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oxcAAR (previously named roxcal) is a collection of functions that can be used to execute OxCal from within R.

Please note that there is a roxcal package package on Github, created by Gavin Simpson. If you just need to import OxCal result files, you may consider using his package.


oxcAAR is released under the GNU General Public Licence, version 2. Comments and feedback are welcome, as are code contributions.


oxcAAR is currently not on CRAN, but you can use devtools to install the development version. To do so:

if(!require('devtools')) install.packages('devtools')

Get started

To get started, just run:


This will download and unzip Oxcal into the current working directory. You can change the destination path of Oxcal by setting path parameter.

Afterwards you can start calibrating your dates. Check the Vignette to learn how to do this.