R package to read and write .las and .laz binary files used to store LiDAR data.

rlas relies on a modified version of the open source parts of LAStools. LASlib and LASzip were modified to be compatible with R. The library can therefore be compiled into R without any complaints from R CMD check. It enables users to read and write into R binary files commonly used to store LiDAR data.

lasdata   = readlasdata("<myfile.las>")
lasheader = readlasheader("<myfile.las>")

Install rlas

devtools::install_github("Jean-Romain/rlas", dependencies=TRUE)

To install the package from github make sure you have a working development environment.


See changelog here

rlas contains code written by both Jean-Romain Roussel and Martin Isenburg. The latter is included for technical reasons. Details below.