Nightlights for R


####v0.1.1: Initial release

####v0.1.2: * Fixed a problem that was causing processNlData() and getCtryNlData() to return all NAs. * Changed the naming system of downloaded and renamed VIIRS tiles to remove the underscore between year and month thus making it nlPeriod uniform with the OLS tiles. Also added a dummy tileName to the end of the renamed OLS tile to make it uniform with VIIRS tiles. Thus the format is now “nlType_nlPeriod_tileName.tif/tgz”. This fixes a problem with listCtryNlTiles() which was causing it to crash. * Divided area by 1e6 to convert square meters to square kilometers. * Exported getCtryRasterOutputFname to allow exploreData to access clipped country rasters. * Modified exploreData to embed the country raster in the map. * Exported nlPeriod functions to list and check validity of nlPeriods. * General updates in shiny app. * Fixed raster display in maps. Still large maps will be slow. * Made stats radio buttons dynamic. * Fixed OLS tile download where multiple URLs were returned. Picking only first. May be prudent to download both and process returning average of the two. * Added missing pkgOption numCores for parallel processing when raster pkgOptions are selected.

####v0.1.3: * Fixed a bug in calculation of stats using “gdal” where functions apart from mean, sum and var would fail. * Re-introduction of the raster layer in the exploreData map display. * Various minor code and documentation updates.

####v0.1.4 * Updated the package code and documentation to reflect a change in available VIIRS data. The earliest available downloadable data is changed to “201401” from “201204”.