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The aim of healthcareai is to make it easy to do machine learning with healthcare data. The package has two main goals:

Install the latest release on Windows

Open RStudio and work in the console


How to install the latest version on macOS

Note: If using macOS with, you'll have to use csv files. We're working on adding MySQL connections. We'd love to hear which other databases your connecting to, so we can provide native support!

How to install latest version on Ubuntu (Linux)

Install the bleeding edge version (for folks providing contributions)

library(devtools) devtools::install_github(repo='HealthCatalystSLC/healthcareai-r')

## Tips on getting started

#### Built-in examples
Load the package you just installed and read the built-in docs

library(healthcareai) ?healthcareai ```

Website examples

See our docs website

Jupyter notebook examples

If you like Jupyter notebooks, check out step 1 and step 2 in model building with healthcareai.

Join the community

Read the blog and join the slack channel at

What's new?

Since the CRAN 0.1.11 release, the following has been added to the bleeding edge version

For issues


You want to help? Woohoo! We welcome that and are willing to help newbies get started.

First, see here for instructions on setting up your development environment

After that's done, here's the contribution workflow:

  1. Identify an issue that suits your skill level here
  1. Create a topic branch to work in, as described here

  2. Create a throwaway file on the Desktop (or somewhere outside the repo), based on an example

  3. As you make changes
  1. Early on, create a pull request such that Levi and team can discuss the changes that you're making. Conversation is good.

  2. When you're done with the issue you chose, do the following

  1. Merge the master branch into your topic branch (so that you have the latest changes from master)

git checkout LeviBugFix git fetch git merge --no-ff origin/master - This opens a text editor called vim, where you type i, type your commit message, and then save

  1. Build and fix any errors

  2. Run tests via devtools::tests() or CTRL+SHIFT+D and fix any errors

  3. Run the roxygen2 examples via devtools::run_examples() and fix any errors

  4. Under the build tab, run 'Check' and verify that only one roxygen warning arises
  5. Now that your changes are working, communicate that to Levi in the pull request, such that he knows to do the code review associated with the PR. Please don't do tons of work and then start a PR. Early is good.