Package ‘ggspectra’ is a set of stats, geoms and functions to be used together with packages ‘ggplot2’ and ‘photobiology’ for plotting radiation-related spectra and annotating the plots with quantities derived from spectral data. Unweighted derived quantities represent summaries of a given range of wavelengths, which can be expressed either in energy or photon based units. Derived biologically effective quantities are used to quantify the effect of radiation on different organisms or processes within organisms. These effects can range from damage to perception of informational light signals. Peaks and valleys present in spectral data can also be annotated. Color-patch charts can also be created based on any R color definitions, including those generated from wavelengths and visual response functions with functions in package ‘photobiology’.

This package uses the new functionality added to ‘ggplot2’ at version 2.2.0 and is not compatible with earlier versions.

Please, see the web site r4photobiology for details on other packages available as part of the suite, and on how to install them.