-01 CDNmoney Components of Canadian Monetary and Credit Aggregates
2015-05-01 qte Quantile Treatment Effects
2015-05-01 TScompare 'TSdbi' Database Comparison
2015-05-01 tsfa Time Series Factor Analysis
2015-05-01 uniftest Tests for Uniformity
2015-04-30 bspec Bayesian Spectral Inference
2015-04-30 constrainedKriging Constrained, Covariance-Matching Constrained and Universal Point or Block Kriging
2015-04-30 Rchoice Discrete Choice (Binary, Poisson and Ordered) Models with Random Parameters
2015-04-30 rCMA R-to-Java Interface for 'CMA-ES'
2015-04-30 rowr Row-Based Functions for R Objects
2015-04-30 stringr Simple, Consistent Wrappers for Common String Operations
2015-04-30 TSfame 'TSdbi' Extensions for Fame
2015-04-30 TSMySQL 'TSdbi' Extensions for 'MySQL'
2015-04-30 TSodbc 'TSdbi' Extensions for ODBC
2015-04-30 TSPostgreSQL 'TSdbi' Extensions for 'PostgreSQL'
2015-04-30 TSsql Generic SQL Helper Functions for 'TSdbi' SQL Plugins
2015-04-30 TSSQLite 'TSdbi' Extensions for 'SQLite'
2015-04-29 BCRA Breast Cancer Risk Assessment
2015-04-29 dcemriS4 A Package for Image Analysis of DCE-MRI (S4 Implementation)
2015-04-29 difR Collection of Methods to Detect Dichotomous Differential Item Functioning (DIF)
2015-04-29 GWLelast Geographically Weighted Logistic Elastic Net Regression
2015-04-29 NPMLEcmprsk Type-Specific Failure Rate and Hazard Rate on Competing Risks Data
2015-04-29 replicatedpp2w Two-Way ANOVA-Like Method to Analyze Replicated Point Patterns
2015-04-29 synbreedData Data for the Synbreed Package
2015-04-29 TeachingSampling Selection of Samples and Parameter Estimation in Finite Population
2015-04-29 uniqtag Abbreviate Strings to Short, Unique Identifiers
2015-04-28 pairsD3 D3 Scatterplot Matrices
2015-04-28 pgmm Parsimonious Gaussian Mixture Models
2015-04-28 simpleNeural An Easy to Use Multilayer Perceptron
2015-04-28 tframePlus Time Frame Coding Kernel Extensions
2015-04-28 timetree Interface to the TimeTree of Life Webpage
2015-04-27 dynBiplotGUI Full Interactive GUI for Dynamic Biplot in R
2015-04-27 fracprolif Fraction Proliferation via a Quiescent Growth Model
2015-04-27 geophys Geophysics, Continuum Mechanics, Mogi Models, Gravity
2015-04-27 geoRglm A Package for Generalised Linear Spatial Models
2015-04-27 mded Measuring the Difference Between Two Empirical Distributions
2015-04-27 migui Graphical User Interface to the 'mi' Package
2015-04-27 Rquake Seismic Hypocenter Determination
2015-04-27 RTOMO Visualization for Seismic Tomography
2015-04-27 seqDesign Simulation and Group Sequential Monitoring of Randomized Two-Stage Treatment Efficacy Trials with Time-to-Event Endpoints
2015-04-27 StatDA Statistical Analysis for Environmental Data
2015-04-27 support.BWS Basic Functions for Supporting an Implementation of Best-Worst Scaling
2015-04-27 sysfonts Loading System Fonts into R
2015-04-27 zoeppritz Seismic Reflection and Scattering Coefficients
2015-04-26 haplotypes Haplotype Inference and Statistical Analysis of Genetic Variation
2015-04-26 Rwave Time-Frequency Analysis of 1-D Signals
2015-04-24 DiceKriging Kriging Methods for Computer Experiments
2015-04-24 PBSmapping Mapping Fisheries Data and Spatial Analysis Tools
2015-04-23 LinRegInteractive Interactive Interpretation of Linear Regression Models
2015-04-22 emg Exponentially Modified Gaussian (EMG) Distribution
2015-04-22 GCD Global Charcoal Database
2015-04-22 gnm Generalized Nonlinear Models
2015-04-22 mapStats Geographic Display of Survey Data Statistics
2015-04-22 markdown 'Markdown' Rendering for R
2015-04-22 probemod Statistical Tools for Probing Moderation Effects
2015-04-22 sspse Estimating Hidden Population Size using Respondent Driven Sampling Data
2015-04-22 treeperm Exact and Asymptotic K Sample Permutation Test
2015-04-21 blockmodels Latent and Stochastic Block Model Estimation by a 'V-EM' Algorithm
2015-04-21 DNAprofiles DNA Profiling Evidence Analysis
2015-04-21 ensurer Ensure Values at Runtime
2015-04-21 GENLIB Genealogical Data Analysis
2015-04-21 GUILDS Implementation of Sampling Formulas for the Unified Neutral Model of Biodiversity and Biogeography, with or without Guild Structure
2015-04-21 indicspecies Relationship Between Species and Groups of Sites
2015-04-21 managelocalrepo Manage a CRAN-Style Local Repository
2015-04-20 bayescount Power Calculations and Bayesian Analysis of Count Distributions and FECRT Data using MCMC
2015-04-20 fscaret Automated Feature Selection from 'caret'
2015-04-20 highlight Syntax Highlighter
2015-04-20 oro.dicom Rigorous - DICOM Input / Output
2015-04-20 prevalence Tools for Prevalence Assessment Studies
2015-04-20 RANN Fast Nearest Neighbour Search (Wraps Arya and Mount's ANN Library)
2015-04-20 rLiDAR LiDAR Data Processing and Visualization
2015-04-20 synRNASeqNet Synthetic RNA-Seq Network Generation and Mutual Information Estimates
2015-04-19 BNPTSclust A Bayesian Nonparametric Algorithm for Time Series Clustering
2015-04-19 degreenet Models for Skewed Count Distributions Relevant to Networks
2015-04-19 phonR Tools for Phoneticians and Phonologists
2015-04-19 PortfolioAnalytics Portfolio Analysis, Including Numerical Methods for Optimization of Portfolios
2015-04-19 R1magic Compressive Sampling: Sparse Signal Recovery Utilities
2015-04-19 tdr Target Diagram
2015-04-18 BivarP Estimating the Parameters of Some Bivariate Distributions
2015-04-18 cna A Package for Coincidence Analysis (CNA)
2015-04-18 datacheck Tools for Checking Data Consistency
2015-04-18 MATA Model-Averaged Tail Area Wald (MATA-Wald) Confidence Interval
2015-04-18 plaqr Partially Linear Additive Quantile Regression
2015-04-18 TKF Pairwise Distance Estimation with TKF91 and TKF92 Model
2015-04-17 marl Multivariate Analysis Based on Relative Likelihoods
2015-04-17 VLMC Variable Length Markov Chains ('VLMC') Models
2015-04-16 dga Capture-Recapture Estimation using Bayesian Model Averaging
2015-04-16 mi Missing Data Imputation and Model Checking
2015-04-16 networksis Simulate Bipartite Graphs with Fixed Marginals Through Sequential Importance Sampling
2015-04-16 qclust Robust Estimation of Gaussian Mixture Models
2015-04-16 smoother Functions Relating to the Smoothing of Numerical Data
2015-04-15 cernn Covariance Estimation Regularized by Nuclear Norm Penalties
2015-04-15 CoClust Copula Based Cluster Analysis
2015-04-15 cold Count Longitudinal Data
2015-04-15 knockoff Knockoff Filter for Controlling the False Discovery Rate
2015-04-15 REST RcmdrPlugin Easy Script Templates
2015-04-15 rmaf Refined Moving Average Filter
2015-04-15 SPRT Wald's Sequential Probability Ratio Test
2015-04-14 bild BInary Longitudinal Data
2015-04-14 CRTSize Sample Size Estimation Functions for Cluster Randomized Trials
2015-04-14 drc Analysis of Dose-Response Curves
2015-04-14 MissMech Testing Homoscedasticity, Multivariate Normality, and Missing Completely at Random
2015-04-13 fCertificates Basics of Certificates and Structured Products Valuation
2015-04-13 HiLMM Estimation of Heritability in Linear Mixed Models
2015-04-13 inline Functions to Inline C, C++, Fortran Function Calls from R
2015-04-13 L1pack Routines for L1 Estimation
2015-04-13 NbClust Determining the Best Number of Clusters in a Data Set
2015-04-13 R2admb 'ADMB' to R Interface Functions
2015-04-13 retrosheet Import Professional Baseball Data from 'Retrosheet'
2015-04-13 rkafka Using Apache 'Kafka' Messaging Queue Through 'R'
2015-04-13 rstackdeque Persistent Fast Amortized Stack and Queue Data Structures
2015-04-13 smds Symbolic Multidimensional Scaling
2015-04-13 subselect Selecting Variable Subsets
2015-04-12 csrplus Methods to Test Hypotheses on the Distribution of Spatial Point Processes
2015-04-12 heatmap3 An Improved Heatmap Package
2015-04-12 MPV Data Sets from Montgomery, Peck and Vining's Book
2015-04-12 resample Resampling Functions
2015-04-11 fdth Frequency Distribution Tables, Histograms and Polygons
2015-04-11 lvm4net Latent Variable Models for Networks
2015-04-11 msSurv Nonparametric Estimation for Multistate Models
2015-04-10 BayesLCA Bayesian Latent Class Analysis
2015-04-10 bentcableAR Bent-Cable Regression for Independent Data or Autoregressive Time Series
2015-04-10 chipPCR Toolkit of Helper Functions to Pre-Process Amplification Data
2015-04-10 pocrm Dose Finding in Drug Combination Phase I Trials Using PO-CRM
2015-04-10 rkafkajars External Jars Required for Package 'rkafka'
2015-04-09 expsmooth Data Sets from "Forecasting with Exponential Smoothing"
2015-04-09 groupRemMap Regularized Multivariate Regression for Identifying Master Predictors Using the GroupRemMap Penalty
2015-04-09 haven Import SPSS, Stata and SAS Files
2015-04-09 isa2 The Iterative Signature Algorithm
2015-04-09 reader Suite of Functions to Flexibly Read Data from Files
2015-04-08 CIDnetworks Generative Models for Complex Networks with Conditionally Independent Dyadic Structure
2015-04-08 ClickClust Model-Based Clustering of Categorical Sequences
2015-04-08 cqrReg Quantile, Composite Quantile Regression and Regularized Versions
2015-04-08 NCmisc Miscellaneous Functions for Creating Adaptive Functions and Scripts
2015-04-08 PhyloMeasures Fast and Exact Algorithms for Computing Phylogenetic Biodiversity Measures
2015-04-08 RxnSim Functions to Compute Chemical Reaction Similarity
2015-04-08 searchable Tools for Custom Searches / Subsets / Slices of Named R Objects
2015-04-08 softImpute Matrix Completion via Iterative Soft-Thresholded SVD
2015-04-08 TSPred Functions for Baseline-Based Time Series Prediction
2015-04-07 BGLR Bayesian Generalized Linear Regression
2015-04-07 Formula Extended Model Formulas
2015-04-07 pssm Piecewise Exponential Model for Time to Progression and Time from Progression to Death
2015-04-07 R2OpenBUGS Running OpenBUGS from R
2015-04-06 repfdr Replicability Analysis for Multiple Studies of High Dimension
2015-04-05 mvngGrAd Moving Grid Adjustment in Plant Breeding Field Trials
2015-04-05 RcppRoll Efficient Rolling / Windowed Operations
2015-04-04 EFDR Wavelet-Based Enhanced FDR for Signal Detection in Noisy Images
2015-04-04 SOUP Stochastic Ordering Using Permutations (and Pairwise Comparisons)
2015-04-04 timeseriesdb Manage Time Series with R and PostgreSQL
2015-04-03 EcoSimR Null Model Analysis for Ecological Data
2015-04-03 hgm Holonomic Gradient Method and Gradient Descent
2015-04-03 ODMconverter Tools to Convert ODM Files
2015-04-03 relSim Relative Simulator
2015-04-03 RKEA R/KEA Interface
2015-04-03 RKEAjars R/KEA Interface Jars
2015-04-03 thsls Three-Stage Least Squares Estimation for Systems of Simultaneous Equations
2015-04-02 DiffCorr Analyzing and Visualizing Differential Correlation Networks in Biological Data
2015-04-02 GPfit Gaussian Processes Modeling
2015-04-02 HighDimOut Outlier Detection Algorithms for High-Dimensional Data
2015-04-02 maptpx MAP Estimation of Topic Models
2015-04-02 MCMC4Extremes Posterior Distribution of Extreme Value Models in R
2015-04-02 mra Analysis of Mark-Recapture Data
2015-04-02 mutoss Unified Multiple Testing Procedures
2015-04-02 PermAlgo Permutational Algorithm to Simulate Survival Data
2015-04-02 Rarity Calculation of Rarity Indices for Species and Assemblages of Species
2015-04-02 sybilccFBA Cost Constrained FLux Balance Analysis: MetabOlic Modeling with ENzyme kineTics (MOMENT)
2015-04-01 HarmonicRegression Harmonic Regression to One or more Time Series
2015-04-01 KMDA Kernel-Based Metabolite Differential Analysis
2015-04-01 Laterality Functions to Calculate Common Laterality Statistics in Primatology
2015-04-01 scidb An R Interface to SciDB
2015-04-01 TimeWarp Date Calculations and Manipulation
2015-04-01 track Store Objects on Disk Automatically
2015-03-31 DatABEL File-Based Access to Large Matrices Stored on HDD in Binary Format
2015-03-31 longclust Model-Based Clustering and Classification for Longitudinal Data
2015-03-31 MatchingFrontier Computation of the Balance - Sample Size Frontier in Matching Methods for Causal Inference
2015-03-31 MethComp Functions for Analysis of Agreement in Method Comparison Studies
2015-03-31 orthogonalsplinebasis Orthogonal B-Spline Basis Functions
2015-03-31 RLumShiny 'Shiny' Applications for the R Package 'Luminescence'
2015-03-31 shinyBS Twitter Bootstrap Components for Shiny
2015-03-30 Ake Associated Kernel Estimations
2015-03-30 glinternet Learning Interactions via Hierarchical Group-Lasso Regularization
2015-03-30 TFDEA Technology Forecasting using DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis)
2015-03-30 VdgRsm Plots of Scaled Prediction Variances for Response Surface Designs
2015-03-29 pscl Political Science Computational Laboratory, Stanford University
2015-03-28 spgs Statistical Patterns in Genomic Sequences
2015-03-27 AutoSEARCH General-to-Specific (GETS) Modelling
2015-03-27 LPStimeSeries Learned Pattern Similarity and Representation for Time Series
2015-03-27 SAMUR Stochastic Augmentation of Matched Data Using Restriction Methods
2015-03-27 StatMeasures Easy Data Manipulation, Data Quality and Statistical Checks
2015-03-27 UNF Tools for Creating Universal Numeric Fingerprints for Data
2015-03-26 descomponer Seasonal Adjustment by Frequency Analysis
2015-03-26 KappaGUI GUI for Cohen's and Fleiss' Kappa
2015-03-26 kmodR K-Means with Simultaneous Outlier Detection
2015-03-26 ROCR Visualizing the Performance of Scoring Classifiers
2015-03-26 shinyFiles A Server-Side File System Viewer For Shiny
2015-03-25 flexCWM Flexible Cluster-Weighted Modeling
2015-03-25 pheno2geno High-Throughput Generation of Genetic Markers and Maps from Molecular Phenotypes for Crosses Between Inbred Strains
2015-03-25 timeROC Time-Dependent ROC Curve and AUC for Censored Survival Data
2015-03-25 tumblR Access to Tumblr v2 API
2015-03-24 FAwR Functions and Datasets for "Forest Analytics with R"
2015-03-24 mapfit A Tool for PH/MAP Parameter Estimation
2015-03-24 rgexf Build, Import and Export GEXF Graph Files
2015-03-23 Copula.Markov Estimation and Statistical Process Control Under Copula-Based Time Series Models
2015-03-23 measuRing Detection and Control of Tree-Ring Widths on Scanned Image Sections
2015-03-23 mht Multiple Hypothesis Testing for Variable Selection in High-Dimensional Linear Models
2015-03-22 MCS Model Confidence Set Procedure
2015-03-22 psd Adaptive, Sine-Multitaper Power Spectral Density Estimation
2015-03-21 mRMRe R package for parallelized mRMR ensemble feature selection
2015-03-20 hierDiversity Hierarchical Multiplicative Partitioning of Complex Phenotypes
2015-03-20 prais Prais-Winsten Estimation Procedure for AR(1) Serial Correlation
2015-03-20 SAVE Bayesian Emulation, Calibration and Validation of Computer Models
2015-03-19 bisoreg Bayesian Isotonic Regression with Bernstein Polynomials
2015-03-19 eco Ecological Inference in 2x2 Tables
2015-03-19 mcmcplots Create Plots from MCMC Output
2015-03-19 rkt Mann-Kendall Test, Seasonal and Regional Kendall Tests
2015-03-18 BatchExperiments Statistical Experiments on Batch Computing Clusters
2015-03-18 BatchJobs Batch Computing with R
2015-03-18 CARLIT Ecological Quality Ratios Calculation and Plot
2015-03-18 fftwtools Wrapper for FFTW3: Includes 1-D, Univariate and Multivariate, and 2-D Transform
2015-03-18 jtrans Johnson Transformation for Normality
2015-03-18 robumeta Robust Variance Meta-Regression
2015-03-18 saccades Detection of Fixations in Eye-Tracking Data
2015-03-17 atsd Support Querying Axibase Time-Series Database
2015-03-17 conting Bayesian Analysis of Contingency Tables
2015-03-17 DCluster Functions for the Detection of Spatial Clusters of Diseases
2015-03-17 gmm Generalized Method of Moments and Generalized Empirical Likelihood
2015-03-17 rsatscan Tools, Classes, and Methods for Interfacing with SaTScan Stand-Alone Software
2015-03-17 staTools Statistical Tools for Social Network Analysis
2015-03-16 genalg R Based Genetic Algorithm
2015-03-16 gvcm.cat Regularized Categorical Effects/Categorical Effect Modifiers/Continuous/Smooth Effects in GLMs
2015-03-16 PRISMA Protocol Inspection and State Machine Analysis
2015-03-16 ROCS Receiver Operating Characteristics Surface
2015-03-16 survRM2 Comparing Restricted Mean Survival Time
2015-03-15 jmetrik Tools for Interacting with 'jMetrik'
2015-03-15 metaMix Bayesian Mixture Analysis for Metagenomic Community Profiling
2015-03-15 NHPoisson Modelling and Validation of Non Homogeneous Poisson Processes
2015-03-15 separationplot Separation Plots
2015-03-15 tab Functions for Creating Summary Tables for Statistical Reports
2015-03-14 clusterSim Searching for Optimal Clustering Procedure for a Data Set
2015-03-14 redcapAPI R Interface to REDCap
2015-03-14 scriptests Transcript-Based Unit Tests that are Easy to Create and Maintain
2015-03-14 symbolicDA Analysis of Symbolic Data
2015-03-13 abind Combine Multidimensional Arrays
2015-03-13 alm R Client for the Lagotto Altmetrics Platform
2015-03-13 betas Standardized Beta Coefficients
2015-03-13 bizdays Business Days Calculations and Utilities
2015-03-13 boottol Bootstrap Tolerance Levels for Credit Scoring Validation Statistics
2015-03-13 funFEM Clustering in the Discriminative Functional Subspace
2015-03-13 Holidays Holiday and Half-Day Data, for Use with the 'TimeWarp' Package
2015-03-12 GWAF Genome-Wide Association/Interaction Analysis and Rare Variant Analysis with Family Data
2015-03-12 nparcomp Multiple Comparisons and Simultaneous Confidence Intervals
2015-03-11 blatr Send Emails Using 'Blat' for Windows
2015-03-11 colorspace Color Space Manipulation
2015-03-11 gbm Generalized Boosted Regression Models
2015-03-11 gems Generalized Multistate Simulation Model
2015-03-11 MCL Markov Cluster Algorithm
2015-03-11 multigroup Multigroup Data Analysis
2015-03-11 NORRRM Geochemical Toolkit for R
2015-03-11 seismicRoll Fast Rolling Functions for Seismology using Rcpp
2015-03-10 binr Cut Numeric Values into Evenly Distributed Groups
2015-03-10 DiceOptim Kriging-Based Optimization for Computer Experiments
2015-03-10 EIAdata R Wrapper for the Energy Information Administration (EIA) API
2015-03-10 lmfor Functions for Forest Biometrics
2015-03-10 mixture Mixture Models for Clustering and Classification
2015-03-10 orca Computation of Graphlet Orbit Counts in Sparse Graphs
2015-03-10 relevent Relational Event Models
2015-03-10 RVFam Rare Variants Association Analyses with Family Data
2015-03-10 showtextdb Font Files for the 'showtext' Package
2015-03-09 C50 C5.0 Decision Trees and Rule-Based Models
2015-03-09 desirability Desirability Function Optimization and Ranking
2015-03-09 informR Sequence Statistics for Relational Event Models
2015-03-09 SGCS Spatial Graph Based Clustering Summaries for Spatial Point Patterns
2015-03-08 csvread Fast Specialized CSV File Loader
2015-03-07 SID Structural Intervention Distance
2015-03-06 alabama Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
2015-03-06 recluster Ordination Methods for the Analysis of Beta-Diversity Indices
2015-03-05 CAM Causal Additive Model (CAM)
2015-03-05 DAMOCLES Dynamic Assembly Model of Colonization, Local Extinction and Speciation
2015-03-05 gtop Game-Theoretically OPtimal (GTOP) Reconciliation Method
2015-03-05 hyperSpec Work with Hyperspectral Data, i.e. Spectra + Meta Information (Spatial, Time, Concentration, ...)
2015-03-05 KOGMWU Functional Summary and Meta-Analysis of Gene Expression Data
2015-03-04 abf2 Load Gap-Free Axon ABF2 Files
2015-03-04 monreg Nonparametric Monotone Regression
2015-03-04 nCal Nonlinear Calibration
2015-03-04 rclinicaltrials Download Aggregate Trial Information and Results from ClinicalTrials.gov
2015-03-04 RISmed Download Content from NCBI Databases
2015-03-04 simctest Safe Implementation of Monte Carlo Tests
2015-03-03 BayesSummaryStatLM MCMC Sampling of Bayesian Linear Models via Summary Statistics
2015-03-03 BiSEp Toolkit to Identify Candidate Synthetic Lethality
2015-03-03 BOG Bacterium and Virus Analysis of Orthologous Groups (BOG) is a Package for Identifying Differentially Regulated Genes in the Light of Gene Functions
2015-03-03 coalescentMCMC MCMC Algorithms for the Coalescent
2015-03-03 FieldSim Random Fields (and Bridges) Simulations
2015-03-03 hornpa Horn's (1965) Test to Determine the Number of Components/Factors
2015-03-03 LPTime LP Nonparametric Approach to Non-Gaussian Non-Linear Time Series Modelling
2015-03-03 NAPPA Performs the Processing and Normalisation of Nanostring miRNA and mRNA Data
2015-03-03 NSUM Network Scale Up Method
2015-03-03 RcmdrPlugin.EACSPIR Plugin de R-Commander para el Manual 'EACSPIR'
2015-03-03 rsnps Get SNP (Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism) Data on the Web
2015-03-03 shinythemes Themes for Shiny
2015-03-03 simMSM Simulation of Event Histories for Multi-State Models
2015-03-03 stheoreme Klimontovich's S-Theorem Algorithm Implementation and Data Preparation Tools
2015-03-03 x.ent eXtraction of ENTity
2015-03-02 IsingSampler Sampling Methods and Distribution Functions for the Ising Model
2015-03-02 lsr Companion to "Learning Statistics with R"
2015-03-02 PogromcyDanych PogromcyDanych / DataCrunchers is the Masive Online Open Course that Brings R and Statistics to the People
2015-03-01 Conake Continuous Associated Kernel Estimation
2015-03-01 gendata Generate and Modify Synthetic Datasets
2015-02-28 laketemps Lake Temperatures Collected by Situ and Satellite Methods from 1985-2009
2015-02-28 sidier Substitution and Indel Distances to Infer Evolutionary Relationships
2015-02-28 timma Target Inhibition Interaction using Maximization and Minimization Averaging
2015-02-27 CoxRidge Cox Models with Dynamic Ridge Penalties
2015-02-27 FindIt Finding Heterogeneous Treatment Effects
2015-02-27 GenForImp The Forward Imputation: A Sequential Distance-Based Approach for Imputing Missing Data
2015-02-27 NormPsy Normalisation of Psychometric Tests
2015-02-26 dplRCon Concordance for Dendroclimatology
2015-02-26 exact2x2 Exact Conditional Tests and Confidence Intervals for 2x2 tables
2015-02-26 FuzzyNumbers Tools to Deal with Fuzzy Numbers
2015-02-26 gte Generalized Turnbull's Estimator
2015-02-26 PRROC Precision-Recall and ROC Curves for Weighted and Unweighted Data
2015-02-26 RcmdrPlugin.ROC Rcmdr Receiver Operator Characteristic Plug-In PACKAGE
2015-02-26 SurvCorr Correlation of Bivariate Survival Times
2015-02-25 aroma.apd A Probe-Level Data File Format Used by 'aroma.affymetrix' [deprecated]
2015-02-25 BoolNet Construction, Simulation and Analysis of Boolean Networks
2015-02-25 FGSG Feature Grouping and Selection Over an Undirected Graph
2015-02-25 ihs Inverse Hyperbolic Sine Distribution
2015-02-25 momentchi2 Moment-Matching Methods for Weighted Sums of Chi-Squared Random Variables
2015-02-25 multiPIM Variable Importance Analysis with Population Intervention Models
2015-02-25 SDD Serial Dependence Diagrams
2015-02-24 assist A Suite of R Functions Implementing Spline Smoothing Techniques
2015-02-24 autopls Partial Least Squares Regression with Backward Selection of Predictors
2015-02-24 babar Bayesian Bacterial Growth Curve Analysis in R
2015-02-24 coloredICA Implementation of Colored Independent Component Analysis and Spatial Colored Independent Component Analysis
2015-02-24 CombinS Construction Methods of some Series of PBIB Designs
2015-02-24 coxsei Fitting a CoxSEI Model
2015-02-24 FFD Freedom from Disease
2015-02-24 js Tools for Working with JavaScript in R
2015-02-24 likelihood Methods for Maximum Likelihood Estimation
2015-02-24 mwa Causal Inference in Spatiotemporal Event Data
2015-02-24 phenability Nonparametric Stability Analysis
2015-02-24 speaq Tools for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrum Alignment and Quantitative Analysis
2015-02-24 SvyNom Nomograms for Right-Censored Outcomes from Survey Designs
2015-02-23 crrstep Stepwise Covariate Selection for the Fine & Gray Competing Risks Regression Model
2015-02-23 games Statistical Estimation of Game-Theoretic Models
2015-02-23 nephro Biostatistics Utilities for Nephrology
2015-02-23 stocks Fast Functions for Stock Market Analysis
2015-02-23 SurvLong Analysis of Proportional Hazards Model with Sparse Longitudinal Covariates
2015-02-23 wahc Autocorrelation and Heteroskedasticity Correction in Fixed Effect Panel Data Model
2015-02-23 wmlf Wavelet Leaders in Multifractal Analysis
2015-02-22 highTtest Simultaneous Critical Values for t-Tests in Very High Dimensions
2015-02-22 protoclust Hierarchical Clustering with Prototypes
2015-02-22 R.huge Methods for Accessing Huge Amounts of Data [deprecated]
2015-02-22 rpg Easy Interface to Advanced PostgreSQL Features
2015-02-22 ssize.fdr Sample Size Calculations for Microarray Experiments
2015-02-22 TAQMNGR Manage Tick-by-Tick Transaction Data
2015-02-21 frm Regression Analysis of Fractional Responses
2015-02-21 frmhet Regression Analysis of Fractional Responses Under Unobserved Heterogeneity
2015-02-21 Grid2Polygons Convert Spatial Grids to Polygons
2015-02-21 lmeNBBayes Compute the Personalized Activity Index Based on a Flexible Bayesian Negative Binomial Model
2015-02-21 RSurvey Analysis of Spatially Distributed Data
2015-02-20 exactRankTests Exact Distributions for Rank and Permutation Tests
2015-02-20 faisalconjoint Faisal Conjoint Model: A New Approach to Conjoint Analysis
2015-02-20 fastpseudo Fast Pseudo Observations
2015-02-20 msda Multi-Class Sparse Discriminant Analysis
2015-02-20 pullword R Interface to Pullword Service
2015-02-20 UBCRM Functions to Simulate and Conduct Dose-Escalation Phase I Studies
2015-02-19 bootstrap Functions for the Book "An Introduction to the Bootstrap"
2015-02-19 ega Error Grid Analysis
2015-02-19 fgpt Floating Grid Permutation Technique
2015-02-19 partDSA Partitioning Using Deletion, Substitution, and Addition Moves
2015-02-19 Simile Interact with Simile Models
2015-02-18 clues Clustering Method Based on Local Shrinking
2015-02-18 clusterGeneration Random Cluster Generation (with Specified Degree of Separation)
2015-02-18 frmpd Regression Analysis of Panel Fractional Responses
2015-02-18 lbfgsb3 Limited Memory BFGS Minimizer with Bounds on Parameters
2015-02-18 MortalitySmooth Smoothing and Forecasting Poisson Counts with P-Splines
2015-02-18 rjade A Clean, Whitespace-Sensitive Template Language for Writing HTML
2015-02-18 semsfa Semiparametric Estimation of Stochastic Frontier Models
2015-02-17 analyz Model Layer for Automatic Data Analysis via CSV File Interpretation
2015-02-17 ATE Inference for Average Treatment Effects using Covariate Balancing
2015-02-17 eegkit Toolkit for Electroencephalography Data
2015-02-17 GaDiFPT First Passage Time Simulation for Gaussian Diffusion Processes
2015-02-17 hpcwld High Performance Cluster Models Based on Kiefer-Wolfowitz Recursion
2015-02-17 IBDhaploRtools Functions for the Analysis of IBD Haplo Output
2015-02-17 IBDLabels Convert Between Different IBD-State Labelling Schemes
2015-02-17 palaeoSig Significance Tests for Palaeoenvironmental Reconstructions
2015-02-16 bde Bounded Density Estimation
2015-02-16 fdrDiscreteNull False Discovery Rate Procedure Under Discrete Null Distributions
2015-02-16 glba General Linear Ballistic Accumulator Models
2015-02-16 LPS Linear Predictor Score, for Binary Inference from Multiple Continuous Variables
2015-02-16 PCIT Partial Correlation Coefficient with Information Theory
2015-02-16 R4CouchDB An R Convenience Layer for CouchDB
2015-02-16 randomUniformForest Random Uniform Forests for Classification, Regression and Unsupervised Learning
2015-02-16 retistruct Retinal Reconstruction Program
2015-02-16 sybilEFBA Using Gene Expression Data to Improve Flux Balance Analysis Predictions
2015-02-16 wbs Wild Binary Segmentation for Multiple Change-Point Detection
2015-02-15 nFCA Numerical Formal Concept Analysis for Systematic Clustering
2015-02-15 sparseBC Sparse Biclustering of Transposable Data
2015-02-15 ztable Zebra-Striped Tables in LaTeX and HTML Formats
2015-02-14 BayesBridge Bridge Regression
2015-02-14 minimist Parse Argument Options
2015-02-14 moonBook Functions and Datasets for the Book by Keon-Woong Moon
2015-02-14 phytotools Phytoplankton Production Tools
2015-02-13 demi Differential Expression from Multiple Indicators
2015-02-13 plotGoogleMaps Plot Spatial or Spatio-Temporal Data Over Google Maps
2015-02-13 ROAuth R Interface For OAuth
2015-02-13 shinyTree jsTree Bindings for Shiny
2015-02-13 tbart Teitz and Bart's p-Median Algorithm
2015-02-13 unittest TAP-Compliant Unit Testing
2015-02-12 FastKNN Fast k-Nearest Neighbors
2015-02-12 gaselect Genetic Algorithm (GA) for Variable Selection from High-Dimensional Data
2015-02-12 kselection Selection of K in K-Means Clustering
2015-02-12 MTS All-Purpose Toolkit for Analyzing Multivariate Time Series (MTS) and Estimating Multivariate Volatility Models
2015-02-12 poplite Tools for Simplifying the Population and Querying of SQLite Databases
2015-02-12 vows Voxelwise Semiparametrics
2015-02-11 ARPobservation Tools for Simulating Direct Behavioral Observation Recording Procedures Based on Alternating Renewal Processes
2015-02-11 condMVNorm Conditional Multivariate Normal Distribution
2015-02-11 rNMF Robust Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
2015-02-11 shinybootstrap2 Bootstrap 2 Web Components for Use with Shiny
2015-02-11 tmg Truncated Multivariate Gaussian Sampling
2015-02-11 treelet An Adaptive Multi-Scale Basis for High-Dimensional, Sparse and Unordered Data
2015-02-10 cccp Cone Constrained Convex Problems
2015-02-10 heritability Marker-Based Estimation of Heritability Using Individual Plant or Plot Data
2015-02-10 HSROC Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Test Accuracy when Reference Test is Imperfect
2015-02-10 ICAFF Imperialist Competitive Algorithm
2015-02-10 lmm Linear Mixed Models
2015-02-10 MSBVAR Markov-Switching, Bayesian, Vector Autoregression Models
2015-02-10 RInSp R Individual Specialization (RInSp)
2015-02-10 SoftClustering Soft Clustering Algorithms
2015-02-10 tau Text Analysis Utilities
2015-02-09 BradleyTerry2 Bradley-Terry Models
2015-02-09 ivpanel Instrumental Panel Data Models
2015-02-09 LARF Local Average Response Functions for Instrumental Variable Estimation of Treatment Effects
2015-02-09 RPushbullet R Interface to the Pushbullet Messaging Service
2015-02-09 rtfbs Transcription Factor Binding Site Identification Tool
2015-02-08 cec2005benchmark Benchmark for the CEC 2005 Special Session on Real-Parameter Optimization
2015-02-08 MetNorm Statistical Methods for Normalizing Metabolomics Data
2015-02-08 SVMMatch Causal Effect Estimation and Diagnostics with Support Vector Machines
2015-02-07 klausuR Multiple Choice Test Evaluation
2015-02-06 knncat Nearest-neighbor Classification with Categorical Variables
2015-02-06 micromap Linked Micromap Plots
2015-02-06 PANICr PANIC Tests of Nonstationarity
2015-02-06 SimilarityMeasures Trajectory Similarity Measures
2015-02-06 sparseMVN Multivariate Normal Functions for Sparse Covariance and Precision Matrices
2015-02-06 TableMonster Table Monster
2015-02-06 varComp Variance Component Models
2015-02-05 BayesMed Default Bayesian Hypothesis Tests for Correlation, Partial Correlation, and Mediation
2015-02-05 emplik2 Empirical Likelihood Ratio Test for Two Samples with Censored Data
2015-02-05 fdatest Interval Testing Procedure for Functional Data
2015-02-05 mada Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Accuracy
2015-02-05 svKomodo SciViews GUI API - Functions to interface with Komodo Edit/IDE
2015-02-04 BLCOP Black-Litterman and Copula Opinion Pooling Frameworks
2015-02-04 GeneticTools Collection of Genetic Data Analysis Tools
2015-02-04 LiblineaR Linear Predictive Models Based on the LIBLINEAR C/C++ Library
2015-02-04 pamctdp Principal Axes Methods for Contingency Tables with Partition Structures on Rows and Columns
2015-02-04 partialAR Partial Autoregression
2015-02-04 statcheck Extract Statistics from Articles and Recompute P Values
2015-02-04 Tides Quasi-Periodic Time Series Characteristics
2015-02-04 trustOptim Trust Region Optimization for Nonlinear Functions with Sparse Hessians
2015-02-03 AncestryMapper Assigning Ancestry Based on Population References
2015-02-03 MatrixEQTL Matrix eQTL: Ultra fast eQTL analysis via large matrix operations
2015-02-03 poisDoubleSamp Confidence Intervals with Poisson Double Sampling
2015-02-03 RPPairwiseDesign Resolvable partially pairwise balanced design and Space-filling design via association scheme
2015-02-02 lmeNB Compute the Personalized Activity Index Based on a Negative Binomial Model
2015-02-02 lmom L-moments
2015-02-02 lmomRFA Regional frequency analysis using L-moments
2015-02-02 multicon Multivariate Constructs
2015-02-02 royston Royston's H Test: Multivariate Normality Test
2015-02-02 Rsampletrees Sampletrees Input/Output Processing
2015-02-02 SETPath Spiked Eigenvalue Test for Pathway data
2015-02-01 CompRandFld Composite-Likelihood Based Analysis of Random Fields
2015-02-01 DFIT Differential Functioning of Items and Tests
2015-02-01 GWmodel Geographically-Weighted Models
2015-02-01 hbm Hierarchical Block Matrix Analysis
2015-01-31 BayesCR Bayesian Analysis of Censored Regression Models Under Scale Mixture of Skew Normal Distributions
2015-01-31 d3Network Tools for creating D3 JavaScript network, tree, dendrogram, and Sankey graphs from R
2015-01-31 infra An Infrastructure Proxy Function
2015-01-31 LMERConvenienceFunctions Model Selection and Post-hoc Analysis for (G)LMER Models
2015-01-31 multiAssetOptions Finite Difference Method for Multi-Asset Option Valuation
2015-01-31 RcppStreams Rcpp Integration of the Streamulus DSEL for Stream Processing
2015-01-30 brewdata Extracting Usable Data from the Grad Cafe Results Search
2015-01-30 kissmig a Keep It Simple Species Migration Model
2015-01-30 mvoutlier Multivariate outlier detection based on robust methods
2015-01-30 ppmlasso Point Process Models with LASSO Penalties
2015-01-29 devEMF EMF Graphics Output Device
2015-01-29 mousetrack Mouse-Tracking Measures from Trajectory Data
2015-01-29 portfolio Analysing equity portfolios
2015-01-29 roughrf Roughened Random Forests for Binary Classification
2015-01-28 compareC Compare Two Correlated C Indices with Right-censored Survival Outcome
2015-01-28 flower Tools for characterizing flowering traits
2015-01-28 KFKSDS Kalman Filter, Smoother and Disturbance Smoother
2015-01-28 LaF Fast access to large ASCII files
2015-01-28 MarkowitzR Statistical Significance of the Markowitz Portfolio
2015-01-28 metaMA Meta-analysis for MicroArrays
2015-01-28 SLHD Maximin-Distance (Sliced) Latin Hypercube Designs
2015-01-28 SMNCensReg Fitting Univariate Censored Regression Model Under the Family of Scale Mixture of Normal Distributions
2015-01-27 cope Coverage Probability Excursion (CoPE) Sets
2015-01-27 geoCount Analysis and Modeling for Geostatistical Count Data
2015-01-27 HMR Flux Estimation with Static Chamber Data
2015-01-27 MaxPro Maximum Projection Designs
2015-01-27 msarc Draw Diagrams (mis)Representing the Results of Mass Spec Experiments
2015-01-27 mvnpermute Generate New Multivariate Normal Samples from Permutations
2015-01-27 qrLMM Quantile Regression for Linear Mixed-Effects Models
2015-01-27 quantification Quantification of Qualitative Survey Data
2015-01-27 RcmdrPlugin.SCDA Rcmdr Plugin for Designing and Analyzing Single-case Experiments
2015-01-27 reldist Relative Distribution Methods
2015-01-27 SCMA Single-Case Meta-Analysis
2015-01-27 SCRT Single-Case Randomization Tests
2015-01-27 SCVA Single-Case Visual Analysis
2015-01-27 spBayes Univariate and Multivariate Spatial-temporal Modeling
2015-01-27 tufterhandout Tufte-style html document format for rmarkdown
2015-01-26 Disake Discrete associated kernel estimators
2015-01-26 metaRNASeq Meta-analysis of RNA-seq data
2015-01-26 R2BayesX Estimate Structured Additive Regression Models with BayesX
2015-01-26 sae2 Small Area Estimation: Time-series Models
2015-01-26 stsm Structural Time Series Models
2015-01-25 RegressionFactory Expander Functions for Generating Full Gradient and Hessian from Single- and Multi-Slot Base Distributions
2015-01-25 spate Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Large Data Using a Spectral SPDE Approach
2015-01-24 CensRegMod Fits Normal and Student-t Censored Regression Model
2015-01-23 grplasso Fitting user specified models with Group Lasso penalty
2015-01-23 hysteresis Tools for Modeling Rate-Dependent Hysteretic Processes and Ellipses
2015-01-23 pbivnorm Vectorized Bivariate Normal CDF
2015-01-23 PBSmodelling GUI Tools Made Easy: Interact with Models and Explore Data
2015-01-23 remMap Regularized Multivariate Regression for Identifying Master Predictors
2015-01-23 timeDate Rmetrics - Chronological and Calendar Objects
2015-01-22 cec2013 Benchmark functions for the Special Session and Competition on Real-Parameter Single Objective Optimization at CEC-2013
2015-01-22 ESEA ESEA: Discovering the Dysregulated Pathways based on Edge Set Enrichment Analysis
2015-01-22 micromapST Linked Micromap Plots for U. S. States
2015-01-22 sig Print Function Signatures
2015-01-22 timeordered Time-ordered and time-aggregated network analyses
2015-01-22 wesanderson A Wes Anderson Palette Generator
2015-01-21 ArfimaMLM Arfima-MLM Estimation For Repeated Cross-Sectional Data
2015-01-21 coxphf Cox regression with Firth's penalized likelihood
2015-01-21 D2C Predicting Causal Direction from Dependency Features
2015-01-21 drmdel Dual Empirical Likelihood Inference under Density Ratio Models in the Presence of Multiple Samples
2015-01-21 gammSlice Generalized additive mixed model analysis via slice sampling
2015-01-21 ggm Functions for graphical Markov models
2015-01-21 MenuCollection Collection of Configurable GTK+ Menus
2015-01-21 MODISTools MODIS Subsetting Tools
2015-01-21 RgoogleMaps Overlays on Google map tiles in R
2015-01-20 psychotools Infrastructure for Psychometric Modeling
2015-01-20 psychotree Recursive Partitioning Based on Psychometric Models
2015-01-20 snpRF Random Forest for SNPs to Prevent X-chromosome SNP Importance Bias
2015-01-19 gsw Gibbs Sea Water Functions
2015-01-19 imputeLCMD A collection of methods for left-censored missing data imputation
2015-01-19 INLABMA Bayesian Model Averaging with INLA
2015-01-18 hddtools Hydrological Data Discovery Tools
2015-01-17 flexmix Flexible Mixture Modeling
2015-01-17 HTMLUtils Facilitates Automated HTML Report Creation
2015-01-17 rAverage Parameter estimation for the averaging model of Information Integration Theory
2015-01-16 anfis Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System in R
2015-01-16 chemometrics Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Chemometrics
2015-01-16 fwsim Fisher-Wright Population Simulation
2015-01-16 ngspatial Fitting the centered autologistic and sparse spatial generalized linear mixed models for areal data
2015-01-16 OrdinalLogisticBiplot Biplot representations of ordinal variables
2015-01-16 sphet Estimation of spatial autoregressive models with and without heteroskedastic innovations
2015-01-15 bgeva Binary Generalized Extreme Value Additive Models
2015-01-15 bmrm Bundle Methods for Regularized Risk Minimization Package
2015-01-15 cmm Categorical Marginal Models
2015-01-15 EMP Expected Maximum Profit Classification Performance Measure
2015-01-15 mixer Random graph clustering
2015-01-15 MultiMeta Meta-analysis of Multivariate Genome Wide Association Studies
2015-01-14 ASPBay Bayesian Inference on Causal Genetic Variants using Affected Sib-Pairs Data
2015-01-14 HiDimMaxStable Inference on High Dimensional Max-Stable Distributions
2015-01-14 mailR A Utility to Send Emails from R
2015-01-14 mztwinreg Regression Models for Monozygotic Twin Data
2015-01-14 prabclus Functions for Clustering of Presence-Absence, Abundance and Multilocus Genetic Data
2015-01-14 robustDA Robust Mixture Discriminant Analysis
2015-01-14 SPODT Spatial Oblique Decision Tree
2015-01-14 stratigraph Toolkit for the plotting and analysis of stratigraphic and palaeontological data
2015-01-14 WCE Weighted Cumulative Exposure Models
2015-01-13 ads Spatial point patterns analysis
2015-01-13 chromer Interface to Chromosome Counts Database API
2015-01-13 dst Using Dempster-Shafer Theory
2015-01-13 FACTscorer Scores the FACT and FACIT Family of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures
2015-01-13 fsia Import and Analysis of OMR Data from FormScanner
2015-01-13 HierO A graphical user interface for calculating power and sample size for hierarchical data
2015-01-13 hwwntest Tests of White Noise using Wavelets
2015-01-13 MBmca Nucleic Acid Melting Curve Analysis on Microbead Surfaces with R
2015-01-13 RCALI Calculation of the Integrated Flow of Particles between Polygons
2015-01-13 readMLData Reading Machine Learning Benchmark Data Sets in Different Formats
2015-01-13 Sunder Quantification of the effect of geographic versus environmental isolation on genetic differentiation
2015-01-13 traj Trajectory Analysis
2015-01-12 classyfire Robust multivariate classification using highly optimised SVM ensembles
2015-01-12 CNOGpro Copy Numbers of Genes in prokaryotes
2015-01-12 DEEPR Dirichlet-multinomial Evolutionary Event Profile Randomization (DEEPR) test
2015-01-12 Geneland Detection of structure from multilocus genetic data
2015-01-12 HomoPolymer Theoretical Model to Simulate Radical Polymerization
2015-01-12 penMSM Estimating Regularized Multi-state Models Using L1 Penalties
2015-01-12 secrlinear Spatially Explicit Capture-Recapture for Linear Habitats
2015-01-12 stabs Stability Selection with Error Control
2015-01-11 leiv Bivariate Linear Errors-In-Variables Estimation
2015-01-11 neldermead R port of the Scilab neldermead module
2015-01-10 aoristic aoristic analysis with spatial output (kml)
2015-01-10 ctv CRAN Task Views
2015-01-10 hsphase Phasing, Pedigree Reconstruction, Sire Imputation and Recombination Events Identification of Half-sib Families Using SNP Data
2015-01-10 neuRosim Functions to Generate fMRI Data Including Activated Data, Noise Data and Resting State Data
2015-01-10 RcppClassic Deprecated 'classic' Rcpp API
2015-01-10 waveslim Basic wavelet routines for one-, two- and three-dimensional signal processing
2015-01-09 blockTools Block, Assign, and Diagnose Potential Interference in Randomized Experiments
2015-01-09 DEoptim Global Optimization by Differential Evolution
2015-01-09 LSD Lots of Superior Depictions
2015-01-09 randomizationInference Flexible Randomization-Based Inference
2015-01-09 RcppProgress An Interruptible Progress Bar with OpenMP Support for C++ in R Packages
2015-01-09 textometry Textual Data Analysis Package used by the TXM Software
2015-01-08 interferenceCI Exact Confidence Intervals in the Presence of Interference
2015-01-08 noia Implementation of the Natural and Orthogonal InterAction (NOIA) model
2015-01-08 sra Selection Response Analysis
2015-01-07 BEQI2 Benthic Ecosystem Quality Index 2
2015-01-07 cudaBayesreg CUDA Parallel Implementation of a Bayesian Multilevel Model for fMRI Data Analysis
2015-01-07 eaf Plots of the Empirical Attainment Function
2015-01-07 FastPCS FastPCS Robust Fit of Multivariate Location and Scatter
2015-01-07 gdimap Generalized Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging
2015-01-07 glpkAPI R Interface to C API of GLPK
2015-01-07 RGENERATEPREC Tools To Generate Daily-Precipitation Time Series
2015-01-07 tsc Likelihood-ratio Tests for Two-Sample Comparisons
2015-01-06 physiology Calculate Physiological Characteristics of Adults and Children
2015-01-06 RcppCNPy Read-Write Support for NumPy Files via Rcpp
2015-01-05 CorrBin Nonparametrics with Clustered Binary and Multinomial Data
2015-01-05 DistributionUtils Distribution Utilities
2015-01-05 GeneralizedHyperbolic The Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution
2015-01-05 hwriterPlus hwriterPlus: Extending the hwriter Package
2015-01-05 moments Moments, cumulants, skewness, kurtosis and related tests
2015-01-05 mritc MRI Tissue Classification
2015-01-05 NormalLaplace The Normal Laplace Distribution
2015-01-05 RadTran Radon and Soil Gas Transport in 2D Porous Medium
2015-01-05 RGENERATE Tools To Generate Vector Time Series
2015-01-05 SCEPtER Stellar CharactEristics Pisa Estimation gRid
2015-01-05 SkewHyperbolic The Skew Hyperbolic Student t-Distribution
2015-01-05 VarianceGamma The Variance Gamma Distribution
2015-01-04 AnglerCreelSurveySimulation Simulate a Bus Route Creel Survey of Anglers
2015-01-04 EntropyEstimation Estimation of Entropy and Related Quantities
2015-01-04 intReg Interval Regression
2015-01-04 jiebaRD Chinese Text Segmentation Data for jiebaR Package
2015-01-04 rUnemploymentData Data and Functions for USA State and County Unemployment Data
2015-01-03 PivotalR A Fast, Easy-to-use Tool for Manipulating Tables in Databases and A Wrapper of MADlib
2015-01-02 dropR Analyze Drop Out of an Experiment or Survey
2015-01-02 ForImp Imputation of Missing Values Through a Forward Imputation Algorithm
2015-01-02 TreePar Estimating birth and death rates based on phylogenies
2015-01-01 EnsembleCV Extensible Package for Cross-Validation-Based Integration of Base Learners
2015-01-01 glrt Generalized Logrank Tests for Interval-censored Failure Time Data
2015-01-01 Storm Write Storm Bolts in R using the Storm Multi-Language Protocol
2014-12-31 bibtex bibtex parser
2014-12-31 CNprep Pre-process DNA Copy Number (CN) Data for Detection of CN Events
2014-12-31 Quor Quantile Ordering
2014-12-31 spMC Continuous-Lag Spatial Markov Chains
2014-12-31 YaleToolkit Data exploration tools from Yale University
2014-12-30 BCDating Business Cycle Dating and Plotting Tools
2014-12-30 CORE Cores of Recurrent Events
2014-12-30 ParDNAcopy Parallel implementation of the "segment" function of package "DNAcopy"
2014-12-30 TBSSurvival Survival Analysis using a Transform-Both-Sides model
2014-12-29 countrycode Convert Country Names and Country Codes
2014-12-29 diffEq Functions from the book Solving Differential Equations in R
2014-12-29 dupiR Bayesian inference from count data using discrete uniform priors
2014-12-29 ecolMod "A practical guide to ecological modelling - using R as a simulation platform"
2014-12-29 metabolomics Analysis of Metabolomics Data
2014-12-29 raters A Modification of Fleiss' Kappa in Case of Nominal and Ordinal Variables
2014-12-29 TBEST Tree Branches Evaluated Statistically for Tightness
2014-12-28 BNDataGenerator Data Generator based on Bayesian Network Model
2014-12-28 lm.beta Add Standardized Regression Coefficients to lm-Objects
2014-12-28 rmngb Miscellaneous Collection of Functions for Medical Data Analysis
2014-12-27 extraTrees Extremely Randomized Trees (ExtraTrees) Method for Classification and Regression
2014-12-26 LIM Linear Inverse Model examples and solution methods
2014-12-26 NetIndices Estimating network indices, including trophic structure of foodwebs in R
2014-12-26 RConics Computations on Conics
2014-12-26 ReacTran Reactive transport modelling in 1D, 2D and 3D
2014-12-26 Statomica Statomica utility package
2014-12-24 additivityTests Additivity Tests in the Two Way Anova with Single Sub-class Numbers
2014-12-24 BayClone2 Bayesian Feature Allocation Model for Tumor Heterogeneity
2014-12-24 historydata Data Sets for Historians
2014-12-24 manipulate Interactive Plots for RStudio
2014-12-24 OutlierDM Outlier Detection for Multi-replicated High-throughput Data
2014-12-24 OutrankingTools Functions for Solving Multiple-criteria Decision-making Problems
2014-12-24 selectr Translate CSS Selectors to XPath Expressions
2014-12-23 KrigInv Kriging-based Inversion for Deterministic and Noisy Computer Experiments
2014-12-22 convevol Quantifies and assesses the significance of convergent evolution
2014-12-22 MAd Meta-Analysis with Mean Differences
2014-12-22 mhsmm Inference for Hidden Markov and Semi-Markov Models
2014-12-22 MPDiR Data sets and scripts for Modeling Psychophysical Data in R
2014-12-21 aplore3 Datasets from Hosmer, Lemeshow and Sturdivant, "Applied Logistic Regression" (3rd ed.)
2014-12-21 PredictABEL Assessment of Risk Prediction Models
2014-12-21 qmrparser Parser combinator in R
2014-12-21 reports Assist the Workflow of Writing Academic Articles and Other Reports
2014-12-20 doMPI Foreach parallel adaptor for the Rmpi package
2014-12-20 NORTARA Generation of Multivariate Data with Arbitrary Marginals
2014-12-20 orgR Analyse Text Files Created by Emacs' Org mode
2014-12-20 RMAWGEN Multi-site Auto-regressive Weather GENerator
2014-12-20 SCEPtERbinary Stellar CharactEristics Pisa Estimation gRid for Binary Systems
2014-12-20 splm Econometric Models for Spatial Panel Data
2014-12-20 svDialogs SciViews GUI API - Dialog boxes
2014-12-20 tcltk2 Tcl/Tk Additions
2014-12-19 bgmm Gaussian Mixture Modeling Algorithms And The Belief-based Mixture Modeling
2014-12-19 geonames Interface to www.geonames.org web service
2014-12-19 lpme Local Polynomial Estimator in Measurement Error Models
2014-12-19 RJDBC Provides access to databases through the JDBC interface
2014-12-19 sBF Smooth Backfitting
2014-12-19 spanr Search Partition Analysis
2014-12-19 srd Draws Scaled Rectangle Diagrams
2014-12-18 crs Categorical Regression Splines
2014-12-18 DCGL Differential Co-expression Analysis and Differential Regulation Analysis of Gene Expression Microarray Data
2014-12-18 GPC Generalized Polynomial Chaos
2014-12-18 multiband Period Estimation for Multiple Bands
2014-12-18 RnavGraph Using Graphs as a Navigational Infrastructure
2014-12-18 RoughSetKnowledgeReduction Simplification of Decision Tables using Rough Sets
2014-12-18 selfingTree Genotype Probabilities in Intermediate Generations of Inbreeding Through Selfing
2014-12-18 sprinter Framework for Screening Prognostic Interactions
2014-12-17 amap Another Multidimensional Analysis Package
2014-12-17 hexView Viewing Binary Files
2014-12-17 nullabor Tools for Graphical Inference
2014-12-17 plsRbeta Partial Least Squares Regression for Beta Regression Models
2014-12-17 plsRcox Partial Least Squares Regression for Cox Models and Related Techniques
2014-12-17 plsRglm Partial Least Squares Regression for Generalized Linear Models
2014-12-17 RcppDL Deep Learning Methods via Rcpp
2014-12-17 refset Subsets with Reference Semantics
2014-12-17 rmatio Read and Write Matlab Files
2014-12-17 rSFA Slow Feature Analysis in R
2014-12-17 soil.spec Soil Spectroscopy Tools and Reference Models
2014-12-17 stpp Space-Time Point Pattern simulation, visualisation and analysis
2014-12-16 fda Functional Data Analysis
2014-12-16 FinancialInstrument Financial Instrument Model Infrastructure for R
2014-12-16 leaderCluster Leader Clustering Algorithm
2014-12-16 readBrukerFlexData Reads Mass Spectrometry Data in Bruker *flex Format
2014-12-16 RECA Relevant Component Analysis for Supervised Distance Metric Learning
2014-12-16 season Seasonal analysis of health data
2014-12-16 WaveletComp Computational Wavelet Analysis
2014-12-15 wildlifeDI Calculate Indices of Dynamic Interaction for Wildlife Telemetry Data
2014-12-14 logconPH CoxPH Model with Log Concave Baseline Distribution
2014-12-14 varSelRF Variable Selection using Random Forests
2014-12-13 rgpui UI for the RGP genetic programming framework
2014-12-13 Rmosek The R-to-MOSEK Optimization Interface
2014-12-13 Vdgraph Variance dispersion graphs and Fraction of design space plots for response surface designs
2014-12-12 DSpat Spatial Modelling for Distance Sampling Data
2014-12-12 rnbn Access NBN Data
2014-12-11 c060 Extended Inference for Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Cox and Generalized Linear Models
2014-12-10 bnormnlr Bayesian Estimation for Normal Heteroscedastic Nonlinear Regression Models
2014-12-10 dbstats Distance-Based Statistics
2014-12-10 DnE Distribution and Equation
2014-12-10 gsalib Utility Functions For GATK
2014-12-10 pawacc Physical activity with accelerometers
2014-12-09 Cprob Conditional probability function of a competing event
2014-12-09 cvAUC Cross-Validated Area Under the ROC Curve Confidence Intervals
2014-12-09 etm Empirical Transition Matrix
2014-12-09 isopam Isopam (Clustering)
2014-12-09 MRSP Multinomial Response Models with Structured Penalties
2014-12-09 normalp Routines for Exponential Power Distribution
2014-12-09 RDataCanvas Basic Runtime Support for Datacanvas.io
2014-12-09 rzmq R Bindings for ZeroMQ
2014-12-08 bdynsys Bayesian Dynamical System Model
2014-12-08 breakage SICM pipette tip geometry estimation
2014-12-08 ccda Combined Cluster and Discriminant Analysis
2014-12-08 extrafont Tools for using fonts
2014-12-08 MetSizeR GUI Tool for Estimating Sample Sizes for Metabolomic Experiments
2014-12-08 rbounds Perform Rosenbaum bounds sensitivity tests for matched and unmatched data
2014-12-08 rJPSGCS R-interface to Gene Drop Simulation from JPSGCS
2014-12-08 RSurveillance Design and Analysis of Disease Surveillance Activities
2014-12-07 BayesianAnimalTracker Bayesian Melding of GPS and DR Path for Animal Tracking
2014-12-07 dashboard Interactive Data Visualization with D3.js
2014-12-07 RColorBrewer ColorBrewer Palettes
2014-12-06 algstat Algebraic statistics in R
2014-12-06 NISTunits Fundamental Physical Constants and Unit Conversions from NIST
2014-12-06 Rcgmin Conjugate Gradient Minimization of Nonlinear Functions
2014-12-06 reshape2 Flexibly Reshape Data: A Reboot of the Reshape Package
2014-12-06 Rvmmin Variable Metric Nonlinear Function Minimization
2014-12-05 ars Adaptive Rejection Sampling
2014-12-05 BLR Bayesian Linear Regression
2014-12-05 gettingtothebottom Learning Optimization and Machine Learning for Statistics
2014-12-05 okmesonet Retrieve Oklahoma Mesonet climatological data
2014-12-05 optextras Tools to Support Optimization Methods
2014-12-05 PCAmixdata Multivariate Analysis of Mixed Data
2014-12-05 popReconstruct Reconstruct Human Populations of the Recent Past
2014-12-05 robfilter Robust Time Series Filters
2014-12-05 tourr Implement Tour Methods in R Code
2014-12-04 BEDASSLE Quantifies effects of geo/eco distance on genetic differentiation
2014-12-04 extWeibQuant Estimate Lower Extreme Quantile with the Censored Weibull MLE and Censored Weibull Mixture
2014-12-04 HGNChelper Handy Functions for Working With HGNC Gene Symbols and Affymetrix Probeset Identifiers
2014-12-04 HSSVD Biclustering with Heterogeneous Variance
2014-12-04 LeafAngle Analysis and Visualization of Plant Leaf Angle Distributions
2014-12-04 MasterBayes ML and MCMC Methods for Pedigree Reconstruction and Analysis
2014-12-04 NPS Convenience Functions and Tests for Working With the Net Promoter Score (NPS)
2014-12-04 rAltmetric Retrieves Altmerics Data For Any Published Paper From Altmetric.com
2014-12-04 RStars Access to the Digital Universe Data set API
2014-12-04 sensitivityPStrat Principal Stratification Sensitivity Analysis Functions
2014-12-04 spcr Sparse principal component regression
2014-12-04 stratification Univariate Stratification of Survey Populations
2014-12-03 deTestSet Testset for differential equations
2014-12-03 genMOSS Functions for the Bayesian Analysis of GWAS Data
2014-12-03 panelaggregation Aggregate Longitudinal Survey Data
2014-12-03 rngSetSeed Seeding the Default RNG with a Numeric Vector
2014-12-03 sequences Generic and Biological Sequences
2014-12-02 FLIM Farewell’s Linear Increments Model
2014-12-02 gamboostMSM Estimating multistate models using gamboost()
2014-12-02 MOrder Check Time Homogeneity and Markov Chain Order
2014-12-02 plgp Particle Learning of Gaussian Processes
2014-12-02 radar Fundamental Formulas for Radar
2014-12-02 turfR TURF Analysis for R
2014-12-02 VAR.etp VAR modelling: estimation, testing, and prediction
2014-12-01 kriging Ordinary Kriging
2014-12-01 MindOnStats Data sets included in Utts and Heckard's Mind on Statistics
2014-12-01 occ Estimates PET neuroreceptor occupancies
2014-12-01 ssd Sample Size Determination (SSD) for Unordered Categorical Data
2014-11-30 rngwell19937 Random number generator WELL19937a with 53 or 32 bit output
2014-11-29 mco Multiple Criteria Optimization Algorithms and Related Functions
2014-11-29 rainfreq Rainfall Frequency (Design Storm) Estimates from the US National Weather Service
2014-11-29 revealedPrefs Revealed Preferences and Microeconomic Rationality
2014-11-29 simrel Linear Model Data Simulation and Design of Computer Experiments
2014-11-28 EnsemblePenReg Extensible Classes and Methods for Penalized-Regression-based Integration of Base Learners
2014-11-28 highfrequency Tools For Highfrequency Data Analysis
2014-11-27 CINOEDV Co-Information based N-Order Epistasis Detector and Visualizer
2014-11-27 DECIDE DEComposition of Indirect and Direct Effects
2014-11-27 genpathmox Generalized PATHMOX Algorithm for PLS-PM, LS and LAD Regression
2014-11-27 miRtest combined miRNA- and mRNA-testing
2014-11-27 orderedLasso Ordered Lasso and Time-lag Sparse Regression
2014-11-27 SSrat Two-dimensional sociometric status determination with rating scales
2014-11-27 superbiclust Generating Robust Biclusters from a Bicluster Set (Ensemble Biclustering)
2014-11-26 EstSimPDMP Estimation and Simulation for PDMPs
2014-11-26 gWidgetsRGtk2 Toolkit implementation of gWidgets for RGtk2
2014-11-26 hierarchicalDS Functions For Performing Hierarchical Analysis of Distance Sampling Data
2014-11-26 kpodclustr Method for Clustering Partially Observed Data
2014-11-26 MCPMod Design and Analysis of Dose-Finding Studies (see also DoseFinding package)
2014-11-26 moduleColor Basic Module Functions
2014-11-26 NHMM Bayesian NHMM Modeling (Multiple Time Series)
2014-11-26 SunterSampling Sunter's sampling design
2014-11-25 acss Algorithmic Complexity for Short Strings
2014-11-25 dataframes2xls dataframes2xls writes data frames to xls files
2014-11-25 distrMod Object Oriented Implementation of Probability Models
2014-11-25 GPArotation GPA Factor Rotation
2014-11-25 gsarima Two functions for Generalized SARIMA time series simulation
2014-11-25 iccbeta Multilevel model intraclass correlation for slope heterogeneity
2014-11-25 Julia Fractal Image Data Generator
2014-11-25 KODAMA Knowledge discovery by accuracy maximization
2014-11-25 maboost Binary and Multiclass Boosting Algorithms
2014-11-25 musicNMR Conversion of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrum in audio file
2014-11-25 rstiefel Random orthonormal matrix generation on the Stiefel manifold
2014-11-25 setRNG Set (Normal) Random Number Generator and Seed
2014-11-25 SMR Externally Studentized Midrange Distribution
2014-11-25 soma General-Purpose Optimisation With the Self-Organising Migrating Algorithm
2014-11-24 acepack ace() and avas() for selecting regression transformations
2014-11-24 Bergm Bayesian analysis for exponential random graph models
2014-11-24 choiceDes Design Functions for Choice Studies
2014-11-24 choplump Choplump tests
2014-11-24 genridge Generalized Ridge Trace Plots for Ridge Regression
2014-11-24 paleobioDB Download and Process Data from the Paleobiology Database
2014-11-24 RCMIP5 Tools for Manipulating and Summarizing CMIP5 Data
2014-11-24 rdatamarket Data access API for DataMarket.com
2014-11-24 RNCEP Obtain, Organize, and Visualize NCEP Weather Data
2014-11-24 sgr Sample Generation by Replacement
2014-11-24 someKfwer Controlling the Generalized Familywise Error Rate
2014-11-24 xpose4 Tools for Nonlinear Mixed-Effect Model Building and Diagnostics
2014-11-23 EloRating Animal Dominance Hierarchies by Elo Rating
2014-11-22 magrittr A Forward-Pipe Operator for R
2014-11-22 proteomics Statistical Analysis of High Throughput Proteomics Data
2014-11-22 sisus SISUS: Stable Isotope Sourcing using Sampling
2014-11-21 Ramd Tools For Managing File/function Dependencies In R
2014-11-20 BACprior Choice of the Hyperparameter Omega in the Bayesian Adjustment for Confounding (BAC) Algorithm
2014-11-20 bglm Bayesian Estimation in Generalized Linear Models
2014-11-20 crmn CCMN and other noRMalizatioN methods for metabolomics data
2014-11-20 deltaPlotR Identification of dichotomous differential item functioning (DIF) using Angoff's Delta Plot method
2014-11-20 gset Group Sequential Design in Equivalence Studies
2014-11-20 ilc Lee-Carter Mortality Models using Iterative Fitting Algorithms
2014-11-20 RAPIDR Reliable Accurate Prenatal non-Invasive Diagnosis R package
2014-11-20 x12 x12 - wrapper function and structure for batch processing
2014-11-20 x12GUI X12 - Graphical User Interface
2014-11-19 acnr Annotated Copy-Number Regions
2014-11-19 adaptivetau Tau-leaping stochastic simulation
2014-11-19 PGICA Parallel Group ICA Algorithm
2014-11-19 QuACN QuACN: Quantitative Analysis of Complex Networks
2014-11-19 SEAsic Score Equity Assessment- summary index computation
2014-11-19 sqlutils Utilities for working with SQL files
2014-11-19 waterData An R Package for Retrieval, Analysis, and Anomaly Calculation of Daily Hydrologic Time Series Data
2014-11-18 attribrisk Population Attributable Risk
2014-11-18 boolean3 Boolean Binary Response Models
2014-11-18 lokern Kernel Regression Smoothing with Local or Global Plug-in Bandwidth
2014-11-18 spatialTailDep Estimation of spatial tail dependence models
2014-11-18 TSclust Time Series Clustering Utilities
2014-11-17 goric Generalized Order-Restricted Information Criterion
2014-11-17 mcprofile Multiple Contrast Profiles
2014-11-17 randtests Testing randomness in R
2014-11-17 sla Two-Group Straight Line ANCOVA
2014-11-17 spThin Functions for Spatial Thinning of Species Occurrence Records for Use in Ecological Models
2014-11-15 vowels Vowel Manipulation, Normalization, and Plotting
2014-11-14 entropy Estimation of Entropy, Mutual Information and Related Quantities
2014-11-14 ttScreening Genome-wide DNA methylation sites screening by use of training and testing samples
2014-11-13 aftgee Accelerated Failure Time Model with Generalized Estimating Equations
2014-11-13 dbarts Discrete Bayesian Additive Regression Trees Sampler
2014-11-13 megaptera MEGAPhylogeny Techniques in R
2014-11-13 optimx A Replacement and Extension of the optim() Function
2014-11-13 toxtestD Experimental design for binary toxicity tests
2014-11-12 rmongodb R-MongoDB driver
2014-11-11 catdata Categorical Data
2014-11-11 glogis Fitting and Testing Generalized Logistic Distributions
2014-11-11 lymphclon Accurate Estimation of Clonal Coincidences and Abundances from Biological Replicates
2014-11-10 episplineDensity Density Estimation with Soft Information by Exponential Epi-splines
2014-11-10 ionflows Calculate the Number of Required Flows for Semiconductor Sequencing
2014-11-10 ips Interfaces to Phylogenetic Software in R
2014-11-10 ISBF Iterative Selection of Blocks of Features - ISBF
2014-11-10 ModelGood Validation of risk prediction models
2014-11-10 PHYLOGR Functions for Phylogenetically Based Statistical Analyses
2014-11-10 Rcpp11 R and C++11
2014-11-10 Rothermel Rothermel fire spread model for R
2014-11-09 DOvalidation Local Linear Hazard Estimation with Do-Validated and Cross-Validated Bandwidths
2014-11-09 riskSimul Risk Quantification for Stock Portfolios under the T-Copula Model
2014-11-08 LinCal Static Univariate Frequentist and Bayesian Linear Calibration
2014-11-08 OptionPricing Option Pricing with Efficient Simulation Algorithms
2014-11-07 BB Solving and Optimizing Large-Scale Nonlinear Systems
2014-11-07 BTYD Implementing Buy 'Til You Die Models
2014-11-07 npsm Package for Nonparametric Statistical Methods using R
2014-11-07 PANDA Preferential Attachment Based Common Neighbor Distribution Derived Functional Associations
2014-11-07 sqldf Perform SQL Selects on R Data Frames
2014-11-06 anim.plots Simple Animated Plots For R
2014-11-06 CpGFilter CpG Filtering Method Based on Intra-class Correlation Coefficients
2014-11-06 diagram Functions for visualising simple graphs (networks), plotting flow diagrams
2014-11-06 PLSbiplot1 The Partial Least Squares (PLS) Biplot
2014-11-06 pushoverr Send push notifications using Pushover
2014-11-05 hcp Change Point Estimation for Regression with Heteroscedastic Data
2014-11-05 MAT Multidimensional Adaptive Testing
2014-11-05 MGL Module Graphical Lasso
2014-11-05 MPAgenomics Multi-Patient Analysis of Genomic Markers
2014-11-05 ordinalgmifs Ordinal Regression for High-dimensional Data
2014-11-05 shape Functions for plotting graphical shapes, colors
2014-11-05 strap Stratigraphic Tree Analysis for Palaeontology
2014-11-05 TRSbook Functions and Datasets to Accompany the Book "The R Software: Fundamentals of Programming and Statistical Analysis"
2014-11-04 FME A Flexible Modelling Environment for Inverse Modelling, Sensitivity, Identifiability, Monte Carlo Analysis
2014-11-03 CombinePValue Combine a Vector of Correlated p-values
2014-11-03 limSolve Solving Linear Inverse Models
2014-11-03 rjson JSON for R
2014-11-03 ScoreGGUM Score Persons Using the Generalized Graded Unfolding Model
2014-11-03 sdcTarget Statistical Disclosure Control Substitution Matrix Calculator
2014-11-02 bcpa Behavioral change point analysis of animal movement
2014-11-02 OptimalCutpoints Computing optimal cutpoints in diagnostic tests
2014-11-01 kaps K-Adaptive Partitioning for Survival data
2014-11-01 RMTstat Distributions, Statistics and Tests derived from Random Matrix Theory
2014-11-01 smac Sparse Multi-category Angle-Based Large-Margin Classifiers
2014-10-31 PrivateLR Differentially Private Regularized Logistic Regression
2014-10-31 tuple Find every match, or orphan, duplicate, triplicate, or other replicated values
2014-10-30 fAssets Rmetrics - Analysing and Modelling Financial Assets
2014-10-30 fPortfolio Rmetrics - Portfolio Selection and Optimization
2014-10-30 mapplots Data Visualisation on Maps
2014-10-29 fBasics Rmetrics - Markets and Basic Statistics
2014-10-29 isdals Provides datasets for Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis for the Life Sciences
2014-10-29 ldr Methods for likelihood-based dimension reduction in regression
2014-10-28 CateSelection Categorical Variable Selection Methods
2014-10-28 energy E-statistics (energy statistics)
2014-10-28 lassoscore High-Dimensional Inference with the Penalized Score Test
2014-10-28 safi Sensitivity Analysis for Functional Input
2014-10-27 DALY DALY Calculator - A GUI for stochastic DALY calculation in R
2014-10-27 qdm Fitting a Quadrilateral Dissimilarity Model to Same-Different Judgments
2014-10-27 ropensecretsapi R Package for the OpenSecrets.org API
2014-10-27 RQDA R-based Qualitative Data Analysis
2014-10-26 RSelenium R bindings for Selenium WebDriver
2014-10-25 BayesMixSurv Bayesian Mixture Survival Models using Additive Mixture-of-Weibull Hazards, with Lasso Shrinkage and Stratification
2014-10-25 choroplethrMaps Contains maps used by the choroplethr package
2014-10-25 DBKGrad Discrete Beta Kernel Graduation of Mortality Data
2014-10-25 highD2pop Two-Sample Tests for Equality of Means in High Dimension
2014-10-25 ivpack Instrumental Variable Estimation
2014-10-25 RSQLite SQLite Interface for R
2014-10-25 simTool Conduct Simulation Studies with a Minimal Amount of Source Code
2014-10-25 vecsets like base::sets tools but keeps duplicate elements
2014-10-23 IsingFit Fitting Ising models using the eLasso method
2014-10-23 matR Metagenomics Analysis Tools for R
2014-10-23 splitstackshape Stack and Reshape Datasets After Splitting Concatenated Values
2014-10-22 confidence Confidence Estimation of Environmental State Classifications
2014-10-22 FDGcopulas Multivariate Dependence with FDG Copulas
2014-10-22 JMdesign Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data - Power Calculation
2014-10-22 pcaPP Robust PCA by Projection Pursuit
2014-10-22 sigloc Signal Location Estimation
2014-10-22 stepp Subpopulation Treatment Effect Pattern Plot (STEPP)
2014-10-21 cdcsis Conditional Distance Correlation and Its Related Feature Screening Method
2014-10-21 nhlscrapr Compiling the NHL Real Time Scoring System Database for easy use in R
2014-10-21 npsp Nonparametric spatial (geo)statistics
2014-10-21 tclust Robust Trimmed Clustering
2014-10-20 icapca Mixed ICA/PCA
2014-10-20 MDSGUI A GUI for interactive MDS in R
2014-10-20 npmlreg Nonparametric maximum likelihood estimation for random effect models
2014-10-20 Rook Rook - a web server interface for R
2014-10-19 flare Family of Lasso Regression
2014-10-19 multispatialCCM Multispatial Convergent Cross Mapping
2014-10-18 landpred Landmark Prediction of a Survival Outcome
2014-10-18 rareNMtests Ecological and biogeographical null model tests for comparing rarefaction curves
2014-10-18 stochprofML Stochastic Profiling using Maximum Likelihood Estimation
2014-10-17 ecoval Procedures for Ecological Assessment of Surface Waters
2014-10-17 gsg Calculation of selection coefficients
2014-10-17 mdscore Improved Score Tests for Generalized Linear Models
2014-10-17 pBrackets Plot Brackets
2014-10-17 RMKdiscrete Sundry Discrete Probability Distributions
2014-10-17 segmag Determine Event Boundaries in Event Segmentation Experiments
2014-10-16 Metatron Meta-analysis for Classification Data and Correction to Imperfect Reference
2014-10-16 NPCirc Nonparametric Circular Methods
2014-10-16 PubMedWordcloud PubMed Word Clouds
2014-10-16 RcmdrPlugin.steepness Steepness Rcmdr Plug-in
2014-10-16 rivernet Read, Analyze and Plot River Networks
2014-10-16 StMoSim Plots a QQ-Norm Plot with several Gaussian simulations
2014-10-16 windex windex: Analysing convergent evolution using the Wheatsheaf index
2014-10-15 AlgDesign Algorithmic Experimental Design
2014-10-15 evtree Evolutionary Learning of Globally Optimal Trees
2014-10-15 nsgp Non-Stationary Gaussian Process Regression
2014-10-15 utility Construct, Evaluate and Plot Value and Utility Functions
2014-10-15 vetools Tools for Venezuelan Environmental Data
2014-10-14 dice Calculate probabilities of various dice-rolling events
2014-10-14 mclogit Mixed Conditional Logit
2014-10-13 datamart Unified access to your data sources
2014-10-13 popRange popRange: A spatially and temporally explicit forward genetic simulator
2014-10-13 QualInt Test for Qualitative Interactions
2014-10-12 ConvergenceConcepts Seeing convergence concepts in action
2014-10-09 anominate alpha-NOMINATE Ideal Point Estimator
2014-10-09 minqa Derivative-free optimization algorithms by quadratic approximation
2014-10-09 mpcv Multivariate Process Capability Vector
2014-10-08 Rdsm Threads Environment for R
2014-10-07 CINID Curculionidae INstar IDentification
2014-10-07 mnormpow Multivariate Normal Distributions with Power Integrand
2014-10-07 PLordprob Multivariate Ordered Probit Model via Pairwise Likelihood
2014-10-07 qcc Quality Control Charts
2014-10-07 sft Functions for Systems Factorial Technology Analysis of Data
2014-10-07 TurtleGraphics Turtle graphics in R
2014-10-07 VecStatGraphs3D Vector analysis using graphical and analytical methods in 3D
2014-10-06 GISTools Some further GIS capabilities for R
2014-10-06 grofit The package was developed to fit fit many growth curves obtained under different conditions
2014-10-06 lllcrc Local Log-linear Models for Capture-Recapture
2014-10-06 mvprpb Orthant Probability of the Multivariate Normal Distribution
2014-10-06 NB Maximum Likelihood method in estimating effective population size from genetic data
2014-10-06 pingr Check If a Remote Computer is Up
2014-10-06 ProjectTemplate Automates the creation of new statistical analysis projects
2014-10-06 snipEM Snipping methods for robust estimation and clustering
2014-10-06 ZIM Zero-Inflated Models for Count Time Series with Excess Zeros
2014-10-05 catIrt An R Package for Simulating IRT-Based Computerized Adaptive Tests
2014-10-04 SightabilityModel Wildlife Sightability Modeling
2014-10-04 vec2dtransf 2D Cartesian Coordinate Transformation
2014-10-02 DDIwR DDI with R
2014-10-02 mycor Automatic Correlation and Regression Test in a Data Frame
2014-10-02 TED Turbulence Time Series Event Detection and Classification
2014-10-01 exsic Convenience Functions for Botanists to Create Specimens Indices
2014-10-01 SQDA Sparse Quadratic Discriminant Analysis
2014-10-01 steepness Testing Steepness of Dominance Hierarchies
2014-09-29 activity Animal Activity Statistics
2014-09-29 atmcmc Automatically Tuned Markov Chain Monte Carlo
2014-09-29 DoE.wrapper Wrapper package for design of experiments functionality
2014-09-29 GPFDA Apply Gaussian Process in Functional data analysis
2014-09-29 httpRequest Basic HTTP Request
2014-09-29 log4r A simple logging system for R, based on log4j
2014-09-29 rFDSN Get Seismic Data from the International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks
2014-09-29 ScottKnott The ScottKnott Clustering Algorithm
2014-09-29 sprint Simple Parallel R INTerface
2014-09-28 neural Neural Networks
2014-09-27 oro.pet Rigorous - Positron Emission Tomography
2014-09-27 propagate Propagation of Uncertainty
2014-09-26 ADDT A Package for Analysis of Accelerated Destructive Degradation Test Data
2014-09-26 alr4 Data to accompany Applied Linear Regression 4rd edition
2014-09-26 aplpack Another Plot PACKage: stem.leaf, bagplot, faces, spin3R, plotsummary, plothulls, and some slider functions
2014-09-26 GenWin Spline Based Window Boundaries for Genomic Analyses
2014-09-26 Guerry Maps, data and methods related to Guerry (1833) "Moral Statistics of France"
2014-09-26 iC10TrainingData Training datasets for iC10 package
2014-09-26 jSonarR jSonar Analytics Platform API for R
2014-09-26 oc OC Roll Call Analysis Software
2014-09-25 betareg Beta Regression
2014-09-25 ivprobit Instrumental variables probit model
2014-09-25 qqman Q-Q and manhattan plots for GWAS data
2014-09-25 SPREDA Statistical Package for Reliability Data Analysis
2014-09-24 deming Deming, Thiel-Sen and Passing-Bablock Regression
2014-09-24 parsedate Recognize and Parse Dates in Various Formats, Including All ISO 8601 Formats
2014-09-23 pvsR An R package to interact with the Project Vote Smart API for scientific research
2014-09-23 SemiPar Semiparametic Regression
2014-09-23 wnominate WNOMINATE Roll Call Analysis Software
2014-09-22 documair Automatic Documentation for R packages
2014-09-22 IBrokers R API to Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation
2014-09-22 mpmi Mixed-pair mutual information estimators
2014-09-22 predictmeans Calculate Predicted Means for Linear Models
2014-09-21 CGP Composite Gaussian process models
2014-09-21 RcmdrPlugin.MA Graphical User Interface for Conducting Meta-Analyses in R
2014-09-21 sendmailR send email using R
2014-09-21 trotter Pseudo-Vectors Containing All Permutations, Combinations and Subsets of Objects Taken from a Vector
2014-09-20 Density.T.HoldOut Density.T.HoldOut: Non-combinatorial T-estimation Hold-Out for density estimation
2014-09-20 mitools Tools for multiple imputation of missing data
2014-09-20 OrdLogReg Ordinal Logic Regression
2014-09-19 allelematch Identifying unique multilocus genotypes where genotyping error and missing data may be present
2014-09-19 beanplot Visualization via Beanplots (like Boxplot/Stripchart/Violin Plot)
2014-09-19 BEANSP Bayesian Estimate of Age-specific Nest Survival Probabilities
2014-09-19 bReeze Functions for wind resource assessment
2014-09-19 comclim Community climate statistics
2014-09-19 edgeRun More Powerful Unconditional Testing of Negative Binomial Means for Digital Gene Expression Data
2014-09-19 iki.dataclim Consistency, Homogeneity and Summary Statistics of Climatological Data
2014-09-19 LogicForest Logic Forest
2014-09-19 opentraj Tools for Creating and Analysing Air Trajectory Data
2014-09-19 RidgeFusion R Package for Ridge Fusion in Statistical Learning
2014-09-19 RMOA Connect R with MOA for Massive Online Analysis
2014-09-19 SmoothHazard Fitting illness-death model for interval-censored data
2014-09-19 spatialnbda Performs spatial NBDA in a Bayesian context
2014-09-18 adaptDA Adaptive Mixture Discriminant Analysis
2014-09-18 bbo Biogeography-Based Optimization
2014-09-18 betategarch Simulation, estimation and forecasting of Beta-Skew-t-EGARCH models
2014-09-18 ivbma Bayesian Instrumental Variable Estimation and Model Determination via Conditional Bayes Factors
2014-09-18 modTempEff Modelling temperature effects using time series data
2014-09-17 fCopulae Rmetrics - Bivariate Dependence Structures with Copulae
2014-09-17 qgtools Tools for Quantitative Genetics Data Analyses
2014-09-17 RadioSonde Tools for plotting skew-T diagrams and wind profiles
2014-09-17 RMOAjars External jars required for package RMOA
2014-09-16 compute.es Compute Effect Sizes
2014-09-16 dlm Bayesian and Likelihood Analysis of Dynamic Linear Models
2014-09-16 fRegression Rmetrics - Regression Based Decision and Prediction
2014-09-16 m4fe Models for Financial Economics
2014-09-16 PerformanceAnalytics Econometric tools for performance and risk analysis
2014-09-16 polidata Political Data Interface in R
2014-09-16 UPMASK Unsupervised Photometric Membership Assignment in Stellar Clusters
2014-09-15 binequality Methods for Analyzing Binned Income Data
2014-09-15 demography Forecasting mortality, fertility, migration and population data
2014-09-15 genlasso Path algorithm for generalized lasso problems
2014-09-15 propOverlap Feature (gene) selection based on the Proportional Overlapping Scores
2014-09-15 qpcR Modelling and analysis of real-time PCR data
2014-09-15 SOR Estimation using Sequential Offsetted Regression
2014-09-14 agop Aggregation Operators and Preordered Sets
2014-09-14 RcmdrPlugin.coin Rcmdr Coin Plug-In
2014-09-14 RH2 DBI/RJDBC interface to h2 Database
2014-09-14 RPMM Recursively Partitioned Mixture Model
2014-09-13 phyloland Modelling Competitive Exclusion and Limited Dispersal in a Statistical Phylogeographic Framework
2014-09-13 referenceIntervals Reference Intervals
2014-09-12 Mobilize Mobilize plots and functions
2014-09-12 nettools A Network Comparison Framework
2014-09-12 PepPrep Insilico peptide mutation, digestion and homologous comparison
2014-09-12 SimComp Simultaneous Comparisons for Multiple Endpoints
2014-09-11 knnIndep Independence tests and benchmarks
2014-09-11 lefse Phylogenetic and Functional Analyses for Ecology
2014-09-11 RankResponse Ranking Responses in a Single Response Question or a Multiple Response Question
2014-09-11 rChoiceDialogs rChoiceDialogs collection
2014-09-11 rsubgroup Subgroup Discovery and Analytics
2014-09-10 caTools Tools: moving window statistics, GIF, Base64, ROC AUC, etc
2014-09-10 eegkitdata Data for package eegkit
2014-09-10 ForwardSearch Forward Search using asymptotic theory
2014-09-10 hwriter HTML Writer - Outputs R objects in HTML format
2014-09-10 Ohmage R Client for Ohmage 2 server
2014-09-10 RcmdrPlugin.IPSUR An IPSUR Plugin for the R Commander
2014-09-10 saery Small Area Estimation for Rao and Yu Model
2014-09-09 bpkde Back-Projected Kernel Density Estimation
2014-09-09 CircE Circumplex models Estimation
2014-09-09 globalOptTests Objective functions for benchmarking the performance of global optimization algorithms
2014-09-09 micropan Microbial Pan-genome Analysis
2014-09-08 astro Astronomy Functions, Tools and Routines
2014-09-08 easyanova Analysis of variance and other important complementary analyzes
2014-09-08 emulator Bayesian emulation of computer programs
2014-09-08 funHDDC Model-based clustering in group-specific functional subspaces
2014-09-08 lunar Lunar Phase & Distance, Seasons and Other Environmental Factors
2014-09-08 minque An R Package for Linear Mixed Model Analyses
2014-09-08 SNFtool Similarity Network Fusion
2014-09-07 bionetdata Biological and chemical data networks
2014-09-07 OpenRepGrid Tools to analyse repertory grid data
2014-09-07 PerfMeas PerfMeas: Performance Measures for ranking and classification tasks
2014-09-06 fMultivar Rmetrics - Analysing and Modeling Multivariate Financial Return Distributions
2014-09-06 GDAtools A toolbox for the analysis of categorical data in social sciences, and especially Geometric Data Analysis
2014-09-06 pyramid Functions to draw population pyramid
2014-09-05 GxM Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Gene-by-Measured Environment Interaction Models
2014-09-05 readbitmap Simple Unified Interface to Read Bitmap Images (BMP,JPEG,PNG)
2014-09-04 BCA Business and Customer Analytics
2014-09-04 cooptrees Cooperative aspects of optimal trees in weighted graphs
2014-09-04 CopulaRegression Bivariate Copula Based Regression Models
2014-09-04 helloJavaWorld Hello Java World
2014-09-04 idr Irreproducible discovery rate
2014-09-04 insuranceData A Collection of Insurance Datasets Useful in Risk Classification in Non-life Insurance
2014-09-04 kmi Kaplan-Meier multiple imputation for the analysis of cumulative incidence functions in the competing risks setting
2014-09-04 MRCV Methods for Analyzing Multiple Response Categorical Variables (MRCVs)
2014-09-04 parcor Regularized estimation of partial correlation matrices
2014-09-04 plsdof Degrees of Freedom and Statistical Inference for Partial Least Squares Regression
2014-09-04 PP Person Parameter estimation
2014-09-04 ppls Penalized Partial Least Squares
2014-09-04 pqantimalarials web tool for estimating under-five deaths caused by poor-quality antimalarials in sub-Saharan Africa
2014-09-04 RcmdrPlugin.BCA Rcmdr Plug-In for Business and Customer Analytics
2014-09-04 SDaA Sampling: Design and Analysis
2014-09-04 sparseSEM Sparse-aware Maximum Likelihood for Structural Equation Models
2014-09-03 coreTDT TDT for compound heterozygous and recessive models
2014-09-03 logitchoice Fitting l2-regularized logit choice models via generalized gradient descent
2014-09-03 upclass Updated Classification Methods using Unlabeled Data
2014-09-02 ds Descriptive Statistics
2014-09-02 exactmeta Exact fixed effect meta analysis
2014-09-02 optrees Optimal Trees in Weighted Graphs
2014-09-01 RankAggreg Weighted rank aggregation
2014-09-01 Rbitcoin R & bitcoin integration
2014-09-01 RCEIM RCEIM - R Cross Entropy Inspired Method for Optimization
2014-09-01 traitr An interface for creating GUIs modeled in part after traits UI module for python
2014-08-31 chords Estimation in respondent driven samples
2014-08-31 lbfgs Limited-memory BFGS Optimization
2014-08-31 pmg Poor Man's GUI
2014-08-30 mcIRT IRT models for multiple choice items (mcIRT)
2014-08-30 nsRFA Non-supervised Regional Frequency Analysis
2014-08-30 survivalMPL Penalised Maximum Likelihood for Survival Analysis Models
2014-08-29 BIOM.utils Utilities for the BIOM (Biological Observation Matrix) Format
2014-08-29 Eplot Plotting longitudinal series
2014-08-29 iosmooth Functions for smoothing with infinite order flat-top kernels
2014-08-29 mme Multinomial Mixed Effects Models
2014-08-29 raincpc Obtain and Analyze Rainfall Data from the Climate Prediction Center
2014-08-29 Rcapture Loglinear Models for Capture-Recapture Experiments
2014-08-29 SQUAREM Squared extrapolation methods for accelerating fixed-point iterations
2014-08-29 turboEM A Suite of Convergence Acceleration Schemes for EM, MM and other fixed-point algorithms
2014-08-28 bfast Breaks For Additive Season and Trend (BFAST)
2014-08-28 BioStatR Initiation à la Statistique avec R
2014-08-28 cgAUC Calculate AUC-type measure when gold standard is continuous and the corresponding optimal linear combination of variables with respect to it
2014-08-28 gWidgets gWidgets API for building toolkit-independent, interactive GUIs
2014-08-28 RcmdrPlugin.DoE R Commander Plugin for (industrial) Design of Experiments
2014-08-27 blkergm Fitting block ERGM given the block structure on social networks
2014-08-27 GMD Generalized Minimum Distance of distributions
2014-08-27 gsubfn Utilities for strings and function arguments
2014-08-27 lmeVarComp Testing for a subset of variance components in linear mixed models
2014-08-27 MultiSV MultiSV: an R package for identification of structural variations in multiple populations based on whole genome resequencing
2014-08-27 pamr Pam: prediction analysis for microarrays
2014-08-27 ptinpoly Point-In-Polyhedron Test (2D and 3D)
2014-08-27 shopifyr An R Interface to the Shopify API
2014-08-26 BTSPAS Bayesian Time-Strat. Population Analysis
2014-08-26 cents Censored time series
2014-08-26 KANT Package to identify and sort genes overexpressed
2014-08-25 commandr Command pattern in R
2014-08-25 CommonJavaJars Useful libraries for building a Java based GUI under R
2014-08-25 granova Graphical Analysis of Variance
2014-08-24 CosmoPhotoz Photometric redshift estimation using generalized linear models
2014-08-24 mkde 2D and 3D movement-based kernel density estimates (MKDEs)
2014-08-24 RsimMosaic R Simple IMage Mosaic creation library
2014-08-24 sonicLength Estimating Abundance of Clones from DNA fragmentation data
2014-08-23 AMOEBA A Multidirectional Optimum Ecotope-Based Algorithm
2014-08-23 bigRR Generalized Ridge Regression (with special advantage for p >> n cases)
2014-08-23 labeling Axis Labeling
2014-08-23 mppa Statistics for analysing multiple simultaneous point processes on the real line
2014-08-23 pauwels2014 Bayesian Experimental Design for Systems Biology
2014-08-23 survAccuracyMeasures Estimate accuracy measures for risk prediction markers from survival data
2014-08-22 bdsmatrix Routines for Block Diagonal Symmetric matrices
2014-08-22 scaRabee Optimization Toolkit for Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Models
2014-08-22 wpp2012 World Population Prospects 2012
2014-08-22 xlsxjars Package required POI jars for the xlsx package
2014-08-21 childsds Calculation of standard deviation scores adduced from different growth standards
2014-08-21 SocialNetworks Generates social networks based on distance
2014-08-21 TableToLongForm TableToLongForm
2014-08-20 CCTpack Cultural Consensus Theory applications to data
2014-08-20 matpow matrix powers
2014-08-19 DStree Recursive Partitioning for Discrete-Time Survival Trees
2014-08-19 extlasso Maximum penalized likelihood estimation with extended lasso penalty
2014-08-19 FD Measuring functional diversity (FD) from multiple traits, and other tools for functional ecology
2014-08-19 laeken Estimation of indicators on social exclusion and poverty
2014-08-19 rite The Right Editor to Write R
2014-08-19 TukeyC Conventional Tukey Test
2014-08-18 BayesX R Utilities Accompanying the Software Package BayesX
2014-08-18 bigmemory.sri A shared resource interface for Bigmemory Project packages
2014-08-18 mvrtn Mean and Variance of Truncated Normal Distribution
2014-08-18 PhyActBedRest Marks periods of sleep in Actigraph accelerometer data
2014-08-17 classify Classification Accuracy and Consistency under IRT models
2014-08-17 gglasso Group Lasso Penalized Learning Using A Unified BMD Algorithm
2014-08-17 LPmerge Merging linkage maps by linear programming
2014-08-16 RGoogleAnalytics R Wrapper for the Google Analytics API
2014-08-16 RootsExtremaInflections Finds roots, extrema and inflection points of a curve
2014-08-16 snpar Supplementary Non-parametric Statistics Methods
2014-08-15 COUNT Functions, data and code for count data
2014-08-15 CVTuningCov Regularized Estimators of Covariance Matrices with CV Tuning
2014-08-15 gCat Graph-based two-sample tests for categorical data
2014-08-15 phtt Panel Data Analysis with Heterogeneous Time Trends
2014-08-15 pycno Pycnophylactic Interpolation
2014-08-15 rtype A strong type system for R
2014-08-15 semPlot Path diagrams and visual analysis of various SEM packages' output
2014-08-15 survey analysis of complex survey samples
2014-08-14 AntWeb programmatic interface to the AntWeb
2014-08-14 fastGHQuad Fast Rcpp implementation of Gauss-Hermite quadrature
2014-08-14 hmmm hierarchical multinomial marginal models
2014-08-14 RFLPtools Tools to analyse RFLP data
2014-08-14 trimTrees Trimmed opinion pools of trees in a random forest
2014-08-13 dicionariosIBGE Dictionaries for reading microdata surveys from IBGE
2014-08-13 growthrate Bayesian reconstruction of growth velocity
2014-08-13 LEAPFrOG Likelihood Estimation of Admixture in Parents From Offspring Genotypes
2014-08-13 linkcomm Tools for Generating, Visualizing, and Analysing Link Communities in Networks
2014-08-13 ReporteRsjars External jars required for package ReporteRs
2014-08-13 tvd Total Variation Denoising
2014-08-12 astrodatR Astronomical Data
2014-08-12 cAIC4 Conditional Akaike information criterion for lme4
2014-08-12 cramer Multivariate nonparametric Cramer-Test for the two-sample-problem
2014-08-12 random.polychor.pa A Parallel Analysis With Polychoric Correlation Matrices
2014-08-12 Xmisc Xiaobei's miscellaneous classes and functions
2014-08-11 ibeemd Irregular-lattice based ensemble empirical mode decomposition
2014-08-11 lgtdl A set of methods for longitudinal data objects
2014-08-11 threeboost Thresholded variable selection and prediction based on estimating equations
2014-08-11 wfe Weighted Linear Fixed Effects Regression Models for Causal Inference
2014-08-10 hglasso Learning graphical models with hubs
2014-08-10 RWebLogo plotting custom sequence logos
2014-08-10 tiger TIme series of Grouped ERrors
2014-08-10 UScancer Create US cancer datasets from SEER, IARC, and US Census data
2014-08-10 vrtest Variance Ratio tests and other tests for Martingale Difference Hypothesis
2014-08-09 astrolibR Astronomy Users Library
2014-08-09 CHAT Clonal Heterogeneity Analysis Tool
2014-08-09 dglars Differential Geometric LARS (dgLARS) method
2014-08-09 ecipex Efficient calculation of fine structure isotope patterns via Fourier transforms of simplex-based elemental models
2014-08-09 muhaz Hazard