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Status: Feature complete and part of the ROpenSci network.

Author: Peter Meißner

Contributer: Oliver Keys (code review and improvements), Rich FitzJohn (code review and improvements)

Licence: MIT


The robotstxt package provides functions to download and parse robots.txt files. Ultimatly the package makes it easy to check if bots (spiders, scrapers, ...) are allowed to access specific resources on a domain.

Installation and start - stable version


Installation and start - development version


Robotstxt class documentation




  paths  = c("/api/rest_v1/?doc", "/w/"), 
  domain = "", 
  bot    = "*"
## [1]  TRUE FALSE
  paths = c(
## [1]  TRUE FALSE

... or use it that way ...


rtxt <- robotstxt(domain = "")
rtxt$check(paths = c("/api/rest_v1/?doc", "/w/"), bot= "*")
## /api/rest_v1/?doc               /w/ 
##              TRUE             FALSE

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