###UPDATED FUNCTIONS: - DoubleMetaphone - Fixed memory leak issues in underlying C code.

###OTHER NOTES: - Minor corrections in vignette. - Added welcome message. - Added version history to vignette - Replaced all 1:nrow() and 1:length() usage in function with seq_len(nrow()) and seq_len(length()) respectively. - Added package to github. - Added package documentation website ( as a github page with pkgdown. - Added copyright to Authors@R along with original contributors for the underlying C code for DoubleMetaphone.


###OTHER NOTES: - Registered native routines in the C code for DoubleMetaphone.

PGRdup 0.2.3

###UPDATED FUNCTIONS: - KWCounts - Fixed error in case of large number of exceptions and fixed bug regarding non-exact removal of keyword exceptions. - ProbDup - Changed code with a column vector specifying the columns having with=FALSE argument to the new preferred syntax in data.table. - ViewProbDup - Fixed error ‘formal argument “axis.ticks.y” matched by multiple actual arguments’. - ViewProbDup - Fixed bug in case when all factor names in select argument are not present in factor.db1 and/or factor.db2, the function stops. Now it gives an warning and stops only when none of the factor names in select are present in factor.db*.

###OTHER NOTES: - Added rmarkdown to suggests field in DESCRIPTION, as prompted by Jan Górecki.


###OTHER NOTES: - Fixed memory access error in src/fdouble_metaphone.c (Thanks to Prof. Brian Ripley)

PGRdup 0.2.2

###NEW FUNCTIONS: - read.genesys - Convert ‘Darwin Core - Germplasm’ zip archive to a flat file. - ViewProbDup - Visualize the probable duplicate sets retrieved in a ProbDup object.

###UPDATED FUNCTIONS: - ReconstructProbDup - Fixed bug regarding failure to retrieve db2 fields when method “c” is used. - ProbDup - Updated code after bugfix in stringdist package (stringdistmatrix: output was transposed when length(a)==1).

###OTHER NOTES: - Changed the contact email addresses of four authors (including maintainer) in DESCRIPTION. - Updated the vignette and with the details of new functions.

PGRdup 0.2.1

###NEW FUNCTIONS: - SplitProbDup - Split an object of class ProbDup. - MergeProbDup - Merges two objects of class ProbDup. - KWCounts - Generates keyword counts from database fields. - print.KWIC - Prints summary of an object of class KWIC to console. - print.ProbDup - Prints summary of an object of class ProbDup to console.

###UPDATED FUNCTIONS: - ProbDup - Modified the phonetic matching for better handling of strings with digits. - ProbDup - Fixed throwing of error when no duplicate sets are retrieved. - ProbDup - Fixed issue regarding memory out error when large number of exceptions are there. - ProbDup - Further converted code to use data.table package for greater efficiency and speed. - ProbDup - Fixed bug regarding inconsistent matching when method “b” is used. - ProbDup - Reduced the dimensions of the string matching matrices produced for greater efficiency and speed. - MergeKW - Modified for better handling of regex special characters. - ReconstructProbDup - Modified to ignore sets with counts less than 2 after reconstruction.

###OTHER NOTES: - Edited formatting. - Added diagram, microbenchmark and wordcloud (required for vignette) to suggests field in DESCRIPTION. - Added imports to functions from methods, stats and utils as R CMD check --as-cran now checks code usage (via codetools) with only the base package attached. - Dropped the abbreviation PGR in the title in DESCRIPTION as it is mentioned in the description text.

###VIGNETTE - Added vignette “An Introduction to PGRdup package”.

PGRdup 0.2.0