RSiena: Siena - Simulation Investigation for Empirical Network Analysis

Fits models to longitudinal network data

Version: 1.1-232
Depends: R (≥ 2.15.0)
Imports: Matrix
Suggests: tcltk, network, codetools, lattice, MASS, parallel, xtable, tools
Published: 2013-06-19
Author: Ruth Ripley, Krists Boitmanis, Tom A.B. Snijders
Maintainer: Tom A.B. Snijders <tom.snijders at>
License: GPL-2
NeedsCompilation: yes
SystemRequirements: GNU make, tcl/tk 8.5, Tktable
Materials: ChangeLog
In views: SocialSciences
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Reference manual: RSiena.pdf
Package source: RSiena_1.1-232.tar.gz
Windows binaries: r-devel:, r-release:, r-oldrel:
OS X Mavericks binaries: r-release: RSiena_1.1-232.tgz, r-oldrel: RSiena_1.1-232.tgz
Old sources: RSiena archive

Reverse dependencies:

Reverse imports: btergm
Reverse suggests: netdiffuseR
Reverse enhances: texreg


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