FAiR: Factor Analysis in R

This package estimates factor analysis models using a genetic algorithm, which permits a general mechanism for restricted optimization with arbitrary restrictions that are chosen at run time with the help of a GUI. Importantly, inequality restrictions can be imposed on functions of multiple parameters, which provides a new avenues for testing and generating theories with factor analysis models. This package also includes an entirely new estimator of the common factor analysis model called semi-exploratory factor analysis, which is a general alternative to exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. Finally, this package integrates a lot of other packages that estimate sample covariance matrices and thus provides a lot of alternatives to the traditional sample covariance calculation. Note that you need to have the Gtk run time library installed on your system to use this package; see the URL below for detailed installation instructions. Most users would only need to understand the first twenty-four pages of the PDF manual.

Version: 0.4-15
Depends: R (≥ 2.7.0), methods, rgenoud (≥ 5.4-7), gWidgetsRGtk2 (≥ 0.0-31), stats4, rrcov, Matrix
Suggests: corpcor, mvnmle, polycor, nFactors, Rgraphviz, mvnormtest, energy, GPArotation, sem, MASS, psych
Published: 2014-02-08
Author: Ben Goodrich
Maintainer: Ben Goodrich <bgokgm at gmail.com>
License: AGPL (≥ 3) + file LICENSE
URL: http://wiki.r-project.org/rwiki/doku.php?id=packages:cran:fair
NeedsCompilation: yes
Materials: NEWS
In views: Multivariate, Psychometrics
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Reference manual: FAiR.pdf
Vignettes: Factor Analysis in R
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