EpiModel: Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Disease

Samuel M. Jenness, Steven M. Goodreau, Martina Morris


The EpiModel package provides tools for building, solving, and plotting mathematical models of infectious disease in R. For the stochastic network modeling of epidemics, it depends on the Statnet suite of software for the representation and analysis of networks (see http://statnet.org). EpiModel currently provides functionality for three classes of epidemic models and three disease types for modeling. Built-in model classes and types may be expanded by the user for new research.

This vignette is a placeholder for the EpiModel tutorials, all hosted online and external to the package to minimize overhead and provide flexibility in updates. Everything may be found at the EpiModel website: http://epimodel.org/

Within the package, please consult the extensive help documentation:

help(package = "EpiModel")

To see the latest updates to EpiModel, consult the software NEWS:

news(package = "EpiModel")

If using the EpiModel package for research, we request that you acknowledge this by citing the software in any publications:

Jenness SM, Goodreau SM, Morris M (2016). EpiModel: Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Disease. R Package Version 1.2.8. URL: http://epimodel.org/.