TropFishR is a collection of fisheries models based on the FAO Manual “Introduction to tropical fish stock assessment” by Sparre and Venema (1998, 1999). Not only scientists working in the tropics will benefit from this new toolbox. The methods work with age based or length-frequency data and assist in the assessment of data poor fish stocks. Overall, the package comes with 30 functions, 19 data sets and 10 s3 methods. All objects are documented and provide examples that allow reproducing the examples from the FAO manual.


Download the released version from CRAN:


Or the development version from github:

# install.packages(devtools)


Please use the R command citation("TropFishR") to receive information on how to cite this package.


A tutorial demonstrates the use of some of the main functions of TropFishR for a single-species stock assessment with length-frequency data.

Questions / Issues

In case you have questions or find bugs, please report on TropFishR/issues.


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