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About optiRum

optiRum is a growing package of utilities created by Optimum Credit Ltd’s analysts. It is designed to provide convenience functions, standards, and useful snippets. Optimum Credit derives significant value from the R platform and associated community, so non-commercially sensitive functionality is made available in the spirit of reciprocity.


The lastest stable version (0.37.3) of the package is available on CRAN, and you can get the latest development version by running:


Financial calcs

We have a range of financial functions that follow the Excel conventions. More of these will be released upon request (by emailing the package author) or as they are required by Optimum analysts

Tax calcs (NEW)

As we’ve been doing more on calculating income and expenditure, we have included some generic functions that help calculate values for the UK tax system

Credit scoring / logistic regressions

There are functions for credit analysts and people dealing with logistic regressions:


There are helper functions that reduce document development time:

See the vignette Presentation components for more info