API to typeform data sets

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Typeform is a company that specialises in online form building. This R package allows users to download their form results through the exposed API.


The package can be installed from CRAN


The package can then be loaded in the usual way


Using the package

To use this package, you will need a data API key. With this key in position, you can then list your available forms

api = "XXXXX"
typeforms = get_all_typeforms(api)

If you don’t pass your api key as an argument, it will attempt to read the variable Sys.getenv("typeform_api").

You can download data from a particular typeform via

## uid can be obtained from the typeforms data set above
get_questionnaire(uid, api)

There are a number of options for downloading the data. For example

## Only completed forms
get_questionnaire(uid, api, completed = TRUE)
## Results since the 1st Jan
get_questionnaire(uid, api, since = as.Date("2016-01-01"))

See the ?get_questionnaire() help page for other options.

Example: Multiple Filters / Order

Imagine we only want to fetch the last 10 completed responses.

This gives the function call

get_questionnaire(uid, api, completed = TRUE, 
                  order_by = "date_submit_desc", 
                  limit = 10)

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