Network fingerprint analysis in R

This package implements the network fingerprint framework. A biomedical network is characterized as a spectrum-like vector called “network fingerprint”, which contains similarities to basic networks. This knowledge-based multidimensional characterization provides a more intuitive way to decipher molecular networks, especially for large-scale network comparisons and clustering analyses


NFP is free available on CRAN. You can install the latest released version as following:


or the latest development version from github. To install packages from GitHub, you first need install the devtools package on your system with install.packages("devtools"). Note that devtools sometimes needs some extra non-R software on your system -- more specifically, an Rtools download for Windows or Xcode for OS X. There's more information about devtools here.

if (!require(devtools) 

After installation, you can load NFP into current workspace by typing or pasting the following codes:

R library("NFP") ## Contributing

For very simple changes such as fixing typos, you can just edit the file by clicking the button Edit. For more complicated changes, you will have to manually create a pull request after forking this repository.


NFP is a free and open source software, licensed under GPL 2.0.


Cui X, He H, He F, et al. Network fingerprint: a knowledge-based characterization of biomedical networks. Scientific reports, 2015, 5.