Citation and Liscensing

This code is the main algorithm in Steorts (2015), Bayesian Analysis. If you use this code, please cite Steorts (2015), “Entity Resolution with Emprically Motivated Priors”, Bayesian Analysis, (10),4:849-975.

This is a README for bLink. bLink Copyright 2015, 2016 Rebecca C. Steorts (

bLink is free software, which is distributed under the Simple Public License 2.0 (SimPL-2.0 for short). See the license for more information regarding further use of code.

Code overview

In order to run the package in R, do the following. If you are running the code in Windows, you will need to install Rtools.



For minimal testing purposes, see if you can load a function in bLink: > ?mms()

This should call up a help file for one of the functions for the package.