heemod - Health Economic Evaluation MODelling

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Health Economic Evaluation Modelling: decision trees and cohort simulations. Provides a simple and consistent interface for Markov models specification, comparison, sensitivity and probabilistic analysis, input of survival models, etc. Models with time varying properties (non-homogeneous Markov models and semi-Markov models) are supported.

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Filipović-Pierucci A, Zarca K and Durand-Zaleski I (2017). “Markov Models for Health Economic Evaluation: The R Package heemod.” ArXiv e-prints. R package version 0.8.0, 1702.03252, <URL: https://pierucci.org/heemod>.


Main features:

Other features:

Most of the analyses presented in Decision Modelling for Health Economic Evaluation can be performed with heemod. See the Reproducing Exact Results from DMHEE vignette for an exact reproduction of the analyses from the book.

Learning heemod

To get started read the An Introduction to heemod vignette. Specific analysis examples (mostly inspired from Decision Modelling for Health Economic Evaluation) can be found in the package vignettes.


Kevin Zarca and Antoine Filipović-Pierucci.