The following example shows how to read a Landsat 8 data set downloaded from the USGS Earth Explorer and how to convert the bands’ scaled counts to radiance, reflectance and/or brightness temperature.

Reading Landast 8 data

We will use the test data set supplied with this package. In order to read the data set, just supply the filename (or list of filenames) to the satellite() function.

## Loading required package: raster
## Loading required package: sp
## Loading required package: Rcpp
path <- system.file("extdata", package = "satellite")
files <- list.files(path, pattern = glob2rx("LC8*.tif"), full.names = TRUE)
sat <- satellite(files)

The meta data will automatically be loaded since (i) Landsat 8 is a known platform to the satellite package and (ii) the name of the meta data file is in accordance with the USGS conventions.

Converting Landsat 8 scaled counts to physical units

In order to convert scaled counts of a satellite object to radiance, reflectance and/or temperature, just supply it to the convSC2Rad, convSC2Ref or convRad2BT function.

sat <- convSC2Rad(sat)
sat <- convSC2Ref(sat)
sat <- convRad2BT(sat)