The rDVR package provides an R wrapper to a REST API for a video server. The REST API is written in JAVA and is a modified version of VideoRecorderService. This video server relies on the screen recorder included in the great Monte Media Library developed by Werner Randelshofer (http://http://www.randelshofer.ch/monte/). It has been modified to run as a background process and record for up-to 10 minutes. An extra method /rec/closeserver has been added to the REST API to enable shutting down of the service. It has been tested on Ubuntu 12.04, Windows 8.1 and OSx 10.9 mavericks.


Using rDVR is straightforward. The main object is a reference class which controls the video service. There are utility functions to start the service and to download a compiled server.

startVServer() # utility function to start a video server
DVR <- rDVR()
# Do your thing for upto 10 minutes

Getting started

To install rDVR you will need the devtools package. If necessary (install.packages("devtools")) and run:

devtools::install_github("rDVR", "johndharrison")

Record Selenium tests

rDVR can be used to record your Selenium tests ran with RSelenium. Check the sample clip produced with rDVR at http://johndharrison.github.io/rDVR/. There is a package vignette available at rpubs also.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with rDVR? We would love to help you at https://github.com/johndharrison/rDVR. File an issue and help us to improve rDVR.