jtools 0.9.4 (CRAN release)

This release is limited to dealing with the huxtable package’s temporary removal from CRAN, which in turn makes this package out of compliance with CRAN policies regarding dependencies on non-CRAN packages.

Look out for jtools 1.0.0 coming very soon!

jtools 0.9.3 (CRAN release)


jtools 0.9.2


Feature update:

jtools 0.9.1 (CRAN release)

Bugfix update:

Jonas Kunst helpfully pointed out some odd behavior of interact_plot with factor moderators. No longer should there be occasions in which you have two different legends appear. The linetype and colors also should now be consistent whether there is a second moderator or not. For continuous moderators, the darkest line should also be a solid line and it is by default the highest value of the moderator.

Other fixes:

Feature updates:

jtools 0.9.0 (CRAN release)

This may be the single biggest update yet. If you downloaded from CRAN, be sure to check the 0.8.1 update as well.

New features are organized by function.




New functions!

plot_summs: A graphic counterpart to export_summs, which was introduced in the 0.8.0 release. This plots regression coefficients to help in visualizing the uncertainty of each estimate and facilitates the plotting of nested models alongside each other for comparison. This allows you to use summ features like robust standard errors and scaling with this type of plot that you could otherwise create with some other packages.

plot_coefs: Just like plot_summs, but no special summ features. This allows you to use models unsupported by summ, however, and you can provide summ objects to plot the same model with different summ argument alongside each other.

cat_plot: This was a long time coming. It is a complementary function to interact_plot, but is designed to deal with interactions between categorical variables. You can use bar plots, line plots, dot plots, and box and whisker plots to do so. You can also use the function to plot the effect of a single categorical predictor without an interaction.

jtools 0.8.1

Thanks to Kim Henry who reported a bug with johnson_neyman in the case that there is an interval, but the entire interval is outside of the plotted area: When that happened, the legend wrongly stated the plotted line was non-significant.

Besides that bugfix, some new features:

jtools 0.8.0 (CRAN release)

Not many user-facing changes since 0.7.4, but major refactoring internally should speed things up and make future development smoother.

jtools 0.7.4


Enhancements: * interact_plot now gives more informative labels for secondary moderators when the user has defined the values but not the labels. * confidence intervals are now properly supported with export_summs * changes made to export_summs for compatibility with huxtable 1.0.0 changes

jtools 0.7.3 (CRAN release)

Important bugfix:

New function: export_summs.

This function outputs regression models supported by summ in table formats useful for RMarkdown output as well as specific options for exporting to Microsoft Word files. This is particularly helpful for those wanting an efficient way to export regressions that are standardized and/or use robust standard errors.

jtools 0.7.2

The documentation for j_summ has been reorganized such that each supported model type has its own, separate documentation. ?j_summ will now just give you links to each supported model type.

More importantly, j_summ will from now on be referred to as, simply, summ. Your old code is fine; j_summ will now be an alias for summ and will run the same underlying code. Documentation will refer to the summ function, though. That includes the updated vignette.

One new feature for summ.lm:

More tweaks to summ.merMod:

jtools 0.7.1

Returning to CRAN!

A very strange bug on CRAN’s servers was causing jtools updates to silently fail when I submitted updates; I’d get a confirmation that it passed all tests, but a LaTeX error related to an Indian journal I cited was torpedoing it before it reached CRAN servers.

The only change from 0.7.0 is fixing that problem, but if you’re a CRAN user you will want to flip through the past several releases as well to see what you’ve missed.

jtools 0.7.0

New features:

Bug fix:

jtools 0.6.1

Bug fix release:

jtools 0.6.0

A lot of changes!

New functions:


Bug fixes:

jtools 0.5.0

More goodies for users of interact_plot:

Other feature changes:

Bug fixes:

jtools 0.4.5

jtools 0.4.4

jtools 0.4.3

jtools 0.4.2 — Initial CRAN release