qdap Package Vignette

This is a temporary place holder for the actual Introduction to qdap Vignette. The HTML vignette contains many images and is larger in size (~2.3 mb). Rather than housing the HTML document on CRAN I am opting to store the Rmd file internally and the user will have to manually run knitr to render the HTML version. The user may do this and replace this temporary vignette via the following options. After running this the user may call the following to access the actual Introduction Vignette:

browseVignettes(package = 'qdap')

(1) Via the build_qdap_vignette Function

To use knitr to build the HTML file from the Rmd file (~4 minutes build time):


or to download the latest CRAN version HTML use (< 30 seconds build time):


(2) Manual knitr Code to Build It

path <- system.file("Rmd_vignette", package = "qdap")
path2 <- system.file("doc", package = "qdap")

fls <- paste0("qdap_vignette", c(".Rmd", ".html", ".R"))
new <- file.path(path, fls)
old <- file.path(path2, fls)

knitr::knit(new[1], output = old[3], tangle=TRUE)
knitr::knit2html(new[1], output = old[2], stylesheet=file.path(path, 'css/style.css'),
    options=c("use_xhtml","smartypants","mathjax","highlight_code", "base64_images"))
file.copy(new[1], old[1], overwrite = TRUE)

(3) Manually Download the HTML from the Internet

The knitr built HTML approach above takes about 4 minutes. The user may choose the faster approach (< 30 seconds) that downloads the HTML file directly from the Internet (this is for the latest CRAN release of qdap). The following script uses the HTML download approach:

knitr::knit(new[1], output = old[3], tangle=TRUE)
file.copy(new[1], old[1], overwrite = TRUE)

url <- paste0("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/trinker/qdap", 

bin <- RCurl::getBinaryURL(url, ssl.verifypeer = FALSE)
temp <- tempdir()
con <- file(old[2], open = "wb")
writeBin(bin, con)