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Copyright 2016 Dean Attali. Licensed under the MIT license.

RStudio addins were released in early 2016 to provide anyone with the ability to add "extensions" to RStudio. This feature has quickly become popular, but discoverability was a problem: there's just no easy way to know what addins exist.

The addinslist package solves that problem in two ways:

Addins menu

Addins menu

List of addins

If you made a useful RStudio addin, feel free to make a pull request on GitHub to add it to the list.

Name Description Package On CRAN? Author More links Notes
Browse RStudio addins Browse and install RStudio addins addinslist :white_check_mark: Dean Attali Screenshot
Colour picker Lets you easily select colours colourpicker :white_check_mark: Dean Attali Screenshot, Demo video
ggplot2 Marginal Plots Add marginal plots to ggplot2 ggExtra :white_check_mark: Dean Attali Screenshot
ggplot Theme Assist Customize your ggplot theme ggThemeAssist :white_check_mark: Calli Gross Demo GIF
Schedule R scripts on Windows Use Windows task scheduler to schedule your R scripts (Windows) taskscheduleR :x: jwijffels Screenshot
Schedule R scripts on Linux/Unix Use cron to schedule your R scripts (Linux/Unix) cronR :x: jwijffels Screenshot
Assign default values Set function arguments in selection to their default values jadd :x: Jenny Bryan Demo GIF
Wrap Rmd Wrap selected R Markdown text but don't insert lines breaks into inline R code WrapRmd :x: TJ Mahr
Tidy Data Interactively build tidyr function call (gather) tidyshiny :x: Mango Solutions
Lattice Plotting Interactively build plots using the lattice system addinplots :x: Homer White
Copy Frame to Clipboard Copy a data.frame to the clipboard copydat :x: Bay Area Air Quality Management District Doesn't work on Windows
Render Rmd in Console Render an R Markdown document in the global environment RStudioConsoleRender :x: Jeff Johnston Blog post
Document This Auto-generate Roxygen skeletons for functions and data docthis :x: Matthew Lincoln
Hist Add-In Interactively create histograms with ggplot2 and obtain the R Code limoaddin :x: Stanislaus Stadlmann
rpivotGadget Add-in wrapper around the rpivotTable HTML widget rpivotGadget :x: Dean Kilfoyle
Addin Manager Install and remove addins addinmanager :x: Colin Gillespie Blog post
Levels recoding Interactively generate code to edit factor levels questionr :white_check_mark: Julien Barnier Demo video
Levels ordering Interactively generate code to reorder factor levels questionr :white_check_mark: Julien Barnier Demo video
Variable cutting Interactively generate cut() code questionr :white_check_mark: Julien Barnier Demo video
ARIMA Picker Interactively pick ARIMA parameters arimaUI :x: Yves crutain Blog post
Input LaTeX Math Input math expressions via the MathQuill library bookdown :x: RStudio
Preview R-markdown Book Run bookdown's serve_book() to live preview a book bookdown :x: RStudio
Google API Auth Authenticate with Google APIs googleAuthR :white_check_mark: Mark Edmondson
Word count add-in Count non-code words in Rmd documents wordcountaddin :x: Ben Marwick Screenshot
Copy value Copy data to clipboard (arrays, data frames, matrices, tables, vectors) snippetsaddin :x: Juraj Sofranko Windows only
Convert slash Reverse slashes (eg in file paths) snippetsaddin :x: Juraj Sofranko Clipboard is Windows only
Insert %>% Insert pipe + reformat surrounding snippetsaddin :x: Juraj Sofranko
Gotta Read 'Em All RStudio Add-In to interactively read ALL the data into R GREA :x: Stanislaus Stadlmann
Quick View Data Frame Quickly render a data frame, or the code which generates it, in the RStudio View window RStudioAddIns :x: digital-dharma
littleboxes Easily add a boxed title in R scripts littleboxes :x: thinkr
Insert citations Search a BibTeX-file and insert formatted Markdown citations citr :white_check_mark: Frederik Aust Demo gif
QRAGadget A Shiny Gadget for Interactive QRA Visualizations QRAGadget :white_check_mark: Paul Govan Screenshot
assignparams Evaluate function parameter in global environment assignparams :x: Peter Meissner DemoVideo A Shiny interface to visualize, summarize, transform, and combine data :x: Vincent Nijs Documentation
radiant A Shiny interface for business analytics in R radiant :x: Vincent Nijs Documentation
Add Crossref Citations Add a new bibliography entry through Crossref DOI rcrossref :x: Hao Zhu Screenshoot
mischelper microbenchmark, profvis selected code, remove unneeded hard line breaks, flip windows path separator mischelper :x: dracodoc
Merge data frames Perform Inner, left, Right and Full Joins and create a new data frame commonUtilAddins :x: sarupurisailalith
Convert Variable type Convert variables' type into either factor, character or numeric in a data frame commonUtilAddins :x: sarupurisailalith
Add GIFs Search GIFs through Giphy API and use them in Rmarkdown documents giphyr :x: Hao Zhu Screenshot
namebrowser Browse or search all installed packages for function names, insert library(pkg) or pkg:: prefix namebrowser :x: dracodoc
mufflr Keyboard shortcuts for quieter and speedier pipelines mufflr :x: Miles McBain Demo Gif
gitgadget Version Control and Assignment Management using Git gitgadget :white_check_mark: Vincent Nijs
datapasta Keyboard shortcuts for pasting clipboard data as nicely formatted R vectors/tibbles. datapasta :x: Miles McBain Demo Gif