Releasing a new version of polidata

Release candidate phase

After issues resolved for a given release:

  1. Pass R CMD check.

  2. In DESCRIPTION and NEWS, remove the -dev version suffix and increment the version number. For example, 0.9.2-dev becomes 0.9.3.

  3. Do the same for any packages that polidata depends on, if any.

  4. Update polidata's Import dependency versions to use the final releases.

  5. Commit these changes to a new branch (ex: v0.9.3-rc1), and push it.

  6. Check packages that depend on polidata with devtools::revdep_check() and run visual tests.

  7. Email people relevant to polidata.

    Hi all,
    We're very please to announce a release candidate for polidata 0.9.3!
    We've made sure that polidata 0.9.3 has passed R CMD check.
    But it's still possible that some bugs may have crept in,
    so we'd really appreciate it if you'd try it out.
    It's easy to install the development version: first install 
    devtools, then run `devtools::install_github("e9t/polidata-r@v0.9.3-rc1")`.
    We plan to submit polidata to cran in two weeks, May 13, 2014.
    Please let us know if you have any problems
    - your feedback is much appreciated.
    (If you're pretty sure you've discovered a new bug,
    please start a new thread or file an issue on github,
    otherwise it's a bit hard to track what's going on).
    Lucy and Jong Hee
  8. Notify cran:

    Dear CRAN maintainers,
    polidata 0.9.3 has entered the release candidate phase and will be
    submitted to CRAN in two weeks.
    Included below is the email that I sent to the polidata mailing and all
    maintainers of packages that depend on polidata.
    Lucy and Jong Hee

If problems arise during the RC period, make fixes on the branch. Those fixes later get merged back into master.


When the package is accepted on CRAN:

  1. Create a new release at The tag name should be of the form v0.9.3.

  2. Merge the rc branch into master. (Need to get off the rc branch so it can be deleted):

    git checkout master
    git merge v0.9.3
  3. Delete the rc branch, with:

    git branch -d v0.9.3-rc1
    git push origin :v0.9.3-rc1