dtwSat v0.2.3

Register TWDTW as a distance function into package proxy

Fix typos in plot labels

dtwSat v0.2.2 Release Notes

New accuracy metrics (twdtwAssess) for classified map, including User's and Producer's accuracy, and area uncertainty.

Include methods for accuracy visualization (plot and LaTeX tables)

Rename the data sets in ordes to avoid future overwriting of functions and data sets. "example_ts" replaced with "MOD13Q1.ts". Tthe data sets are now called:

MOD13Q1.MT.yearly.patterns  Data: patterns time series
MOD13Q1.patterns.list   Data: patterns time series
MOD13Q1.ts  Data: An example of satellite time series
MOD13Q1.ts.labels   Data: Labels of the satellite time series in MOD13Q1.ts

Fix bug in twdtwApply wrong sign in 'by' argument

Fix bug in time index for twdtwApply-twdtwRaster

dtwSat v0.2.1 Release Notes

dtwSat v0.2.0 Release Notes

This version includes functions written in Fortran.

The S4 class 'twdtw' no longer exists.

New S4 classes: twdtwTimeSeries, twdtwMatches, and twdtwRaster.

plot methods for twdtwRaster object: 'maps', 'area', 'changes', and 'distance'.

plot methods for twdtwTimeSeries objects: ''patterns'' and ''timeseries''.

plot methods for twdtwMatches objects: ''paths'', ''matches'', ''alignments'', ''classification'', ''cost'', ''patterns'', and ''timeseries''.

createPattern function to create temporal patterns based on set of time series.

getTimeSeries extract time series from raster objects.

twdtwApply apply the TWDTW analysis for raster and time series objects.

dtwSat v0.1.1 Release Notes

'normalizeQuery' new normalization feature for TWDTW

'template.list' new dataset. List of template time series

arguments 'from' and 'to' in 'classifyIntervals' updated to include 'character' or 'Dates' in in the format 'yyyy-mm-dd'

Align query and template by name if names not null in 'twdtw' function

argument 'normalized' is deprecated and is scheduled to be removed in the next version from all methods

'createTimeSequence' is deprecated. Use 'getModisTimeSequence' instead.

Fix function name. 'classfyIntervals' is deprecated. Use 'classifyIntervals' instead.

Fix plot intervals in plotClassify

replace range(x) for range(x, na.rm=TRUE) in all methods

Bug fixed in cost matrix indexing

dtwSat v0.1.0 Release Notes

dtwSat v0.0.1 Release Notes