TSP - Traveling Salesperson Problem - R package

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This package provides the basic infrastructure and some algorithms for the traveling salesman problems (symmetric, asymmetric and Euclidean TSPs). The package provides some simple algorithms and an interface to the Concorde TSP solver and its implementation of the Chained-Lin-Kernighan heuristic.



This example loads a data set with 312 cities (USA and Canada) and

## load library and read data
R> library("TSP")
R> data("USCA312")
## create a TSP object from the data 
R> tsp <- TSP(USCA312)
R> tsp

object of class 'TSP'
312 cities (distance   'euclidean')
## find a tour using the default heuristic 
R> tour <- solve_TSP(tsp)
R> tour
object of class 'TOUR' 
result of method 'arbitrary_insertion+two_opt' for 312 cities
tour length: 40621

An online example application of TSP can be found on shinyapps.

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