Information on article formats

There are various formats articles are provided in, including pdf, plain text, xml, json, and more. The following is non-exhaustive table of formats provided by publisher or journal. Examples are included for each publisher if they support the format - click on the Y to get an example file.

Note: many of these journals are also in PMC, where some formats are provided: PDF, ePub.

Publisher pdf xml epub Notes
arXiv Y N N
Bentham Y N N
BiomedCentral Y Y N
bioRxiv Y N N
CogentOA Y Y N
Copernicus Y Y [1] N
De Gruyter Y N N
Dovepress Y N N
eLife Y Y N
FrontiersIn Y Y [1] Y ReadCube in browser
Hindawi Y Y Y Don't show XML link on page
Karger Y Y N
Nature Y N N
PeerJ Y Y N
Pensoft Y Y N
PLoS Y Y [1] N
Sage Y N N
Scielo Y Y N May only be some journals
ScienceOpen Y Y N
Springer Open Y Y N

1: NLM-DTD XML schema - 2: Wiley and Elsevier do have a few open access journals each, which provide PDFs, but no XML. Elsevier has text mining web services but they are so painful to use that we will not support it here. Do put pressure on these two enormous publishers to give XML of articles, at least for their open access journals.