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palr provides colour palettes for data, based on some well known remotely sensed data sets for sea ice concentration, sea surface temperature and chlorophyll-a.

There are four main ways of working with palr palette functions, which have names like icePal, chlPal and sstPal for ice, chlorophyll-a and sst respectively and mk_timePal for creating a time-mapped palette function.

There is a vignette illustrating basic usage, this can be read on CRAN or loaded from within R.

palr vignette

Run this code to load the vignette within R:


This repository holds the current development version of the contributed R-package palr.

This development version is more recent than the current release of palr on CRAN.

Users of palr are encouraged to report bugs and make feature requests here (click Issues in the menu on the right to start a new bug report or feature request).

Feel free to fork palr and make pull requests.

palr is a companion package to the data package raadtools, but is not tied to it.


Install the current release from CRAN using


The easiest way to install the github version of palr is through the devtools package:


If you don't have devtools installed you should first run