eAnalytics: Dynamic Web-based Analytics for the Energy Industry

Paul Govan


eAnalytics is a Shiny web application built on top of R for energy analytics. The app is powered by the excellent plotly, Leaflet, DT, and googleVis packages. To learn more about our project, see this publication.

Getting Started

To install eAnalytics in R:


Or to install the latest developmental version:


To launch the app:


Or to access the app through a browser, visit paulgovan.shinyapps.io/eAnalytics.


eAnalytics is built around the energyr R package of data published by the United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission www.ferc.gov. energyr contains several datasets for different industry segments:



Launching the app first brings up the Home tab, which is basically a landing page that gives a brief introduction to the app and includes three value boxes for the current number of projects, companies, and facilities in the database.


The Profile tab contains a number of interactive maps with information about facilities for the selected industry. The figure below shows the Profile tab for the Natural Gas Industry.

Multiple options are currently available for customizing the maps. Choose a preferred size or color variable in the movable well panel, select from different basemaps via the lower-right control, and click on a specific facility to view additional information.


The Performance tab tracks a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the selected industry. The following figure shows the Performance tab for the Natural Gas Industry.