SSDM: Stacked species distribution modelling

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SSDM is a package to map species richness and endemism based on stacked species distribution models (SSDM). Individual SDMs can be created using a single or multiple algorithms (ensemble SDMs). For each species, an SDM can yield a habitat suitability map, a binary map, a between-algorithm variance map, and can assess variable importance, algorithm accuracy, and between-algorithm correlation. Methods to stack individual SDMs include summing individual probabilities and thresholding then summing. Thresholding can be based on a specific evaluation metric or by drawing repeatedly from a Bernouilli distribution. The SSDM package also provides a user-friendly interface gui.

For a full list of changes see NEWS.


Please be aware that SSDM package use a lot of dependencies (see DESCRIPTION)

Install from Github

You can install the latest version of SSDM from Github using the devtools package:

if (!requireNamespace("devtools", quietly = TRUE))


Install from CRAN

The stable version of SSDM, is available on CRAN:


We advise users to install from github. Due to CRAN policies and the development of SSDM, many new features and bugfixes may be available on CRAN later.


After installing, SSDM package, you can launch the graphical user interface by typing gui() in the console.

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