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RcppRedis is a Rcpp and hiredis based Redis client for R


The package should install from source like any other R package provided the dependency on the hiredis library is met. The pkg-config script is used to find the hiredis headers and library. All of Rcpp, RApiSerialized and RcppRedis can be installed directly from CRAN (which is the recommended approach) or GitHub.

On OS X, the header file hiredis.h has been seen to be installed directly in /usr/local/include whereas we generally assume a location within a hiredis directory, eg /usr/local/include/hiredis/hiredis.h. This gist shows a successfull OS X installation via homebrew.

MsgPack support is optional. If the RcppMsgPack package is found during compilation, some optional MessagePack functionality is made available too. RcppMsgPack can be installed from the ghrr drat.

Getting Started

Run some of the scripts from the demo/ directory.


The package works well, is used in production, and has been on CRAN for some time.

It is however only providing a subset of the Redis API.


This package was derived from an initial fork of an earlier attempt named 'rhiredis' by Wush Wu, and has since been extended in a number of ways. William Pleasant provided some early patches.


Dirk Eddelbuettel, based on earlier work by Wush Wu and with contributions by William Pleasant and Russell Pierce.


GPL (>= 2)