ggCompNet: Compare Timing of Network Visualizations

We provide two primary resources in 'ggCompNet'. The first is a function to compare the speed of network drawing using several different packages. The second is the vignette folder which contains two vignettes that provide code for reproducing examples comparing the three network visualization packages 'geomnet', 'ggnetwork', and the ggnet2() function from the 'GGally' package.

Version: 0.1.0
Depends: R (≥ 2.14), ggplot2 (≥ 2.2.0), geomnet (≥ 0.2.0), ggnetwork (≥ 0.5.1), GGally (≥ 1.3.0), progress
Imports: dplyr, igraph (≥ 1.0.1), sna (≥ 2.4), network, ggmap, tidyr, tnet, scales, gridExtra, readr
Suggests: knitr, rmarkdown
Published: 2016-12-31
Author: Sam Tyner [aut, cre], Heike Hofmann [aut]
Maintainer: Sam Tyner <sctyner at>
License: GPL-2 | GPL-3 [expanded from: GPL (≥ 2)]
NeedsCompilation: no
Materials: NEWS
CRAN checks: ggCompNet results


Reference manual: ggCompNet.pdf
Vignettes: Speed comparisons of graph drawing packages
Examples from the R Journal Paper 'Network Visualization with ggplot2'
Package source: ggCompNet_0.1.0.tar.gz
Windows binaries: r-devel:, r-release:, r-oldrel:
OS X El Capitan binaries: r-release: ggCompNet_0.1.0.tgz
OS X Mavericks binaries: r-oldrel: ggCompNet_0.1.0.tgz


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