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rddapp provides a set of functions for the analysis of the regression-discontinuity design (RDD).

The three main parts are: - estimation of effects of interest - power analysis - assumption checks


The package estimates treatment effects from RDDs, for the following designs and approaches: - parametric RDD with single assignment variables, both sharp and fuzzy designs - non-parametric RDD with single assignment variables, both sharp and fuzzy designs - parametric RDDs with two assignment variables, both sharp and fuzzy designs, using univariate, centering, and frontier approaches

Power analysis

Given input from the user about desired Type I error rate, and assumptions about the population, the package allows estimation of power for the following designs: - single assignment RDDs (both sharp and fuzzy) using both parametric and non-parametric estimation - multiple-assignment RDDs (both sharp and fuzzy) using various parametric models

Assumption checks

The package allows the user to perform a variety of assumption and sensitivity checks. - McCrary’s sorting test on the assignment variable - Sensitivity to the chosen bandwidth in non-parametric estimation - Placebo tests to examine treatment effects at values away from the cut-off - Discontinuities in the treatment probability at cut-off - Discontinuities for baseline covariates


# Install the released version from CRAN

# Or the development version from GitHub:
# install.packages("devtools")