Growthcurver is an R package that fits growth curve data to a standard form of the logistic equation common in ecology and evolution whose parameters (the growth rate, the initial population size, and the carrying capacity) provide meaningful population-level information with straight-forward biological interpretation.

You can install the latest released version from CRAN from within R with ```R install.packages("growthcurver") ````

You can install the latest development version from github with ```R # install devtools first if you don't already have the package install.packages("devtools")

# then install growthcurver devtools::install_github("sprouffske/growthcurver") ```

Using growthcurver

The easiest way to get started with growthcurver is to work through the examples in the vignette. In the vignette, you can find information on * What your input data should look like * How to use growthcurver to get summary metrics on a single growth curve sample * How to use growthcurver to get summary metrics on an entire plate of growth curves * What those metrics mean and some best practices for quality control

You can find the vignette at

A simple working example

This code loads the growthcurver package and some sample data. Then, it calls SummarizeGrowth to do the analysis.

library(growthcurver)                    # load the package
d <- growthdata                          # load some sample, simulated data
gc_fit <- SummarizeGrowth(d$time, d$A1)  # do the analysis
plot(gc_fit)                             # plot your data and the best fit
gc_fit                                   # view some returned metrics