mixer: Random graph clustering

Routines for the analysis (unsupervised clustering) of networks using MIXtures of Erdos-Renyi random graphs

Version: 1.8
Depends: R (≥ 2.5.0), methods
Published: 2015-01-15
Author: Christophe Ambroise [aut], Gilles Grasseau [aut], Mark Hoebeke [aut], Pierre Latouche [aut, cre], Vincent Miele [aut], Franck Picard [aut], LAPACK authors [aut] (copyrights apply to src/*.f)
Maintainer: Pierre Latouche <pierre.latouche at univ-paris1.fr>
License: GPL-2 | GPL-3 [expanded from: GPL (≥ 2)]
Copyright: file inst/COPYRIGHTS for src/*.f obtained from LAPACK
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URL: http://ssbgroup.fr/mixnet/mixer.html, http://ssbgroup.fr
NeedsCompilation: yes
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